Lesson-4: Set up your blog like a professional blogger | Ankur Aggarwal

Lesson-4: Set up your blog like a professional blogger | Ankur Aggarwal

Hey guys, welcome to this new lesson in this
video course. I hope you have already bought the hosting
for your first website. And for all of you that has sent us the hosting
receipt, you must already received the link for our free video bonus course. Also, if you still haven’t bought the hosting,
please do so my checking our earlier videos as this course is all about practical knowledge
and you won’t be able to move forward without a website. So today we will be talking about the settings
and the configuration part of your website. So just follow my step-by-step process and
you will be ready with your website in no time. So let’s start. Hey guys, welcome to lesson four of this digital
marketing mastery course and today’s video is all about setting up your first WordPress
blog like a professional blogger. So in the last video I told you the importance
of starting a website or starting a blog and how important it is for your success as a
digital marketer. So I’m sure and I really hope that all of
you has already purchased your first hosting and also I hope that you have claimed your
bonus course that we were offering. And today’s video we’ll be setting up
your blog like install WordPress, install the plugins and get the first layout of your
entire blog. So follow me throughout this video step-by-step,
just follow the video and implement the same things on your blog as well and within a few
minutes, you will have a professional looking blog. So the backend that we will be installing
on your blog will be WordPress. Now WordPress is an open source software,
you can use to create a beautiful website or a blog. All my websites today use WordPress for the
backend and the best part is, it is the easiest and most flexible blogging and content management
system. It’s very easy to learn, it’s very intuitive
and once you follow along this video with me within few minutes, you will also start
knowing exactly how WordPress works. And you will be able to make the changes in
the future without even any reference. So here I listed five reasons why I use WordPress. The most popular reason being that it is the
most popular CMS in the world. And it’s open source with room for expansion
so you’ll periodically get free updates for the WordPress. So it can be the security update, it can be
the design update, etcetera, etcetera. So you keep getting free updates and so you
don’t have to pay any monthly fees. Also, it’s highly customizable for great
flexibility. So you can change the entire layout from the
theme, from the colors, all the plugins, the widgets, etcetera. Everything can be customized so you’re not
limited to a few fixed sets of settings. Everything can be customized. And also another very important trait for
WordPress is that it is designed for everyone. Be it a beginner or an advanced person, everyone
can use WordPress to handle their website. And it has lower setup and maintenance costs. First of all, WordPress is free. So the SiteGround hosting already provides
WordPress for free. Yes, there are a few plugins that you have
to pay money for to use them. But apart from that, most of the plugins that
I’ll be using are free. And… so let’s get started into the video,
and setup your first blog like a professional blogger. So guys you must have already received the
sales receipt of your hosting purchase of SiteGround hosting. So now I’ll be logging on to my SiteGround
hosting and setting up my first WordPress blog. So just follow along with me and not just
watch the video, rather login to your SiteGround panel as well. And start implementing all the settings that
I’ll be doing. So I would want this video to be interactive
and just keep on following what I am telling you. And if you have any questions you can ask
it in the Facebook group and we’ll sort that out. So all you have to do is open SiteGround. Go to the login section. Enter the email address that you used to buy
your hosting. Enter your password. Login. So guys this is the window that will open
up. So save your password in the browser. So here are a few options, like setup your
first website, start a new website, transfer a website or don’t need help now. So let’s say you already have a website
in another hosting. Let’s say like, HostGator or GoDaddy. Then you can even transfer your website from
that hosting. I would recommend you to kindly transfer it
to SiteGround because this is ten times better than any other hosting provider at the same
price. So if you are using GoDaddy or HostGator,
kindly transfer it to SiteGround. And if SiteGround is something that you don’t
like then it’s no issue at all. So we’ll click here, “don’t need help
now”. Because I will be telling you the more advanced
version of setting up your blog. And we don’t need this, so we’ll just
confirm. And I confirm, and… “Complete Setup”. So this is the backend of your hosting account
SiteGround. So now the first step is to go to your “my
account” section. And this is the setting of your website. So go to “C Panel”. Click on this selection. Click “proceed”. So the first step is to… so on the left
side you will see all the settings of your website. This is the IP address, this is the server
hostname, and the plan that you have. So I recommend the GrowBig plan and… because
you can create multiple websites in it. So the first step is to install the necessary
certificate. So whenever you use a website you’ll see
