Making a Control Journal

Making a Control Journal

Hi, welcome back to my channel, So Very Domestic. I’m May and today i’m going to show you how
to make your own control journal. A quick disclaimer before i get into it, I
do not do the flylady system, like, properly. My friend Vanessa introduced me to the flylady
system in 2001 so I’ve been doing this system for a very very long time, and I’ve kind of
been adapting it over the years to kind of just, like what makes more sense for me to
do in my life, anyway. So, my old control journal had all the things
that she suggested in it, and i’m gonna tell you about that as I’m going over, like- I’m
going to show you what she recommends you do. and then i’m going to show you what I’ve
done, and just show you the differences between the two. The only other thing that I wanted to mention
before we get into it is ‘zone cleaning’. Basically, flylady has you break up your home
into 5 areas, and it’s been really funny for us because we’ve lived in a lot of different
places, in these last, you know 16+ years. so, we’ve had, you know, a thousand square
foot, three bedroom homes, and we’ve had four thousand square foot six bedroom homes, and
kind of everything in-between and, even a couple things a little smaller. And now we’re kind of in like a mid-range,
but however big or small your home is you break it up into 5 areas. And they become your five zones, and then
the reason she does 5 is because you cover a zone every week of the month, and i recognize
that there are 4 weeks in a month, but you have that weird, staggering week, usually. so, most months you cover all 5 areas of your
home, and of course all the big stuff happens in your morning and evening routines. So, I don’t like doing that, because for example
that would mean that like, all these bookshelves back here, I dust them once a week. And they really need to be dusted once a week,
and I mean, I take everything off, and I wipe them all down, and I put them all back on. It’s not really dusting, but like, wiping
all these shelves, and all the stuff that’s on them And if I didn’t do that once a week, there’d
literally be like, you could put your finger on it, and like pick up the dust on your finger. So, the way her system works, I would really
only be doing this once a month, and they need to be done more often than that. So, back in the day, I did them once a month,
and that lasted for, i don’t know, a number of years anyway. I followed the system exactly the way that
it should be followed, until I started tweaking with it, I started having more kids, they
started getting older, we started homeschooling, life is different now. And so, I break down my home into 5 zones
as well, but I do a different zone every day and i will show you that when i get into my
control journal. It is not as crazy as it sounds, I promise,
because you’re not really doing each thing on the list every day, you’re just kind of
checking off, like do i need to do this, or do i not need to do this? So, like, wiping down these bookshelves, yes
I always need to do that. But like, cleaning the vent in the hallway,
no, I don’t always need to do that. So, it really just depends on you know, whatever
it is that you’re doing, you don’t necessarily need to actually do all of the things. So yeah, now- First I’m going to show you
the way the flylady does it, and then i’m gonna show you the way that I’ve done it. Just for reference, I wanna show you flylady’s
official guide to creating your control journal. Just so you can see the differences between
the way flylady has you set it up, and the way that I have altered it over the years. I did make a control journal exactly like
this back in 2001, and i’ll tell you my additions in just a moment. So, here’s what she suggests: You’ve got one
tab with your daily routines and reminders, a tab with your basic weekly plan, and we’ll
come back to that in just a second. a tab for your menus and grocery list, a tab
for your address book, a personal section tab, an emergency numbers tab, and then additional
dividers for your own personal sections. So when I originally made mine so many years
ago, like 16 years ago, I had all of these things in there, as well as 12 monthly calendar
pages. and then I had that kind of jot down, i did
have a separate planner. But I used it for like month at a glance type planning,
and now I organize it a lot differently, just because I feel like things like the address
book are really redundant given where we are technology-wise in the world right now. And I’ll get into how I do this a little bit
differently in just a moment, but first i want to show you what exactly this
basic weekly plan is. So here’s flylady’s basic weekly plan, and
again like she even says in here, just do it however you want to do it. But her Monday is the weekly home blessing
which is her one hour of cleaning, during the week. And that doesn’t mean she only cleans for
that hour, I will put a little link here for you to see of the first flylady intro video
I did, which kind of explains exactly how you’re supposed to go about doing everything in her system. But there is one hour where you’re doing
this kind of cleaning. So, these seven items are the things that
she does throughout her whole home, in order to keep it up. So that’s what she does on Monday. Tuesday’s a free day, where you are spending
time doing some de-cluttering. Wednesday is zone cleaning and a partial desk
day, and again like she has her specific things that she does on her desk day. Thursday’s grocery and errand day, and she
