Makeup Relay Race Ft. David Dobrik & Vlog Squad

Makeup Relay Race Ft. David Dobrik & Vlog Squad

– [Crowd] Hi sisters! – James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. As you guys can see I’m joined with quite a few sister
special guests, the Vlog Squad! – [Crowd] Woo hoo! – Oh my god you guys I am so beyond excited for today’s brand new video because I feel like
we’ve been trying to plan this for a long period of time. – I’m surprised you got all of us in here. – I know. – That’s tough. – And Jonah was almost on time. (laughing) – He was earlier than all of you – I know I just wanted
to make him look bad. (laughing) – So for today’s video I
have a very fun and fresh make-up challenge planned
that I just thought of a few days ago and I was like wow, I think this needs to happen. And that is a new challenge
that we’re doing here called make-up relay. – [Crowd] Oh. – Thank you so much for all
the special infatuation . (laughing) – So basically you’re all
working together as a team but you don’t really get
to actually work together and you just have to hope
that it all comes out good in the end. So like you’re only as
strong as your weakest link. – Oof Jonah. (laughing) – Basically what we’re going
to do is we have nine of the Vlog Squad members here, we’re gonna put everybody’s names in a hat and pick everybody at a random order, and each person is going
to have five minutes alone with me. – [Crowd] Aah. (laughter) – Jeff gets 10. – Jeff gets as much time as he needs. (laughter) I’m gonna lay out all the
make-up products that I have in my everyday make-up routine, and you all will have five minutes to do as much as you can. – Done – Easy peasy baby. – Let’s do it. – Five minutes that’s nothing. – Everybody will rotate in
and out while I ask everybody questions about being in the vlogs. And that’s about it. (laughter) And also just glamming
me up, but hopefully by the end of this we’ll see
if the Vlog Squad is able to work together, to put a beautiful make-up look on me. – You’re gonna look like a clown. (laughter) – I actually want you guys
to try really really hard to make it look good. – Uh huh. – How does everyone feel
about their skill level when it comes to make-up? – I’m a solid seven and a half. – I’m a three and a half. – He’s just really good at painting. – Okay. – I feel like out of the entire
group I’m the worst at it. – Really? – Yeah, because Jeff
does like beauty stuff. – Did I tell you guys I’m
the number one stylist on Famous Birthdays? – Holy shit. – You’re so famous. – You said it like four
times on the way over here. – I think, I think, I
think you’ll be pretty good because you always do
your make-up for when we film with you. (laughter) – You’re just so pretty. – Oh my god. – We have numbers one through
nine listed right here in the original James
Charles disgusting leather baseball hat that I wore
on my head for too long. – Cool, I almost looked,
I almost ruined it. – We’re all trying to pick at once. – Okay who’s going first? – What’s the best, one? – One. – Woo! (screaming) – Lucky bitch! – Okay Heath is first. Okay so we might be off
to a good start then. – That’s pretty good. – Yeah. – You can play with the foundation Heath. – Carly’s two. – I’m scared. – Who’s number three? – I’m three sister, it’s me. – Wow, Zane you’re the best, okay four? – Me. – Perfect. (laughter) – Five? – Me. – Okay Matt, six? – Me. – Okay, so famous. – Seven? – Oh sorry, me! (laughter) I’m seven! – Eight? – Me. I’m nervous. – Am I nine? (applause) – Alone time, alone time. – You get to spend the most time with him. – So your make-up is perfectly
done for our date after. (laughter) Without further ado are
you guys all ready to race? – [Crowd] Yes. – Alright you guys so Heath
is starting us off today. – Oh my god. – We have five minutes on the clock. – Did you do a start yet dude? – No, no. – Okay, okay cool. – Are you ready? – No, let me just scan
this real quick see what we got to work with. – I’m gonna give you a
hand and say that the first step is easy. – Primer foundation we got this. – Okay, okay. – I’ve seen a couple tutorials maybe. – Okay, okay ready? – Yeah. – Ready? – My guilty pleasure is
like watching Instagram like quick makeovers. You know like the minute long
– Yes! – I don’t know why, that and
haircut videos I just I’ll just end up like
– Wow, so this might be okay! – Maybe this is my calling
it’s my first time. – Okay, yeah you’re
gonna be so good at this. Are you ready? Five minutes on the clock. – Okay. – Ready, set, go! – So today we – Oh my god you’re so professional – Thank you. – Oh wow. – Oh shit! I thought it was clean. Lather this up. – Yeh. – That was a lot. We’ll just smooth it
out, we’ll smooth it out. – Okay, okay I love it. – Hang in there. – I love a good smoothing out. – Sorry I’m pushing really hard. – It’s okay, how do you
think you’re gonna do with this make-up portion today? Like, are you excited? – I think I’m gonna do good, I feel like I would
really shine in the like color popping, getting
