Massive Tumblr “log off” Protesting Sensitive Content Ban (Remain Calm)

Massive Tumblr “log off” Protesting Sensitive Content Ban (Remain Calm)

hey welcome back and in today’s video
the tumbler 18 plus ban is upon us but there’s a protest going on the log-off
protest it begins today now if you guys aren’t familiar tumbler 18 plus ban was
brought into existence about two weeks ago and this happened because the Apple
Store banned the tumbler application because it let slip through some child
pornography on the main page this looked very bad for tumbler and very bad for
Apple and there wasn’t having it but it has since been restored because tumbler
said we’re gonna clean up our act the idea is that users log off a tumbler on
December 17th for 24 hours it’s gained some steam on social medias and we’re
gonna go look at the main Twitter sigh and see how how that how it’s going so
it looks like what is the protest it says the log off protesters protesting
recent tumblr band that will flag and delete all not-safe-for-work content our
main concern is that flagging system tumblr uses and how it directly targets
content creators oftentimes content creators who post things that are safe
for work this prevents others from seeing the post damaging their audience
not only in our incorrectly flagged but means are as well simple pictures of
cats are being flagged as not safe for work the ban is good in principle but in
practice it’s ineffective and damaging to the community as a whole this is due
to tumblr not updating their filtering system and not enforcing other rules
stated in the terms of service such as hate speech being prohibited there are a
lot of neo-nazis on the website now I can see where the concern is coming from
targeting things that are safe for work it is going to be very damaging for the
audience like if it’s getting cute kittens it’s an atrocity to the world
like what what are they doing it says the protest is December 17th which is
it’s happening right now and the end time is 24 hours from start
so no posting make sure to pause your queen you or set it for a different time
now if this does not work or they do not get the results they want here’s what
you can do what if temblor does nothing we have
given staff plenty of warning for the protests and if they decide not to
reverse the ban here’s a few things that we can do math email of them state how
this band affects you personally and why you want it reversed State Watts
ineffective and what you want done send the email to support at tumblr calm
tweet to at Jeff dawn off the CEO of tumblr and then be is do another protest
if they don’t get the message the first time then will protest it again this
time however we would protest for an entire week the lastly is delete if they
won’t listen to their users then they’ll lose their users it says this one would
really hit them where it hurts don’t want to lose your blog though you can
export your blog via settings and that gives you the link and I’ll put this in
the description below now here is why I don’t think this is gonna work number
one mass emailing doesn’t it doesn’t have it doesn’t really work that well
and there’s been a lot of people upset even before this protest and they have
been mass emailing and it’s to no avail I think if we if we really look at it
they can see that they’re not trying to appease the users so much as they’re
trying to appease the advertisers much like a youtubes YouTube rewind this year
I keep I keep bringing that a perfect example for all situations doing another
protest well I think it ties in with deleting your your profile on tumblr
because probably about 90% of the people that are gonna be engaged in this
protest are probably 18 plus blogs meaning that they’re going to be deleted
anyways so another protest would be with less numbers it’s probably not gonna
matter that’s just my opinion I know that you got your own opinions so let me
know below they go on to state more facts and concerns it says is this just
about point no not at all the major concern here is about the community the
band has already been put into place in various areas to posts being flagged
does not say for work resulting in the user needing to appeal which takes days
oftentimes content flag isn’t even not-safe-for-work this will damage
content creators and users all together no matter what you post and
then they say well just move to another site but they say there’s no other site
currently available that’s like tumblr plus a lot of current users have built
up friendships that are difficult to just move on from however there are some
alternatives they state pillow for master Dan and WordPress and Twitter
we’ve seen a lot of people on Twitter that’s moved over I actually I’m trying
out pillow fort right now if they got a beta you actually have to pay like five
bucks to get in there and then they send you a beta key WordPress is probably
gonna be your strongest bet I never heard of Mastodon it says it’s a
crossover between discord and Twitter really fast-paced fun that sounds pretty
