Lesson-3: How to start a blog (Domain, Hosting , WordPress Theme)

Lesson-3: How to start a blog (Domain, Hosting , WordPress Theme)

Hey guys, today I’m really excited. Today I’ll be helping you build your first
website. It could be on any niche. Whatever you like, whatever you are passionate
about. It could be guitar, food, technology, anything. Just make sure you watch the video until the
end, because we have a special bonus gift for you. Hey guys, welcome to the digital marketing
mastery course. And today’s video is really exciting and honestly
the most important video of this entire course. In the last lesson I gave you an overview
on why starting a blog is one of the most important step in your journey to become a
good digital marketer. In my own journey of seven plus years of doing
digital marketing, I have never learned the trade just by reading about it or watching
a video about it. Unless until I practice it, I’m not able to
learn the skill. So, even today whenever a new tool comes up
or whenever a new technique of doing digital marketing comes up, I always make sure that
I do it by hand. Digital marketing is not something that you
can learn just by looking at a theory or watching videos. Unless and until you are implementing the
tactics, you won’t be able to learn it. Trust me guys, if you really want to become
a good digital marketer, a pro-digital marketer, then starting a blog is the most important
step. And not just that, just to spice up the deal
we are even giving a Rs3,000 course for free for all the people who will be sending us
the hosting receipt. We will be talking more about it later in
the video, how you can do that. So, let’s go directly into the video. So, whenever you are building a blog, the
first thing that you need to know is the domain name. What is a domain name? A domain name is a website name. A domain name is an address where internet
users can access your website. Like the case of Facebook. Now, “facebook.com” is the domain name for
the company Facebook. Similarly, “google.com” is the domain name
for the company, Google. I know it’s very simple, but still I’m explaining
it for people who don’t know it. Now, there can be multiple extensions of your
domain name. The popular ones are “.COM” definitely. Like, “google.COM” , “facebook.COM” , “instagram.COM”. “.COM” is suited more for the international
audience. But when you are targeting specific countries,
like if you take the case of India, if you want to target only the Indian audience, then
instead for going for “.COM” you can go for “.IN”. Like my case, my website address is “ankuraggarwal.IN”. Because my primary audience will be Indian
audience that’s why I didn’t go for a “.COM” but rather went in for a “.IN” domain. Now, after the domain name, to start a blog
you need a hosting. What is a web hosting? A web hosting is a service that allows organizations
and individuals to post a website or a web page on the internet. So, just like you have Elmira and covers to
store your stuff, similarly your website also needs a place to store all the files and the
folders. A website is nothing but a directory of files
and various folders that are rendered through a server or a particular domain name. So, whenever you’re thinking of starting a
blog, you need two things: first is a domain name, and second is a website hosting. Now, hosting also comes in different varieties
so there’s a shared web hosting, cloud hosting and then there is dedicated hosting. So let me explain each of them to you. We shall start with the shared web hosting. Now shared hosting is a type of web hosting
that allows multiple websites to share a physical web server and its resources among the hosted
websites. So whenever you are buying a web hosting,
you’re actually buying the space of the various servers. So there are various companies that sell web
hosting. Like SiteGround, GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator. So whenever you are buying a hosting, you
are actually buying some space on the server of this company. So these companies have massive servers so
you are actually paying a monthly fee for some space on these servers. So when we talk about shared web hosting,
you’re actually taking a small part of the server. Because taking the entire server will be really
expensive, so shared web hosting is a solution for people to start their blog at a very cheap
price by taking a small part of the server. So by introducing this concept of shared hosting,
multiple websites can then be in the same server. And also shared hosting is the cheapest option. So to understand this clearly, let’s take
an example. So let’s assume you are looking for a flat
and you’ve seen this flat which is really amazing and it has three rooms. But your requirement is only for one room. So you don’t want to pay for the entire flat,
when you only need one room, right? So the solution is that, three people can
take one room each, so that each person does not have to pay the entire amount of the flat. Rather, just one third of the entire rent. So that’s how shared web hosting works. A server has multiple websites and they pay
a small fee just to have some part of the server usage. And this is what you will be purchasing to
start a blog as well because this is the cheapest option. And also for beginners or people who are starting