around the eyes you know? – Okay. – But, I mean you know this is the key starting point right here. – Ow! – What? – I think I just broke my toe. I really think I just broke it. – Oh a little dabble here and there. – We don’t wanna cake it on – No. – We want a nice simple clean look. – Of course, of course. – So right here we’re just
gonna go around the brows. – Yeah. – Just tying that in, we don’t
wanna get to far in there but then kinda blot it, you don’t want it to smear. – Right, Heath? – Yeah. – How long have you been
in the Vlog Squad for? – Literally since the beginning, I was in David’s first video. – Really? – Yeah. – So who was in the original, original? Like who were the first ones. – It was like me, Zane, Alex – So you’re an OG you’ve
been there since day one? – Mhm. We used to Vine together and
then all of a sudden he got this camera and was like
I’m gonna start making YouTube videos and we were like oh wow. He’s like I don’t know how
long I’m gonna stick with it but I’m gonna try it out. – Yeah. – And then he just did it. What’s great is that
we’re all actual friends. – Yeah. – And we would stay friends,
even if we weren’t doing social media which is really cool. – That’s so good. Even from being around you
guys for a few minutes it’s very obvious that it’s not just an act. – Yeah, I love my friend
group, they’re the best. – Go. – Very nice. – So you were telling me you
watch all of those Instagram videos? – Yeah I just like scroll
through like and not even on purpose I don’t look to find them but, I’ll just be going through
and like one will pop up. Then I’ll get sucked into
this world of like 30 minutes and like, wait, what? – The make-up videos on
Instagram are stone-age. – Yeah, I like seeing
like a start and a finish. (alarm) (gasps) Shit! Speaking of finish. – Oh that’s so good, okay well Heath your work here is done. Thank you so much for
your five minutes of time. – Oh my god, thank you. – Unfortunately we now have
to move on to team member number two and let’s see
where they start off. – Thank you for having me. – Thank you. – I can’t wait to see
the finished product. – See you in a little bit. – Number two has arrived! – Welcome sister! – Hi – What do we think so far? – I don’t know – Okay. – I think he did your foundation, well he definitely did your foundation. (laughter) – Okay, so analyze your
canvas, this is what we have going on so far. You’re about to start in the relay race. Carly, we’re putting five
minutes on the clock. – Okay. – Are you ready to go? – Yeah. – Okay. – Me doing my make up every
morning, five minutes. – Would love to relate, okay ready? 3,2,1 go. – Oh god bitch. Okay, so he did your
foundation I think I need to do concealer after. – Okay great. – Is this true or are
you not gonna tell me? – I can’t tell you. – Oh, that’s not concealer. Where is it? Oh, I’ve never seen something
so beautiful in my life. – Okay, love that. – It is a Too Faced Born
This Way we stan Lady GaGa, I don’t know if she made
this, I would assume – Yeah? – I don’t even know if
I’m doing this right. – So you and Erin are kinda like a duo? – Yes. – So like how long have you
guys know each other for and what brought you into the Vlog Squad. – We’ve known each other for like five or six years probably. – Okay, cool. – And we started on Vine. – Okay, love that. – So that’s how we know everybody. – So everybody in the Vlog
Squad started on Vine? – Most of us, like I don’t think Jeff, I don’t know if Jeff did, I’m sure you wanna know all about Jeff. – Yes I do. – Sister snatched, like this
probably doesn’t look good in real life but to me I’m killing it. – All that matters is that
it looks good on camera. – I don’t know I was
really close with Zane, like I’m so close with
Zane, he’s probably my best friend out of, like besides Erin. Is this, am I doing this right? – I can’t tell you. – But does it feel right? – Yes. – Like in your bones? – Yes. – And on your face? – Yeah, my face feels amazing. What would you describe the
filming process of the vlogs looking like? What I’ve noticed is that
even from being with you guys quickly like everybody’s
very very quick on the spot. – Yeah. – But I also saw David
redo a few takes which, duh, happens all the time in production. – Right. – So like how would you say
the filming process goes and like how’s being funny on camera? – It’s weird. – I’m so bad at it. – So like, it’s weird because
everyone vlogs so differently. – Yeah. – David is very like
funny, quick and then. – Super fast. – Like honestly, most of the
things happen actually happen it’s just that he didn’t
like catch it on time. – Yeah. – Or like someone’s
interrupting, so we do it again. – Yeah. – And then if it looks
scripted, that’s probably why. – Well yeah. – I dunno, it’s kinda
stressful cos he’s like can you say that again? And then everyone is looking
at you and you’re like, I don’t want to, I won’t sound natural. – Yeah, it’s always awkward yeah. – I think I need to bake you but I don’t, I’ve never baked. – Okay. – Well not in this way. – You got one minute to figure it out. – Um, okay. Oh, this is probably it. Laura Mercier come through girl. (laughter) – Come through girl. – I watch a lot of your
