Married To Loki | Godspouses of Tumblr [CC]

Married To Loki | Godspouses of Tumblr [CC]

Hello people behind screens, I’m Jac and we’re back so Maybe you saw Tom Hiddleston as Loki and you thought ‘wow, he is hot’ maybe you just think you’re married to Loki the real Norse God. Today we are going into godspouses. “What Loki has taught me: to lighten up, to be arrogant sometimes, to test people (and oneself), stand up when things aren’t right, to make change, rattle the status quo, don’t mess with people, help those deemed worthy, to not be afraid to offend” Okay, I guess I won’t be afraid to offend Yikes! Okay. I’m kidding. Um I just wanna say, this is not to disrespect anyone’s religion. This video is for the purpose of entertainment So sit down have a laugh Watch me lose my mind “Trickster’s prayer: as I lay me down to rest, trickster won’t you be my guest, come and see me in my sleep know my heart is yours, to keep in the morning (random noises) “It costs 0 dollars to treat a spiritual person with basic decency” that is right. There are many spiritual people, my parents are spiritual I have friends that are, I used to go to the temple a lot I don’t anymore. When I went, I did not eyefuck the Buddha statues, can’t speak for everyone apparently “Medieval history thing: witches were believed to gain their powers through having sex with demons Me: everything’s falling into place” Okay tumblr user tumblr user pastelgoth-system Cool beans. I want to cry. “It’s been a little over a year since I started working with Horace. I couldn’t be more-” Who’s Horace? Oh yeah, this is how I find my people. ‘Weird tumblr subcultures’ Does she actually think she’s working with Horace.” I couldn’t be more in love with the dork” From dietyshenanigans. “Let’s keep in mind. This is based on the commonly known Chinese lung dragon since I work with and am engaged to one I gotta- maybe these are people who are like, dating otherkin who whose otherkin personas or dragonsonas are deities ’cause other than that, do they like imagine the dragon, like, like I’m asking legitimately, like how does this work? “Love poem for Loki” he is definitely the favorite “Oh Lord, why do I love you? Why is my body warm? with your blood brother you made humans, and you gave us our form” Okay, I’m not-I’m not even gonna read that one. Here we go. “Yo what the fuck is a god spouse?” MOOD “A godspouse at its simplest is someone who has a spouse type relationship with a deity” self-explanatory are god spouses.. “Godspouses are someone who basically marries a deity.” Alright. Alright You know maybe be a nun, they’re like, married to Jesus aren’t they? or God or something? “Godspousery does not need an outside validation” Yeah You might not get an outside validation Kidding. I’m kidding I’m trying so hard not to offend Um But I’m also Horribly terrified “I can’t believe co-worker looked at porn at work. me, a tumblr-user: thinks about looking at porn work me, a god consort: has astral sex on my lunch break [distress] I’m done. I’m done Please don’t have astral sex at work. There’s time and a place Behind closed doors. I want to cry so bad, but I’m not going to Alright, don’t forget to, ya know subscribe, like, and comment and follow me on the instagrams and my twitter and maybe my meme account Got one of those

6 thoughts on “Married To Loki | Godspouses of Tumblr [CC]

  1. Soo is Godspouse when you have a romantic attraction with a God or Goddess ?

    I'm slightly confused. I'm Wiccan and like I work with other spirits and guides.. but I never thought of marrying or thought of marrying them.. Whyyy??

  2. Astral sex on their lunchbreak, either they're screwing the boss or wanking in the bathroom. There's no astral in it.

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  4. I've never watched another video of you, but may I ask: Why do you occasionally do sign language? I mean, it's cool! I just wanna know.

  5. Loving the sign language- so many more Youtubers should be doing this. Thank you and please keep that going. I tried to learn but you are going FAST. I learned the word “hot” though- that should lead to some interesting conversations 😀

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