Mad Lib Theater with Kerry Washington

Mad Lib Theater with Kerry Washington

-♪ Mad Lib Theater ♪ ♪ Uh-huh, yeah ♪ -This is how it works.
I’m going to ask you for some silly words — nouns,
verbs, adjectives, et cetera. As we do that, they’ll be
written on cue cards. -Okay.
-And then we’re going to act out a very dramatic…
-Yes. …Mad Lib scene.
-Don’t — this is serious. -Oh, I know.
-Take it seriously. Seriously, don’t smile.
-Be serious. -Yeah, be serious for once.
-Don’t laugh. -Hey, hey, hey.
[ Light laughter ] -I mean, you have to know how…
-This is really hard. -…hard my life is.
-It’s so hard. -All right.
-It’s hard. -Ready?
-Okay. -Silly word. -Um, uh…[ Laughs ] spectacularlicious? -Wow.
My cue card guy just fainted. [ Laughter ]
Spectacularicious. [ Laughs ] I’ll leave that up my cue card.
He’s like, [ gasping ] Name you’d give a cat? -Um, Fluffy Girl. [ Light laughter ] I’m not a cat person. -A type of nut. -Oh, coconut. [ Laughter ] -Coconut. Adjective. -Um, uh…fuzzy. Did I say that?
No, I said fluffy. -No, you said fluffy.
-Different. -It’s all good.
-Yeah. -What would you shout if you saw
a monster under your bed? -Not today, Satan! [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -What? [ Laughter ] -Not today, Satan.
Okay. [ Laughter ] Letter of the Alphabet. -Um…Q. -Q.
Something you hate doing. -Um, going to the dentist. -Really? I like it.
-Ugh. I like the after, but the
during — very uncomfortable. -Really?
-Yeah, I don’t like it. -Do you gas it?
-No. Is that the secret?
-I don’t know. People are afraid
of dentists, they — -I’m afraid of gassing. [ Laughter ] But I’m a lightweight.
-I don’t know if it’s called gassing or if they do this.
But I know that — I think it just makes you laugh. Quest, you’re always going
to the dentist. Do you have gas?
-Do you take the gas? -Questlove!
Questlove, do you have gas? [ Laughter ] -Are you gassy?
Are you gassy? -Yes, he’s very gassy.
Yeah, okay. -Sure. [ Laughter ] -All right.
-No. -Give me a number.
Give me a number. -Um…seven billion. [ Laughter ] -Adjective.
Another adjective. -Okay. Um… -You already said
fuzzy and fluffy. -…smelly. [ Laughter ] -Plural animal. -Uh, um…frogs. -Old TV show. -“Good Times.”
-Oh, yeah. [ Cheers ]
-Yes, yes. -Body part. -Um…belly button. [ Laughter ] -Verb ending in “ing.” -Oh, um…I’m thinking about
construction — screwing. [ Laughter ] -Exclamation. -Um, “Sweet Jesus!” [ Laughter ] -Amount of time,
like two minutes or 20 hours. -Um…19 years. -19 years. Type of profession. -Um, profession…
lady of the night. [ Laughter ] -This is fantastic.
A lady of the night. How classy.
-It’s the oldest profession. -It’s the oldest profession. -A noun.
-A noun, um…Range Rover. [ Laughter ] -Fantastic. Celebrity name. -Oh, um…Lady Gaga. -Yeah, Lady Gaga. Name of a famous athlete. -Um, I’m scared
to say my husband so I’ll say um, uh,
Michael Jordan. -Michael Jordan. Plural noun.
We’re almost done. -Um, lily pads. [ Laughter ] -The frog theme.
-I’m having a frog day. -Yeah, you’re
having a frog moment. Restaurant chain. -Um, Olive Garden. -Absolutely, man.
[ Cheers ] When you’re here
you’re family, dude. [ Laughter ] We filled out
the words for our scene. Are you ready to perform?
-Yes. Are you ready?
-Very dramatic. -Let’s go. [ Cheers and applause ] -And I’m glad you were able
to make it to this parent-teacher meeting,
Mr. Spectacularicious. [ Laughter ] Please have a seat.
-Oh, yes. -You’re supposed to wait
till I ask you to sit. -Thank you, I — yeah. Good to see you again,
Ms. Fluffy Girl. [ Laughter ] -So, I want to talk to you about
your son, little Coconut. [ Laughter ] I’ve been a teacher for
many years and I’ve never seen such a fuzzy child. [ Laughter ] -Not today, Satan! [ Laughter ] Uh-uh, uh-uh! [ Cheers ] Not today, Satan! -I — no, I —