videos I always see this happening so I’m just
gonna do this and pretend I’m on the same level. – So you’re already a sister? – I’m such a sister. – I always see you guys
tweeting me and it’s always so cute. – Oh my god I’m obsessed with you. – Like this is like stressful for me, like I’m nervous. – Why? – I don’t know. I’m just like a fan too. So it’s just like what
am I doing right now? – Aw, do you watch a
lot of make up videos? – I do, I think they’re really soothing. I like watching cos it’s so
interesting what people can do, like it’s literally an art form. – Yeah. – And so cool. (alarm) And I like how yours is like no! Can I finish my sentence? – Yeah please. – I like how you’re very like, you don’t need make up. It’s just like something to. – It’s funsies. – Yeah. – Yeah. – It’s just art. – Alright, well thank you
for doing step number two, but alas, your time is over. So we have to move on to Vlog
Squad number, number three and continue this make-over. So we’ll see you in a little bit sister. – Okay I’ll go get him. – Okay. (thumping) – Come out, come out wherever you are. – Zane, are you ready? – Hi, hi sisters I’m here. It’s nice seeing you again. – I know I’ve missed you a lot. – Missed you too. How’ve you been? – I’ve been the best in the last two days since I haven’t seen you. – Good. If I do the eyebrows I’m safe because you don’t have to really do anything to the eyebrows before you
draw in the eyebrows right? – Correct. I can’t tell you but that is correct. (laughter) – Yeah so ill start on the eyebrows. – Okay ready? 5 minutes exactly on the clock. – Okay – 3, 2, 1 (screams) – Okay, do you have that
Anastasia Beverley Hills brow wiz pencil? – Yeah its right there. – Oh my are you serious where is it? – Right here. – Oh you do have it, perfect. (laughter) – Oh my god, are you nervous? You are shaking a little bit. – A little bit, oh my god
this does wonders huh? – Are you just choking me a little bit? (laughter) – Stand still, stand still. – So after we did our collab
did you feel a little bit more prepared for this makeover today? Where you paying attention at all? Well I can’t really pay
attention to my own face really. – Okay. – Because when I was editing
the video I didn’t know what you where doing so like
it was just I was looking for the funny moments – Right. – Or like the very genuine
moments no really what you was doing to my face. – Okay – That really didn’t. – So no you are not prepared. – No I’m not prepared at all. I don’t want to touch your face but I need to touch your face. – Go for it , go for it. – Okay. – I don’t want to touch your face, I don’t want to fuck it up. – Why don’t you just put your
hand around my regular neck? So we have been bonding
recently because I am in love with Jeff I think. – Yeah – If you think there’s the
possibility of me hooking up with one of the Vlog Squad
members who would you say it would be and why? – Hmm. – I don’t know about Jeff,
I wouldn’t put Jeff on the top of the list. (gasps) but, I know somebody else. – Who? – Want to make a guess? – Dirty Dom? – Yep (laughter) – No you know though when I
went to your birthday party which we talked about it your video? – Yeah. – Dom tried to make out with me. – He, are you serious? – Yeah. – That’s really funny but
did you, did you let him? – No! – Why not? – Its disgusting. – I know that’s disgusting. (laughter) You have standards. – I have standards. You know James, you know
what this is starting to look like how you
used to do your eyebrows like three years ago. – Zane! – Not now. – Don’t do that to me. – I know but I have to, I have to. – What was your first
impression meeting me? – I thought you where
actually going to be kind of like stand offish. – Really? and a little like Zane are you ready? wow you didn’t come prepared,
I can’t believe you didn’t come prepared, kind of very
just like not mean but kind of very very businessy and
like alright come on Zane I can’t I don’t have time for this. – That did not happen though. – No I thought you where
going to be like that. That is what I was saying.
It though you where going to be like that. – Oh – But you ended up being
the complete opposite and I felt really comfortable
when I was in here and I was really happy you are very nice. – Oh you are. – I remember on the way
home I was telling Natalie dude I can’t believe he was
that nice, I thought he was going to be the complete opposite. – Really? – Yeah just like seeing how
much you cared about what was on my video, I don’t
know you just like cared about what I had to film, – Well yeah it was so fun.
– Which was really cool. – Speaking of being nice
you and David have a lot of guests in the Vlog Squad videos. – Yeah – Who has been your favorite
guest or celebrity that has made an appearance. – That I have met, (alarm) Oh in Davids videos. Ah in Davids videos was
Howie Mandel he’s so sweet – Really – He’s really cool yeah. – Okay – We actually went to his
Superbowl party, we went to his Superbowl party. – Love that – Last week and he was like so nice to us. It was awesome. – Great – Yeah.
