Lewis Hamilton at World Finals – announcement Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge Mode

Lewis Hamilton at World Finals – announcement Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge Mode

So, ladies and gentlemen, please give it your all
for 6 time Formula 1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton. Thank you, it’s incredible to see this thing evolve. And I was just talking back stage
about how I play this game all winter. And this is kind of what I practiced honestly.
Me and my friends, I have 2 set ups at home. So we usually ski during the day, and in the evening
I’m having competitions between my brother. And I’ve been online actually playing, last Christmas. And no one knows it’s me. And I noticed there was a couple of different people
using parts of my name. So there was Ham-something. And this guy kept crashing into me
and taking me out and I was like… if only he knew that he was racing against me. Hi, my name is Igor Fraga, I’m from Brazil And it’s an honor to be here
eing able to answer some questions. – No, ask some questions, I’m sorry.
– You’re good. But anyway, when you’re driving,
what do you prioritize during the driving? Like track limits or the braking…
What do you keep in mind to get a good lap? Over the years as I’ve driven more and more, I’ve really dug further and further into,
and deeper into the technical side of it, in terms of driving style. So, each year I have to adjust my driving style
due to the tires that we have, sometimes each year you have an oversteering car
or some years you have an understeering car. But on the lap, you’re looking at, uh braking points are very key. That’s where a lot of the time, from the brake to the apex,
is where the majority of the time is made. Of course, you want to use the maximum width of the track,
Keeping the minimum speed up is always most often quite key in some places. But different driving styles, you have to apply to different corners. So through practice, I’m usually practicing. Pushing more, pushing less, lifting up the minimum speed,
move the brake balance around quite a bit, engine braking, those kind of things. So it’s not always the easiest thing to plan for
because the car moves in different ways each time. I would like to ask you, as you are a 6 time Formula 1 World Champion,
what in your opinion is the perfect driver? Honestly, I don’t think there is a perfect driver. And at the end of the day, none of us are perfect. You have to believe that you’re just great the way that you are
but you’re constantly working to improve in all areas. For a racing driver, for me, I think there’s drivers that I’ve grown up with
that have been very quick at practice but weren’t particularly great in a race, There’s drivers you see even today that crash a lot in the races and make a lot of mistakes
but they’ve actually got good pace over a single lap if they could keep it together. And there are some drivers who are good at braking,
and some guys who are better at saving their tires. Yeah I think it’s… Of course you wanna be an all-rounder. I’m always working on being the all-round greatest I can be, or greatest driver. So that’s a large group of things, but when you’re a Formula 1 driver,
that’s a lot of the communication with the team. I’m always searching for perfection, I’m always trying to improve. And for me, over the years I’ve learnt different styles of driving. And as I said, each corner’s different and you have to grab onto these different techniques
that you’re using, it’s not just one technique through the whole lap. So, I think practice really makes perfect. I think the exercise of trying too much and trying too little,
is a whole part of the process. You generally want to be making mistakes
because those are the ones you’re gonna learn from. I’d really love to talk to you more, but Iwe’re running out of time.
So I’d like to end the session here. – Thank you.
– Thank you. I just wanna say congratulations on everyone getting here, you know, this is awesome
to see you all here and I’m looking forward to seeing some of you race. I wish you all good luck.

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  1. I wish this was live streamed, so we could watch the entire thing. Please, if Lewis will there be next year, could you stream it?

  2. Я тебе одно скажу Я знаю ты здесь сидишь но ты знай ты будешь отвечать ть или всевышнему за всё тебе никто не поможет в этом мире это жизнь короткая тебе никто не поможет никакие твои деньги Никакое что ты там добиваешься всё будет проходить через меня через моих детей и передала х а ты ты ты не знаю сиди и дальше слушай дальше людей которые завтра тоже будет отвечать перед Аллахом Никакое богатство никакие деньги ничего не спасёт только Аллах Кто бы там что не рассказывал я одно могу сказать Мы все будем отвечать перед Аллахом сколько вам осталось жить Задумайтесь

  3. I hope GT7 will be realistic at 100%, but not like crash damage or other, but like structure race. Like real. Before start the race, when the car are position on the grid. I hope GT7 give at all motorsport fans the real feeling.

    Thank you Yamauchi for creating this masterpiece of the series

  4. Si ese dinero se usara para expandir el juego. Hoy fuera un juegaso. Todavía no comprendo para que valen estos eventos. Mi punto de vista. Con las de coches diversos que hay en este mundo viejos y nuevos.

  5. "There's no such thing as a perfect driver"

    I guess Lewis hasn't had a chance to see SuperGT's epic tire warming skills.

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