-Satan, not today, Satan! Hey! [ Stomps floor ]
Not today, Satan! -I am as surprised as you. Your son is getting
a Q in math… [ Laughter ] …and a D in going
to the dentist. -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
-And for show and tell, he brought in seven billion
smelly frogs. [ Laughter ] It was very smelly.
-I will — -It was terrible.
-I will admit that his mother and I started letting him stay
up late to watch “Good Times.” -Oh, well that explains it. -How is little Coconut’s
class participation? -Well, you know,
he constantly calls out even though I tell him
if he has a question, he has to raise
his belly button. -He has — He has an outie.
He has an outie. -He does.
He’s got to raise it up. -Yeah, exactly.
-Got to lift it up. -Lift it up, yeah.
-He’s gotta be proud. -Not today, Satan!
Not today, Satan! -Got to say,
“I have something to say.” Yeah, and today during
social studies, I found him in the back
of the classroom, screwing. [ Laughter ] -Sweet Jesus! [ Laughter ] Sweet Jesus! Not today, Satan!
Sweet Jesus! Not today, Satan! Oh, not today. -I want to say one more thing.
-[ Laughs ] You don’t have
to raise your hand. Is there anything
you suggest that I do to help my son improve? -Yes, of course.
That’s why you’re here. I want you to read with him
at least 19 years every night. [ Laughter ] I actually just
bought him the book, “Harry Potter and
The Ladies of the Night.” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s a very good one.
-It was a good — That’s a very good one.
-Yeah, yeah. -That’s a very popular book here
at Lady Gaga Elementary School. -Yes.
-Yes. [ Laughter ] So anyways, I also suggest
you sit down and make sure… -Anyways.
-…that he does his homework. -Oh.
-Because last time, he just said that Michael Jordan ate it. -Oh, that’s a classic excuse.
I understand. -But listen, he’s very well
liked in class, very well liked. And he often leads the other
students in singing his favorite song, “The Lily Pads
on the Bus.” -Oh, I love that song. Do you want to sing it together? [ Laughter ] -Of course. -♪ The Lily pads on the bus
go round and round ♪ ♪ Round and round ♪ ♪ Round and round ♪ ♪ The Lily pads on the bus
go round and round ♪ ♪ all through
the Olive garden ♪ And, scene! That’s how you do
it right there. Kerry Washington.
You are the greatest. -I love you.
-We’ll be right back with more “Tonight Show” everybody.
Come on back. [ Band plays ]

100 thoughts on “Mad Lib Theater with Kerry Washington

  1. Jimmy Fallon is the worst. I love his games and his guests though. I always watch these clips but I find myself fast forwarding through his parts. Also, does anyone get the vibe that he might be kind of a jerk?

  2. 2 things.


    "I'm thinking construction here… Screwing"

    Fallen: *look of shook*


    Harry Potter and the ladies of the night sounds like a porno

  3. Harry Potter and Ladies of the Night
    Potterheads, where are you? HAHAHAAAHHAHAH

  4. 8:09

    I Report there has been a mass accident as a school bus has Plowed through Olive Garden leading to 17 Casualties and 8 More Severely Injured

  5. This was hilarious! I only feel Jimmy ruined this by repeating โ€œnot today satanโ€ way too many times ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฝ

  6. I love that Jimmy makes the guest come up with the words, but he twists it to where he always has the funniest lines in the scenes. Typical Jimmy always trying to make himself the center of attention

  7. Can I just say how much I like be these. OMG. He needs to do these for everyone. Please. Every actor. I want 50 of these.

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