LibreOffice-Writer (44) Newspaper column format

LibreOffice-Writer (44) Newspaper column format

now we want to divide our document into
three columns like a newspaper to do that we’ll go up to format page selecting the columns tab now we can see that we have one column selected i want to make it three columns like a
newspaper i could pick two columns i can make even more than three columns, I can make
it four or five, but we’re going to start with three and we’ll see that this auto width
here is checked this makes are columns the same width if i want two columns bigger or smaller
or each column it’s individual width i would uncheck this and from these boxes above i can change the width of a particular
column if i have more than three columns let’s
say we have four i’ll need to click this right arrow to get to that fourth column to adjust the width of that column if i have the auto width checked these arrows really don’t need to take us anywhere because the width is grayed out (inactive) let’s check that three columns and see
how that looks I’m applying it, clicking ok and looking at our document the text books pretty close together i’m gonna change that by going back into page columns and we wanted with just the spacing in
between the columns will make that twenty keeping with the auto width that looks a little better we can’t get it true idea of what it looks like with
those boxes so let’s turn those off turning off the text boundaries We’ve got a better idea of what our document
would look like as a printout let’s go back in an add a separator
line back into format page and down at the bottom we have the
separator line let’s add a straight line will make the color turquoise and we’ll make the width point five the height is at a hundred percent let’s bring it down a little bit so we
can choose a position we’ll change this to seventy-five now we can choose a position of top centered or bottom i’ll go with centered clicking ok we can see are separate airlines going seventy five percent of the height
of our columns i’ve decided that i don’t like those
separator lines let’s go back and take them out format – page separator style we change this back to none looking back this document i think i want this column to end after “specific” and this “looking further into
things” should be in the next column so, I’m placing my cursor before the l and I’m inserting a manual break instead of a page break I want a column break and now we have looking further into
things at the top of the next column in our middle column we just have space
here at the bottom of that column you might have noticed when we put in art three columns format page columns three columns applies we notice that are header is kind of jumbled up in this
first column and that’s not what we want all we want our header to span all three columns and
then the columns below like a real newspaper would do for that we need at a section will do that right now let’s undo are three columns with the undo now from here i want to put my cursor where i want to
start my columns i’m going to hold down control shift and end this is selecting all the text from where i started it to the end of the document now i’m going to click on insert section and I’ll name this section three columns I’m going into my column tab and clicking on that three columns remember we had to add a little spacing
to make it look good think twenty was good – clicking insert now we have are header spanning across the top and our three columns and to see how that would print out we will hit our page preview and it looks just how we want it cutie

14 thoughts on “LibreOffice-Writer (44) Newspaper column format

  1. Great video. Many thanks.
    Just one question:
    How can I have a document that has both columns and the usual formatting?
    Can it be done within the same page or document?

  2. @sdim68 Yes, What you are requesting can be done using a section – watch the video again and look around the 4:08. I create a section there showing the top half of a page with the default formatting and below that (for the rest of the document) the 3 column section (Your section does not have to go to the bottom of the document). I hope this helps – Thanks for watching.

  3. I never realized the use of Sections.
    Many thanks, my friend. Keep up the good work.
    You make learning how to move around LibreOffice much easier.
    I appreciate it.

  4. Good tutorial 🙂
    But, how do I unmake a column? Like, after I format a long section of the document as two columns, I decide that at a point at the middle of the document the column format should end, then start again at a further point.

  5. Using L O Writer, I need to print text in BLUE, [what happens when Blk ink-is all used!].  Can this b e done?

  6. How to continue adding text with single column format below/after the multi-column format?

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