Matt Lauer Botches the Commander-In-Chief Forum: The Daily Show

Matt Lauer Botches the Commander-In-Chief Forum: The Daily Show

Let’s get-let’s get into
today’s big story. Uh, last night,
here in New York, NBC hosted a special
Commander-In-Chief Forum, which was momentous
for two reasons. One, it would give U.S. voters
a unique opportunity to see how each candidate
would run the biggest military in the history of mankind
and, secondly, because it was the first time Hillary Clinton
and Donald Trump were in the same venue. I mean, that’s if you don’t
count when they both went to Star Jones’ wedding,
you know, or-or if you don’t count
the-the, like, you know, when the… they
went to, uh, Melania’s thing or if you don’t count, uh, his visiting her
in the White House. I mean, if I didn’t
know any better, I’d say these two were friends. But last night,
but last night, they were back to playing enemies, and what
better place than a warship? ANNOUNCER:Live, from the
Intrepidin New York.-Here now is Matt Lauer.
Good evening, everyone.
The decisions the
commander-in-chief makes can have a profound and lasting
impact on all Americans. After a coin toss yesterday
won by Mr. Trump, he chose to go second,
so that means we begin tonight with the Democratic nominee
for president. I’m-I’m sorry.
Wait, they flipped a coin? You’d think for an event
so serious they wouldn’t use such
a basic decider, you know? And how did Hillary lose
a coin toss to Trump? You’d think it would be easier
to beat him at a coin toss, ’cause whenever someone
asks him, “Heads or tails,” he probably answers, “Titties!” I’m surprised… I’m surprised
after beating Hillary Donald Trump didn’t make more
of it, you know? He should’ve ma… I…
Like, that seems like the kind of thing Trump would do.
He’d be like, “You see, folks, “once again Hillary making
a bad decision, folks. “Making a…
They asked her which side, “and she chose the wrong side,
folks. I would go in there
and I would do it right.” Uh, now, now,
here’s a bit of trivia for you. Did you know
during World War II, on multiple occasions, kamikaze planes crashed
into theIntrepid?And last night, Matt Lauer
continued that tradition. Because I don’t know
what the (bleep) he was doing, and neither did he. Because with just 30 minutes
to ask Hillary about her national security
strategy, he spent one-third of that time
digging through her inbox. -Concerning your use
of your personal e-mail -Mm-hmm. and p… and server… Some of the e-mails you sent
and received happened while you were overseas… Were some of the e-mails sent
or received by you referring to our drone program? And you said you thought
your communications on that were fairly routine? You were communicating
on highly sensitive topics. Why wasn’t it more than
a mistake? Why wasn’t it disqualifying? Matt Lauer asked
so many questions about e-mail I felt like I was stuck in line
at the Genius Bar. It was just like… And don’t
get… and don’t get me wrong, it is important to question
Hillary about her e-mails. Uh, maybe if she did
more than one press conference every nine months,
this topic would have died down a long time ago.
Because that’s what Trump does. He’s mastered the Q&A game,
if you think about it. He talks to the press so much, they get tired
of challenging him. He basically does
press rope-a-dopes. That’s what he’s doing. But, you see, the problem
with spending so much time on Hillary’s e-mails last night was that when we finally got
to the military questions, this happened. How will you determine
when and where to deploy troops directly
into harm’s way, especially to combat ISIS? LAUER:
As briefly as you can. (laughter, groaning) “As briefly as you can”? Are you (bleep) me? This event wascalledthe Commander-in-Chief Forum. It’s the reason
we were watching. And now because Matt Lauer spent
so much time onhisquestions about e-mails, the actual questions
from the actual veterans about the actual
commander-in-chief-ing gets reduced to a speed date. And now because
you don’t have time, you don’t get to push back
on things like this. We are not putting ground troops
into Iraq ever again, and we’re not putting
ground troops into Syria. We’re going to defeat ISIS without committing
American ground troops. LAUER: Sir, thank you. Thank you
very much for your question. We’ll remember this, by the way.
We’ll remember this moment. Yeah. She’s like,
“We won’t send any ever again.” You didn’t even ask a follow-up?
She said “not ever.” Which everyone knows is
international politicianspeak for “we’ll talk about it later.” Genuinely, guys, Matt Lauer
and-and the NBC forum were not good last night. Because if he wasn’t good
with Hillary Clinton, he was terrible
when handling Trump. He just let Trump get away
with blatant lies. I was totally against
the war in Iraq from… You can look
atEsquiremagazine from ’04. You can look at before that. And I was against
the war in Iraq because I said it’s gonna totally destabilize
the Middle East, which it has. It has absolutely been
a disastrous war. And, by the way, perhaps almost as bad was
the way Barack Obama got out. That was a disaster. People talk about you
and commander-in-chief, and not just Secretary Clinton, but some of your Republican
opponents in the primary season, and they wonder
about your temperament. Did you not hear the answer
to the question? How did he just move on? First of all,
Trump’s answering the question like a toddler
being questioned by his parents. “And I didn’t see,
I didn’t say no. “And, uh, and, also, another… “And Barack– he was bad. “And also, I don’t go into… “And me, I would never… And-and-and, also,
it was… it was bad.” -(applause and cheering)
-But he lies. He blatantly lies,
and then Lauer just moves on. “All right, let’s move on
to the next ques…” I would love to date Matt Lauer,
I’ll tell you that. Yeah, because getting busted
would be impossible. It would be like,
“Who’s thirsty Lisa?” “Uh… my mom?” “All right, let’s move on
and talk about dinner. Let’s, uh…” And by the way, people, I don’t know how many times
we have to go over this, but real quick– Donald Trump
didn’t oppose the war in Iraq. When asked about it in 2002
onThe Howard Stern Show,he said he was for the war. The interview’s on line.
You can look it up. Secondly, Trump keeps referring to his 2004Esquiremagazine
interview as proof that, unlike Hillary,
he didn’t want to go into war. Only one problem.
Only one problem. Having an article would be proof unless that article
was published 16 months after the war started! It is afterwards. The war has already
been deemed a disaster, and now you’re like, “Yeah,
we shouldn’t have gone in.” Everyone knows
you shouldn’t have gone in. You can’t oppose the thing
after it’s already happened. That’s not how it works. The same way next year, a lot of people are going to be
against voting Trump in the 2016 elections. That’s what’s going to happen. -And I know, I know…
-(applause and cheering) I know… I know some people are saying,
“Well, what did you expect, man? “It was Matt Lauer, okay? “He’s just the host
of a morning show. He doesn’t know
how to push back.” But that’s why
this is so disappointing, because that’s not true. Matt Lauer
can take tough questions to very powerful people. And we’ve seen it before. I’m counting chairs here,
and I see four. Normally, we’re used to seeing
you guys with five, so let’s start with the obvious. Where is Zayn? Yeah, he’s got a tummy bug. When’s he gonna rejoin the band? LAUER:
Is it something more serious than just a minor illness? There have been rumors
of substance abuse. What’s going on? Goddamn! That’s journalism!
Look at that! (applause and cheering) He could have moved on
when Liam spun him that story. He could have moved on
when Liam was like, “Oh, oh, oh, it’s a… it’s
a tummy bug. It’s a tummy bug.” But Matt Lauerknew
Zayn’s tummy was fine! (laughter) And so he called out
One Direction in front of their fans, an army way stronger than Hillary and Trump
will ever possess! -(laughter)
-Come on, Matt Lauer. You didn’t flinch
in front of a bunch of rich, powerful children.