that instead of “http” you’ll see “https”. This is the security protocol. So first we install the “https” certificate
on our website. And the best part is SiteGround offers it
for free. Other hosting provider charge a monthly fee
for this. So you’ll only get the necessary certificate
for free. So “ctrl + f”. Let’s encrypt. So click here on “let’s encrypt”. Click here on set an “action”, “https
setting”. So click here in “https enforce”. “External link rewrite”, click here as
well. And click okay. So it’s already active now, so we’ll go
back to “my account”. Click on “c panel”. Click on “WordPress”. Install. Here you choose the protocol, I want the “https”
with the “www.” protocol. And “askankur.in” Directory, leave it
empty. Here, the name of your blog. It can be anything. For me, it’s “askankur”. Site description, “my first website blog”. So, I’ll write here anything. You can change the settings later as well. So I’ll write anything like “ask me anything”. We don’t want multi-sites so we’ll leave
it off. Admin username, this is the username that
you would want. So let’s keep any username here like “test123”. And admin password, we’ll keep it again
anything, “test123”. Admin email, this is the email that you’ll
be using where all notifications of your website will be going. So I’ll keep it to… “[email protected]”. Select language, “English.” Ask me anything… and, login attempt. You don’t want this, you also don’t want
this. You want the WordPress starter guide… I won’t recommend it. Let’s see what’s in the advanced option. This is the database name and the table preference. You wouldn’t want to mess with that. So this is what you have to do. Click on “install”. A password must be greater than fifty… let’s
change the password to something… else. Let’s install. So WordPress is installing as of now. So your website must be live now. You can click here and check for yourself. So here’s the website, it’s opening up. And here is the backend URL if you are logging
into your WordPress. So it’s your website name slash the true
pin admin. So once we click here, you will be redirected
to here. Since we already had the username and the
password stored, that is why we didn’t have to login. Otherwise the username and the password you
can use is the one before, while installing WordPress. It’s the username and the password that
you have to enter. So here you can dismiss this, you wouldn’t
want that. And usually what I do is I remove the “quick
draft”, the “WordPress events and news”. And keep, only “at a glance” and “activity”. I also reduce the zoom tool around 80% so
I can see everything clearly. So this is the backend of your website. And this is the website. So any changes that you want in the frontend,
this is where you’ll be doing it. So let me first give you an overview. Here’s the “home” your basic… you
can change all the widgets here. You can add widgets as well, you can even
drag and drop here. Then there’s the “updated” if you have
any plugin update or WordPress update, it will be shown here. You can click here. This is the section that you’ll be using
for adding the articles and adding the post. Here you can segment the articles through
various categories and tags. “Media” is the section where you’ll
be uploading the images and the GIFs or any video if you want on your website. “Pages” are any different important pages
that you want in your website. Like “contact me at” , “about us”,
etc. etc. “Comment” section will help you in moderating
the comments. And “appearances” is where you’ll be
adding the themes, the plugins, etc. Appearance section is where you’ll be adding
the themes and customizing then also changing the widgets. So, let’s first go through each option one
by one. So I think we should first start with the
basic setting that you have to do for your blog. So I use few paid instrument websites that
have extremely helped me in the monetization as well as on the overall management of my
website. So you can check my blog at the tool section
here at “ankuraggarwal.in/blogging-tools/” Here I’ve listed all the various tools and
software I use. In terms of one software or rather one plugin
that I highly recommend, is the “Thrive Membership”. So once you click on it, you will be redirected
to Thrive members. So thrive membership, and I have a discount
link as well. So all you have to do is visit ThriveThemes
and at the bottom you’ll be able to get all these amazing plugins like ThriveUltimatum,
headline optimizer, cleaver widgets, landing pages, architect… ThriveLeads and architect are two most used
plugins by me. And even ThriveThemes, the theme that I use
in my website is from ThriveThemes. So instead of buying them individually, what
I have done is I have purchased a membership for all their products. So I just pay a monthly premium and I am able
to install all their plugins on multiple websites. So I think that has a 25 limit. So you can use all their plugins for a fixed
monthly fee on more than 20 websites. So currently I am running 7 to 8 plus websites,
and all of them use plugins from ThriveThemes like the themes, the ThriveLeads and architect,
that’s so good. So you can see here, I have the ThriveThemes
membership, yearly membership which only costs $228. And I highly recommend them if you are serious
about digital marketing. So all you have to do this click here, visit
their landing page here, see plans and pricing. Here you will be getting all these amazing
benefits on their landing page as they mention. So, if you pay annually, you only have to
