Let’s Play Myst – part 17 – Stoneship Age Journal

Let’s Play Myst – part 17 – Stoneship Age Journal

You’ve returned! … thought you wouldn’t return. … blue pages, rescue me. I’m Achenar. My brother, I beg you! … be complete. Always blue pages. Don’t listen to him. Do not listen to my brother. Egotistical fool, and a liar! Help me; bring me the blue pages. Not the red ones. Don’t bring the red ones! … implore you. I’ve been wrongfully imprisoned! You must believe me. I will have my retribution. Please bring me the blue pages. Blue pages, please.

29 thoughts on “Let’s Play Myst – part 17 – Stoneship Age Journal

  1. "newly created age"
    Bit of a slip up on Atrus' part there, as you don't create an age, you only create a link to an existing one.

  2. @eedobaba7726 no he writes ages and therefore makes them, otherwise there'd be no way to find ages if they existed out of known space….

  3. @Elicose
    No, though you're not along in thinking that. Atrus' father Gehn thought that he created the ages he wrote, and thus developed a god complex, wherein he forced the inhabitants of ages he wrote to worship him.
    Atrus, and the d'ni culture, understand that there are infinite ages that exist already, since the beginning of time, and writing a descriptive book simply gives you a passage to the age it describes.

  4. So, Sven, Mr D'Ni scholar – what's the story here? It's pretty clear that the Age Atrus links to is the same one he linked to before, so where did the Ship come from? If a Descriptive book lists the status of an Age at time of linking, and the only way to introduce new things is to make it so even though they hadn't happened yet, they were going to happen (Catherine's dagger, for example), where did the boat come from?

  5. @mimkyodar Considering it didn't start raining until after Atrus arrived, maybe it rained the boat from a Sky-Ocean, lol. That would be a big whoops (Atrus couldn't leave Skypiea alone).

  6. @Elicose Eedobaba is right. The D'ni do not create the worlds they link to; they link to existing world. The idea is that in an infinite universe with infinite parallel universes, everything you could possibly imagine already exists somewhere. It's a major plot point in The Book of Atrus, and to a lesser extent Riven itself.

  7. @mimkyodar Unfortunately, I believe that's another one of those things that's hard to explain. I believe that they introduced/refined the "rules" for what you can change at a later stage. Unfortunately, Stoneship Age is very hard to justify with those rules. I have no satisfactory explanation, I'm afraid. Even if you take the view that the boat came from somewhere (fell from the sky or whatever) you can't really explain how it fused with the rock.

  8. @Dilandau3000 Damn, I thought that you'd have an answer for that one. I'm as puzzled as you, i mean, how do the chambers in the boat get into the rock? And it's still the same Age because canon dictates that there's only one Atrus and Catherine… *hmph*

  9. @Elicose They didn't. For one thing, the Ronay (the D'ni's predecessors) already knew the Art. And the Bahro factor in somehow too, who have an innate linking ability.

  10. Can I just say I really, really enjoy it when you read the books. In Riven I was very pleased you decided to devote entire videos towards reading the journals. Many LPers don't like to take the time to read in-game text that enriches the story beyond what is absolutely necessary. Don't ever feel that you must rush through games that way 🙂

  11. @RoseErifnosi Thanks. I think reading whatever written material exists in the games has become sort of my signature. 🙂

  12. Ahh Achenar. I endlessly enjoy him in this game. The crazy rambling maniac one step removed from shrieking "Bring me the BLUE pages!!!" at the stranger.


  13. hang on, is it possible to write in life-forms into an age? Because, if you can write in grass or plants, which are life-forms, you should be able to draw in a multi-celluar organisms, such as humans or other things like that.

  14. So, I haven't ever played this game, and just judging from what the brothers have to say, I have no idea which one's the "right one." I mean, Achenar sounds a bit "off," shall we say, but Sirrus sounds outright manipulative and evil-like. This will be an interesting game.

  15. Yes it is. Look at channelwood for example of Selenia (or however its spelled). Those ages, more spefically Selenia, had intelligent beings. Also, Achenar's future prison age has animals.

  16. The answer is technically yes, but I won't tell you how. For that, you get to witness the facepalm we all did once fully completing the game.

  17. Atrus tried to write the ship into the Age, but as Ages are already existing worlds, adding man-made structures was always a finicky and largely unsuccessful practice.

    The fact that the boat was generally intact and looked like…well…a boat at all is testament to Atrus's skill in The Art.

    Even if the boat was inside a rock.

  18. You do Myst let's plays the way they were meant to be played. You take the time to appreciate all the backstory and detail put in to the game.

  19. Considering when this game is supposed to have taken place (early 19th century), it is surprising to see that Atrus uses it in his journal, especially for an estimate (compare with Brits' use of Imperial measurements for estimations), particularly since it is likely to have been written some time before the events of Myst, and the SI prefixes and the first metre bar were first introduced in 1795.

  20. those two stars make the pupil and the stars on the left and right make up the corners of the eye, how is that far fetched? :/ be more observant xP

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