cool I might check it out but this leads me this makes me realize that there are
a lot of people that are really hurt by this and change is always one of the one
of the scariest things that there are because our brain is hardwired
psychologically to be like anything that’s new to it it’s gonna fear it but
all as always you will grow from it oftentimes from adversities rise to the
occasion things that we otherwise would have never seen so embrace change it’s
part of God’s will the universe’s will whatever you believe and it always
promotes growth so those are my good words for that so I’m looking at some
updates on this Twitter I don’t see anything recently that’s talking more
about if tumblr is gonna do what they’re wanting to do but I think it’s really
interesting to follow this so yeah we’ll put this in the description below it’s
it’s interesting and I think this is just another indicator of how the state
of the Internet is and how the entire it used to be internet is new it’s
relatively new anyway so now the entirety of the Internet is moving
towards a more mainstream place kind of like how back in like the the 80s and
early 90s people would just come home and they would watch TV and they would
just zone out now it’s moved away from that – now it’s phones and everybody’s
just scrolling their phones and everything
like that and it’s become more mainstream and like normal so I think
they’re trying to filter out things kind of like when TV put in the rating system
to wear out this is TV MA and this and that I feel like they’re trying to make
the whole internet cuz you can see various different major websites that
have also hit mainstream doing similar purges just like this one article goes
on to say that the hiding of verboten posts won’t happen all at once says the
company it’s there quite a backlog of visuals uploaded over past decade to
scan but any new uploads will be reviewed and ruled on instantly your
content will not be deleted the post emphasizes all decisions can be appealed
for evaluation by a real live human it says the company the subsidiary of
Verizon’s oath also promises a streamline the process soon they’re
gonna so they’re basically going to streamline it make it easier for
everyone speaking of real humans some imagery of them in the buff will be
allowed says tumblr this includes exposed female presenting nipples in a
connection with breastfeeding birth after birth moments the health related
situations such as post mastic that’s a word right there or a Jindo car or
gender confirmation surgery tumblr will give posts like this a pass nudity found
in art specifically sculptures and illustrations but naked pictures are not
allowed no matter how artsy so they are given a little bit of flexibility for
art and historic purposes which i think is really good they’re trying to keep in
the culture then it goes on to say the Tumblr app returned to Apple’s iOS App
Store last week after it had been banned in November apparently over child
pornography that slipped through the site’s filters tumblr says the plans to
remove adult content or underway before the app was banned so you can see that
this company’s just trying not to be destroyed because when Apple says you
can’t be here that’s a lot of money that they’re losing not only just in advert
but just in general the app downloads so this is uh this is the thing it’s like a
huge thing right now and I’m interested in what you guys are thinking and
feeling about this what are you gonna go what what do you feel like the next step
is I would like to continue this conversation on Twitter so if you want
to go ahead and follow me at Zilla rage 2z i ll a ra GE and as always subscribe
with notification Don cuz I’m gonna keep updates on this because as interesting
as this is as always since it’s more interesting to me that’s right you
guessed it I wanna know what you think so why don’t you go ahead leave your
creative and er interesting responses in the comment box it’s like there’s always
brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video yeah I’ve noticed that the internet is
just changing rapidly right now they are mass baning and blacklisting on youtube
they are doing the same on patreon if you’ve been following the videos this
past week we’ve seen people that have not even broken rules but because the
content has been edgy and controversial and just not safe for work and just not
family-friendly they are being booted and I think this is a tall tailing sign
of the future and fate of the internet also you need to get those Gregg
sweaters they’re about to be taken out of the store you never have opportunity
to get them again they’re so cute look at that mmm that’s cool because it
it is because it’s how you know that’s your opinion if you not your Peter
Gregan and how do you become a member the rest of all you go to subscribe
notifications don’t be in the comment section to every single video because
I’m gonna be there Gregg the cat’s gonna be the end of the rest of the Ritz
welcoming Diaz but I expect to see that too because this channel loves you

