MAX OIL Fill VS NO OIL (The Honda forums told us to do it..)

MAX OIL Fill VS NO OIL (The Honda forums told us to do it..)

Previously on Mighty Car Mods: So I was just on a Honda forum–yes I was, that happened– to find out how much oil I should put in this engine, and uh, one of the people on there said the way you fill up your engine oil is just keep filling it up Until there’s oil coming out of the top of the engine So that’s exactly what we’re gonna do So Martin, today is an exciting and a silly day. Today, we are exploring a topic which was recently discussed on a Honda forum, and that is–
A Honda forum? –yeah, Honda forum mate, where the VTECs live–how safe it is to fill your car up to the very brim with oil so we’re talking about literally taking that off– Brimming it?
–and just going all the way to the top, and seeing how much performance benefit there isn’t, so that’s the plan for today. I predict a smoke show.
Okay. Let’s see if your predictions come true, Martin.
One two three Alright so the first six litres going in, Honda style, Martin! Maybe this is something they knew all along that we didn’t know, and this is where the extra VTECs came from. You ever done this before Martin?
Never. I have seen it a few times, though. Have you?
Yeah, once on the side of the road, there was a couple of people and they had a car that was just sittin’ there with like smoke pouring out of it– Yeah?
–and I said, “Did you drain the oil before you put more oil in?” and they went, “…no” and I went, “Cool, well drain five litres and go again and the smoke will stop.” they went, “Okay!” It’s probably worth a disclaimer as well, Martin, because there is going to be some vehicular abuse. This car is now unregistered, illegal to drive on the road. We trailered it here. A lot of things are broken on it, and it’s going out in the name of science. Now, someone somewhere should have said, “you could have fed the pandas that car” The thing is, this car was for sale for a long time and no one bought it, so we bought it, and now it’s going to evolve for your entertainment. I don’t know if this is even gonna start. There’s so much oil. Far out. Wow six whole litres. I wonder what the dipstick looks like–
It’s not brimming yet, man. It’s not brimming Where’s the dipstick?
I predict it’s a long way up the dipstick– right there. Whoa It’s to the to the top of the dipstick everyone. That’s the dipstick and it’s uh almost at the top. Well, we should brim the dipstick, right? That would make sense– Yeah–
–’cause if we go in if we try and get it to here, it’s gonna piss out the dipstick anyway We just keep going, Martin.
We’re gonna keep going? Well that’s what the forum told us, so that’s just what we’re–we’re gonna have to keep going, mate. Alright. So… the car will still run–
Maybe! –but it’s gonna be, um, it’s gonna be ill-pressurised, isn’t it? Well there’s no way for the oil to go, and I don’t know if the oil pump’s gonna work properly, it might not start at all, it might just be totally locked-up, or it might run for a bit, and then I predict a whole lot of oil is going to come out of every orifice, and it’s gonna make a lot of smoke, and we’re probably gonna have to turn it off so we don’t cause a bush-fire. Yeah, there it goes now it’s full.
Oh no it’s not! Just got to go in a bit slower, mate. We’ve got to do it as per the request, which is as per the Honda forum. Well it keeps coming out. There it is. It hurts my feelings man, I gotta be honest with you. Okay, so now it’s time to start it up of course, and see what it does, Martin. All in the name of science, and all in the name of… doing the silly stuff that is requested of us. People ask us for the weirdest stuff, man. They do! Some bits to do with cars, Martin. Okay people, here it is, you asked for it! This is the “Honda Forum… Oil… Overfill… Edition”. Whoa! Smoke straight away. It’s smokey already.
Is it? Give it some revs, Martin. It’s working fine Oh, no. Look! Whoa, look, aw! It’s smelling– is that actually coming out of the cylinders? Yeah, it’s coming out of the spark plug holes, man. Alright! Well, dude… car’s gonna just–
Just died! –just smoke a lot and die is the answer to what actually happens. So oil basically came out of every orifice every orifice– Every orifice, it came up through the spark plug tubes, like old oil, and just started pouring out on the exhaust manifold, which makes smoke from this end, it’s sending it through the exhaust, which makes smoke from the other end! So, no surprise really, Martin that um… check your dipstick. Pull it–oh wow.
Aw, it’s really milky. Just pouring out of the dipstick hole there. Um… Learn how to change your oil. It’s a good thing to learn how to do Um… It’s not hard. It’s a very rewarding thing to do with your car Maybe don’t use the unicorn oil that we used.
I can’t recommend that. So Martin, we’ve answered the question of what happens when you overfill: eventually your car’s gonna die– it just spits out oil everywhere, but now it’s time to ask the second question that we got this week: how long can ‘oo-zee’ drive with no oil? Like no oil at all and drive it. If it was an ‘eh-mer-eh-genck-snee’ Like a red back spider bit my d*** would I survive? How long can I drive? #DERRICKK (laughs) So that’s what’s next–
I thought this was harsh, that’s even worse, man. So let’s drain it all, set a stopwatch–
Sure. –and see how long it lasts.
Let’s do it! First, jack up your car, then carefully drain the oil into a container. We’re gonna have to push start Derek as he’s pretty unhappy from the last experiment. Derek’s got no oil, we’re gonna start a stopwatch, and see how long he lasts. Go man! Oil light’s on–
No Oil Test. –the oil light’s on.
Let’s– oh wait I’ve gotta start the stopwatch, Martin! It’s meant to be science! Stopwatch. Start.
We might run out of fuel before we run outta oil, mate, I only brought five litres. Smells already. It’s running for a very long time, Martin without oil I can hear rod-knock, I think. Oh! Hear it? But we’re still running! We’re still going, Martin–
But we’re not happy. It’s not dead yet, Martin, we’re still going! In a blaze of glory. Ahhh! Oh, Oh, Derek. Derek’s still going strong–
I’m so sorry, Derek. –one minute twenty, Derek! Oh Derek Has the temperature gone up? The temperature hasn’t even gone up, yet! Can you hear that? Yeah man! Oh He’s still going strong, man–
The motor’s wrecked, though. I think we’re down to two cylinders.
This is unbelievable, Derek’s still going! That’s full throttle–
Two minutes with no oil and he’s still going. Two minutes! Oh Derek. I’m so sorry man. Has he got nothing left? That’s all it’s got. That’s– that’s full throttle now. Still going then! We’re not stopping till Derrick stops, mate! Oh, it’s getting louder! Is that it? Can you plant it? There’s more– oh, that’s it! Derrick!
I’m just gonna make sure it’s not on fire. Well done Derek. He’s gone out in a blaze of glory He’s putting his fan on like it’s going to do something man that’s kinda sad So there it is, Derek lasted four minutes without oil–
Four minutes! Which is a long time, and the question was: can you run your car at all? The answer is yes, like in an emergency you could–
Yep. –but you’re pretty much only gonna get to do it once–
Yep. and your motors cactus after that as soon as there’s metal on metal noises. That’s spun bearings, it’s bent stuff, it’s just it’s really bad, plus you overheat it.
Yeah, so… Change your oil people. It’s a really good idea But I think before we finish this episode, we need to just take a couple of minutes, and thank Derek for his sacrifices on the show over the last few months Everybody put your hands together and take a moment for Derek(singing) Oh Derekkkkk You were so slowww We put potatoessss where they shouldn’t goooo Oh Derek You weren’t for show With flames out your hole we sold your soul Oh Derek You made our day you had everyone drippin’, but not in a good way Oh Derek You’re in a better place now. With Celica, and Yaris, Camry, Echo, and Tarago It was a dark day then Honda forums killed our friend, Derek But he’ll be scrapped and reborn and Toyota will ride again Dereck… Derek. Derek is about to go to the giant scrap heap. It’s gonna be recycled into something really really useful like a giant metal a A colander.
A colander. I will not miss that car one bit.

