This one is being aggressive with the horns. OH MY GOODNES! OH MY GOODNES! Help please that, that they do not leave me alone (Music playing) What’s up little creatures from the lord, how you doing? We’re on a train, oh look how beautiful, look how beautiful We’re on a train, chu-chu madafaka We’re on a train on our way to… … … Nara. It’s a village full of… deers, it’s supposedly full of deers. And I’m pretty hyped to go there. So… let’s see what happens Insert shot here looking at nothing but thinking in everything (Eminem music) Oh dude you see this normal? I’ve been bitten by mutant Japanese mosquitos first they have been bitten in the face too so if you see me a bit deformed It’s cause of that, ok? lmao they’re crazy, They’re crazy! what’s wrong with them?? Another drink machine?? I’ll buy one lol *Says ‘thank you’ in Japanese* It’s the first time we see someone being against the system in Japan *laughs* poor Mr. politician *gasp* why? *laughs* WTF definetly we’re getting closer to the deer zone I think we’re here we found it It is really full of deers, it’s really full of deers Hello, good morning Whats up? A regard I’m coming in peace You won’t bite me, right? Oooooh, I’m stroking her *FUCK YOU* look at the horn of these one Hello Hello whats up crack oh… so cute I think that if you don’t bring food they ignore you basically. So lets search Bags with bread Next… *A pretty much polite deer* *laughs* What’s wrong with him?? *Laughs* Hello sir He doesn’t pay attention to me This looks like were you can buy food to the deers Hello mr deer how are you? *Says ‘thank you’ in Japanese* Hello whats up cracks? OMG They all coming Do you want some? Do you want some of mine? Well I’m going to give you *laughs* Wait, wait *Laughs in Japanese* They’re surrounding me Oh look, they make me pamper I’m going to feed all of you but all of you calm down. What do I do? You want it on the floor? I’m going to feed all of you but all of you calm down Easy, relax Wow! They’re pushing me The Walking Dead music theme *laughs* yes, yes Who wants some food? Ah! He hit me with the horn. Take it, take it This one knows *Distributing food to the deers* You need to chill out, you got two already This one is being agressive with his horns. Oh my god! x2 Help please, they don’t leave me alone (Girl) No! do not run please! (Rubius) And what i have to do? (Girl) Nothing… Look is a Bambi! (Rubius to the little deer) I´m going to give you a very special cookie (Girl) Be careful! (Rubius to the angry deer) Okay i’ll give you one Bambi i´m trying to give you one but your father don´t leave me do that. but if he’s a fucker Look, Bambi Bambi, take this this one’s for you. Quick, or they’ll steal it -Hey, look What’s he doing? Oh, another male two males in the same territory Let’s relax a bit all of us, please They’re biting me You don’t have any more? How am I suppose to have more? if they stole it from my hands I have this hope it’d be enough and you, don’t come closer Look at his face Ok, I’m not leaving until I get to feed Bambi so let’s buy more cookies Bambi, take this. Quick, eat, no, good, good Good, he ate it, he ate it The Walking Dead theme again Leave me alone *deer sound* *imitates the deer* *music* Later that day Ok, we just got to Kyoto, ok? I’m not making much noise cause it is late and we gonna see our house for the night let’s go *Lullaby playing* WTF No way dude, it’s fucking scary what’s this, dude? this light I need light, I need light Oh no no no, dude. No no no No no no no no no Fucking crap, man, this is just like the fucking Ju-On house if you haven’t seen the movie I mean… holy shit stop scaring me already there’s a fucking stair here… is like the one in… -Well, I’m first, move Toshiba? Are you there? -Fujitsu Holy crap, dude. I mean, why? why did we choose this house? this is light… this… wtf? there’s a fucking torch, dude no way, man it’s everything locked, there’s all the family locked in there Okay, okay okay okay, oh! it’s this toilet, the one that wash your ass, man Fucking cool Toshiba, are you in here? -There’s a legend that tell… that here… died the family… Mitsubishi and Toshiba and Tobao the curse chases those who dare to come to this house. THE NEXT DAY Look at the coolest car from Initial D, guys Amazing. Good morning, daring beings today is our last day here in Kyoto and we’re visiting this giant market with… a lot of stores with a lot of very distinct things. In this one there’s… there’s animals with some kind of retardation Actually I want to buy 8 of them but I won’t because I have no room left in my suitcase. But yes, it’s a day a bit strange we are here that is covered, as you see it’s raining so we’ll take advantage and we’ll buy some things and visit some arcade maybe and we’ve also seen that there’s a café when they have how are they called in Spanish? there’s owls! we’ve come to the Rubelangel section Mangel’s story, Mangel’s story 2.0 the story of how I cheated on Mangel. Ok I think I’m gonna buy this one Don’t tell my girlfriend Don’t judge me! Ok I don’t know if you can hear me… cause there’e so much noise right here but I’m gonna show you a game that we can’t stop playing all the time here in Japan it’s the best this is the game but this dude’s too pro Almost Japanese level Let it go in Japanese! *sings in Spanish* ok we’re entering the owls and bengal cats forest Hello Wow it’s amazing, it’s super flufly He doesn’t like my hand he looks like a superoffended owl, 24/7 Looks like Mangel wow he’s swelling up like Mangel he just shit… it’s getting stressed, let’s go let’s leave him that he looks like lose control easily look at this one, this man’s so angry Looks like Squidward He’s Squidward This one’s Hedwig from Hary Potter yeah yeah he’d be like this all day long We also entered the bengal cats forest and for some reason they have an obsession for my camera’s mic These last days were very animalistic and spiritual we went to see some temples and stuff, I found a Pokemon center but unfortunately it’s time to come back we say goodbye to all the Japanese animals and humans to travel so Spain oh, and I’m gonna show you this beautiful piano song I wrote this happened at the airport As you see now I’m able to play… As you see now I’m able to play the piano with my mind 20 hours later Ok, I brought you a very special gift Wilson come here for you he couldn’t care less he couldn’t care less. I brought you a gift from the Pokemon center, I mean, is… look Superflufly, just like you. Take me, take me No! He doesn’t like it Ok, just like I though You brought him a gift and he just wants bags and boxes Okay, hope you have fun I’ll give this to someone who cares… Bonsaidopo… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Rubius no se si lo sabes pero esa ciudad/pueblo al que has ido sale en naruto cuando shikamaru mata a hidan dice que que están en un bosque de su clan(el clan nara)

    Que es donde has ido

  2. RubiusOmgは、それが本当かどうかのように世界で最高です
    Like si lo entendiste :v

  3. Min 0:47
    La mujer que estaba al lado del rubiuh se fue para que no rompiera sus pensamientos de niñas moe en cafeterías cantandote los planes que van ha hacer contigo

  4. 10:18 rubius tu que eres famoso quita eso porque esos búhos están hay toda su vida hasta que se mueran sin moverse del palo , un poco de compasión macho

  5. No se si seré el único que buscaba esta canción pero yo lo pondré de todas formas para q no sufran como yo :,v 6:12 "MELLANCHOLIA" Music box |Sád, Creepy song|

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