100 thoughts on “Massive Tumblr “log off” Protesting Sensitive Content Ban (Remain Calm)

  1. I think I can handle the NSFW content being banned but not the cats man…not the cats 😻 *HAVE A TOPIC FOR ME?* –

  2. I'm like 90% sure more people are going to get banned because of this protest to produce more "new incoming* users in attempt to apply ads.

  3. I logged off today but I’m still gonna stay bc there’s other aesthetically pleasing things to check out that you won’t find elsewhere

  4. I don't use tumblr anymore, and when I did I didn't post NSFW things. However, I take issue with the ban of "female nipples". What's everyone's problem with nipples? Why is it that the part of breasts that men also have is indecent?

  5. Most blogs are doing the protest, not just 18+ blogs, because it affects the whole community, a community built on completetly free expression. It is similar in a lot of ways to youtubes recent crackdown and demonetization of non family friendly content, but at least youtube still allows it on the site for the most part. I do agree that the protest will probably do nothing since the conpany is surely already aware of its users dissatisfaction with the recent updates, but hey maybe theyll change once their site goes completely under…

  6. It’s not the end of the world you guys I’ve Been following lots of porn artist on tumblr too bey when I was wondering why why the Post says it contains adult content thought it turned my blog to safe mode but I couldn’t find tune off safe mode until I found out the news about this and now I’m a little upset right now we’ll maybe people that loves pornography on tumblr should stop using the sites

  7. Even when tv got a ratings system, it was still up to parents to decide. Now days, it’s up to parents to make sure kids are using kid friendly browsers. There is even a YouTube kids. But the way i see it, let them sensor the fuck out of the Internet. The companies that do it will find that they shot themselves and everyone else in the foot, and people will move onto the next thing. After radio, it was tv, then home entertainment (vhs, dvd, Blu-ray), then it was dvr, then streaming, then social media and YouTube, if they want to sensor and ruin the Internet, everyone will probably hop over to TOR or the deep web, or invent a whole new form of entertainment. Every time, this is done, it gets a little worse for the companies, and better for the patrons and consumers.

  8. That's cuz the shota and lolicons love their garbage on there. I can say this with personal experience of seeing the shit on there.

  9. I have five blogs on tumblr and only one (the least followed blog) is nsfw. I am unbelievably upset with this ban and everything it entails, to the point where I AM considering deleting my account, even if that does mean having to export my blogs or losing them altogether

  10. Not just affecting 18+ blogs, but also innocent ones that somehow got flagged or removed because of nsfw content that isn't present.

  11. I logged off and my content is nothing but occasional poetry. I really enjoyed having that wide range of options in blogs to enjoy: beautiful nature photography, awesome art (sfw & nsfw), a few psychology blogs, etc… and yes, it was nice to be able to mix a little skin and frontal nudity with it all. Checking the feed meant a nonstop stream of surprises. So fuck the tumblr bastards.

  12. For Tumblr to go from a 18+ site to family friendly content is just a all around bad move on their end.

    Next thing you know you'll have young kids having a pornhub account while lying about their age and guess what it will be the parents fault for not watching what their kids be doing online.

  13. This never would've happened if tumblr would have actually put effort into moderating their website prior, but Yahoo has a history of problems with child porn. All they had to do was address the porn bot and nazi problem sooner and more effectively, instead of purging and shadowbanning artists.

  14. Hey Rep! I was really curious if you could do a video on Tess Holiday. She's an obese model that is in her way into the limelight. I felt this might take you along a different path compared to the Eugenia Coonry and Amberlynn Reid videos.

  15. Log off bann? Don't these people realize… that is exactly what they want. They want all the sex workers & pedophiles to leave. Funny how when gavin mcginnes, lauren sutherland or alex jones gets completely removed …these same people say " twitter or yt is a private company… they can do whatever they want" but as soon as its them on the chopping it switches to "MUH CIVIL RIGHT" hysterically hypocritical… maybe these people should have stood against censorship before the pandora's box was opened. The left wing outrage mob created this problem to get rid of made up nazies and alt right claims, now they have to suffer the consequences. Love it when stupid libs have to suffer in the messes they create.