100 thoughts on “MAX OIL Fill VS NO OIL (The Honda forums told us to do it..)

  1. People can be so disappointing: i. goading others to damage their Hondas ii. to actually listen
    Honda engines don't tolerate over fill oil or ATF, because Japanese don't really do very stupid things nor cater for them (unlike British Leyland) so you'll get gasket failure then the oil loss & consequent failures.
    By 2005, Honda had supplied 3 auto boxes to the UK… there had been no other gearbox failures… and all these had been caused by mechanics who presumed there was an overfill valve and just overfilled the ATF.
    What a stupid destructive thing to do.

  2. I have over filled me car with 1 litre of oil by accident and it ran fine until I decided to drill the car and after a few minutes I lost power as if there was fuel starvation and tonns of smoke behind me. Drained the oil , filled the correct amount and 10 years later car still runs fine with 212k on the clock. That was with 1 litre. I enjoyed watching this , brought back the memory

  3. so I've got a story for you guys…I have a ford 3.0 duratec. Had a nasty oil leak and after filling it would be empty in 2 days. I couldnt afford to fix but had to drive to work… after about a week and 300 kms I forgot the car had an oil leak. filled it and went on with my life… 8000 kms later I did an oil change filled it and drove about another 13000 kms with the intent to buy another car. Ended up getting laid off and couldnt afford said new car but with bills still coming in I had to drive the car and couldnt afford to put anything aside gas into it. this car now has 210000 kms everything is fixed up and still going strong. Reason i kept it? After 20000 kms with barely to no oil she's still alive and no knocks no noises nothing. Damn beast this motor is. Im not saying all are but the one in my taurus is.

  4. The question wasn't can you run your car without oil. The question was could you save Derrik's Dcik seeing he'd had it bitten by a deadly snake … AND – you made it 4 minutes down the road so unless there's a hospital nearby, Derrik's dcik loses and should be cut off.

  5. man,poor least give it real mod or engine swap…did u know toyota has some "creepy" engine?try to sneak some..-die hard toyota fan-✌🏻😁

  6. I gave a race track a 20hp motor and the next race it was on a chop block with no oil it only lasted 37.98 second at full throttle.

