Math Notes Flipthrough

Math Notes Flipthrough

Hi guys! Today I’m going to be flipping through my math notes from the last school year And the math course I took this year was Algebra II Most of the questions I get about my notes were already addressed in my previous biology notes flipthrough video so I’ll save all returning viewers the spiel and just link that video in the cards right now and I’ll have the answers to those questions in the description box. I’ll also link all of the products that I used to make these notes. I hope you guys enjoyed this video! I’ll link some other note flipthrough videos that I’ve made in the description I’ll also link my Tumblr and Instagram where I post photos of my notes I post new videos every Monday and Friday See you next time!

63 thoughts on “Math Notes Flipthrough

  1. *watches my education fly away*
    eh eh……whoah……woahh….we gonna fly-y-y baby fly-y-y with you
    uayoh (drops) AYE

  2. Hi.
    I need some advice. So I want to pick up bullet journaling, but I'm not sure when I should start. By the time i actually get all the things I need to bullet journal it'll probably be July. Anyways, I want to know when would be a good time to start bullet journaling. I don't just want to start it out of nowhere, I want something where it kind of makes sense to start. But when the year does finish, I plan to use a new journal for the new year (duh lol).I was thinking of starting in august cause that's when school starts. Anyways, if any of you have any of advice, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!

  3. How do you flip to sections in class without tearing the paper holes? 🙁

    Love love love your channel btw <3

  4. One of my teacher "loves" to write long title for the main heading. Your main heading usually consists of one or two words, but my teacher would always write 8 words long title. How would you write it?

  5. i wish i could do this in math 😩 i've never had a math teacher that allows ink of any kind (pens, highlighters, etc.) IT KILLS ME. I HATE PENCILS.

  6. Ahh is that Springboard is see? I dreaded Algebra 2 this year due to having a teacher who would barely do his job. But needless to say, your notes are beautiful!

  7. I don't know what's going on here but I have been watching your videos ALL day. It's just something about them,it's very calming💗

  8. I have one question. Do you take these notes in class or do you have a notebook for that and then in your house you grab another notebook to make these beautiful notes?

  9. As an Asian I don't get why u do maths in such a pretty way since we just complete the entire exercise book and we get an A hahaha

  10. i never took notes in math like this, so would have helped in my midterm (btw I bombed it)
    now i know to do so in pre-calc lol.

  11. Do you write your notes from the teacher teaching you or do you get them from your text book? If you get it from your teacher, what do you do when the teacher goes over it before you can copy? Love your notes btw.

  12. where do you put like extra tips from what the professor says like something that might be on the next test or tips on how to figure out the problem?

  13. So what do I do if my math teacher is awful at teaching us,I haven't understood anything from the start of the school year, I haven't written down half of my notes and havent done any of the homework he gives us & I have a test in 2 weeks? Will studying from my textbook help?😭😭😭

  14. Cursive and lots of writing by hand (obviously) helps hand writing a lot! If there is something about your lettering you don't like, practice a new style until you have it perfected. 🙂 Practice makes perfect!

  15. This video is just showing her flipping through the pages of her notes without describing how the notes are organized. No purpose, rhyme, or reason!

  16. omg your notes kinda looked like my notes a few years ago. I gave up on using binders because they seemed to break after a quarter of use lol.

  17. You could literally sell copies of this binder for some big bucks.. honestly if this binder was for see (or a copy) I would buy it.

  18. How do you determine what type of papers to use? My current dilemma is deciding if I should use loose leaf or notebook, and if I need two notebooks (one for class and another for rewriting). Also what type of paper which class

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