Hi guys, my name is Trinh. Today I’m here
to do my March Plan With Me. So this month’s theme is spring because
March is the beginning of spring, I believe. I’m so excited for spring
because I’m over winter. It’s just so freaking cold. I don’t want this weather
anymore, okay? I want it to be really nice and sunny. I’m going to use a lot of
different washi tapes for this month, so I’m very excited for this Plan With Me. If you want to watch, then of course, keep on watching. Hi, guys. So today we’re doing the March Plan With Me. It’s literally midnight right now, but I have
to do a quick voiceover for this video. I’m showing the four washi tapes that I’m
planning to use for March. So the first one has tulips, basically red and purple
tulips. I think this is really pretty, and I got this washi tape at Joanne’s, I
think. When it comes to the spread, I’m doing something a little bit different.
Basically I’m putting the washi tape at the very bottom, but for the borders like
all around, I’m going to use this red marker to draw, you know, a border all
around the spread. And I think it looks really nice because I don’t want the
tulip washi tape to take over the entire spread, so I decide to do this design.
So basically the color for this spread is red. You’ll see that I will have
different colors for each spread, so for the first one, it will be in red because
it matches with the tulips. So here, I’m doing my days read page. I kind of mess up towards the end, but everything is fine. I just use a whiteout to erase the mistake.
But yeah, it’s pretty self-explanatory because I have been doing this for the
past three months. And I always love doing the days read page because it’s
just so satisfying to actually color in the square whenever I read, you know, for
that day. And now we’re on the TBR page. So
basically the books that I’m writing down are the books that you have seen
multiple times in the past like two journaling videos because these are the
books that I really want to read, but I never have the time. So of course, we have Lair of Dreams, Shiny Broken Pieces, Serpent and Dove. And then of course,
there are some books that I really want to read like The Lightning Thief. That’s
actually a book that I want to reread because it’s been 5 years since I’ve
read a Percy Jackson book. So I really want to reread that book. And then of
course, The Cruel Prince. That is definitely a book that I want to get to
in March, but if I don’t, then it’s totally fine. And I cannot believe that I
forgot to put Chain of Gold on this list. But don’t worry, I put that book at the
end of this video, or like, after this video is actually finished. Just wanted
to let everyone know that I’m definitely reading Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare
in March. The next spread is my March 2020 books
read. So the washi tape that I’m using is actually from DuruNaru. It’s a very pretty
washi tape because there are flowers all over the washi tape. The theme color is purple, so I use this mildliner. It’s from Zebra, obviously. And the color is purple. As for the stickers, the heart one is
actually from DuruNaru. I have like a bunch of butterflies stickers, so I
picked the one that has purple in it, and then I just put it at the bottom. So this
is basically the books read spread. I really like it, it’s very pretty.
And now, we’re going to jump right into the reading recap spread. Basically this washi tape is from
Joanne’s, and I’m not gonna lie, this one is really tricky because the quality is
just so thin. I didn’t actually show it in this video, but this washi tape rips
multiple times, and I have to be very very careful. That’s why when I put the
washi tape on the page, it took forever because I have to be very gentle because
I don’t want to rip it on camera. I actually did, but I cut those clips out. I’m not gonna lie, I totally forgot to
print out a picture from Pinterest. So I got this picture from DuruNaru. Like I
said, they give you free stuff whenever you buy something from their store.
As for the stickers, it’s basically the exact same thing from the previous
spread. The heart one is from DuruNaru, and then the butterfly sticker is actually
from, I believe, AliExpress. I bought like a pack a couple of months ago, and I
really love the pack because I use these stickers all the time. This last spread is a YouTube videos
posted spread, and I really love this spread because I get to be really
creative, and it’s a nice way to write down the videos that I post that month.
As for the washi tape, I believe I got this at Michael’s a couple months ago,
and I really love it. That’s basically it for this video, and
I really really love all of the spreads. I really hope you guys enjoy
everything. I really love this theme, this spring theme, because I am over winter,
okay? It’s just so cold, and I hate the weather so much. And of course, I cannot
wait for spring break because that is literally something I look forward to
every single year. So that is the March Plan With Me. I hope you guys like the spreads. I love the spreads, I love like the different designs of the washi tapes,
and then of course, the different colors because I really want this month to be
colorful. So that is it for today’s video, I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you so
much for watching, please like and subscribe for more videos, and I will see
you guys later. Goodbye!

3 thoughts on “MARCH 2020 READING BULLET JOURNAL SETUP | Plan With Me

  1. I love this!! Btw, AC Moore is going out of business-If there’s one by you, it’s worth checking out. Your handwriting is outstanding. Does the pen help?

  2. i'm so ready for winter to be over too.
    floral washi tapes gives me life. i could literally buy so many different versions of them haha

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