out with digital marketing or just starting a blog, a shared web hosting is more than
enough because you are not driving a huge amount of traffic, because you’re just starting
out. Now the next come the cloud hosting, this
is the one I use because my website is driving approximately 120,000 people per month, and
to handle such kind of traffic you need a good server and that is why I am paying a
premium for the server and I am also using cloud hosting. Now cloud hosting services provide hosting
on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks
of physical web servers. Now just like I told you the cloud hosting
is used by established websites that are driving a massive traffic, and because it is costly
as well so startup people or people who are just starting up with digital marketing or
starting with blogging, they should not consider it. Right now I am paying approximately $120 per
month just for my cloud hosting whereas in shared hosting you will only be paying approximately
$3 to $4 per month. In cloud hosting your files are hosted in
a cloud server. Now dedicated hosting is for the extremely
popular websites that are driving millions of people on a monthly basis. And they need that kind of server resources,
so this is when dedicated hosting comes into play. So websites like Facebook.com, Google.com,
Instagram.com or even very big popular websites which are driving multi-million people per
month. They need to go for dedicated hosting. In dedicated hosting instead of sharing the
server with multiple websites, you own the entire server. So you own all the resources. And also dedicated hosting is quite complex,
so you’ll really not gonna- as a beginner- you cannot manage it. You will need to hire a server person who
will be handling the entire server. But dedicated hosting are extremely fast and
can handle enormous traffic just because you are not sharing the space with anyone else. To people who are just starting or individual
bloggers, dedicated hosting is not a solution it is more for big businesses. So these are the three types of hosting. Now let’s talk about free hosting. Especially in India, “free” is something that
is really preferred. And people think “why pay for hosting when
you can everything for free?” But you have to understand one thing that
nothing good is free in this world. Yes, free hosting does exist, but they have
their limitations, they have drawbacks and honestly, they are not worth it. If you are starting this digital marketing
journey, then you have to invest some money in paid hosting. Because as I said, the only way you can learn
digital marketing is through practical knowledge and these free web hosting providers they
are honestly very shitty, they have limited server resources, they have unstable performances. That means your website will go blank or will
give 404 error even with small traffic. And the worst part is there will be no technical
support. Since you are starting out your blogging,
sooner or later you will face issues. You will face problems like, installing WordPress,
or some plugin is not working. Then you need someone to talk to. That’s where the web hosting company comes
into play. There are support people, you can directly
call them or live chat with them and they will solve the issue for you. But with free hosting, nothing like that comes. But with free hosting there is no technical
support. And also in my experiences, I have seen that
free hosting scams are going on, where they will offer you free hosting for a month or
two, but you won’t even realize that after two months or maybe three months or even four
months, they’ll charge you a huge renewal fee. So personally I would recommend you to stay
away from free hosting, and rather just invest a few dollars in a paid hosting plan. Since you are investing your time and energy
in learning digital marketing, and with my seven plus years of digital marketing experience
the one recommendation that I can give you is just invest your dollars in this paid hosting
plan and this stuff alone will give you a huge push in becoming a very good digital
marketer. So the good thing about paid hostings are
that you get unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth with any email account. So with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth
you can drive as many people as possible. Yes, there’s an upper limit of around 10 to
20,000 visitors per day, but if you are just starting out that is more than enough. Also with paid hosting plan there are so many
benefits. Instead of worrying the technicalities in
installing WordPress or all, which we will be talking about in the next lesson, there’s
one click installation. All you have to do is click on a couple of
icons, and almost everything will be installed automatically. And also there’s a money-back guarantee if
you are not happy with the hosting you can directly call the company and they will refund
you your money. And the most important reason for going for
a paid blog hosting is the experienced support staff. I can’t tell you how important it is. Even today after opening 50 plus blogs, sites
and even working on my clients’ websites, still today we face some kind of issue so
the one thing that we do is go to the support staff and tell them our query and they are
the one that help me out and they are the one that fix the issue. There have been multiple instances where my