– Okay – Really cool
– Love that – Yeah, Is that it damn
that went by really quick. – So fast – I though 5 minutes was
going to be like a long time – Dammit
– No, Did you do good? – Well I’m kinda happy with
it how do you think the – They’re not that bad – Oh come on it wasn’t that bad – Well regardless I think
they are off to a great start and who knows maybe Vlog
Squad member number 4 will adjust them or move on
to the next makeup step. – Oh my god let’s hope
they, because that Jonah – Oh god! – Alright well – Thank you – Love you James – Love you the most
see you in a little bit – See you soon bye sisters – Where is he, hello – Hi I’m here for the appointment – Uh oh. – I’m number four. – Yeah. Hi Jonah. – Hey, what’s going on? – So let’s start by analyzing the face. – Uh huh. – And see what’s done, and
what you wanna what’s next. – There’s a lot of powder on your face. – Okay. – It looks good to me. – Okay. – I’ve got a feeling I
gotta make it look better. (laughter) – This is so true. – Okay. – I remember when everybody
said you were gonna be the weakest link in the
intro you can’t listen. – Did they say that? – You where right there. – Who said that? – Everybody. – What do ya mean? (laughter) – Did you miss that? – Did they actually say that about me? – Yeah. So like, you’re only as
strong as your weakest link. – Jonah. (laughter) – Just, just run your clock
and I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. – Okay, ready? – Yeah. – Jonah, you’ve got five
minutes on the clock. – Oh Jesus, don’t hate me,
don’t say it like that. – Ready? – Yeah, ready. – 3,2,1 go. Okay I have to tell you
something funny okay? – Okay. – When I first saw you in David’s vlogs, I never watched any comedy ever. So I really thought you were
Jonah Hill for a second. – No. – I was like oh my god, David
has Jonah Hill in his video. – You actually thought that? – Yeah, swear to god. (laughter) And then I realized, not Jonah Hill. – He’s a cool guy, Jonah’s a cool guy. Never met him but he’s cool. – Okay. You know what else is cool? Only having four minutes left. Four minutes left. – Are you serious? You started the clock! – I told you – No, you’re cheating. You were literally just
in conversation with me. – You were supposed to be going! – James, I have 4:21 now, come on. Do we use water? – No! – Is this perfume? – No. – What is this stuff? Your face just melts? (laughter) It says. – Go, go do something. – You know what bro, I
honestly do think you wasted my time. And you asked me questions. And you really tricked me into this. – I told you I was gonna
ask everybody questions. So what would you say was
the worst thing you’ve had to do for the videos? – Jumping the moped over the pool. – That’s dangerous. Good, good, good choice. Why do you think. – Is it? – Yes. Why do you think you’re so down to be to do crazy things for the videos. – I don’t know dude, it’s just like to the camera, my blood just boils and I
just wanna get really really good content. – Okay. – It just happens, this is for the eyes? – Uh huh. – It feels like it is, cos
there’s like a little brush on there. Is it? – Yeah. – You just didn’t wanna say? – I’m scared. Okay, from what I’ve noticed
from a lot of the videos, is that, out of all the
people I feel David tends to surprise you the most
with pranks and bets. Do you live your life in constant fear? – Absolutely. (laughter) I feel like this is a
prank right here dude. – What do you think is gonna happen next? – I’m not sure. – Oh my god the audition prank was, broke my heart. – Yeah, that shit prank
broke me as a human. – So you actually do do acting right? – Yeah I’m an actor. – Really? – I do comedy act, I mean yeah, it’s what I’m trying to be I guess. – Okay. – A comedy actor. – Okay. – But no, the um. (alarm) No, are you serious? I was almost done. (laughter) Stop, give me the make up! (clapping) – Oh my gosh, who. Oh no. – That’s not good to hear. – I don’t know I’m really
a bit concerned about they eyes, I don’t know. I’m guessing Jonah did
the eyes before this. – You’d be guessing correctly. – Oh no. They’re terrible, I feel so bad for you. Okay, I’m nervous, but I
think I know what I’m doing. I like to convince myself
I know a lot about make-up. – Okay, so what, where you
paying attention during me and Zane’s video? – Yeah a little bit. – Okay, professional MUA. – So, I’m looking at you now, I don’t think you’ve done
bronzing or contouring, or even highlighting. But, I think we have to start
with bronzing first, right? Right? – I can’t tell you. – I think what, I think
bronzing is when you focus on the areas where the
sunlight hits your face. Or like where you? Am I right? – You’re a professional
make-up artist Matt! So you have five minutes on the clock. – Okay. – Ready to get started and
get as much of my glam done as you can possibly can? – Alright. – Are you ready? – Yes, yes. – Are you sure? – Yes James I’m ready,
I’m ready, I’m ready. – 3,2,1 go. – Okay, I’ll open up this palette and, okay, well it seems like you
use this one a lot though, so actually I’m gonna go with this one. – Okay cool. – Alright. – How long have you been
in the Vlog Squad for? – I don’t know, like two years? – Are you shaking? – Yes, I’m shaking! I don’t wanna mess up, I don’t
wanna make this any worse than what it already is. – Okay, okay two years now? – Yes, two years. – And how would you say
it’s changed your life? – It’s changed my life, in many ways. I’m so happy that I’m
surrounded by friends, who have such a great sense
of humor and like love and support each other. It’s honestly like one big family. – Yeah. – And I can’t complain. – Well speaking of something
good like what’s your favorite part about the
blogs, cos I noticed David likes, you guys
