Mark Zuckerberg Struggles To Answer If Facebook Is A ‘Neutral Public Forum’ | NBC News

Mark Zuckerberg Struggles To Answer If Facebook Is A ‘Neutral Public Forum’ | NBC News

43 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg Struggles To Answer If Facebook Is A ‘Neutral Public Forum’ | NBC News

  1. What I say, or buy…any of my information….ANY, being sold….makes me feel "uncomfortable"…what does the company do about that?
    We should not be allowed to waive our rights in a EULA….that is where change starts.
    Social media is so big, so fast, that we have convinced ourselves we cannot live without it.
    Without first considering whether we can live WITH it, constrained AND protected by legal limitations.
    Start charging for Facebook, then GUARANTEE my privacy after that.

  2. Mark, remain strong. You are doing a great job. Our government would love to regulate Facebook but it would be a mistake to allow them too much leeway. Remember, our government itself has difficulty governing this fast, technical world we live in. So many things are allowed to go on in this country that should not be allowed, because the government cannot keep up with technology. I agree that you would do a better job protecting our information than the government would. They would find a way to use it against us (and maybe that is what the hearings are really all about).

  3. Almost every website tracks us with cookies. Any interactive website or app you use gathers your information. YOU give it to them! If you do not want your personal information out there, don't put it out there!

  4. Lizard-Boy TRANSLATION: Facebook is a biased, anti-Constitutional, Progressive Liberal, Socialist political platform, where ALL dissenting views & opinions are quashed.
    Thank you!

  5. You think your likes and dislikes being tracked is awful and that Zuckerberg should be ousted. Wait until a large financial company that holds your credit card info gets hacked and your identity stolen. And yet, no CEO of any financial institution has been "invited" to appear before a congressional hearing. Hmmmmm…….

  6. If any company deserve to be fine it would be Facebook. They kept on selling user data even without our premission. Now, that data is out there for any hacker to get and use. Please, Congress fine facebook for a billion dollars. I’m tired of this company taking our infomation and miss using it. They definitly broke the law by grab data from our phones and user profile.

  7. Zuckerberg: "There's certain content that clearly we do not allow: hate speech, terrorist content, nudity, anything that makes people feel unsafe in the community…"

    Great. Now it's PERFECTLY clear that the Chick-fil-A appreciation page, the two dozen catholic pages, and Diamond & Silk had to be silenced. Nude terrorists!

  8. I find it soo odd that fb is on trial in Congress. Fb is nothing but a social media site. They don't rely on federal funds, save lives, endanger lives or make any laws or govern anything or anyone. I'm not understanding tnt significance of this. Everytime you go on the net your privacy is at risk, no matter what site you go on. What a waste of taxpayer dollars to pursue this junk.

  9. Zuckerberg only blocks conservative Republican value's and Christian value's . This Company must be regulated or at least have major Government oversight . Political bias nah only if your a Republican or Christian. Facebook is just another tool for promoting what we see and think, so I have zero use for this platform.

  10. I haven't heard him answer one question correctly. He sounds exactly like a democratic politician! Answer every question with an oversight.

  11. I find these US congress hearings simply a platform for legislators to market themselves as being tough.
    But they are the ones repsonsible for creating legislation and suppose to provide oversight. These hearings usually takes place
    after they failed to protect the public from some incident.

  12. This video is clickbait

    I expect the news media to report fairly and just sleep rather than within their own bias

  13. NBC is as Disgraceful as Congress

    Congress is guilty of mistakes and holding private information on people.


  14. My FB has been deleted for three months, my husbands for two months, our daughter & grandson for one month! Keep deleting FB people! You can permanently delete it, there are YouTube videos showing how.

  15. turns out that "ANYTHING that makes people feel unsafe in the community" also includes anyone who disagrees with exactly what they want you to believe because they feel threatened (unsafe)… classic lawerly language

  16. Look at all the liberal commenters pretend they dont know FB censors some conservatives and no liberals. All social media will follow this simple pattern:

    1. Ban some conservatives and no liberals.

    2. Ban/censor most conservatives and censor some liberals.

    3. Ban/censor all conservatives and censor most liberals.

    3. Ban/censor all conservatives and censor all liberals.

  17. Zuckberg is a Nazi who like Trump is against free speech. If facebook doesn't like what you say, they kick you off, there is no explanation, no arbitration, no appeal, it's just we Nazis have spoken, F-you! The only ideas on this platform that they promote is we can do what we want even if it's against the constitution. If you have any problem with this Nazi service, you can't contact anyone to try and resolve it; they won't talk to you! Facebook is about as Anti-American as you can get!

  18. It is Not a yes or no question.
    People like you and unfortunately People that ask such questions do Not understand a bit how the Internet Works. So mr. Zuckerberg has to explain, or Else they will use his answers against him without telling the context.
    So stop Talking

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