Make Money with Photography Marketing BLOGGING

Make Money with Photography Marketing BLOGGING

It is great to have website up with
online gallery, biography and contact, but it is not enough in today’s rapidly
growing group of photographers. What are we going to be talking about today? It’s
money Monday, marketing for photographers episode no.5. My name is Zdenka Darula. I work as a
photographer for many, many, many years. I’m a former model and few other things.
What marketing companies highly suggest to do in 2019 is blogging. It’s been
around for a long time. It’s been very popular in past years. It will be popular
again this year and in many years to come. I can already see some of you
clenching teeth right now. I do that sometimes too, because you might be
thinking. Great, well I don’t have a time to do this. Now, I don’t even know what to write. I don’t even know what to post there. It is just
gonna take too much time. Well, there is a strong reason you should be doing this,
so just listen up. My own website is it has been set up as a blog and I have been posting blogs for a number of years I think about the 10
by now. And I have to say, I get so upset at
myself if I don’t post anything new for a while. Why? Because I feel right away
that I’m getting less contacts from new people from new potential clients. They
cannot find me organically as much anymore, so yeah. It’s very important to
have the blog going. It’s very important to post often. It will affect the way
people find you in Google and any other search engines. Here is why blogging is
so important, and if you haven’t started yet, you need to change that this year
pronto. When I visit a very basic website. You know, just homepage, online portfolio,
about Us section and contact and I visit the same website after a long time. You
know maybe in a few weeks few months half a year. And I see that nothing has
changed, my reaction right away is. Is this person still in business? What’s
going on? Is he still even doing photography? It
kind of looks like they made the website, it’s just hanging there, it kind of
looks dead to me. On the other side, if I was at a website which has lots of going on,
It may be set up as a blog. There’s current offers and deals, some coupons
and I see some recent dates, I have right away more trust to that person. I know
right away that if I email them, I will most likely get a response back. Blogging
gives you credibility, it shows that you are working and that you are busy. You remind yourself that you are here and available. And if you blog often, people will
understand it as you are high in demand. Let’s look at the CEO or search engine
optimization. It’s pretty difficult to show up in a first page of Google. It’s
very difficult for new websites. It is very difficult for existing websites as well.
Blogging will allow you to rank those very long keywords really well. It is a
permanent content online, which will bring you new visitors and potentially
new clients you guys want. Here’s a great example from my own experience I created
a blog post about The Old Mill wedding in Toronto. Old Mill as a venue where is
happening a lot of weddings. It’s a very well-known venue in Toronto so obviously
I did a little bit of writing about it I posted a few photos and I made sure I’m
using the keyword “The Old Mill wedding in Toronto”. Now over the years I got
contacted by many, many people, getting married at The Old Mill and they
specifically told me, that they found my website I found my content through this
particular post. Blogging will help you to get a little bit closer to your audience.
They will see you a little bit more in a personal way. They will get to know your
personality and as we all know, people prefer to work with people, rather than
business. So more personal approach is way better than business approach. Some
of your clients will really love the fact that you will post their photos on
your website. They will feel special and appreciated and there is a very good chance that they will share it on social media as
well. If you are going to include your clients photos on your website,
common sense… have a permission from those or that client. Make sure you have a
model release signed. What happened to me in the past, I did photo shoot of a
client. I had them sign a very large model release, which is also part of the
contract. Down the road, a few years later I got a very nasty email asking me to
remove all the images from my online portfolio and other online portfolios
which were part of my marketing system. I pulled out the copy of contract, send it
to them and obviously problem solved. Other clients might refuse to be on your
website and it is totally okay. A lot of people are very private and you should
respect that. You don’t need to have every single client of yours in your
portfolio. You will be shooting down the road, you will be shooting many, many
years and you will be able to build the portfolio anyways. Building trust with
your clients will bring you a lot of referrals in the future. I learned one
thing, that every time I got that very difficult, very picky client and if I did
my job very well. I listen to the client very well, I shot good photos which they
really liked, I always got the most referrals. I don’t know it always worked
for me that way. In your blog posts don’t be afraid to mention another vendors.
They might give you referral in the future. There’s actually a higher chance
to get a referral from them if you show a little bit appreciation and if you
give them credit. If you snap few extra photos of those vendors maybe as they
are working or behind the scenes and you will give them the photos, there is a
good chance they will post it on their social media, on their website and they
will credit you, which means more traffic to your website. Bottom line, blogging is very important on your website. Don’t postpone it any
longer. If you liked today’s video please give it thumbs up and subscribe
for more future photography marketing videos. If you have any questions or
comments, especially about blogging or about marketing in general or simply
want to say hello, please do so in the comment section below. And I will see you in the next one… Cau… Ahoj…

11 thoughts on “Make Money with Photography Marketing BLOGGING

  1. Thank you for watching. Have you tried blogging? How is your experience with it? I would love to hear your thoughts on this one…

  2. Here is a tip for new photographers, whatever you shoot just jot that down on your blog as well as discuss it on YouTube on a personal channel… Today, you have to focus on both search engines i.e. Google and YouTube. They both can send you tons of FREE traffic, or potentially clients, over time…

    Any event, scene, client work and etc that you cover, put it's details like how you got there, what were the goals, what difficulties you faced during that assignment and other stuff, of course with permission, where needed.

    You won't be out of content for your blog and YT channel…

  3. Nice to see the point re-enforced. I've been putting off my blogging because i know it's going to be a pretty big chunk of work but i'll knuckle down and get it done within the next couple of months. Good point about the model release too.
    (That M50 4k auto focus can't be trusted can it!).

  4. You're a very intelligent lady and looking at your work in your portfolio, you are a very talented lady indeed. Beautiful and superior images in all areas. I don't know how you find the time to do all that you do but we're lucky to have you sharing yourself and your work with us.

  5. Thanks for making this video. You been very helpful in my new 2019 journey… I found you when I was searching reviews about the cannon m50 to start doing photography and I am in process in blogging as well… You should make more videos of that to guide me… I am new taking pictures and blogging.

  6. Hello why not you make video how to use camera just like as a indian photographar sudhir shivram also a indian photographar he have a youtube channel u can check on youtube now for some idea

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