23 thoughts on “Malware attack disrupts production of multiple US newspapers

  1. Keep the propaganda coming. They targeted themselves. FF. Prepping for a big story coming out against the deep state. Expect this to happen again right when HRC is being carted off to GITMO. Oops we cant print all of a sudden. Look over there 👉 dummies at Putin.

  2. US Newspapers?…Did anyone miss them?…..Yellow Journalism…. Not a ….News Rag of any ilk ,worthy of lining my cats litter box…

  3. Newspapers used to be capable of printing and distributing both a morning and an evening paper before they went ‘digital’. Now, lesser quality, less product, and fake news to boot.

    I wouldn’t put it past the DNC to use fake Russian bots to random $$. The did it with election interferes in Alabama.

  4. Oh yes, target that old dead trees media, nooo problem we dont need all that – mostly fake🤮🤯, not independant, elitist, leftist lying – ‘journalists’, oh wait: activists anymore. It’s sooooo 1900, its soooo slow, so old news! And WE ourselves can decide what we heve to believe! 🤣📣 And please employees, you trators start with a link to p*do or p*rn sites! That often will work! Start with that WashCompost and NYT, what an unbelievable garbage! And we go digital, with more independant news?

  5. Hackers are always in spree to snatch user data and newspaper sites are best for it. Hence its always best to be safe from them and this could be done by employing antivirus software

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