  16. As a former Tumblr user I'm frustrated with this for multiple reasons by all means get the kiddie porn and hopefully get the people making kiddie porn too. But all adult content nah. For one it's getting art, it's getting people talking about their lives, it's getting things that just aren't porn people have had their blogs banned or deleted and it's just cutting way to wide a swath in their user base. My other problem with this is that the Tumblr app itself was initially rated 18+ and now instead respecting the needs of their adult user base their putting them off for kids. Just as there are many spaces for porn on the net there are also many spaces for kids on the internet. And frankly finding porn on tumblr was a unique experience in comparision to porn found elsewhere.. More of the porn on tumblr was produced by women and featured a wider variety of people instead of skinny chicks getting hit with cum shots which is the majority of porn elsewhere.

    It's a disappointing change, they've implemented it poorly and they haven't managed it well either. If they had managed it better I think the user base might have handled better but it's been so abrupt and haphazard that many sfw blogs are afraid they'll just be deleted because the AI can't tell the difference between furniture and a tiddy.

  17. I don't think it's gonna work sadly… I'm participating in the protest but I honestly don't think it will have an effect. Big corporations don't give a shit about us. :/

  18. There's a lot going on with this issue, from what I've gathered.

    Tumblr being removed from the Apple App store has no small part to play in this. Advertising, like you said. A lot of people are speculating that that's because of the 18+ community, or the neo nazis, or the child porn, or sex worker presence. However, while a lot of the nsfw and lgbt+ tags have been cleared, a lot of the neo nazi tags remain untouched.
    -On that note, Apple is currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court for being a monopoly for being able to pick and choose what remains on the app store, and what doesn't.

    There's also Tumblr's history of slapping band aids on problems instead of using the resources necessary to actually solve the problem. I read that the program they're using to detect nsfw content is free, and I've seen for myself how bad it is at detecting content. Some screenshots of posts made by Tumblr staff have been flagged.
    Which is actually why I'm participating in the protest. There are some things that are out of their control or w/e when you use a free website, you're the product. They sell our information to other companies or generate their ad revenue or w/e and that's just what it is. But I don't think it's reasonable to do that w/o maintaining a functional website… which they've only barely been doing for the last several years. There's a reason the Xkit guy is so beloved on Tumblr.

    There's been speculation that they're trying to change the core of their userbase to something more advertiser friendly, as well… but this is less supported than the other allegations. Though I don't doubt it.

    And, finally, SESTA/FOSTA acts that demand change within the next couple of months, across most websites. I think that these acts are the core of the problem, and Tumblr just happens to be handling it the most obviously badly- these will hold websites accountable for sex trafficking. Which, huge platforms haven't been held accountable for in the past because it's nearly impossible to monitor websites like tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc, as effectively as these acts demand. I think that we're going to see a major change to social media as a whole within the next year, with a lot more censorship just so these websites can exist w/o being under legal attack constantly.

  19. they should just mark 18+ content as such. and need a button to click – yes im 18+, show me that content. and thats it. no banning, no weak and wrongly managed filters to block everything in their way.

  20. I'm protesting, but I'm also reasonable; it's a /free/ platform that /has to/ be beholden to its sponsors. A lot of people are living in a bubble that everything should be free, and use id politics to back why tumblr's being "SO BAD TO US". Come on. They're looking through a narrow lens AGAIN. (lbr a majority of people mad are only mad because they can't see free porn anymore.) I'm protesting because of the /hypocrisy/ of the ban. Porn is not allowed, okay. But disgusting SURGERY photos, birthing videos/photos are, as well as "protest nudity". Riiiiiiight. Because people line up to look at medical nudity and scarring. And they went out of their way to say "female" presenting nipple, emphasizing on female nudity. (yes I know boys are banned too, but cis women seem to be getting erased more and more), and that troubles A LOT of females.

    ALL we wanted was for the nazis, pedos, and pro-ana/pro-self harm blogs to be banned. But I also agree, that even though I'm protesting today, I won't be doing a "second" week off that's crap. And I will not delete. That /won't/ do ANYTHING. People will just join tumblr later and take their place. There's a lot of wackos going off the deep end because of this ban, claiming all kinds of prejudice, but they forget that the world is not run by Santa Claus and a magic lamp that grants everything they want if they cry and scream for it. It's a complicated situation, and frankly, the alarmists are too myopic and single minded to be reached. Even without a ban going on.