pay $19 per month. But if you pay quarterly then it will be a
little higher. So I already have paid annually and I am using
all their plugins on all my websites. So $19 per month is not a big amount for me. But the amount of benefits I get from this
membership is incomparable. So to install all their plugins, all I have
to do is… I have to login to my ThriveThemes dashboard. I’ve already logged in as you can see…
install… download the ThriveWork manager plugin. What I’ll do is, I’ll go back to my askankur
WordPress admin. I’ll go to plugin. Add new. I’ll upload the plugin. File- open and install. Then I’ll click on activate plugin. Now as you can see you can come here in the
product manager and see which all plugins you want to install. So first I have to login to my account. So let’s login to my account here now. So this plugin has already taken my email
ID, because I already stored it in my browser. So here are all the plugins that I can install
on my website. So the ones that I highly recommend are ThriveLeads. So let’s deselect all of them first. Let’s install this one, and ThriveArchitect. These are the two most used plugins by me. Other ones you can check their information
on their website. They’re also good, you can also use ThriveCommence,
ThriveOptimize to test your landing pages on various variations. So I will recommend these two and also install
a theme for the website. I use RiseThemes for my website “ankuraggarwal.in”
So I’ll install the same here as well. So I’ll be installing, ThriveLeads, ThriveArchitect
and RiseThemes. So here you can see that both of our plugins
are installed. So now, ThriveThemes is a paid membership. So you’ll have to pay some money to get
all the plugins. But if you don’t want to spend the money
and you want free options then you can go to appearance, themes. And here you’ll have some free themes already
like 2017, 2016 or 2019. So these are the active themes, you can use
them as well. If you don’t want to pay money. But if you are serious about your digital
marketing career, if you really want to grow as a professional digital marketer, then I
highly recommend to try out ThriveThemes at the ankuraggarwal blogging tools section. Click here and join the ThriveTheme membership. So this is the other option for going through
the free option. Now let’s do some setting parts. Let’s go to our settings part. Settings, general. We’ll just change your settings. So here will be the website name, and here
will be anything related to your website. So if your website is about selling guitars,
then you can write something like “selling word class, high quality guitars” here in
the tagline section. So whatever suits you. Having the main keyword also really helps. So like, if you are selling guitar then writing
the keyword like “we sell guitar” will really help in your search effort as well. So here will be the email ID associated with
your account. This is the email where all the notifications
will be going. Keep the rest of the settings just like that. Let’s check the writing part. Here also, leave everything just like it. You wouldn’t want to change anything in
here. Let’s go to the reading part. So blog posts, at most 10 posts. And syndication feed, each article full text
summary. Never click this otherwise Google crawler
will not be able to crawl your website. And your website won’t be shown in the search
engine results of Google. So don’t enable this. Just keep it the way it is. Let’s go to permalinks. So make sure your permalinks are in the form
of… post name is selected not the day and name. You would want the permalink as post name. This is extremely important for you and so
you’ll have a clean URL. So click here and click save changes. Now we’ll be installing a few more plugins
that are important for your website, so we’ll go to plugins install plugins. So we already have a few plugins installed. We already installed architect, ThriveLeads,
and ThriveProduct manager. As you optimize the plugin that is already
installed by SiteGround hosting. It really helps in making your website extremely
fast, so this is the power of SiteGround. They make your website automatically fast
so you don’t need any technical knowledge or have to spend money to hire someone to
make your website faster. This plugin itself does all the job. So now we’ll be installing a few plugins,
so we’ll click here. Add new, add new, add new. We’ll add a few plugins here. So first we’ll add the “contact us”
plugin. So first we’ll add the contact plugin. So we install here, the contact form 7. Install now. Click activate. Here you also have to add the limit login
attempts plugin. This plugin will help you in protecting your
website from hacking etc. When people might try different username and
password combination. So this will prevent that. So this is related to the security of the
website. There are many other plugins that you can
install, but we’ll keep these for now. So let’s go to the thrive dashboard at the
ThriveThemes settings. So we’ll check, thrive dashboard. Let’s go to “general settings”. This one looks fine. Let’s go to Thrive dashboard again. Let’s go to appearance, themes. We installed the Thrive rise theme, but we
did not activate it, so make sure you activate it. Click here on activate. So ThriveThemes is activate now. So let’s check the website. So you must see that the look of your website
has changed now. So this is the thrive rise theme. So now once you have activated it, go to thrive
