may 2018 | bullet journal pwm

may 2018 | bullet journal pwm

hello! it’s seo from tbhstudying! whooooo boy, it is may,,, oh boy, ap exams are coming soon…. wow, it’s just been a wiild month full of lots of review, but you know what? that’s okay so, for april, i tried a lot of new things so, for instance, i tried this schedule thingy that i did in my very first bullet journal back in 2014 that’s right, folks! four years ago! so, this month specifically was february (the month that i’m currently flipping through) but i was looking through some of my old bullet journals for inspiration and i saw this and i was like,,, “you know what? i might as well do that! it’s spring break, and i don’t have school to structure my life for another week!” so i thought i might as well try it out, and it was interesting but i remembered why i didn’t continue it and you know?? all’s well that ends well but it’s just not really my thing so i just moved on and decided to do my usual! so, i was back in school and i went back to sort of the weekly layout, i guess, but everything else is deconstructed as usual then i realized “oh, it’s april! may exams are coming!” so i tried to make myself a little calendar i also paperclipped some pages together because i thought that was a little bit too private of information to share but other than that we’re here and we’re in may. so for me, it’s a lot simpler than what i normally do and it’s a lot more, i guess, structured? than it normally is. so i actually made a full page calendar because i really need to know when my exams are, what days i have review sessions, and also???? science olympiad nationals is this month??? (god what a rush) and i need to keep track of that too and !!! just for may, i’ve been saving this absolutely adorable and gorgeous pack of stickers from cheyenne! so, cheyenne makes the loveliest art and i thought one of her flower sheets, her sticker sheets (specifically the tea time one) would be a perfect one for may. i’ve been saving it for months now, but here it is! it’s sort of this really nice sort of flowery, spring-y vibe and because it’s ap season. i did the little doodle of the “Then Perish” obama meme, you know? but everything else is with a color palette of pink, yellow and blue. so, sort of like a muted primary colors palette i guess? so it’s not bold red, bold blue, bold yellow it’s just muted pastel-y sort of colors and do not worry! i will leave all the links of descriptions and doopidoopidoo (absolute nonsense) with it, whatever sorry, i’m just so tired and out of it, but i will leave everything that I used in the description below so, please be sure to check that out! so as you can see, i’m putting in important dates and stuff i still haven’t finished putting in all of the dates yet because i just didn’t have the school schedule with me and i was too lazy to go look for it on my phone so, i just left it the way it was and i didn’t do an entire full spread. i only did half and the only half that i put in were just the key exams that i was going to take and that’s the first day of me on my calendar. so there it is. may. super simple. this is a very short plan with me, but here’s some close-ups like i said, it’s really not anything special the only thing special i would say is the “then perish” because I spent like, i don’t know, i spent ten minutes setting this entire thing up well, and i think the obama picture probably took up like four minutes out of the ten that i spent. but that there it is and gosh, i just love cheyenne’s art so much i just love it and here are some shots of april. so, i also did a lot more doodling in april. i also watched a lot more overwatch league in april compared to other months and yeah um, again. i’m really sorry for not coming up with more videos and not uploading as much as i would like to but you know….. ap season…. after ap exams and nationals are over. i will be back with a regular schedule and regular content, so thank you so much for watching and thank you for your patience. bye!

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    (also i might borrow your idea of using pastel blue, i just never thought about that when it really goes well with the other colors that I'm using rn too !! thanks <3)

  2. Can you please tell me about AP physics? I am debating on whether on taking AP chemistry or AP physics, and both will probably be hard on me. However, I'd love to know your opinion! Thanks!

  3. Bless our souls for AP Season ugh. I personally invite you to my funeral Seo lol. Good luck on your exams!!!

  4. Hey gurl, do you have a video on how your weekly layout works? I trying out new things with my bujo 😄
    Thanks for all your effort and don't sweat not posting too much, YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING, YOU HAVE OTHER PRIORITIES 😘

  5. [Wait is over] so soft! Yet so full 💗 I really really love it eonnie Seo 💗 came from Instagram :)))

  6. Fissure the most handsome, best main tank, greatest in the world. who is better than fissure? nobody.

  7. Haiii Seo!! Loved your video again! Could you make a video about how your schedule worked (the thing that you did in 2014)… and your BGM sounded like 이루마 "Maybe"

  8. Hi! I dont know if you've answered this in a video before… but can you show us how you do your set up (with the camera looking down at the bujo) and what materials you use in your set up? thanks!

  9. ahh I love ur pwms so much seo !! good luck on your exams💓☺️ i was wondering, how did u make ur intro ?? it is so so cool 😍😍

  10. Can you do a video on how to start a bullet journal and how you do it I wanna start one but I don’t know what to do lol 😂

  11. It's weird how I'm gonna have the same schedule next year but with AP Bio instead of AP physics. I love your videos they're so aesthetically pleasing

  12. im rewatching all you pwm as i work on my bujo and i love your little ark drawings and when you talk about the owl i miss it cant wait for next season!

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