had her very specific errands. Friday’s paperwork and misc-y things, clean
out your purse, just that kind of stuff. The weekends, Friday’s date night, Saturday’s
family fun day, and Sunday is renew your spirit day So that’s her- oh, sorry, and then down here
she kind of gives you a weekly checklist for how you’re gonna make this basic weekly plan. So up here’s basic weekly plan, and then it
runs through it, and then it has a weekly checklist, and these are just her suggestions
to help you make your own basic weekly plan. But obviously, these lists are very personal
and are going to be very very different for you, depending on your home. Because everybody’s house, or apartment or
condo, or townhouse, or whatever is totally different, we all have different rooms and
nooks and crannies, and things to deal with, and whatever. So these lists are just a guideline and yours
are gonna be whatever yours are gonna be like. And now i’m gonna show you my control journal. This is my basic control journal, mine is a
three-ring binder, obviously. You have so many different options for things
you can use, but I’ve always used a three-ring binder but anything that will keep all your
papers together is fine. And as I mentioned before, my control journal
used to include so much more of my life, it used to be so thick. And now it has sections for my routines, my
zones which I do daily and I’ll touch on that in just a second, my recipes, knitting, and
emergency contacts. So my routines literally there’s just two
pieces of paper in here, my morning routine and my evening routine. I’ll give you a little peek at that, just
like what I do first first thing every morning, and then once i’ve made it out into the kitchen,
and then already, you know whats happening after I’ve checked my planner and know exactly
what’s going on for the day and then we homeschool (Of course) so this is around the time that
school is starting. And then I have my- you know my schedule for
whatever day of the week it is, then before dinner I do the same thing everyday and then
after dinner this is my after dinner routine. So this takes me straight from clearing the
table and stuff all the way through till I’m ready to you know, go edit videos or do whatever
in the home office. So those are my morning and evening routines
and I feel like this, these two pages are the most important things to get down before
you do anything else. And if you’re- When I started my control journal
was literally just two pages. They looked completely different, we weren’t
homeschooling, I only had one kid, so life obviously was a lot different than it is now
homeschooling three kids, but those two pages, your morning and evening routine are easily
the most important. Then we move on to, um, zones and daily (stuff)
I’ll just like pick a random, here’s zone three. So the zones I do, um, are pretty much in
accordance with what flylady’s zones are. But the reason that I can’t really do it exactly
the way that she does it, is that I-I just can’t do like, um this stuff, like all of
the things that I want to have done in each room, if you follow the flylady system you’re
basically hitting each of these things once a month. And I don’t want to hit them once a month,
I want to do them, um once a week. And it’s not that I love cleaning, because
I honestly don’t but I just feel like, ok let’s look at this as a random example. So zone 3, main bathroom and the school room,
the official note on the flylady website is main bathroom, and one other room and so I
chose the school room as our one other room. So in the main bathroom, wipe the switchplates
and the walls, that takes seconds. And cleaning the vent, I don’t need to clean
the vent every week but I should look at it every week, and just like- does this need
to be wiped down, or no? Usually it doesn’t, but I do think it’s important
to take a peek at it once a week to make sure it doesn’t get gross, you know? Dust the baseboards, it helps to take a dryer
sheet and dust these once a week, cause then there’s never any crud on them. Scrub counter, sink and bathtub, that usually
should be done once a week, toilet same thing, although I do, like it’s in my morning routine
to do like a little swish of the toilet every morning um, but like actually cleaning the
whole thing, like the tank and the little part in-between the seat and the tank, you
know. That happens once a week, the cabinet front,
tidy the cabinets, like usually I open the cabinet and because I hit it the week before
it’s still tidy, I don’t really need to do anything to it, but again I should look, you
know? Sweep and wash floor, so sweeping happens
everyday but I mean giving it a mopping, once a week is only a good thing right? I tend to actually wash it more often than
that, but at least once a week. So, the same applies for a lot of this stuff,
these things do not need to be done every single week, but they do need to be looked
at, like straighten office boxes, etc, in closet, I have not had to do that in months,
but every week I go look at it, and I don’t need to straighten them so I leave it alone. Occasionally my husband will come through,
and maybe make a mess and not put it back quite as I would’ve put it back, so I’ll do
that, or maybe I went in there and made a mess and didn’t quite put it back as I should’ve
put it back. But then I will, obviously, on Thursdays when
I’m in zone 4. Okay so, same thing with the kids room, and
I’ll note I’m not gonna talk about kids chores in this video, but my kids have their own