dashboard and go to theme options. Here you can change a lot of things. Like you can add a logo, here. You can remove it and add the logo here. Let’s… like here, here it’s rise. You can change the logo to your… you can
create a logo and upload it here. Also to change the logo background, logo position,
header font. You can also change the footer copyright text. So the text here “copyright 2019 by askankur”
you can change it. Footer copyright links, do you want this linked
or not, so we’ll just “off”. Enable footer popular post, I don’t want
this. Display Breadcrumbs, yes. Let’s save all changes. And then you will refresh it now. You’ll see that the footer links are gone
because you disabled them. Style and layout. What’s the color theme you want. Let’s go for purple. And the blog layout I would want to be default. Blog post layout, I prefer the full width. I don’t want the right widget. Just like if you go to ankuraggarwal website. If you go to the blog section, and you click
any of the article, you’ll see that the article is spread across the screen. So there is no widget area here. So this article is spread across the screen. This is the part that means it’s “full
width”. Site blog alignment, you can keep it here
as well. So let’s save all changes. Let’s go to blog settings now. Show feature image in single post. Do you want to… so here it’s… Feature image is all about this… this is
called the feature image of the article. Do you want this image here on the article
or not. So you can click it on or off. I have kept it on. Do you want the author name, do you want the
post date, or category. Like here is the author name, post date and
the post category. So, these three options is what is meant by
these three options here. So display about the author page. Like here is the author box. This is the author box. Do you want to display it or not. So I have kept it on. So similar things, just check all the settings
here and save all changes. Let’s go to “performance” now. Image optimization, I usually prefer lossless
image compression. Because the smaller your website size, the
higher will be the website loading speed. So always try to compress the images so the
images sizes are smaller and your website loads at a faster rate. So I usually lossless image compression. Lazy load comments I keep it on so that…
this is another feature that will help in making your website faster. Image resize, I keep it to default. Save all changes. Comments… I usually show comments on pages. I don’t want the comments on pages, I rather
want the comments on the posts or the articles of the website. Highly all the comments on. Comment count, on. You can also integrate Facebook comments. For that you’ll need to check their ID. You can also click here or click on the question
button to understand how to add Facebook comments to your website. So let’s check the social media, here you
can add your social… Twitter username, your Twitter buttons, social
media… Google plus button. You can also decide where it should be shown. So you can add your social media data here. As well as the URL of all your social media. If you already have the social media accounts,
I would recommend them to be added here. Because these will be shown on your website. And the related post, we’ll leave it…
we’ll leave the form at full page. As for the related post, I’ll keep it on. Because I want the people to check the related
posts of my website. I’ll keep it to 4, and save all changes. Enable this feature. And save all changes. So this was it about the thrive themes setting. You can also customize further by going to
appearance and customize. Here you have more settings related to your
themes, like you can change the color here, you can also change the font format. You can change so many other things here as
well. Like outside entity. You can check the fonts. You can select which font you want. You can select the size of the font. Like, the body element, what font should be. What font should be the headline, what’s
the size of the headline. The background image. So make sure you also check these other options
as well. If I go to each option then it will take around
3 to 4 hours just for this video itself. So I would recommend for you guys to check
all these options and if you have any questions or queries, ask it in the Facebook group and
I’ll help you there. So we’ll go back. So I forgot this plugin it’s called “Yoast
SEO”. This really helps in the SEO of your website. SEO means getting your website in the Google
search results for your target keyword. So I have installed the same plugin, it’s
free of course, and I have installed the same plugin in all my websites. This will really help in getting the website
search engine optimized. So we’ll activate it. You don’t have to change much setting in
Yoast SEO, it already has the best settings for you. So just install it and activate it. Now the next step is to add an article. So now I’ll tell you how to add an article. But first let’s create a menu searcher. So we’ll go to appearance, then menu. Here you can create multiple menu. So let’s say I create a menu name like,
“top menu” and I’ll create menu. So before you can create a menu you’ll need
a category, so let’s say… go to post. Categories. And let’s add some categories. Let’s say your website is about guitars. Then you might have a category on “how to”,
so this will be the “how to” articles. So you can select the parent category or just
keep it like that. Or you can also add the description. I don’t like to keep the description, I’ll
