Make Money Blogging | How I Made My First $1,000 Blogging

Make Money Blogging | How I Made My First $1,000 Blogging

Hey guys welcome back to my youtube
channel. I’m Natalie and I blog at Today I’m going to
share with you one of the questions that I get the most which is how do you make
money blogging. I’m actually gonna dive into the first $1000 that I ever
made, how I make my money now, as well as how I think you should go about making
money blogging if you are just getting started with a blog. So I made my first $1000 blogging by a combination of display
advertising, product sales, and sponsored posts. The first $400 that I ever made
was from ads on my site. This means that I had some ads from Google on my site in
different places and over the first few months I made about 400 dollars from all
the traffic that visited my blog. The next 200 dollars that I made was from my
own digital product sales. I created budget templates that are similar to the
ones that I have now but this is sort of the first budget template I ever created
and those actually were for $10 at the time so over the course of a few
months I made $200. I will link to them below they’re free now and they’re
updated but at the time I was selling them and I actually made $200 from
selling those as digital template downloads. The next $400 that I made was from sponsored posts. There are two separate sponsored posts that I did in
the beginning and I made about $200 from each of them. So it was ads, selling
my own products, and sponsored posts that I made my first $1,000. N ow this
is totally different than how I make money blogging now and how I would
recommend you get started. The reason that I did it how I did it was just
because I started my blog and I wanted to make money blogging quickly so I just
kind of randomly tried different things. Now I make
money blogging through ads which is one way that I still recommend and did in
the future or in the past and in the beginning display advertising and then
affiliate marketing which is the other way that I make money blogging. I only
make money blogging in these two ways right now but I am working on creating
my own digital products. The thing is with making money blogging I think you
have to start from the end result and work backwards instead of randomly
making content throwing it up there and then trying to monetize it. This is
something I learned from Six Figure Blogger as well as Make Money Blogging For Beginners. These are two courses that I took from Create & Go. I will link to
them below there my affiliate links but I am obsessed with them. So the reason
that I would not recommend going about making money blogging how I did in the
beginning is because there was no strategy and if I can get one thing
across to you it’s that you have to have a strategy in place to consistently and
successfully make money blogging it is not enough to just write random pieces
of content drive traffic to it and throw up some affiliate links or ads. You might
make a few hundred dollars actually but this is going to be over a long period
of time and it most likely isn’t going to grow the way that you want it to. What
I learned from Six Figure Blogger and have implemented myself is that I
actually need to have a strategy in place working from the end result and
then working backward. So what I mean by this is that I come up with an affiliate
product that I want to promote or I think about what product I’m going
create and then we’ll eventually promote and I create content around that. Now
it’s not just a random product that I think will make me a lot of money.
There’s enormous value in this product that I want to promote and
know that it would be really good for my audience. And I can figure this out by
research I can look at my competition and see what they’re doing like other
bloggers I can look at best-selling products on Amazon on Google there’s
lots of ways to research what kind of products my audience is really going to
love and then I create content around it and then I create freebies or
opt-ins to get people to sign on to my email list around it. So let’s say that
there’s a budgeting course that I think is so amazing actually do this I have
one it’s called Budgeting For Budget Haters. I didn’t create this someone else
did. It’s a course that teaches people how to budget. So I have this and I promote it in my email sequence. Well I have free budget
templates that people can download and they get added to an email sequence and
that email sequence is also kind of termed a sales funnel will teach them
about budgeting and just like money tricks budgeting hacks things that are
very related to that product and then over the course of a week or two they
get dropped into a sales funnel where Budgeting For Budget Haters is promoted. The reason that this works is that it will consistently bring in sales for
this specific course because everything is related to that same topic. Everything
is what you would expect from downloading free budget templates
it’s a budgeting course right it all flows. Now if you do this for everything
on your blog you can consistently make affiliate sales and then if you’re not
you can switch out and try something different. What I see a lot of people do
instead is they offer some sort of random freebie and then they add it to
then those people are added to their email list and they have content on
their blog about whatever they want to write about and then that’s it and then
they’re like why am I not making why am I not making money well it’s
because you’re not being strategic about how you’re making money on your blog. So I just happened to stumble upon these courses it was actually from random
YouTube videos I watched and now I’m like totally obsessed with the Create & Go
courses because they’re so good and they taught me how to create this
strategy. So what I do now is I think about the end result – I think about the
affiliate product or in my case I’m just creating my own products now what those are gonna be and I create opt-ins around them like my freebies I create content
around them and I have email sequences in place that promote them so this works
really well for me because I want to make money blogging with affiliate
marketing and digital products. I’ve chosen these ways because they’re the
most scalable and eventually the most passive. I also incorporate display
advertising but that’s just a way to diversify my income. So if I were just
getting started over again and I really wanted to make money blogging I would
start my blog which is kind of like the launch phase that I talked about and the
then I would drive traffic to it so I would create content in my niche without
thinking about really monetizing it I would grow my blog drive traffic to it I
personally love Pinterest for this this is what I use the most I will link with
my affiliate link to Pinterest traffic Avalanche which is a course for driving
traffic to your blog once I had my blog up and running and I had some traffic
then I would monetize it. And I would do this using the strategy that I just
talked about which I learned from Six Figure Blogger and Make Money Blogging For Beginners and then I would be able to monetize my blog in a way
that would grow. The mistake that I made was kind of haphazardly throwing up
affiliate links, taking on sponsored posts, throwing up random pieces of content, not having a sales funnel in my email sequence, and it was kind of just random
income. So my first year of blogging I made about $8,000, my second year
blogging I made about $30,000, and then my third year it’s still not over yet so
the verdict is still out but it’s gonna be more than the 30,000 and keep in mind
that this is while working full-time and expenses and taxes do come out of that
so it’s not like I’m just taking home 30k from my blog. But it’s growing and
the reason it’s growing is because I’m changing my strategy. I think I could
have avoided about a year and a half of wasted time because I didn’t have a
strategy at all and now I do. I’m not freelance writing and I’m
focusing on the income that can grow which is affiliate marketing and digital
products. So if you are interested in making money blogging, if you have the
money take one of those courses. If you don’t, I would highly recommend
researching and doing everything you can to learn about how to first launch and
grow your blog and then once you’re ready to monetize I would recommend
doing it through affiliate marketing and digital products because those are the
most scalable and you eventually once you get the systems in place can scale
it without doing as much work as if you were doing say sponsored posts or
something like that. So, I hope this answers some of your questions about how to make money blogging. I actually have a one year blog action plan which is super
popular for making money blogging it’s a template that you can download that will
show you how to plan your next year for making money blogging. It’s free, I will
link to it below in the notes and a link to everything else I talked about
including my how to make money blogging blog post. And if you have any questions
let me know. Please subscribe it means so much to me when you guys subscribe it
really helps me out. That’s it for today’s video
have a great week bye bye!

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