definitely like to do lots of positive things too. – Yes. – Lots of free cars, lots
of makeovers, fun things. – Yeah, I think. I guess my favorite thing is
just having everybody laugh. I don’t know. – Yeah. – All the laughter and
stuff, it’s just non stop and a lot of people say, oh no
this is all fake it’s just all about the laughter. No this was a genuine quick comedic. – Quick quip. – Yeah. Everybody is, I mean it’s
like straight up like improv and I love that the Vlog
Squad keep you on your toes and stuff. – Yeah. There’s so much footage in one video. It’s always entertaining to watch. – I feel like I’m wanting
to do bronze but I’m like contouring you with bronzer. – It’s okay. – So don’t hate me, don’t hate me. – I love you. – I like that face, I keep
thinking you’re trying to kiss me right now, but you’re just. – That’s number nine. – Maybe like a little bit of your chin. It’s important to also
contour your jawline right? To hide double chins. – Definitely. – We need to teach Zane that. (laughs) I’ve done like okay on this side, this side is looking pretty rough. – Okay you have six seconds to fix it. – It’s not balanced,
It’s not balanced out. – You have six seconds to fix it. – Okay, okay, okay. (alarm) There we go. – Are you, ok (laughs) Time. – You know what I’m proud, you know? Dare to fail. – Right. – Thank you James. – Thank you so much Matt. – Thank you. – Okay bye, will you grab the next one? – Yes. Number six. – Clean up crew is here. – We need it. – I liked you better without the make-up. (laughs) – Are you ready? – Yeah. – Okay, analyze your face. – Oh, it’s kind of a mess. I didn’t realize it was gonna be this bad. Who screwed this up this bad? – A lot of people. – Okay. – We started pretty strong. – This is why I didn’t
wanna go after Jonah. Yeah, I have a lot to do, well. I’m glad I’m here. – Me too, thank you so much for
joining us here today David. – I see the foundation is set. – Yeah. – A little bit of eyeliner. I don’t even know anything
about make-up but I know this is completely wrong. (laughter) Is there an eraser? Where I can just erase it all. We do have make-up wipes
if you want something. – Okay, I’m going to – You’re gonna have five
minutes on the clock. Do you know what you wanna do next? – Yeah, yeah. I wanna put something under your eyes. – Okay. – Because there’s a lot going on, and I kinda wanna balance it out. Cos right now I don’t know
where to look but I wanna just be looking in your eyes. – Okay. Well David Dobrik, you’re
about to have five minutes on the clock for this make-up relay. – I only need two. – Great, are you ready to go? – Yeah okay. – Your time starts now. – This is what I need. – Oh the James Charles
X Morphe iconic palette. – I use this at home actually. – For what? – For everything, every morning. I’m glad you have it here because. – Okay, great. – Oh wow, yeah. – David, what made you
wanna start the Vlog Squad and do daily vlogs with everybody? – I mean. – Well almost daily. – I didn’t go in thinking
starting we’re gonna make a Vlog Squad. – Really? – This is so funny, I’m about
to screw this up even more. – No don’t, make it look good. – Cos we were all doing Vine together. – Yeah. – So then we kinds just
started YouTube just naturally. – Yes. – Liza actually got me into vlogging, because she had a vlog
camera so I like wanted to give it a shot. When I started vlogging, like, it wasn’t really forced. Like I didn’t feel like
I had to do YouTube, to like survive. So like, we were just
literally just having fun and filming everything, so it was great. – Then it just turned you
into a big squad that films all the time. – Yes, 100%. – Speaking of, what does
your normal filming schedule look like and also how
long does it take you to edit your videos? This is interesting to me,
because you seem to film a lot. – Sure, sure. Yeah, so I have three, three
and half hours of footage every vlog. – Yeah. – I’m gonna go up top a little bit. – Okay. (laughter) – I love going up top a little bit. – It’s also so crazy having
a serious conversation with you while I’m literally going (shrieking) Yeah, so about three to three
and a half hours of footage of vlog, then it takes
me like 12 hours to edit. Maybe 14? This is so intimate. – Yes. – Like doing somebody’s make-up is like, I feel like I’m on date with you. – Oh hey, I love that. – It feels like we’re having sex. – Oh. I don’t know about all that. Suddenly your time is up. – What was I saying before
it got so hot in here. You looked like you just
got socked in the face. – David. – I screwed it up, I’m sorry. – It’s okay. – Let me fix it real quick,
how much time do I have? – Keep going, don’t worry
about it, just keep going you have about two minutes left. – I just need to blend
it in that’s honestly, all I need to do. – Okay, okay. So it seems like when you’re
filming skits you tend to just record everything and
take the best footage, right? – 100% – So how do you even plan all
the stuff out in the videos? Like what does the creative
process look like, that’s what I wanna know because
as a beauty guru it’s hard. – Sure, sure. – To come up with new ideas
all the time, but I feel like you all do the
craziest things every single time it’s a new vlog. – Yeah, no there is no creative process. We literally have no ideas
going into every video. – Okay. – It’s kinda just like you
record whatever and then you turn your days into a trailer. – Yeah. – So you just put the best moments in. – Okay. That’s such a fun way
to look at it actually. – It’s like, it’s like. I always say if you edit
the movie Titanic down to three minutes you can turn
it into a comedy movie and that’s like what my life is. It’s not necessarily, we’re
not like funnier than any other – A sinking ship, but