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    Trump want to cut tax on the people that control 80% of US wealth that will make Us in a huge debt like never seen before !!!

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    Now wonder the rest of us know who really got those Wikileaks – the US intelligence community, I'm imagining what wouldn't be left of the US defense apparatus if Hillary boasted details once a month for four years! She can do it on her private server, unprotected BB, through the Clinton Foundation, paid speeches to rich people, or to any of her many many pay to play associates!

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  11. you realise it's been shown that Clinton received the questions ahead of the interview with Lauer from Donna Brazile (cheating), then minutes before the interview, Lauer changed his questions and threw Clinton off (She is terrible when she goes off script) and she actually threw a glass at one of her team after the interview in rage and called for Lauer to be fired.
    She is evil and Colbert is complicit in this with this clickbait title – You should be ashamed

  12. And he still has a job… This is the high profile thing that when you fuck up you dont get any more chances…. but you do.

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    No, you dumbfucks!

    Hillary arrived at this event, having received all the questions in advance, as she has at all of these fake debate events. Suddenly, Matt Lauer had a crisis of conscience, or a moment of boyish rebellion (maybe he watched All the President's Men the night before) and decided to introduce a question not cleared by her royal cuntness, that of her email scandal.

    Now, I'm sure that, like every left-wing channel of shit has been reporting, you dribbling fuckwitts think the question was unfair and irrelevant. However, the subject was the candidate's position on international security, so it's pretty damn fucking relevant that Hillary has two FBI cases against her concerning illegal handling of classified material.

    Backstage, after the show, Hillary went into a foul-mouthed tirade against everybody, threatening Matt's career, throwing water at her assistant and demanding to speak with the head of the network, until she was led away, like a dementia patient, by her body guards.

    The next day every cock-sucking anchor had been told to berate Lauer and the Hillary sheepoids just trotted along. You really are the saddest bunch; the media jerks off in a cup and you just drink it.

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