Make an Income With Your Blog as a Beginner | Create & Go Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Make an Income With Your Blog as a Beginner | Create & Go   Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Cassie: Have you started to monetize your
blog yet? Or maybe you’re just not quite sure where
to get started or what type of income streams you want to use on your blog? Today’s review is on a course that just might
have been answer to all of your questions as it is filled with lots of different income
stream options and different ways to implement their techniques to making an income with
your blog. Cassie: Hey guys, and welcome back to Explore
Horizons. If you’re new here, my name is Cassie, and
on this channel we talk about all things, social media marketing and online business
strategies. So if that sounds like something you want
to learn more about, then don’t forget to hit that subscribe button down below and hit
that little bell icon so you get notified or when to upload more videos just like this. Cassie: What is this course about? Well, first let’s start with the title. This is The Create and Go, Make Money Blogging
for Beginners. This is the second course that Create and
Go came out with. Actually, I think it might be their third. It’s one of the courses that Create and Go
came out with after the Launch Your Blog course, which I made a video about just before and
I will link it down below or in the little info card above, if you want to go check that
out. And this one is called Make Money Blogging
for Beginners. Cassie: What’s taught in this course is things
like affiliate marketing, ad Strategies, also doing sponsorships and just all things, kind
of dipping your toes into creating an income using your blog. If you’ve never done it before or if you have
thought about doing it, but you’re just not sure what you need to do if you need a big
following, how to become an affiliate of different programs. So this course is really filled with a lot
of beginners’ information. And it’s a really good starting point. I feel for newbies, especially someone like
me who has never owned a blog before, never done online business before and want to make
an income with their blog. So what’s inside this course? Well I’m just going to jump onto my laptop
and run through with you just what’s inside. Cassie: They talk about things like using
ads, getting sponsors for your posts, basics of affiliate marketing, marketing techniques,
Amazon associates, which is another affiliate marketing strategy, email marketing basics,
setting up sales funnels, blog traffic basics, using social media for marketing, basics such
as Pinterest and YouTube and also Facebook groups. Google SEO basics as well, and other blogging
matters like taxes, keeping track of revenue, protecting your blog from hackers, et cetera. Cassie: The creators of this course, as I
have talked about in the first video, which is the Launch Your Blog course review, this
one is … I’m just gonna quickly skim over what I said last video and that is that Alex
and Lauren are the creators of Create and Go and they created one, a blog that didn’t
make any money, failed the first time. It’s called Health and Happy Hour. Then the second blog that they made was a
lot more successful and that made over $17,000 in their first six months and they now have
a blog called Create and Go, which is what this course is all about and they make $10,000
every month. And that is also passively. So you kind of get the idea of where I’m coming
from as to why I actually want to take this course. Cassie: What problems does this course claim
to solve? Well, it says that it is the solution for
taking your blog from $0 to $1,000 a month with free traffic, affiliate marketing, and
other awesome source strategies. So how did it help me? Well, basically it gave me the tools that
I needed to start off with affiliate marketing, which is one of my favorite ways of making
an income because I don’t have to make products for a starters, and two, I also use these
products and I know that they work and stuff like that. So affiliate marketing comes very easy to
me and I can make a bit of an income using affiliate marketing, which is one of the strategies
that they mainly focus on in this course. Cassie: They do touch on doing sponsorships
at which I have another course on which I might do a review on if you guys are interested
in that. They do talk about ads, but they don’t talk
about those as much as they talk about affiliate marketing. I understand why they do it that way is because
affiliate marketing, like I said, it’s easy to get started with and it is faster seeing
results. Sponsorships you need more of like a bit more
of a following and a bit more of a loyal following. So it’s not so easy to get started with, especially
if you’re a small type of blogger or if you’re still really new and you don’t have like a
big audience. It is still possible. It is a lot harder though. But affiliate marketing, you don’t have to
have a huge audience to first get started with and all the other sort of bits and bobs
that come with affiliate marketing, it’s a lot more easier to get started with. Cassie: The course also helps me understand
how to start using email funnels and how to get people into my funnel to then convert
into sales. And you don’t have to have a product to get
started with this course either. It teaches you how to do the affiliate marketing
side of using the email funnels. So you can still stop making an income right
from the beginning basically. Cassie: Let’s talk about some pros and cons. So one of the biggest pros that I love about
this course is it gives you the actual … Like Alex and Lauren put together a sales funnel,
like an email sales funnel that goes for seven days and it is one of the highest email sales