you can make it funny – friend group. – Exactly. We’re not like funnier than
any other group, but , I We just know how to put
a funny video together. Sometimes, and sometimes they suck. – Cool I love that. – Honestly, I think this
is better, do you know why? – Why? – Cos when I walked in it
looked like you messed up your make-up on accident. – Yeah. – But now it looks like
you messed up your make-up on purpose. (laughter) – I have a very quick
question for you by the way. – Yeah. – How’s the Adsense? – Brutal. – Brutal. – I mean brutal. – I love how the first
time I met you by the way at Zane’s birthday party
you asked me what does your Adsense look like? – Dude, because. – And then you saw it. – Yeah, I saw your Adsense. – I wanna see yours! – I went home and started crying. I’m gonna show you right now. James Charles reacts to
how much money I make. (alarm) – Oh god. Perfect way to end your segment. – Here you go. (gasps) Yeh, it’s not good. – Why is it that low? – I don’t know, can I have a job? (laughter) – We are Sisters sister LLC – Guys, go buy the merch. Maybe James will give me a
percentage of the proceeds. – Definitely not. Well hopefully the person
after you will come and kill it too. – I hope so too. – David, thank you so much for
taking part in this process today. – Thank you for having me. – All jokes aside, I really
enjoy your videos and you’re one of my favorite creators
to watch on this platform. – Thanks. – And thank you for creating
such entertaining four minute and twenty second content,
three times a week. – That’s really sweet, thank you. – Yeah, I’m being serious. – See, now I woulda done
a better job if I knew you were gonna gas me up like this at the end. (laughter) – Okay, I’m gonna bring
in the next person. – Okay great. – Thank you James. – I love when your
first sentence is oh no, this is bad. – It’s really bad. I don’t even know how to fix it. – Everybody please welcome Corinna. – Hello. – Are you ready for this glam today? – I don’t know where to go. – Okay. – I feel like I should try and fix the, who did the eyeshadow? Okay. – There’s a lot going on here. – Can I take make-up off? – Yeah, we have make-up
wipes if you really want to. – Wait, really? – Yeah, I mean yeah. You’re actually gonna, okay ready? – I don’t know I feel
like this is whatever. You look like you have pink eye. – Okay. – Right? I mean. – Well I feel if anybody
is gonna be able to make this look OK it’s you. – Well my biggest thing
was I felt like I could do everything except for eyeshadow. – Okay. – But now I’m coming in here
feeling like I have to help the eyeshadow but I don’t do eyeshadow. – Okay. – I’m gonna wing it. – You’re gonna have, okay great. Just like Jonah did. – Oh so he did? He’s the weakest link! He’s literally horrible. – Okay, Corrina you’re
gonna have five minutes on the clock get as much
done as you possibly can. Are you ready for this make-up relay race? – No. This is bad, I’m sorry. – Three. – You look the worst. – Go sister. – Okay, I’m hoping this doesn’t stain. (laughter) I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. – I have a real question for you. – Okay. – So, one of the kind of
running jokes in the Vlog Squad is that you hook up with boys. – Okay. – How many of the Vlog Squad
members have you hooked up with? – But like hooked up as in? – At least like made out. – Okay so, one, two, three, four. Four, I think? It could be more. – Okay. – I’m trying to think. I’m so sorry. – It’s okay. – I’m looking at you and
like this is the worst. There’s like, someone
that I’d ship you with. – Okay, who, who? – I’d ship you with Jeff so hard. – Okay. – But I don’t know, wait, can I use this beauty blender? – Yeah. – I feel like I made this look even worse. – Oh god, okay. – Oh no. – Okay, question two because
obviously people do make the jokes about you hooking
up guys a lot too and obviously I just made a joke, but I don’t know if anybody even
remembers but we used to be really, really close friends
and we hung out for a long period of time.
– We did! – Obviously me and your friends
make those type of jokes all the time, but is there a
limit to what type of jokes you let people make in the vlogs? Like, is there even a limit? – I don’t really care that
much because like I know who I am and I know that, they’re not true. They were probably true at one point. (laughter) I’m not gonna say there’s
also stuff like he’s been like please let me put it in,
and then like paid me to put it in. What’s the most amount of
money David has paid you to put something in the vlog? You have to tell me that. – I don’t remember,
probably like a thousand or two thousand dollars. This was like, this was
like when I needed money and I wasn’t making money. – Okay, no I love that though. – Now I’m not. – You gotta do what you gotta do. – Now I’m gonna unleash my inner artist. – Okay, please do. – I actually bought this palette. You know that right? – Did you? – Yeah. – Did you use code James
for 10% off your purchase? – That’s a thing? – Yeah. – Oh no. – Wow. – I’m so fake. – That was good timing, I can’t
believe you were that fake. – Yeah, I’m kinda fake. – This collab needs to be over right now. – I’m sorry, wait I didn’t know that! Well, I mean I just gave you extra money. – Yeah, thanks girl. – I did not even contribute
other than like fixing other people’s mistakes. – You always contribute. – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – It’s okay. – At least I took the bottom off. – Hey, it’s a team effort at the end. – Yeah. – The end product is all
that matters it’s not what’s in between so you
gotta hope that it looks good. – I’m praying that Erin
can pull this together, cos Erin’s next. – Erin’s next? – Yeah. – Well thank you Corinna
for taking part in this make-up relay.
