EH EH EY !! what’s going on guys? All good? All right? And I’m glad for you Lately I get a lot of email Of people who are wrong Do not? Of people who write to me
“Fuck… Auron I’m so bad.. Everything is going wrong for me … the studies, the girlfriend … My egg …” What’s wrong with you, please? A little bit of humor, a little sauce – Salsa Music – (Oye- Gloria Estefan) Oops! How excited I am? Huh? Since I live in Andorra? ’cause the Andorran Air It puts you in a lung and encourages you. You know? Ahhg Sometimes I get up in the morning sad, right? I get down, but I open the window I see the Andora and I say Fuck I’m Andorran you want me to win you son of a Bit*h.. Before entering into the matter I want to comment something very very Quickly and is that these days there has been talk of another Thing, that of eurovision and Good of the performance of our country Spain -Gallo Eurovision Spain 2017- To see one thing we agree almost all right? That the performance was mediocre, that the song is a copy of a song by Bruno Mars called Lazy Song that is very Similar, and third, as you have just seen him 27 A gallaco leaves, he leaves a gallaco ahi -wared auron- I wish I had the alarm tone “Well, I’d have to see you, huh. Maybe you’ll go there. And you also get a gallaco, huh. “Already, for that very reason I do not introduce myself to Eurovision and I’m in my fucking house What happened as a result of your performance? Well, people By the social networks, because one began to laugh Began to make memes, began to make videos, montages, to make jokes … something normal Even I joked, I put: “But who is the one who represents Spain “It seems the typical that uploads photos to Instagram without a shirt on a surfboard And he answered me from the dressing rooms Before leaving to act I answer the tweet and put “Haha that’s me” * laugh laughter * To which I replied: “Enchanted do not smoke in the dressing rooms that the alarm goes off” Because the guy, in more than one interview is noted that goes to ‘smoke’ Is there with the eyes “Well yes Spain … my songs are very well …” And goes to ‘smoke’, is that it’s a sticks … or so it seems. But good after all good vibes, A joke … the kid followed me on Twitter and everything, Everything okay nothing happens The kid takes things with humor and there is no problem … To me me to passion ‘many times, in more of a video to me I missed’ a shot do not? What you’re talking about and * * pup * jump there the bullet does not? Even in a video once I fell a mucus And they made montages everywhere and what did I do? Cry? What’s up, I laughed And I broke my ass watching the mocarro that came out of my nose eh * strange sound of mucus? * Make memes on the internet and people laugh, but do not pass’ man you have to laugh too You have to take life with a little humor and the kid has done it But there is one thing Which to me seems very curious and is what I want to comment … Several TV channels, specifically Telecinco, I’ll say hey And if you want to do something then hear me eat the eggs In particular Telecinco takes several days Humiliating and laughing at this kid Creating hashtags in your programs as instead Of ” Eurovision ”, ” Muerovisión ” Making fun of him Making assemblies etc. It’s funny because then Telecinco are the first to campaign Anti-bullying, right? Recently did this that became so famous the Be courageous buuuscaaaan * auron sees the voice and * In other words, do you … Very big anti-bullying campaigns …. And then you are the first to take … Three days laughing and humiliating a lad 21 years old? Why? What is the difference? Where is the balance here? I wasted three days laughing at a 21-year-old boy But then I do an anti-bullying campaign to avoid Humiliations and other things eh, I am against bullying LOL!!! What a son of a bitch, what a bad thing he did, MUEROVISIÓN Hear it very well that you fight bullying Make campaigns … perfect I support you Here in mai jart, but then my dear If you do this type of campaigns … Then You can not throw three days humiliating a boy You can not be contradictory It’s like campaigning against people who laugh Of other people who have big ears, right? “Do not laugh at the orejones Do not laugh at the orejones, please do not laugh, it’s wrong ” And then you “haha look an orejón, look that ears are going to fly away What a son of a bitch orejón hahahaha ” Anyway, there I leave … for you to give him there … A couple of laps. Take out your own Oxford English Conclusions * Let’s go with today’s video -Scan of salsa’- Last week, specifically on Friday, I uploaded a video talking about some things that television had said About what we charged and such, and also talked about a Vlog That gave information about what we collected A Vlog that gave information Totally false and I said it in the video What this man is saying is false, it sucks Apart from this man having a channel with 8 Subscribers gave advice Of how to succeed on YouTube. This is like making a book Titled “how to be the best player in the world of soccer” When you’ve never played soccer, for me it’s the same It turns out that this gentleman, that is to say the owner of the vlog … … has seen my video and made me a videophone and Seems to be very offended, for goodness sake, not me I experienced this. I do not usually do Videos of video-posts that have made me because … Then it is something that will never end, but in this If I want to make the exception, because it has Looking very curious and very silly at the same time. The video is already starting strong, huh, attentive Hey, dude, Aurongay, shit. Uncle, forgive me, Auronplay Woooooooooooooooow !!! What a good guy! What what Witty, what a joke wow! How long have you been thinking … … in this joke ?, has a writer written it or what? What a good game! Witty !, as I have not thought of it before? , From AuronPlay, quito play And I wear gay Year 2017 and there are still People trying to mess with others Calling them gay 2017 eh, huehue Friend, watching your mood, I recommend this book It’s because you’re going to like it a lot, you read this and it’s that parts You would start HUEHUEHUEHUE Really, you do not have a fool’s hair Buy it because you’re going to like it How are you, boy, everything okay, and I’m glad that huehuehuehue HUEHUEHUEHUE I’m glad that it’s funny The truth, I hold my laughter every time I say “And I’m glad” huehue is great is What happens to this man, what happens to him I do not know why but I have the impression