Making of the Autumn Journal Collection

Making of the Autumn Journal Collection

Hello, I am Stopan. I’ve just finished a small collection of three journals, which you’re about to see how they’re made Some new things I’ve tried this time is to size the whole surface of the cover and tool directly, instead of repeating the tooling I’ve made a few improvements of the inner leather joints of the covers as well. The journals are a bit more refined than my last ones and I hope you enjoy the video.

80 thoughts on “Making of the Autumn Journal Collection

  1. So beautifully made. Thank you for showing your process!

    Also I have to ask, where do you find the music for your process videos? Sounds like good music to work to.

  2. I’ve been following you on Instagram and didn’t realise you had made YouTube videos! I’m so happy! Thank you for sharing your beautiful craft. You’ve inspired me.

  3. I am lost for words. Wow, Stopan. This is truly Beautiful and delicate crafting. Books are magical to me…and so is your work. Thank you for sharing. New subby right here 👍👊

  4. You are quite talented! Your books looks like they are coming out of a fairy tale. Very precise technique and consistent style. I love it.

  5. Absolutely phenomenal work. You're an amazing craftsman and of the things that stands out most for me is your free hand artwork. My grandfather was a master craftsman and no one has come close to his level of artistry for me till watching your vids. Happily blown away and subbed.

  6. smarten up guys!! do you wish stopan to do a song and dance routine? there is a video on book restoration being done in Ireland in silence!

  7. You are amazing, I am in awe of your skill, thank you for sharing. I hope one day I can make a journal as beautiful as yours.

  8. Степан, я в восхищении! Невероятные работы и такая же атмосфера. Прекрасно снято. Передана та особенная обстановка при которой вы творите. Смотрела, не дыша. Спасибо!

  9. I just discovered your channel and your beautiful art and it’s one of the most amazing things humans are capable of. Your work has inspired me to make my own journals, so that they can last for the rest of my life and maybe even outlive me… I’ve always loved old books too, especially illuminated ones. I hope to see more of your work. Thank you.

  10. Absolutely and insanely stunning!! Such beautiful and precise work that is so captivating to watch!

    Do not listen to negative comments and change absolutely NOTHING!!!

  11. I just got given some nice leather recently so I know exactly what I'm going to make with it. Also, the use of book card is a great idea (last time I used wood).
    I've tried sewn on cord binding before and can get the signature part right. My problem is finding the right cord and thickness.
    What kind of cord are you using for sewn on cord binding? Also how thick is it?

  12. These are utterly stunning, thank you for sharing your talent and process. Out of curiosity, do you ever offer these for purchase or commission?

  13. Where are you from. How much would you charge for one of your books. Amazing craftsmanship. How thick can you make them.

  14. Love everything about the detailed process you put into your books can you make some with locks?

  15. wait?…don't the iron/stap has to be a little hot in order to make a dent on the leather for the foil to stick to? you know traditional style?

  16. Beautiful Stopan, thank you for sharing your art and if we are lucky and have such a great eye as you, we may be able to do something almost as beautiful as your books. Love them all.

  17. The masters of old would be at peace knowing that their skills were inherited by such a devoted pupil. Would be a pleasure to see the future creations! 👏👏👏👏👏

  18. Stopan! I always wonder how you dye goatskin this color? It seems so natural like coffee, is it an aniline dye? And it has no streaks! Really excellent.

  19. The autumn journals are spectacular to watch being made and are in my mind art.How mant U.S.Dollars dies one cost

  20. Beautiful work. At 11:54 that looks like an interesting pallet. Is that interchangeable with different heads? Any idea where one could purchase such a set? Tia and keep up the great work and videos.

  21. If you don't already consider yourself a master, you should. It was a privilege to watch, and one day when I feel worthy enough to set ink to paper in one of your exquisite creations, I will commission a volume from you.

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