– Thanks for having me. – Love you the most sister. – Thanks good luck, I’m
so sorry about your face. – I’ll see you in a
little bit for the reveal. – I’ll use code James for 10% off. – That’s right you probably should. Hello. Come in. Hey sister. – Oh my gosh. – Hey girl. – Who did this to your face? – Great question. – Oh no. – What do we think so far? – It could be worse, you’ve looked better. – Okay, welcome to the make-up relay race. – I’m so excited to be here. It looks like a two year
old took a crayon and colored your eyes. – That’ll be David. – Your eyebrows are
definitely done and you have all that other stuff on
your face and your lip. – Okay, you’re gonna have
five minutes on the clock. – Okay. – Do you know what you’re wanna gonna do? – I guess I’m trying to fix your lips. – Okay, cool. – Maybe. Fix you’re eyes a little bit? I don’t know if I can. – Okay. – And then maybe some more highlight. – Okay. – To really pop, I love highlight. – Okay great. – That’s like all I wear. – Love, love, love. – Look at your eyes, who did that Jonah? – David. Ready? Oh, I love how we’re also
wearing our trendy hoodies. – Yay. – Available now at sisters
dash apparel dot com. Okay, ready? 3,2,1 go. – Close your eyes. – Okay, my eyes are closed. Well speaking of sister Erin, I have a good question for you. – Sure. – How was the Superbowl a few weeks ago? – Oh my god it was so fun. It was the best. David just like, I’m gonna like cry, no. But it’s just so crazy like, it’s not that I don’t feel deserving of it but it’s just like why? And I know that I even
said it to him like I wrote him a thank you note like, I know that for you it’s
just content but like, that’s life changing stuff like, I would never go to the Superbowl
if that weren’t for him. – Yeah. – It’s really crazy. – That’s so cool like, you
guys are always doing like awesome stuff like that. – Yeah. – What has been the best
gift that’s ever been given for a video? – Ever? – Yeah. In your opinion. – Well David’s given me three. So I may be a little bias. – Okay, love that. – He got me a car. – Oh. – Which was great for me. I don’t know, I always cry at all of them, for anybody no matter what it is. – Okay. – I just love surprises
in general, like for other people and like coming home videos. They all just make me sob. – Yeah. – So, especially seeing
someone like David who’s like so crazy and wild, just be generous is so nice. – Yeah. – Little ambidextrous action. – Are you really ambidextrous? – No. (laughter) I just didn’t feel like
using my other hand. – Okay so what was your
first impression of me? – Today? – Well, I guess. – Or in general? – Cos I always see you
and Carly tweeting me. – Oh my god we love you. We love cos. (alarm) – That was so fast. – Guess I gotta go. Carly and I like, we don’t like know much
about make-up at all. Like we use drug store make-up. – Yeah. – We think it’s so interesting like, the craft that you have,
we’re like oh my god. I’m like this is beautiful,
Liza had it at her Christmas party and I
was like, I don’t know what any of this does, but I want it. – The, the shadow palette? – Yeah, it’s so pretty. – Thank you. – Yeah, of course. – You guys are the sweetest. Well sister, our time
is up we’re already.. – I hope Jeff saves you. – Oh, I hope Jeff does
lots of things to me. – Me too. – You ready for me? – I was born ready for this, hi Jeff. – Well, well, you look great. – Do I? – You look like a Victoria Secret angel. – Wow. You’re the best. – Oh stop it, I’m blushing now. Can I get some make-up
before we start or are we not doing it like that? – Do you want some
make-up before we start? – I got a pimple right
here and its, I’m gonna be staring at the screen the whole time. – You have the one pimple? – Yeah, can you get that for me please? – Yeah, of course. – Can you do it with one
of those spongey things? I love them I just wanna squeeze them. – Okay. – Can I squeeze it. – You can squeeze whatever you want. – Oh my god, it’s gone. – You probably need some areas
so I can do that every day. How tall are you? – I’m like six one, six two maybe? – Okay cool. – How should I fix this? I have no idea what I’m doing. – Yeah, so you’re last, so getting ready for our date. – I’m here to clean up this mess. – You’re going to clean everything up. – Okay, so all I know is
that they finish you with a little spray. – Okay. – Is that right? – Yeah. You’re gonna have a good
five minutes on the clock. – Okay. – So make any changes
that you like, to really pull the look together. – Okay. – And to add that signature Jeff touch. – Okay. – And then you’ll, we’ll
do the final reveal. – This is the mic that you guys use? You don’t have like lab mics on? Are you wearing a lab mic under you? – Do you wanna check? – No? – Can I check under you? – Yeah, you can check under there. I got nothing. Okay, okay. (laughter) This is one of those videos huh? Alright, alright. – You ready? – Yeah, let’s do it. – Okay, ready? 3,2,1 go. – Aren’t you gonna coach me through it. – No, you have to do
whatever your heart desires. – Where’s the spray? Let’s do a little bit of this. – Okay. – I’ve always wanted to do this, a little bit blending. – Yeah, I love a good… – This is a blender ball? – Yes, please. So Jeff, you’re pretty
much the newest member of the Vlog Squad. – I guess, kinda like, I
didn’t sign any contracts or anything. – Do you like it so far? Tell me the vibe, what do you feel? – Yeah, they’re great. They’re all great guys. You got a little crew yourself here. – I do. – They’re all beautiful by the way. I was looking at that
picture of you guys outside. – The family photo. – What a better looking crew than we have. We gotta pretty good squad. – We should probably marry
