Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

all units, 1010S at 36 and Park. Repeat,
all units be advised. Shots fired
at Fisk Towers. [MUSIC PLAYING] SPIDER-MAN: Yuri,
I’m here. YURI: What do you see? DEMON: Find the rest. Boss wants them dead. SPIDER-MAN: Looks like
the Demons are moving in on Fisk’s territory. YURI: You got this? SPIDER-MAN: I got this. [GRUNT] [GRUNT] DEMON: Huh? DEMON: Fisk’s men have fled
through the building; eliminate them. SPIDER-MAN: Should have
worn a helmet. [GRUNT] [GUNFIRE] FISK MAN: You got
what you came for. You don’t need to
kill us too. DEMON: Fisk’s territory
is ours now. SPIDER-MAN: Not today. DEMON: Spider-man! Tell the boss
slimming. FISK: Stay out
of my business. SPIDER-MAN: Wait. The Demons,
who’s their leader. FISK: Keep my men alive and
maybe I’ll tell you. SPIDER-MAN: Saving bad guys
from other bad guys, not how I thought
today would go. FISK MAN: Please. [GRUNTING] SPIDER-MAN: Hey, big guy. Is that a Higgs field? That’s actually really cool. [HELICOPTER OVERHEAD] SPIDER-MAN: Fisk,
your men are safe. Your turn.
Who runs the Demons? FISK: You’re about to find out.
Check the roof. SPIDER-MAN: He’s here? Martin Li? Ugh. Oh, come on. No, no, no, no, no. [GASP] Let’s go.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Go. Did that just happen? Yeah. YURI: I’m getting reports of a
helicopter with a wrecking ball? SPIDER-MAN: It’s complicated. Turns out Martin Li
is running the Demons. YURI: The guy who runs
the homeless shelters? SPIDER-MAN: Like I said,
complicated. Sit tight, Yuri.
I got this. Please,
let me got this. YURI: That helicopter
is destroying the city. SPIDER-MAN: I know. YURI: You need to
bring it down. SPIDER-MAN: I know. YURI: Maybe you could
superhero a little faster? SPIDER-MAN: Working on it Yuri. Whoa! Too close. Ugh. [SCREAMING] Okay, Lee.
Here I come. Hi.
Is this the flight to Newark? Why are you doing this? MARTIN LI: Because
no one else will. SPIDER-MAN: Lee, this is crazy.
This isn’t you. MARTIN LI: You don’t know me. SPIDER-MAN: Need a plan.
Need a plan real fast. I guess this
is the plan. Come on, Pete;
you got this. You got this.
You got this. You got this. Please
don’t screw this up. [HEROIC MUSIC] [SIRENS] Mr. Li? [HEROIC MUSIC] BOY: It’s over. Come on, dude.
Let’s go. Miles!

100 thoughts on “Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

  1. This trailer is so different compared to the mission in the game. Martin li was never at the rooftop. It was one of his men.

  2. I kept watching this trailer till the game came and when it did come I GOT IT. I’m so lucky hope you guys got this or is going to get it 🍀

    Edit: I just realized why (in the actual game not the trailer) spider man mostly kicks in combos but in this trailer he actually punches idk why they changed that. Game is still the best either way

  3. One question why couldn’t the actual game look like this? They changed it and being completely honest this looks way better.

  4. Iam going to get this as my birthday gift on November 24th this year so exited to play

    Wish me all the best by thumbs up

  5. When you watch again this trailer because you saw the trailer of Avengers and you want to see the big difference between them 😩

  6. I remember watching this and i was like FINALLY AN AWESOME SPIDERMAN IS GONMA COME OUT

    By the way who's here after avengers game trailer came out?

  7. I kinda wish the combat in the trailer and in the combat in the Games current form were mixed together

  8. you can make a spider-man armor-style costume but when you activate the special all the damage you get you can reflect in a super powerful hit that defeats several enemies around you like the black panter

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