    I AM staying after the protest because I won't let this stop me from writing, etc. And yes, I made a lot of friends and rp partners over my years on tumblr. Discord and other platforms don't work for aesthetic posters, para and novella writers. Who knows?? Maybe all the extremists, call-out culture peddlers, and general bullies of the site will leave at last. And with the porn blogs being muted, then it will be easier for staff to sift out the hate-speech, CP, and self-harm blogs and get rid of them from there. Then maybe we can have fun again on tumblr.

  21. there is a loophole. Audio content, Think "gone wild" audio, is allowed. I would know because some of my favorite creators on there The Grey Knight, Qarnivore, and Notwhorosethinks are still able to upload

  22. If Tumblr didn't care about embarrassingly fucking up and not even caring what everybody (including large and influential organizations) thinks about it, why would they care if their users protest, complain, or abandon ship? Tumblr is owned by Yahoo which is also owned by Verizon; these "too big too fail" companies, I doubt they would care if half of their users left.

  23. Tumblrs nsfw ban is a cover for a mass shadowbanning countless pornbots were not affected by the nsfw ban but blogs like askwaifubendy who said they would go 100% sfw after they knew what was going on. They are legit flagging down non porn blogs for using the content Filter to wean out immature minors and persons who may be overly sesntive to their content.

  24. The Internet is getting censored… There is no denying. Now the question is, who gets to decide what is passable and what is not? que twilight zone music

  25. as a tumblr user myself,i personally am not directly only concerned for the nsfw things provided,but i do care about it naturally and i am against the flagging of everything and the removal of it,i dont plan to verge over to anything else,because tumblr is a one of a kind app/website where it is different from others. But when i see teapot lids being flagged and fully clothed men in a spider-man costume being flagged by these bots and downright flagging any and everything,it does make browsing and all interest less fun to be doing,i will miss seeing fanart and more adult given images/gifs but,as other commenters have stated,theres the safe mode option,so if people didnt want to see such things,there was always an option provided,tumblr wont be what it use to be anymore and neither will us users.(simply making an opinion on my thoughts of it all uwu)

  26. People are already finding ways to bring back their nsfw blogs. The "no 18+" threat was as weak as their attempts of getting rid of porn bots.

  27. This is a result of FOSTA and SESTA anti sex trafficking laws. Well intentioned but poorly executed. You don't like it then lobby your congressman.

  28. I had tumblr since 2009, this ban is doing absolutely nothing except making stuff worse. they pick and choose what to flag and ban. Hiding the content may as well be deleting it. they can dress it up as much as they like. It's censorship. Plus they won't do anything if you try and appeal your blog or content it's all lip service. Not only that its super sextist to people identifying as female, people who use tumblr for an LGBTQ+ positive space, people who need to advertise art, people interested in women's issues (for example posts from planned parenthood or about self breast exams is blocked), people who live with chronic illness or disabilities etc its so much more than people in NSFW communities. That and the content that's still allowed to be seen (hatespeech, pro-eating disorder blogs, & even worse stuff tbh) creates a huge double standard and tumblr hasn't done anything about those or the bot accounts or CP issues, all of which its user-base has been trying get tumblrs staff to do something about for 5+ years. Finally when they ACTUALLY do something, they take 0 responsibility, and do not deal with any of its current issues at all. Sorry this is so long, but yeah its a complete dumpster fire

  29. Not everything is ment for kids . It's so simple for them to just fix the safety button. It's exactly what they are doing with YouTube which they have a kid option but they dont want to do that and instead just mess it up for everyone.