and retake the photo. – Can I be in that photo? – 100% – Oh my god, I’m telling David I’m done right now. – Great! – I’m going downstairs and
saying David we’re finished. Do you shoot people with paintball guns? – No. – That’s great. – So Jeff, you’re from
Staten Island right? Did you know that I
grew up in New York too? – Did you? Where? – Upstate. – Really? – Right outside of Albany
but I went to visit the city all the time. – What nationality are you? – Caucasian. – Yeah, very. – You look so exotic. – Okay, thanks. Is that a good thing? – Yeah. – Okay. – You got the face of like, a supermodel. And the body of like a triathlete. – Oh okay. – You do some swimming, and some running. And a little bit of
weights, just a little bit just to keep a little bit of muscle. – Okay. – Yeah. – Okay. – Is that good do you like that? – Yeah I love that. When you were living in
New York where you working there as a barber too? – I was a barber there up until 18, then I moved to South Beach, Miami. I lived there for two
years, I don’t remember any of it but I.. – You know what I remember
when you was living in Miami? That you were a member
of the Bad Girls’ Club. – No, no, no. Come on, whatever. Alright, I made some stupid
choices to do TV shows and I’m not exactly proud of. Let’s put this spray on there. – Yeah. So now you’ve moved to LA
and do you have your own barbershop or do you work in one? – Let me get a little closer here. – Oh please do. – I have a barbershop
in my house, that you’re gonna come to right? – Oh definitely. – Yeah, do you trust me to cut your hair? – I don’t know. – It’s not like make-up
you can’t just was it off. – That’s true. I’d trust you with anything at this point. – Anything huh? – Yeah – Do you wanna just, do
you have any like oils? Maybe we could do like a
full body massage here. – No but we can definitely find one. – Okay, we’ll save that for the end. – Okay, great. – After the video ends when we cut. So we’ll put this on and
then that’s it right? – Yeah. – The make-ups done. – I guess so. – You look like you’re
going out to the Grammy’s. Are you going to the Grammy’s? – No. – You would be doing something its, like a crazy event after
you’ve filmed this video. – I, with this make-up on? – Yeah. – Do you wanna be my plus one,
my date on the red carpet? – I would love to. – Wow, that’s really cute. – I’ve never been to the Grammy’s. – Me either. Who’s your favorite person
that you’ve gotten to cut so far? – Oh that smells nice,
can I have some too? – Sure. – Oh wow, that’s so refreshing. – Yeah. – So my favorite person
I’ve got to cut so far that’s a good question. I actually gave a homeless
guy a haircut and it was awesome to see how happy he was after. – Aw. – But also you know, I’ll
drop a few names since I’m here. I did give Amber Rose her shaved head. – You did? – Yeah, she’s so sweet,
she’s the nicest person. – Yeah. – Then next up there’s you,
that’s all I care about. After that I’m retiring. I’m giving my clippers away, that’s it I’m wrapping up the show. – Okay, I love that. (alarm) – Yeah, that’s it, we’re done. You look great. – Thanks Jeff. – I hope I didn’t mess up too much. – That’s okay, you
could have done anything and I would have been happy with it. – Are we done? So can we cut and do the massage? – We can cut and do
whatever your heart desires. – Yeah, what do you say
we get out of here and we can talk about that massage a little more? – We can get out of here and talk about whatever you want. – Let’s go, hop up here. – I’m so ready for this! – You must weigh about 80 pounds. – Wow Jeff we’re going to get married. – Okay are you guys ready to see? – [Crowd] Yes. – That you all did as a group? – [Crowd] Yes. – 3, 2, 1 – [Crowd] Oh! – You look so different! – It’s okay. – It’s definitely not that bad at all. – It looks like you got, it looks like you got bad lip injections. – You look like you’re 20 years older. – I’m just, it’s weird seeing
what it went to after me. – That eyeshadow looks a
lot better than when I saw. – Okay. – Can I say, can I say something? After I did the coloring to your eyes, a lot of people came down and was like, someone really fucked it up! (laughter) I guess it was me? But now what they did with
it, it looks really good. – Oh yes, professional. – It’s like lighter, I love it. Who did the worst? – Do you actually want me to tell you? – Yeah. Don’t get offended. Who was the weakest link? – [Crowd] Jonah! (laughter) – Who was the best? – James is like the best
kisser, that’s Jeff. – Is that why the lipstick’s messy? – Okay, so I was really impressed
with Heath, Zane and Matt all knew what exactly what to do. (cheers) They all knew exactly
what they needed to do, like Heath was I’m gonna
do primer, then foundation – Looks like there’s a new Sister Squad. – I was actually really
thoroughly impressed, I mean obviously Zane
and Matt had a little bit of an advantage because we
had just filmed a video, but it meant a lot that
you were paying attention. Well regardless you guys,
thanks so much for coming on my channel today. Thank you guys. – James, you’re welcome. (laughter) – I told David in all
seriousness, you guys do have some of the best content
on all of YouTube and it’s always a pleasure watching
all four minutes and 20 seconds of your guys’s videos. – Congrats on this. – Yeah. – This is nuts! We’re sitting in your
office, just going through your stuff like.. (laughter) – That’s good, thanks
guys you guys were all the absolute best. Well if you sisters enjoyed
this video today please don’t forget to give it a
big thumbs up down below, leave us a comment on how
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see you in the next one. Bye. (Chilled music)

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