  7. anyone complaining about them spilling oil seriuisly your losers. the problem is the video takes WAYYY to long to get to the point you guys are terrible hosts… but the viseo did teach me something

  8. laughing so hard at beginning of video do u really trust idiots that alway do stupid things to vehicle n ended up staneded side of road
    i know my truck only take 6 qu oils n they said it take 4 i said nope it take 6 dont annoying me i alway know my shit i have check dipstick make sure over full mark line that all it matters when i start it up it drop down to half mark because goes into oil filters some vehicle have small motor that have small oils pan only take less then 5 qu

  9. Guys, you’ve brought back some funny/not funny memories for me… when I was an 18yo idiot (I’m currently 46yo & significantly more mature), the oil light came on, on my Ford Escort 1.3l & I was kinda clueless about the dipstick malarkey. I stopped at a petrol station, bought 5l of oil & dumped as much as I could get into the engine – literally “brimming” it. The cloud of blue smoke when it eventually started & I gunned it, completely engulfed the filling station & slowly drifted up the road, ominously! I decided to burn off any surplus oil, on the motorway (remember, I was an idiot)… I had never driven it on the motorway before, so tried for the obligatory “ton” (100mph)… I was in the outside lane, doing 90-something, when a 1cm diameter hole blew out of one of the pistons! I became an award-winning Mazda motor vehicle technician (mechanic), then after a solid >9yr career, transitioned into the IT arena.

  10. Long ago, back when I was in college, I had a '73 Chevelle Laguna. I was on the interstate and the oil light came on as it often had before. I knew it wasn't a good thing, but yeah… I kept driving. Being the unwise young dude I was, I kept driving thinking I'd at least get to the next interchange. The next gas station. When it stopped, I never got it going again. RIP Chevelle.

  11. Hey marty and moog, i drained out most of my overfilled oil but the car still blows white smoke. What do i need to do to repakr this?

  12. On the second watch, I'm wondering how long Derek would have lasted if you took it easy. Minimal throttle inputs, just pootering around, low revs, etc.

  13. Nothing lasts forever, not even honda / toyota.

    I know the butt hurt honda and toyota people will disagree.

    But oh well, this video has proven the truth, like it or not.

  14. I think, what happen was, the cylinders were so well lubricated, that they would move so fast and go out of timing, and also the oil was shooting out because of how quickly the cylinders were moving thanks to how well lubricated it was. I was self taught by the best mechanics so I know my stuff.

  15. My brother once overfilled his car engine with oil. The air filter, injectors were clogged. Once it was all cleaned out it started up but very smokey for a while.

  16. My sister brought a brand new car and after the first service never changed the oil or even added any. I told her I could do it for her if she just got the oil, filter etc but it never happened. A few years later I got a text saying that her oil light kept coming on every time she cornered and that my brother had tried to add oil but it wouldn't go in. A days or so later she brought it around so I could have a look and the entire engine was full of think black tar. The oil had been in so long it had solidified.

  17. With all that oil you put in then everything is coated with oil and oil above the pistons to drain down and lubricate so the no oil test was not accurate

  18. hahaha so random but i own this exact same car and my name's Erick….. so i've flagged this for copyright and looking at 50% of the royalties to this whole channel

  19. I don't know why you filled it that much why not see what happens if it just overfilled about 1-2 inches above the FULL line?

  20. BMW of Melbourne failed to put enough oil in my car, that has a leak, and burns oil. I nearly killed it, but thankfully it automatically shut off before any knocking or burning smells started, just a really rough idle – I made sure to check it before anything.

  21. This is very sad, I mean the fact that there are people requesting such things and people filming them… What science are you talking about ffs? Watch how people create things, not destroy them….. There is no such a thing as a backward country, only backward people….

  22. Wife bought a brand new Geo Prism(Toyota Corolla) back in 1990 right before we had just met. After a few months she calls me and tells me her car is making funny noises. I check it out and the car is completely out of oil and has no leak. Only 20,000 miles. I ask her who changed her oil last and they must have forgot to fill it up properly or something. She replys "It's a new car, I didn't think the oil needed to be changed". LMAO. Fortunately she actually worked for the car dealership and knew the ins and outs of warranty. After this fiasco and the oil was refilled it had a rod knocking. The service writer explained that technically this foolishness voided the warranty and if they did warranty it it would be repaired, not replaced with a new engine since it wasn't technically blown up and could be repaired. I took the car and put it in park and held the accelerator to the floor for a minute or so. It threw two rods I think at least. One went through the radiator another went through the pan onto the ground. $100 deductable and a new engine. I ran that car for 300,000 miles and when I sold it it still ran perfect.

  23. i knew nothing about cars and the first time i bought a car i didn't change oil for over 6 months, the thing is my motor was leaking oil so i was just adding new oil every 2 weeks, so i'm guessing i was saved by a leak

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