you’ve been looking for Searched for the information of my person of what interested you, osea you have based Ehh, antenna information3 but you have not investigated My epic vlog, because otherwise You know what I’m doing, I’m an advertising copywriter. I like to play the Tambourine all Sundays in the church of your neighborhood ” Understand me * hue *. I do not care To what you dedicate, I entered your vlog and saw this Then talk about it. Why? Because that’s what interests me To my that pussy but gives me that you have written … About gorillas in the Amazon and how good That they pass it when it is the time of the bananas You think i do not have the right To think about how to succeed On YouTube, and honestly, I think What I feel like HUEHUEHUEHUE Do not try to pity, do not try to do the Poor boy that they are here censuring me Freedom of expression, because it is not so. You can say what you want, as if you mean That whales are ugly and you fall foul And when you see one you are going to insult him, hey, how are you? In your right if you want to insult a whale But what you can not do, and it has no logic Is to do a tutorial on how to succeed on Youtube When you have not succeeded and you have no fucking idea How to do it To see, for power you can do what you want clear you can do that tutorial Or as an elite footballer, but then If you see a big Youtuber and it says: ” Hey you do not have a fucking idea ” … Or an elite football player comes to you and says: ” Hey you do not have a fucking idea ”, do not get shulo Candy That said okay, uhh You also commented that All the information that I, that I have exposed In a post I wrote 1 year ago, and no Years as you say, it’s False I want to show you, joer that snore xd So you can see if you have fun around the world That even my dog ​​snores there hey, hey really forgive me eh HUEHUEHUEHUE Make no mistake, my friend. Make no mistake, the dog Is sleeping as I listen to you because to me He is not listening to me, you are recording your, the dog Has given you an embolism to listen to the nonsense you are saying They asked what it was that you charged Which, by the way, cost you horrors to answer Bone like as it took like 3 minutes But at the end of the day You put an average of 3 thousand euros Per month, and if you notice in my post Is what I put, so the information Which I relied on you, was what you said yourself. Here if I have to tell you to see that I am one Impartial person, that if you are right you have it, and if not You do not have it. Here if I have to say that Long ago it’s true, I interviewed in an interview Which charged an average of 3 thousand euros, and you simply You have multiplied 3×12 of a year and have given you the result And it may be a good amount, it may be There, so there it’s ok, you’re right You’re right not because you’re a good researcher out there in your vlog But because I said it HUE, that is, you only have Multiplied by 3×12. Come on, come on xdd That good! I’m Inspector Gadget! But dude, do not fuck with me, then you have pearls, you have every Perlita in your vlog, that is to catch and shit me Over here all the poop Here, you have things like that ElrubiusOMG cobra 9 cents for each sengundo HUEHUEHUE 5 euros per minute And 7 thousand euros a day, in general, bone according to your Rubius life is something like watching TV At home, no, quietly UY !!!!!!!!!!! Honey, did you hear that sound? Seductive voice- No, it was not thunder. It was the sound of money. I just won 7,000 euros, right now, look and now 9 cents, another nine, yes? 9 cents By the way, you have a team of trolls Acojonante (You know) Or seriously, uh, I can assure you that I have been insulted not The following but it is that I have left the box uncle bone With comments type ” Bald of shit “xd “Cancerous Leper” “Die Already” ” Son of a bitch ”, ” Disappears ” Seriously, man, this is … The community you have? I would have fallen on my face in shame. First of all Do not go here as a little boy. Oh, I’ve been insulted, ay What am I going to do my heart hurts Because you, the first thing you do is make a video, and start it Saying AuronGay trying Offending, trying because HUE the truth is that you do not offend Much for that. 2nd, I at no time Nor did I tell thee a leper, I have not wanted you to die If then there is someone, some cocoon that wants to go to your video And say “joputa”. Hey this is internet, we can not Control that, if we have to control the creators What each person will say after seeing your video. Well, well this would be a waste. It also comes to my many people sometimes “Auronplay joputa I’m going to kill you” And what do I do? I cry? Well, no, hey. Well look at HUEHUE. Congratulations You told me that if I dared to go To your house … to make a video I accept the challenge. Is it really all this vidio attacking for the conclusion to be What do you want to record a vidio with me? XD -Ray of Auron- XD I’ll answer you with something you said yourself To succeed on YouTube, as Youtuber Make video games and jets. If you really want to succeed according to my calculations You must make videos and games, apparently like web portals Of online games. They have a lot of … Demand on Youtube. The statistics speak for themselves … Why would you want to come to the Room of a guy who just makes crap? How pathetic does not it? By the way, I really complain Of which: Ay, I have been insulted. But of the 300 And peak subscribers that you have achieved thanks to my video … You do not say anything about that? That you are there, uy, quiet, right? HUEHUE What bird are you? COME ON Take care, crack By the way one last thing and I’m leaving, I swear The other day I went up to the squad channel an interview To Mangelrogel, to MANGEL He’s an uncle that I’ve always wanted to interview I was very excited, and nothing and I have achieved We had a good time … … and if you want to see the result that You see here, because in the description I leave a link I recommend you to see it if you want to know a little more From Mangel

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    Mejor ya ignora a ese tal "Jonathan", tus videos son mejores por mucho, saludos desde México amigo!

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    Así nos vamos a vivir a Andorra y que no joda el inspector gadget ???

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    De AuronPlay quito "Play" y pongo "gay" jojojo :v
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