websites were hacked and it was a support staff that helped me out, it was a support
staff that helped me get my website back, help me get my revenue back. And also paid hosting used to be expensive
earlier and now it’s extremely cheap. And also if you follow this course correctly
and if you start a blog like the way I tell you, within a few months you’ll be making
good amount of income, as a passive source of income. So the money that you’re investing in your
blog is a… don’t take it as an expense but rather an investment that will be giving you
benefits later. So I have already shared why paid hosting
is recommended and why it is one of the most important step for you to learn digital marketing. So the hosting company I recommend is definitely
SiteGround, this is the company that I am using, this is the company where all my websites
are hosted. And honestly, I’ve tried almost every hosting
company out there, be it GoDaddy, be it HostGator, be it BlueHost and almost all of them, be
it EightHosting etcetra, etcetera. But my search ended at SiteGround, the website. This hosting company is phenomenal and I think
the plus point is their support staff. They are so knowledgeable and they solve the
query so quickly. And there are so many reasons why SiteGround
is recommended. I even wrote a comprehensive article on the
same topic, like why I recommend SiteGround. You can click here on this link and the article
will open. Here I have listed all the reasons why I recommend
SiteGround and why SiteGround is the number one choice for any person who is thinking
of starting a blog. I know in India specifically, GoDaddy also
does TV commercials. And they have huge marketing budget, so you’ll
see advertisements of GoDaddy all over the internet. But trust me, I have never seen a worst hosting
like GoDaddy. A couple of years ago my websites were on
GoDaddy and trust me, they’re pathetic. I still remember I used to wait 30 to 40 minutes
just to solve a support query on the phone just waiting for the customer care to actually
take my call. The website was sluggish and they were not
even able to handle the kind of traffic that I was getting. So make sure you read this entire article
until the end and why I recommend SiteGround. And you’ll know for yourself that this is
definitely the best hosting provider, right now as of 2019. But still if you think that SiteGround is
not for you, then you can go for HostGator. I even have a video tutorial on how you can
buy a HostGator hosting. So just watch the video until the end and
you’ll know. But if still you have a special liking to
GoDaddy or BlueHost, then you can click here or click here to watch the video on how to
buy GoDaddy hosting, or a BlueHost hosting, and purchase the hosting that way. But the one I would recommend is definitely
SiteGround. So let’s start our first blog. So let’s first search for a domain name, for
a website. Let’s look for “digital… marketing… mastery.com”
Let’s see if it’s available or not. No, sorry digital… So this domain name is not available. So let’s leave this, let’s see whether…
“bloggingmastery.com” is available or not. Oh, even this one is taken. Let’s see if “askankur.com” is available or
not. Oh, again. Even this one is taken. Let’s look for “.IN”. Okay. So this one is available, so “askankur.in”
is available. So all you need to do is click here, on “buy
now”. So there are three different plans here, so
there’s a StartUp plan, there’s a GrowBig plan there is a GoGeek plan. Let me first differentiate between each of
them. So StartUp plan is the cheapest plan but the
only drawback is that you can only host one website on this plan. And also there is a limit of 10,000 visitors
per month. The difference between a StartUp and a GrowBig
plan is that you can host unlimited websites. So even in the future if you think of creating
a new website, for you, for your friend, or just a new idea that might come into your
mind or maybe you want to start a startup and you need a website for that, then you
can go for the GrowBig plan. And also this is the one that I will recommend
to you guys. Because I’ve seen that the GrowBig plan is
extremely fast, the hosting is really fast. So your website will load at lightning speed
and I’ve seen that whenever someone starts the journey of becoming a digital marketer,
they end up making multiple websites. So whenever someone goes for the StartUp plan,
they end up regretting that they need to create more websites, and they can’t do it. So I recommend to go for the GrowBig plan,
so I’ll be buying this one. So let’s click on “Get Plan”. I forgot to differentiate between this one. So the GoGeek and the GrowBIg. The only primary difference is the traffic. So GoGeek plan can handle a huge amount of
traffic. Although they say they can handle 100,000
visitors per month, but my website when it was not reaching 1.2 million visitors, even
at 300,000 visitors this GoGeek plan was giving me no issues at all. It was my personal choice that I went into
cloud hosting. But even at 300,000 to 500,000 this plan is
perfect for you. But since you are just starting out, I’ll
recommend GrowBig plan. So let’s create a website, and this… So register a new domain, I already have a
domain. So we will be registering a new domain. “Askankur”… let’s go with “.IN”. Domain registration is extra. So let’s click proceed. So I’ll fill in all the information here. So guys, I’ll fill in all the information