funnel that I’ve ever stood up. I have used some sales funnels in the past
and they haven’t been the greatest and I also didn’t really know how to use them. So once I started taking this course and actually
implementing the strategies that they talk about because they actually really thoroughly
explain what’s in the funnel and why they have it there, and then what you have to do
to make it your own funnel and to make people, or to help people trust you in order to buy
from you basically. Cassie: As I have also said before, another
pro about this course is they go really in depth with that affiliate marketing and I
have done other affiliate marketing courses that just solely talk about affiliate marketing
and teach you strategies on that. And I felt this course was a really good building
block to understanding how to start monetizing my blog for one, and two, how to get started
with affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing is a huge topic. And I feel like I’m always learning new things
every single day. There’s never like one course that I’ve found
that has been super, super on point with affiliate marketing. I feel like, as with everything actually,
I feel like you have to learn from a few different people to be able to fully understand it,
to be able to actually implement it and make things happen a lot quicker and a lot easier
and actually work. Cassie: The affiliate marketing sort of stuff
that they talk about is like using them in your blog, posts and I’m also using it in
your email funnels. And they also talk a little bit about doing
things on YouTube, which I didn’t really get too well into. But basically this course is about how to
start making money on your blog. This course also talks about Amazon Associates,
which I never really got into. One because I don’t really use Amazon and
I don’t feel comfortable recommending things to my audience that I wouldn’t actually use
myself. So I don’t tend to use Amazon Associates as
well is because they have a lot of rules and a lot of regulations that have little holes
in them. And you can sometimes get into a little trouble
with it. So I try to stay away from Amazon Associates. Cassie: That is just a personal preference. It’s up to you if you want to use that for
your blog or if that suits the kind of … The audience that you have. Then of course Amazon Associates is really
good to have. But they do talk about Amazon Associates in
there, so I just wanted to add that in just in case some of you were thinking of monetizing
your blog using Amazon Associates. Cassie: And the third pro is they use a lot
of … They give you a lot of Pinterest strategies, which is kind of how I sort of started with
Pinterest. With Create and Go, it wasn’t with this course. It will be in the next video, which is the
Pinterest Avalanche course review that I’ll do for you. And they basically teach you in this course,
the basics of getting traffic and using Pinterest to make affiliate sales. Cassie: One of the cons, I guess if you’re
not quite into affiliate marketing or it might not be an income stream that you’re very interested
in doing, then this course is quite heavily focused on affiliate marketing. So that could be a con to you if that is obviously
an income stream that you’re not too interested in. Otherwise, it’s not a con. Like to me, I love affiliate marketing, so
it’s something that I wanted to bring up anyway. Cassie: And the second con i guess is I always
wish that they got a little bit more in depth with the email marketing. They do talk about the basics and they do
talk about like the strategies to doing email marketing, but I wish they went into more
strategies on using the email funnel, maybe a different email funnel, welcome series and
stuff like that, to help build trust with the audience to then convert them into sales. Cassie: Would I recommend this course? I totally would. I have been able to start making an income
after using this course. It wasn’t so much as with ads or with sponsorships
as I haven’t really gotten into those too. But I feel like marketing obviously, like
I say, throughout this whole video, affiliate marketing is one of my favorites and I do
love to do affiliate marketing a lot. Cassie: If you’re an intermediate blogger
as well and you haven’t started making income. So if you’re about six months in, you haven’t
started making an income yet or you haven’t even thought about doing monetization and
this is your first kind of steps to making a monetized blog, then by all means, I would
recommend this course. It is a little bit expensive. I think it’s $197 off the top of my head. But they’re basically teaching you how to
make money. So I’ve already made enough income to pay
for that course plus more. So I think it’s a really good investment because
you’re going to spend money to make money basically. Cassie: Like I said, this course is really
grate for people who have been blogging for a little bit and haven’t started monetizing
their blog or people who just want to start learning how to market their blogs so they
can make affiliate marketing sales, they can get sponsorships, make ad revenue, which isn’t
all that great. But if it’s something that you are thinking
about, I definitely recommend at least doing a little bit more research into the course
if you’re not completely sold on it just yet. But yeah, that’s all I can really say about
it. Cassie: That’s the end of today’s review,
I hope you found it helpful. If you did, don’t forget to give this a thumbs
up. Don’t forget to subscribe as well as I will
be doing the last review on the Create and Go sort of series of courses and that is the
Pinterest Avalanche course. So thank you so much for watching guys and
I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.

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