just add a new category. So this will be for my how to articles. Then one category for my videos, where I’ll
be adding the video based articles. Then another could be my, “how to”…
blog… maybe products… product review. So this will be the… this is will be me
reviewing any kind of product. I’m just making some arbitrary categories
here. And you can create other categories as well. So once these categories are created, you
can create the menu items. So let’s go to, appearance, menu again. So here you can go to category section, you
can select “view all how to” product and video. Add to menu. You can also add a custom link like “home”. Click here “home” and let’s add it as
“https”. “www.askankur.in”. Add menu… save menu. So keep it as primary menu if you forgot to
enable this option. You can also add the folder menu as well,
I’ll keeping the “primary menu”. Folder menu will be shown at the bottom of
your website, and primary menu at the top. So we’ll click, save menu. And now when we check our website, “askankur.in”
You’ll see that we have the menu items here. Home, how to, product, video, etc. etc. Similarly, you can add more menu items. So now let’s add an article to the website. So we’ll go “add new”. So I am using ThriveArchitect for my articles
so let’s first add the title here. Let’s say my article is about “how to
learn guitar”. So we’ll add the guitar here, we’ll select
the category that we would want, let’s say “how to” article, since this is a how
to article we’ll select the how to category. In the tags, I might add “guitar”, “learn”,
etc. Here is the Yoast plugin. Actually working it’s magic. So here will be… this is a snippet of how
your article will look in front of Google search results. So you can change everything here, like…
let’s say I don’t want the site title. I can remove the separator as well. So let’s keep it here, something like this. “Learn guitar in ten days”. So this will be my title. So let’s say it’s 2019 optimized. I’ll add the date here as well. Similarly, I can add the meta description
on what should be shown about the article. Here you can give a brief on the article. What the article is all about. Like in this article… I comprehensively covered… in a step-by-step
manner… how to play guitar like a professional. I just everything, whatever came to my mind. You can create a much better description here. So once this is done, click on save draft. So now this is saved in your WordPress backend. So now we’ll be creating a much beautiful
version of this article. So click here and launch ThriveArchitect. If you’re not invested in ThriveThemes membership,
then you won’t see this button. Then you’ll have to use the basic editor
of WordPress. And since it does not offer too many functionalities,
I usually don’t prefer it, I usually prefer to make my articles look
beautiful in a way that people would want to read. That’s why I purchased this membership. Now you can see that the author here is empty. So to change that, all you have to do is…
click on, go to “user” and your profile. And you can change everything here like your
username, your first name etc. Also the description that you would want here. Like, here you can see everything is empty. You can add all your photos as well, and your
social media URLs as well. So make sure you complete this about profile
as well and save it. Only then it will be shown here. So let’s say that you want to create this
article in a much beautiful manner, so what we’ll do is, I’ll go to… I’ll select two sections, 2 by 3, 1 by 3. Here I’ll add a paragraph and here I’ll
add an image. You can upload an image here as well. So let’s go to media library… and we don’t
have any image. So here you can write anything. “Hey guys, welcome.” “This article will cover everything about
becoming an expert level guitar player even if you have just started.” I just wrote random lines there, just to show
you how it works. You can also add multiple other things. So these are all the elements that ThriveArchitect
offers. I won’t be covering all of them because
again, the video will be too long. I recommend you to go through the Thrive Membership’s
plugin of ThriveArchitect and go through all the features it offers. Because that’s how you learn digital marketing,
you have to test everything. Like you can add a table of contents as well… You can add a style list. You can make beautiful lists. And here are options related to the list. So let’s say I want to reduce the depth. I can also delete the element, I can also
change this check to any other icon. You can add even more icons. So let’s say I would want this, so I can
click this. So this is the power of ThriveArchitect. So you can click here on any elements and
all the settings will be shown. You can change the background color, background
style, layout, position. You can also duplicate the elements, so like
click here and a duplicate will be created with the themes settings. So you’ll just… you’ve already started
to see the power of ThriveArchitect. This is the reason I have invested some money
in Thrive Membership. Because first you get free themes, then you
also get these amazing plugins and tools at a much, much cheaper price. If you individually buy these plugins, they
will cost you around $70 per year. But with just $19 per month, I get access
to all the plugins, all the themes. This is the reason why I highly recommend
using thrive membership. This is why I recommend you guys to go to
“blogging tools” click on thrive membership and invest in that because that’s the most
