London Customs Agent Couldn’t Believe John Krasinski Is Married to Emily Blunt

-We love having you here, buddy. You are actually now
officially a New Yorker. -I am! I moved back.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yes!
Yes. I love it. -It’s official.
-It is official. -Does it feel good?
Do you like being a New Yorker? -Oh, God, it feels so good. You walk outside and it just —
the world starts right away. For your kids, they have
breakfast and they go out, and within a block,
they’re, like, playing checkers in the park
or something like that. My kids are 42. -Oh, wow.
Congratulations on that. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Did you ever have a
“Welcome to New York” moment where you go,
“Well, that happened”? -Yeah.
Everybody does, right? I had mine
a long time ago actually. It was probably —
I’m ancient. It was like 20 years ago. I was an intern
right here at 30 Rock. -That’s right.
-Yeah, yeah. That’s all I wanted to say.
Thanks so much, everybody! -There he is, John Krasinski!
No, no, no. -And I was going out
to have lunch, and I was young,
and I was ignorant, so I was wearing
a Red Sox jersey. [ Audience groans, laughter ] -Ooh, boy.
-I still do. I’m still ignorant.
-All right. -I was wearing
a Nomar Garciaparra Jersey. -Nomar!
-Nomar! -Nomar!
Yeah. -I got out of the glass doors,
took a left, and I was walking along,
about to get lunch and just — Something hit me
in the back of the head. [ Laughter ] I was like, “Oh, my God.”
-Oh, no. -And it was a full
cream-cheese bagel. [ Laughter and applause ] And I looked over
to see who it was. It was a taxi
going like 20 miles an hour. [ Laughter ] And I couldn’t be mad. A guy who was like,
“Oh. There we go,” and just, like,
the trajectory to hit — He must’ve
been drafted after that. -Yeah, seriously,
that’s good aim right there. -It was really good. -How are the girls doing?
-Fantastic. -Yeah?
How old are they now? -You know what it’s like to have
two girls, two daughters. -It’s the best thing
in the world. -It is the best thing
in the world. It’s just tea parties,
hair bands — for me. It’s not them.
-No, yeah, exactly. It’s you,
and then they catch you. They go, “Daddy, can we play?” -Can I get in on that tea party?
-Yeah. Do you do tea parties
with the girls? -I do, yeah.
You know how everybody says, like, “Wow.
My kid’s really smart.” We’ve so tried to not do that, ’cause everybody goes,
“Every kid’s smart.” But I think my oldest daughter
is like a Jedi. And it’s like a manipulative,
negative Jedi, because, one day,
we were going over colors, and she goes —
This is early on. Like, she was 1 1/2
or something, and she goes, “Daddy,
what’s your favorite color?” And I said, “Blue.” And I knew her favorite color
was blue, and she went, “Oh.
Your favorite color is purple?” And I went, “No,
my favorite color is blue.” And she went, “Oh,
your favorite color’s purple. There’s purple.”
[ Laughter ] And I was like,
“That’s so weird.” And after two years now,
I’m like, “My favorite color — purple.” [ Laughter ] -It actually worked, though?
-It worked! I totally —
Now she hands me things, and very sadly,
like two weeks ago, She’s like, “Daddy,
your favorite color can blue.” And I went, “No,
my favorite color is purple.” [ Laughter ] I was still —
I was still locked in. She’s like, “Good, good!” -She’s making a block
levitate around the room. A teacup pours itself, yeah. -Yeah, exactly.
-And how’s your wife, the beautiful Emily Blunt?
-Fantastic. -We love Emily.
-Fantastic. [ Cheers and applause ] -That reaction means I married
up, and don’t I know it. Don’t I know it. -I wouldn’t say
you married up, no. -Oh, no, no, no. Please, they don’t
have to tell me. The customs agent in London did. [ Laughter ] I don’t know if you know,
Emily just shot a movie, it’s a small indie
called “Mary Poppins.” [ Laughter, cheers ] And I went to visit her
all the time. I was shooting something else,
but I went almost every weekend, and it was going great,
the customs, whole experiences, whatever. -You got to get through customs.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then I hit this guy
who’s about my age, and he looked like he was ready
to get a little surly with me, and he said, “It says here
that you’re an actor.” And I said, “Yeah,”
and he said, “Would I know you
from anything?” I went, “You know, we redid
the UK version on ‘The Office.'” Strike one.
[ Laughter ] He’s like, “Oh.”
-“I hated that version!” -“Oh, you took
what we did perfect.” And then I said, “Yeah.” And he says,
“Who you visiting here?” I said, “My wife,” and he says,
“Is she an actress?” I said, “yeah.”
He said, “Would I know her?” I went, “I don’t know, man.
Her name’s Emily Blunt.” He goes like this, he goes,
“You?” [ Laughter and applause ] And I went, “Yeah.”
And he goes, “You? You married Emily Blunt?”
And I go, “Yeah.” And he goes like this,
“Okay, go. Just go.” Like, the stamp was so hard.
I was like, “I’m so sorry.” -Not breaking eye contact,
like, following you out.

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