chores that even involve some of these things, but this is like, my weekly list that I look
at, so part of it is, yes, checking up on what they’ve done, so it’s important for them,
for example to wash the window in their room, like yes I want them to do that, have the
responsibility of doing that, have the practice of doing that, but I’m also still probably
gonna go in there and take care of it myself once a week as well, just to make sure that
it is actually tidy, you know what I mean? So, that kind of applies to everything, like
wash the blinds, I do not need to do that every week, but I do kind of spot-clean them
when the need arise, so it’s good sometimes things on this list are not things that need
to be done every week, so much as they just need to be looked at. And then, my Saturday and Sunday I kind of
don’t really mark Saturday and Sunday um, but I have a desk day and a yard day, and
on my desk day I just like, you know pay my bills, balance my budget, update my spreadsheets
and do my menu planning. Which is also why yes there’s a recipe tab,
but there isn’t really a menu planning tab, these are mostly recipes that like I printed out
and don’t want to lose, because again, I’m way more digital now than I was, and so, um,
all my recipes exist on Pinterest, and I have like this secret Pinterest board, it’s like
for each week, which maybe I’ll do a menu planning video and talk about how I plan my
menu with Pinterest and stuff. But anyway, that’s kind of like a sidebar,
but um, my menu planning, I basically just assign meals to each day, and then I check
the pantry and the freezer to see if I have what I need, and then I make the list of stuff
that I need, and then I order my groceries because thankfully, I have that opportunity. Pretty much anywhere you are, unless you’re
super super rural you at least have the Walmart grocery pickup option, but if you live in
a major city then you likely also have Instacart, or maybe Primenow from Amazon, or there’s
different kinds of grocery delivery places popping up all over the place. And yard day, again, a lot of this stuff does
not really need to be done every week but it is worth looking at. We have a really obnoxious eucalyptus tree
in the backyard, it smells amazing and drops leaves all year long, which is, you know,
the blessing and the curse of Southern California, that it never, ever, like raking is never a thing that goes away. And the tree kind of grows, like big chunks
of eucalyptus leaves at the bottom of it too, so these things don’t need to be done every
single week, but they do need to be checked. I would say that raking some times of the
year does need to be done every week, pruning the tree doesn’t but checking on it should,
you know? Same thing for the patio, definitely needs
to be swept once a week, for sure and the grill usually needs to be wiped down, but
the chair area, the bike area, like all that stuff is usually fine and does not really
need to be tended to every single week. And then we have recipes, which I mentioned,
again it’s kind of redundant because, like these are just things that I printed out,
that I already have on Pinterest. And then knitting, I will print things out
because you need to, i mean I don’t know if you do, but when I’m knitting I need the pattern
in front of me, and so I often will print out stuff that I know I’m going to want to
do, when it’s time for the next big project, like the next sock or whatever, and so I kind
of just leave them printed out in here, and then I pull them out and stick them on a clipboard
when I’m ready to actually knit them. And then I’m not going to show you my emergency
numbers, because it’s none of your beeswax. But anyway, yeah, so that’s my basic control
journal, and again, I just want to reiterate that I really feel like doing your evening
and morning routines is the most most important thing and then the zone cleaning is easily
a close second. So I hope that that was helpful to you, either
doing it the way the flylady has suggested, doing it the way that I have suggested, or
maybe making your own, which is the whole point of it right? Make your own kind of hybrid of whatever way
putting together a control journal would work for you, just remember to include your morning
and evening routines, break your house up into zones, and work on your zones as well. And then you decide, because some zone things,
like I said do not need to be done every week, but maybe are worth checking on every week. Maybe there are other things that I don’t
have in my house that you have in your house that need to be looked at more frequently,
less frequently, whatever. You can certainly add a seasonal list to your
control journal, so that you look at things just a few times a year, like a furnace, filters
and things like that. I kind of space on that, because Chris always
deals with that, so, but if that’s something that you deal with then you’re gonna wanna
put that in your journal. Yeah, let me know if this was helpful to you,
I would love to know if you follow the flylady system, if you have made a control journal,
if you’re thinking about making one, and if you do make one I would love to see how you
put it together, what kinds of things you included, what you decided you didn’t need
to include in it, I’m really genuinely curious to see how other people set theirs up. If you enjoyed this video, please give it
a thumbs up to show some support, and if you haven’t already I’d love if you would subscribe
to my channel, to keep getting these updates. Thanks, bye!

