Lucie Fink Learns Fashion Blogging From Noelle Downing | Lucie Fink Take Over Week | Refinery29

Lucie Fink Learns Fashion Blogging From Noelle Downing | Lucie Fink Take Over Week | Refinery29

Category two: fashion bloggers. I could have chosen just about any blogger
in New York City for this but my heart led me directly to the adorable Noelle Downing
who’s constantly sharing her food adventures, her travels, and the outfits she’s wearing
on her blog, Noelle’s Favorite Things. I started my blog really just wanting to share my life and what I was up to and what I was doing. When I was in high school, I really wanted
someone to look up to that had a similar body type to myself and that was something that
I did not have. I went to her amazing Brooklyn apartment. Did you design this place with your Instagram
in mind? Yeah. I mean honestly everything I do has my Instagram in mind. She lives with her pet bunny, Monty. Here you go. Here you go, baby. Monty! I love you so much. I wish you all the happiness in the world. It is the best footage I’ve ever seen. (imitating trumpet sounds) It’s us! It’s us. I’m at Noelle Downing’s apartment in Brooklyn
and it is hip AF. I know when you first came here you said something
about how it felt so local. I was like, “Oh, I like that.” It feels like a New York City retreat. I had never seen so much clothing in one place
in my entire life. This is one closet. So this is the closet that I have more of
my beloved shoes. Is this just because you have no space? Yeah. She let me try on her novelty purses. There is a Christmas tree. Popcorn. There’s a telephone. This is an insight of my life now. Baby got bag. She owns over 100 pairs of glasses. And the hat display on the wall behind her
bed is unbelievable. I Instagram all day long. Going to cute coffee shops to take content
and to take photos and blog posts. I’m never not working. Then we got to the hard part of the day: a photoshoot. Her photographer came over. Noelle styled me in one of her cute outfits. I think we’re ready. You seriously look so adorable. Thank you! And then we went outside into the freezing
weather to do a photoshoot. It’s underratedly ridiculously hard to be
a fashion blogger, especially in the winter when you need to go outside and look cute
and stylish. When the truth is you can’t really feel
your hands or your face. We don’t look as cold. We are. Alright. This was great guys. Once we got back inside, Noelle showed me
how she sets up her ring light and then the two of us made a video together. We are rolling! We’re rolling with the homies. This is Noelle’s full-time job and she clearly
works so hard at it. It really is something that you can create
a huge career off of and make a lot more money than even I ever expected. For bloggers, if you’ve really built a good
brand for yourself, I would say if you have 100,000 followers, you’re probably at least
making $100,000. I manage myself and I really enjoy doing it. I think that no one is better to represent
your brand than yourself and I love it. Thanks so much for watching Tuesday. To move on to Wednesday to meet a beauty blogger,
click right here. And in case you missed Monday and you want
to meet our Instagram famous food blogger, click here to go backwards. And while you’re at it, subscribe to Refinery29.

38 thoughts on “Lucie Fink Learns Fashion Blogging From Noelle Downing | Lucie Fink Take Over Week | Refinery29

  1. This is an interesting new format. I think it was suited to this week, but I wouldn't have liked it for every week- like the 10 hours of sleeping or something wouldn't be suited to this

  2. YOU GUYS LOOK SO ADORABLE IN THOSE PICTURES! And when I first saw Noelle here I immediately noticed and liked that she wasn't the typical skinny fashion blogger, so when she pointed out that she wanted to be a role model for those of a similar body type I was like HELL YEAH!

  3. I love this video and some of those bags were so cute I've never seen so many glasses for one person before I'm sending out positive energy and Good Vibes

  4. How do this "bloggers" get money to buy all that stuff when everything that they do is taking photos and posting them on social media? I get that they get payed by brads for publicity but come on, it feels dumb.

  5. Hello guys

    Add me on instagram: goncalosantos2


    ENJOY xD

  6. Noelle has been my favorite fashion blogger for years<3! It's so nice to see an inside look at her career on Refinery29!

  7. wait wait wait correct me please but isnt it hot in NY cuz in PA it's pretty hot out and im sure we're both in summer…are they not in Ny,NY?

  8. really respect you doing an honest enthusiastic look into people who work solely on social media! It's so often degraded and seen as easy work when arguably I think it's one of the hardest jobs out there because it's literally 24/7 365 days a year!

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