  30. Hey Rep…i really think you should look into "Desmen is Amazing" he is an 11yr old drag kid. Which I honestly think would be cute if it were not for the fact that all the adults in his life really seem to be preying on him…like drugging him, in a video he looks high as a kite and cant remember anything..under a painting with the date rape drug name on it…

  31. The ban didn’t do anything about the porn bots that are still around. Porn bots mass reblog with virus links and follow and message people with links as well. Yes, CP is terrible and the good majority of Tumblr wants it off, but the banning of NSFW content is so flawed and not thought out at all. Filter out CP, it’ll take much less resources and time to do so than banning NSFW content all together. They’re flagging sand dunes, selfies and sfw textposts as nsfw and blurring out sfw blogs and flagging them as explicit. This plan was not thought out at all and really shows that the staff does not care about Tumblr at all.

  32. They deleted my profile pic which had nothing to do with the NSFW stuff at all yet I still get two porn bots trying follow me which I've blocked before logging out I'm gonna stay logged off for a week I'm sick of their shit

  33. I don't get why people are so obsessed with 18+ content. 🙄

    Tumblr's audience is mostly underage, so I'm fine with it.
    For everything else, there are enough options.

  34. 8:04–8:13 OK this is a contradiction in terms right there. How can you have nudity in art shown and yet ban photos, pictures and maybe drawn or painted art (some of which I have come across and is proffessional grade) showiing nudity not matter how "artsy" This makes no sense.

  35. Also, I ran an adult oriented but largely SFW blog on tumblr. If I did most anything with genitals I added a disclaimer. However, Tumblr should not have been using the robot they were. It was flagging SFW content, as you said, cats, and in my experience, a post with gifs of a CHILDREN'S SHOW depicting Mexican wrestler superheroes, SFW pics of a Greek looking man, and a shoulder and head shot of a red headed (ginger) man. I found this not only extremely racist bit made me call their flagger an Artificial UN-intelligence

  36. I don't think many of the users understand that there was a massive amount of child pornography found on the site/app. If the users are ok with child porn being on their site, then I wont be ever using tumblr.

  37. Also for NSFW content, have they not heard of FurAffinity, you CAN post NSFW content there, even some human art. so um. There are other sites they can post their dirty porn, they just don't want to move.

  38. The ban is not "good in principal"! The protest doesn't go far enough. If you use Tumblr, just leave it and let it die.

  39. The problem is people want to have their cake and eat it too. A website needs money to operate, which is way they need advertisers. If a advertiser does not want their ads connected to racist,porn,sexism,homophobia,controversy, ect. then they have the right to pull them. COMPANIES PULLING ADS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FREE-SPEECH/CENSORSHIP. The ability to make money/or use social media is a privilege not a right

  40. My blog was a mixture of NSFW and regular posts – in fact the majority of my posts were SFW, and I made several friends through the platform. But tumblr censored and locked my posts, so I just gave up, exported, deleted my blog and moved on. I spent the last two weeks just trying to keep in contact with my friends. It's honestly sad to lose this platform, but at least I've managed to keep my main contacts alive.

  41. Im a tumblr user. The site is going down lmao.
    ALSO I have tried to delete my tumblr and all it says "we cannot fulfill your current request" So Ive just logged off forever.

  42. At one point I thought it was very funny what was going on with the Tumblr community. But now it's just gotten sad and… rather annoying actually. now I find myself repeating the same thing over and over again to people who making a mountain out of a molehill.

    No, it's not about prejudice. It's about capitalism.
    No, nothing is going to happen to the hate speech communities. Hate speech is still free speech. And free speech is protected by the first amendment. if they start banning Nazis, they'll have to do the same thing for antifa, people who hate other genders, and people who hate cats.
    Have you ever seen any site that didn't have a bot problem? Why do you think that Tumblr has the ultimate answer to get rid of this issue immediately?
    you say there is more bots than ever? Funny how that is. Could there be a possibility that someone who hates Tumblr is making more bots? It's a possibility.
    you say that you had a livelihood selling your product on Tumblr? Did Tumblr have a system set so those who want to sell their goods will be protective through Tumblr?? Well then I guess you can't blame them for shutting that part of the market down.
    Yes, female nipples are considered adult content you want to know why? Go to any cam site where women are bearing their chest for money. That is an example why.
    they don't keep a record on who logs on or off. They only keep records of any activities done on their sites. Yes, feel free to delete your account. You're honestly doing them a favor since you are the affected group they're trying to clean up.
    Please don't bring your drama to Twitter. Please don't bring your drama to Reddit. You want to go to the main issue. Go back to Tumblr and complain there . Go protest over there. It's more effective that way.