25 thoughts on “Making a Control Journal

  1. I started making a control journal but I felt the way you do. So thank you so much for this video. Did you make any other videos? I would like to see them. Right now I'm following Diane from Denmark 31 baby steps, because she goes slowly. And really explains well. But when it comes to make a flylady journal. I'm not too successful. I only have 2 pages. 1 for evening routine and 1 for morning routine

  2. I just watched your flylady 101 week 1 check in video & really liked it, I also subscribed!  I was really looking forward to this video but it doesn't have closed captioning 🙁  I am legally deaf & there's no other way for me to hear what you're saying.  Could you PLEASE add cc to this video?  Thanks so much,

  3. Ha! Ha! "None of your beeswax." Loved that.

    I'm getting closer to starting my own version of The Fly Lady method. Years (okay, decades) of only cleaning when it got so bad no one was allowed in my house, well, that's over. I need an organized cleaning routine.

    Upon my death, I don't want to leave a cluttered mess for my family to deal with.
    I'm 61 so I will have a while to enjoy my clean and organized house.

  4. Thank you sooo much for this. I am SOO BAD at getting my papers & routine organized…..I suscribed…

  5. I like the idea of doing a different Zone every day of the week I actually thought of that myself:-)

  6. Hi! I am setting up my control journal and am trying to decide how to set up my routines, especially the detailed cleaning (Zone Cleaning). I like your idea about cleaning one Zone each day, but how do you handle the floors? Do you vacuum and/or mop a different room each day, as it comes up in the Zones? I dislike mopping and want to get it out of the way in one fell swoop! 🙂

  7. You did a really nice job. Thank you for sharing. Like you, I am passionate about homekeeping and staying organized. When I watched your video, I thought of how lucky your family was to have you since your routines help keep such a peaceful home.

    I have followed Flylady for years and decided to remake my Control Journal; the one I made years ago was way too large. The things I added this time were:
    1) a Seasonal Checklist- I have a fall checklist in there now that I have refined to fit my house and I will do the tasks each week or so over a two month period. I am working on a seasonal checklist for the other seasons.
    2) Errand page- Previously, I just listed these items on Sunday in my planner since my errand day was on Monday and then I could refine it on Monday morning in order of furthest to closest distance from my home.
    3) I have a page for my ex-husband who helps me with handyman tasks. I put everything on that page and he installs things for me.😁
    4) A Flight Plan page in front that lists the "Week of:",
    "Monthly Focus:Paper Clutter",
    "Weekly Zone: the Kitchen" and then I list Monday to Friday with the plan/general guideline or flight plan of the day. (I have established all of the habits by now but secretly get excited for the paper clutter one since I can shred! I don't have any piles anywhere but a lot of medical in notebooks for my severely disabled son that needs purging.)So mine reads:
    Monday- Grocery/Errand
    Wednesday- Garbage and Anti-Procrastination Day
    Thursday- Calls
    Friday-Loose Ends and Pamper Day
    Saturday- Extra Cleaning
    Sunday- Sleep and Project Day
    And finally, the tabs on my notebook are: Flight Plan, Daily Routine (just one page with all routines on it), Focus Cleaning (daily clean items with one room each day of the week, think BWP), Zone Cleaning, Seasonal Cleaning, Menu Plan, Grocery List, Errands, and my handyman tasks for my ex-husband. Hope this helps. I love seeing how others do their control journal as well.

  8. Flylady does say to adapt it your life, I know I have and somethings I've already been doing without Flylady so its a matter of having a quicker system finding the Flylady community

  9. I love the idea of fly lady but struggle with only hitting each room once a month as well. I kind of need a daily routine because otherwise I'm just going to fall out of routine and things won't get done. I like your idea of hitting a different room/zone each day and it all gets done in a week. That makes much more sense to me. I'd rather spend an hour each day in each area vs. 1 hour a week all over the house and 15 mins a day in each zone afterward. I feel like there is just too much to do in a house this size to only clean 15 mins a day. We homeschool too! Your morning routine notes were helpful and similar to what I do in the morning as well. 🙂

  10. was just looking at you saying about grocery ordering and I still find it odd that in the US you don't have an automatic option for delivery when ordering online. In Australia our major supermarkets have their own delivery – I order weekly and it arrives at my door – if I want they will even bring it in and put it all on my kitchen bench [counter for US folk]. To have to use an additional service seems redundant – maybe people should start lobbying their local supermarkets for this to be available – more employment for folk, too – just thought I'd mention it

  11. I dust weekly as part of my weekly home blessing hour. If it’s ending up as two hours, it’s not a big deal to me.

  12. That’s not right. Home blessing is once a week including dusting. It’s just a deeper in the zone you are in.

  13. This video is incorrect about monthly dusting.
    Dusting IS weekly, “weekly home blessing hour”.
    Note item 7, Monday’s.

  14. Thanks for the video! I’m just starting the system and got my control journal, tomorrow I’m putting my routines in👍 love the font you used!

  15. In the weekly homeblessing hour you feather dust the whole house every week but deep clean your zone. Only when in zone do you need to take apart book shelves . Feather dusting gets up all the dust.

  16. I've not seen the free day before. Tuesday is Plan and Play day for menu planning so you can grocery shop on Thursday. This is new to me. I've changed my zone cleaning to similar tasks cleaning…like dusting/cleaning all ceiling fans in one day as I have the step stool out etc. My attempt to work smarter.

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