amazing membership I’ve ever purchased. So there are many other things. You can also add tabs. You can add images, you can add gifs. You can add star ratings. And everything is customizable it’s not
like standard. You can change all the settings here, the
borders, layouts. Let’s say you want to keep it in the center,
you can also change that. You can also change the background style. If you want some color you can add some color. This way you can make a beautiful article. Like this page of my website you can see that
there’s an image, there’s a text on the left, then there’s this box. Image, button. Then… how easily and how beautiful this
content is formatted. Like I’ve added this box and this beautiful
button here. Now you won’t be able to create something
like this in the basic WordPress editor. You will need more power. This is the power that ThriveArchitect gives
you, the plugin that comes with Thrive Membership. So all of this was created through ThriveArchitect. Like these beautiful check marks, the proper
formatting and all. So you can also achieve such results through
using ThriveArchitect. So my next task for you will be to set up
your blog. Just like I told you in this video. Complete all the settings, add all the plugins. Also write your first article and share that
first article in our Facebook group. So that I along with the moderators can give
you reviews and that is how you’ll be able to become a better digital marketer. So once everything is done make sure you click
on “save work”, otherwise nothing will be saved. And if you are ready to publish your article,
just go back to the article and click on ”publish”. Once you hit publish, your article will be
published and you can click on “view post” and your article will be live on your website. Just like that. We haven’t added anything right now that’s
why it’s not showing anything, but you can create a beautiful article and then share
the article in the Facebook group. Honestly guys, there’s too much to learn
about WordPress as well. But the things that I’ve shown you these
are the basics of understanding the backend of your website, the dashboard of your website. So this is the WordPress dashboard, I’ll
recommend you to please at first complete all these steps and then sooner or later you’ll
stand understanding all the other options as well. I’ll also create a more comprehensive video
about how to use the other options on this WordPress dashboard. So don’t worry, don’t feel too overwhelmed. At the same time, don’t feel that we are
not taking care of you guys. I want all of you to become a pro digital
marketer. And this is very important because without
a website you won’t be able to learn the future videos. You won’t be able to implement everything. So starting a blog is an extremely important
part, so if you haven’t purchased the hosting yet, I highly recommend you guys to go and
make that investment in yourself. And complete all these steps and share your
questions or doubts if you have any in the Facebook group, and we’ll be answering all
of them. So guys I’ll end this video here, and I’ll
see you in the next video. Thank you for watching. Complete all these steps for our website as
well. And tomorrow is my favorite topic, search
engine optimization. And how to drive free traffic from Google. I will also be sharing my strategies on how
to write a perfect post that drives hundreds and thousands of visitors for your website. Now, I have a checklist for you the ten WordPress
mistakes that only newbie digital marketers make. I hope someone told me all of these earlier. All you have to do this, click on the link
below this video and you can download this checklist. And also I hope you’re getting tons of value
from our Facebook group, make sure you’re active and I’ll see you in the next video.

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    He mentioned it in first video it's a deal for deal if I am getting u this free and I will sell you products so he clearly mentioned he is not doing social work he is just doing business so….if you're looking for something for free this is not the place
    If you're think he is giving quality information continue the course or leave it from here
    And of course he isn't gonna give you serve everything on plate do your research if u think you get a substitute and at cheap cost use it

    Just take information from here

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    I have job of rs. 10000 per month in these expensive days. We have no other earning sources in my family. Please….. Help me.??????????????????????

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  6. Hey guys i can understand that cost of all this might be a concern. And hence i will recommend you to skip thrive membership and only invest in the hosting. You can purchase thrive membership once you start making money from your site.

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    I used Woocommerce as the plugin( you used thrive).
    My qsn is Will I be able to do as you said using this plugin?

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    which will cost 228$ ONLY for beginners
    Seems like u r more of a promoter of these websites rather than teaching anything

  19. Ankur- The setup page/ login page has been changed for site ground, we are facing a challenge in creating the website, kindly check the new setup page and guide us accordingly

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    Please help.

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