Mean Mom

Mean Mom

There are people in our lives that make us
feel safe, and loved, and respected. And then, for some of us out there, there
are people in our lives that are supposed to make us safe, and loved and respected,
but the don’t do their job. My entire life I’ve had a wonderful father,
who has made so many sacrifices for me, and taking care of me so that I could have a better future. Unfortunately,  I can’t say the same about my mother. From a young age, I was always ridiculed,
teased, and taunted by mom, and whenever I did something wrong, I wasn’t properly sat down and disciplined, I was yelled at, and smacked even sometimes. I grew up with very low self esteem because
my mom would say things like, “you’re terrible, I don’t like you, I don’t love
you at all, I think that you’re a big burden to this family, what sin could I have possibly
committed to have you as a kid”. And she thought that all of these words would
just brush over, and I would realize that she someone didn’t mean them. But she said them so many times that I don’t
think she doesn’t believe them. In fact I’m quite sure that she means everything
she says, and as a result, it has lowered my self esteem and my self worth, and it has
made me do things like cutting, and inflicting self harm. As a young adult, even now, I suffer with
this. Of course I stopped inflicting self harm, but I have struggled with my self worth
so much, whenever I look into the mirror, I can’t see a girl that I love and appreciate,
I can’t see somebody that is strong and independent I see someone that is weak and
has been broken and shattered by a negative influence all her life. To those of you out there who are struggling
because of some negative influence in your life, whether it be your parents, or an ex best friend,
or an ex boyfriend, or a bully, or anything, please remember that you’re not alone, that
you don’t deserve to suffer this way and nobody should be able to say that to you. You are wonderful, compassionate human beings. And, you have so much to offer this world. Don’t let this negative influence take over
your life anymore.

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  1. Man I feel so sorry for everyone who can relate to this. I showed this to my mom and she got a little emotional. She said if I could afford it financially I would adopt every human who feels neglected by their mom. I'm very blessed to have a mom who's an mom to everyone she meets, even my own friends.

    Stay strong beautiful people! ❤️

  2. This is a sad story but there every single comment I’ve read so far are made by nine year olds who are writing “deep” quotes who are secretly begging for likes. Also there are more who are like 1 liKe iS 1008o sLaP fOr muM lMaO

  3. One day my mom taught me how to count, but I couldn't do it. She was so pissed and frustrated. She said "you're stupid". I'm 33 years old now and I can't never forget this. Though I love her, but a little part of me hates her somehow. There were also many other things that she did in the part that hurt me a lot.

  4. My mom always says mean things and only cares if things work for her or other people that affect my life and I try to tell her but she just won’t listen. I feel like she’s taking over my whole self esteem and my dad is doing the same.

  5. You should take your own advice cause your saying your struggling still don’t let this negative influence take over your life anymore like you said

  6. Give your mom 100000000000000000000000000000 smacks in the face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 how do you like that mom 🤣🤣

  7. 1 like=100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000 slaps for Her mom

  8. Well myself and my mom has had it hard with my grandma she is nice but you don't want to get on her bad side it almost felt like she broke 💔 my rib 😟🙁😪😭😿🙀

  9. I 🥰 you. You are the most amazing human being. You’re worth it, you’re worth it, you’re worth it. Please know you are

  10. My mum told me that I was an accidental baby, that I am mot as pretty as I think and that I am a whore. But later said she didn't mean it… how can I believe that

  11. I want my mom to get off my back and let me be a normal teenager for once in my life….She tears everything away from me and puts me down a lot…..She is crazy. I tried talking to her about it once but she just denied it all and made me feel like the bad guy..I want it to end..I want to run away from home 🙁

  12. It's short for
    I'm cyber bullied
    I'm rejected
    I'm useless
    I'm a waste of oxygen
    Most importantly

    I'm loved by my family
    Best friends
    And my own soul does…
    And my soul cares for you
    Regardless who you are
    What you do
    Or even if you consider yourself weird.
    Your a legend.

  13. My mom is drunk all the time! My Dad is always working in other country! And My mom is ruining my life and also my mom is cheating on my Dad

  14. May mom hates me and may sister and may baby sis she dosent like us neder may dad only likes mi and may twin sis(why are not twins)andmay baby sis too he buys us candy and some toys and one DAY ay TOLD may MOM that THATS NOT HOW YOU THRIT KIDSSSSSS thars what ay told may mom and am 8 and may baby sis is 0 and may sis is 7 and y DONT like may MOM

  15. My mom gave me a black eye because she got mad at me when I didn't tell her that bath and body works wasn't in WalMart like how am I supposed to know you were such a dumbass smh

  16. A lot of us have similar cases to yours. My mom does everything your mom does. Calls me names and ridicules me. She takes the threatening too far and actually grabs a pair of scissors or a knife and threatens me that she’ll kill me or cut off my finger and doesn’t care if she goes to jail. Is that a criminal offense or terrorist attack?

    If not, she just says, “I hat e you and I will kill you and not your stupid father.” She keeps comparing me to my brother and favors him over me. She compares me to my ridiculous friend who actually misbehaves.

    Everytime I apologize for doin a small mistake, she just yells at me telling me to go away and she doesn’t wanna see my face. She gets so mad and just ignores me when I ask her about her day and work she talks to my brother like he is her world.

    My mum calls me stupid and and worthless and she then yells at me to work or help my brother with his stupid homework.. she really makes me wanna kill myself. Even if we’re just in the same room together, I start to cry simply because of her well being. I wanna call the cops on her but I am only eleven and I do not know what to do. Share if you have similar experiences. Please give me advice on what to do. 😔

  17. You know what YOU should never call mom mean and I know some of you petty kids gonna be like "you cant say that" but its simple respect and discipline. If you spilt rhe glass of milk like it showed there she wont say CONGRATS YOU MADE A MESS! Or will she. No one should say your mom should get slapped because you are disrespecting the person that gave this giel A life. You cant say oh shes horrible becuase 1.she YOUR MOM and second of all she isnt sooo bad as you say if she gives you clothes lets you serve your own milk like you showed or even have medias or technologh or something to post so quit being petty and trying to make people feel bad for you because alot of girls and KIDS out there dont have a mom to depend on beacuse they passed away . Luckily and thanks god my mom still lives but I bet tou those people without parents would give the world to have ther parents back so shut the f up.

  18. If I was the girl's father there would be 3 things I would;
    1. Place my daughter in a bear hug
    2. Confront the wife "aka scream at her for doing this to are child"
    3. Give her divorces paper's "on the spot"

  19. My mom yelled at me for using a charger without a powerbank


    My mum deserves to get slapped 5 Billion Times


  21. That’s the same with my mom. Whenever I do something wrong, she would always yell, insult, and throw stuff at me instead of talking it out nicely.

  22. My mom used to hit me and but now she yells at me if I make a mistake and my brother says the same thing to me

  23. Don’t bring children to this world if you are not ready to love them no matter what! They are yours for God’s sake!!

  24. It doesn’t seem like the kid has any Asian friends. If she hanged out with Asian people she would feel normal compared to them

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