    And for goodness sake, educate yourself. it has been proven by the news and to Tumblr itself in their system is not perfect. Not by a long shot. Do your research before you start bandwagoning. You're coming off as idiots.

  43. Or, you know, they could actually do their fucking jobs and just ban accounts that post child porn.

    But that would require effort.

  44. Interestingly, Tumblr deleted my profile picture (discovered upon logging in) and my background one as well, which both were regular face pictures that were SUITABLE FOR WORK!!!!! The Tumblr admins seemed to have lost their minds!!!

  45. The tumblr account made a post about which posts wouldn’t be flagged and included examples but it flagged its own post lol

  46. I'm going to say my opinion from an unbiased perspective.
    The porn ban doesn't affect me at all. I'm under 18, so I'm not using Tumblr for any nsfw content, nor do I ever spot any on the site. However, even I know that banning it is a bad move on their part. Not only are there going to be protests like these, but the majority of people use Tumblr for porn. What happens when you remove that said porn? That huge group of people migrates to other sites. Now, along with all these people leaving, their system for banning nsfw content is fucking abysmal. That makes people who don't use Tumblr for porn, and don't post it either, also leave, because now their content is being hidden for no reason. So, you have your artists leaving, horny people leaving, people who solely post porn leaving, and you know who else is leaving? The fucking deep depths of Tumblr: the cancerous sjw's. That makes up most of the rest of Tumblr. Now, their posts are also being flagged, and they're leaving too.
    Basically, the message is don't fucking ban porn when most of your site consists of it.

  47. Tumblr doesnt know how to run a site. The ban effects people it doesnt even mean to effect. There is a billion porn bots on the site and they go unaffected. Like wtf.

  48. It's always about business. Apparently they think it makes more sense to cater to advertisers than the users. I wonder what will happen first? People walking away from social media or social media collapsing under it's own bs?

  49. You are protesting backwards you don’t delete what they are trying to take down you could post more you post more of what they are trying to take down, and you keep doing that it could fighting not giving in 😤😤

  50. This is what happens when you believe in Socialism and have Socialist ideas. You never hold the guilty accountable, you just blame everyone including yourself. Silicon Valley is doomed. They will obliterate every site if they keep believing in Socialist punishment.

  51. Oh of course they bring up "neo nazis" for hate speech yet talking about killing men, castrating them and torting them is just dandy alobe with talk about assaulting people for being on the opposite side of the political spectrum or talking about how they'd kill trump or people from the senate.

  52. im protesting any form of censorship, to ban all nsfw content is to annouce that tumblr is no longer a platform in the eyes of the law, but a publisher.
    if they can get away with this ban, speach will be next, hate speech is a political term and is code for 'speech i disagree with' wich can range from racial slurs, calls for violence, to innocuous comments that side in politics that you dont agree with. so all politics that the ceo's of tumble, and more importantly apple, will be the next to be banned. less tumble wants to be pulled from the app store for promoting trump in 2020

  53. Maybe we should all just not use any social media platforms for a long time maybe a month and say NSFW 18+ content should not be removed!
    I’ll explain of what I mean it started cause of “CP” and that got on tumblr and they purged all 18+ accounts NSFW falsely and no fucks given when will it stop and these platforms start caring for there user base/community and will listen to us! And actually get shit done

  54. Literally all they needed was a better filter, but they've gone ahead and ripped down the tag system. So now it's broken, they obviously don't care about their users, and this chick is gone–like a lot of people are now. It was really painful to watch all my friends of years just…disappearing, deleting, moving somewhere else. It really sucks.

  55. They didnt even get rid of a lot of porn blogs
    And the whole "oh we wont ban this kind of content" was a lie because they still do it.

  56. I think I'd self-censor here and on other people's platforms, and have the un-censored content on my own domain & site, maybe for a very small patreon fee (or something similar).

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