here. So I’ll pause the video and play it again. So while I fill up all the details above…
like the addresses, the card details and all. So let’s look at the other options the SiteGround
provides. So the plan is GrowBig. The data center is Singapore. So data center is the place where all your
files will be stored. So SiteGround gives you multiple options. Chicago, Amsterdam, London, Iowa, Singapore. So if you’re creating a website that’s targeting
Indian audience then go for Singapore. Because the closer your server is to your
target audience, the better it is for you. The faster your website will load. So if you’re creating a website that’s targeting
the audience of the US, then you can go for Chicago or Iowa. Because that is much closer to USA compared
to Singapore. For the period I would recommend you to go
for 12 months. Because if you go for 1 month, the renewal
price will be $19.95. I won’t recommend you to go for the trial
account because you’ll be paying much more money. Just $24, just for the setup and all, so the
renewal price will be $20, 19.95 per month. So if you go for 12 month plan or even 24
month plan you’ll get the benefit of this discounted price. And you are being offered the discounted price
because you’re going through from my link. So we have this partnership with SiteGround. So I will recommend you to go for 12 month
or even 24 months. But minimum 12 month, don’t go for the trial
1 month else you will just end up wasting your money. Yes, we need the domain registration as well. SG site scanner is something, I won’t recommend
you to have it. It’s not mandatory. So we won’t be taking that. So I confirm. I would like to receive SiteGround news and
special offers by email. Okay, I will take that. And I’ll click “Pay Now”. So guys my order was successful, I purchased
this hosting. Now let’s talk about the bonus course, how
to claim this course for free. As I told you earlier if you send us the hosting
receipt, we will be giving you this host for free. So all you have to do is check your email. So you can see that I already received this
receipt from SiteGround. So I click it here… as you can see, I bought
a GrowBig hosting plan, “askankur.in” So to claim the course for free, all you have to
do is, forward this email to “[email protected]” And just mention, “Hosting Receipt”. Hosting receipt and press “send”. So once we receive this email, we’ll be sending
you the link of this course, on how to access four amazing videos for free. So guys, this is how you buy a domain name
and hosting for yourself. In the next lesson we will be telling you
how to set up a blog like a pro. So there are people who buy a hosting or domain
name that make the big mistake of not setting up their blog correctly. And in my experience, I have set up approximately
500 plus websites, so I know exactly what works and what doesn’t. How to configure website in the most perfect
way. So make sure you watch the next lesson to
the end as well. And also don’t forget to claim your free bonus
course. So if you have already purchased the hosting,
just send us the hosting receipt at “[email protected]” And as soon as we receive the receipt, we
will send you the special link to claim this bonus course for free. And I am sure you’ll love the videos of this
bonus course as well. So guys, this was it about how to start your
first blog. And first of all, congratulations. So guys, this was it on how to start a blog,
and my congratulation to all of you because you are starting your own blog now. I’m feeling really excited because I’ll be
helping you out build your blog, add content to your blog, and everything about digital
marketing. And not just that, I’ll also help you monetize
your blog. How to make money from your blog. Everything will be discussed in this digital
marketing course and not just the digital marketing course. Make sure you share the URL of your blog in
the Facebook group as well. I want my Facebook group to be the most active
group of Facebook. So make sure you ask questions, your doubts,
any concern and also do it in the Facebook lives, because I’ll answer all your questions. So guys, I’ll see you in the next lesson,
where I’ll tell you how to set up your blog like a professional blogger. Hey guys, I hope you understood the simple
process of starting a website from scratch. In the next video, we’ll be going into the
technical details. The settings, the configuration, but worry
not. It’s all simple. And I will be showing you everything on screen. Also, I have a special bonus for you. Since digital marketing is all about practical
knowledge, so for all those people who send us their hosting receipt, we’ll be giving
you a free course, which we usually sell for Rs3,000. In this free bonus course you’ll be getting
four amazing videos. Like how to drive enormous traffic to your
blog. How to make your website lightning fast. And all the tips and strategy that I personally
use to make $5 to $10,000 from affiliate marketing. So all you have to do is, send us your hosting
receipt and we’ll give you the link for our free bonus course. Also if you have any question, any query,
feel free to ask it in our Facebook group, you can also tweet us at “#askankur” and I’ll
be answering your queries. I’ll see you in the next video.

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