100 thoughts on “Meanwhile… Losing ‘Friends’ And Tumblr Nudity

  1. He's right, only a penis would buy and carry a gun without knowing how to be safe with a gun.

    Millions of people carry. Some shot themselves during practice, we don't want to say this, but that's almost expected. But, while carrying in Walmart, during repositioning the gun? Did this happen in an open carry State?

  2. Tumblr is pro anti-Semitic and white supremist. Yet it opposes boobs. I suggest advertisers find a more positive online community to support.

  3. Random suggestion:    Buy a DVD or Blu-Ray of the complete series (any series you like a lot). That's what I do with ALL of my favorites. IF they're below $20, I'll be a season, this does cause me to be one to two seasons (years) behind of what's currently still of television but buy the whole series is best when the show is over.   ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND, EVERYONE. See ya, next week (on-line not in person…don't get freaked out…LOL).

  4. For the past couple years, there's been a tremendous influx of spam blogs cropping up on tumblr… mostly blogs posting nothing but cheesecake, if not porn images, and links to camgirl pages. It's basically bot spam to boost google search rankings for the cam-girls. It's a nuisance at most, but the sheer volume of them has been truly staggering, and no one is sad to see them go.
    At the same time, plenty of people are just posting cute selfies, or "tasteful nude" type artwork, and tumblr is throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

  5. Oh look, it seems a series can 'leave' a streaming service. Oh dear, how sad, never mind. I'm sitting here gazing lovingly at all my DVDS THAT I HAVE BOUGHT! 😉

  6. How the hell can you mention Tumblr banning porn without addressing the "Female presenting nipple" thing!? That shit's absurd. XD

  7. Anybody notized that there are exactly six fries on the table? I guess the video was taken in that professors house.

  8. The vacuum cleaner that actually works! Buying this for your kid feels even crueler than spanking! "Enjoy your childhood in the hospital nursery cause the moment you get home you got chores to do!"

  9. You'd think tumblr banning tags like chronic pain and safe sex would be a hint that Verizon doesn't give a shit about its users. This coupled with experienced programmers, who could have done something better instead of banning porn, leaving without receiving a counter offer and instead using an algorithm that flags its own post and fucking dunes, you know this is the end of tumblr.

  10. That was a very responsible gun owner. He is not the first to get a Darwin award for shooting his own balls off. I wish NRA would encourage that to all its members (pun intended 😉). Maybe even hold training courses. With live ammo of course.

  11. I don't know how much of a cleaner that toy vacuum cleaner is – but even if it just picks up legos, my feet will be happy.

  12. I have never seen one second of "Friends" and I feel my life has been enhanced by the experience. In fact, the absence of "Friends" watching has been almost as crucial to my happiness as assiduously avoiding "Seinfeld."

  13. To everyone person whose saying gif is pronounced giff, if u look it up colberts right, it is jiff, it actually is supposed to b pronounced jiff XD it's amazing, screwed me up when I found out months ago, say to screw others up lol

  14. Come on tumblr, you've got neo-nazi, death threats to members and art theft yet you choose to go after Porn. Getting off is how we're able to put up with all that sh*t

  15. Soooo wait pictures of people in birthday suits bad. Blowing up people in gross toxic ways OK. Somethings wrong here.

  16. Holy crap! I just started binge watching Friends late last year. If I don’t get to finish it, that will suck.

  17. Its Feb 17, 2019 and there are still mass amounts of pornography on tumblr and no easy way to report each post or page. Tumblr is not exclusively a porn-site to begin with, and their age restriction option/function is dysfunctional and does not prevent anyone who should not and/or does not want to, watch pornographic content from stumbling across copious amounts of pornography and looking at it anyway. On tumblr people can still find/post underage porn/rape porn/etc. and there is no way tumblr can thoroughly screen such content and/or prevent anyone from watching it. Children/adults do not need to come across extreme anti female/male/… pornography just because tumblr doesn't know how to actually ban such porn content, start a new website, or simply detect who does and does not want to see certain content or know the actual age of the viewer. …even emails informing tumblr of severely inappropriate content are being ignored by them. Not – even – every page/image has the report button option ¨attached¨ to it. Porn on tumblr was not just being used to celebrate harmless human sexuality; it was being used to pervert, distort and cause harm by means of it… @ @

  18. 2:38 "So…he shot himself in the meat section"
    If there is a god, he smiled to himself when he orchestrated that. Irony has ever been his most wickedly wonderful sense and source of humor.

  19. I get that this is a joke. Like, really I do.

    But, OH MY GOD, the Harvard professor is not "doing this" to anybody.

  20. Sorry, what!? It is legal…and NORMAL for civilians to walk around carrying A gun??
    Oh sorry, not a gun, but a semi-auto? WTF! Are you people serious!?

  21. Meanwhile…. love this show and this past of the show… Stephen Colbert… I remember him being part of the Daily Show he was really good at it…😎

  22. I grew up in the late 90s, and I am somewhat happy to admit that I’ve never watched a single episode of “Friends.” I know a few of the actors, but don’t know what their characters impressed on people.

  23. Im sorry Stephen but Absolute vodka is not made from potatoes……

    The main ingredients in Absolut Vodka are water and winter wheat. The water comes from a deep well in Åhus where it’s protected from impurities. Winter wheat differs from other crops: it’s sown in fall, and harvested the next one. Days in between it grows under the Swedish snow developing its hard grain. Also, the use of fertilizers is minimized.

  24. Dyson makes a toy vacuum cleaner that actually cleans.
    Great way to fool the kids into doing chores.

    About time we put those snotty little ingrate bastards to work…ROFLMAO

  25. No more nudes on Tumblr? One down, 980,678,492 sites to go…981,679,010 sites to go…982,446,978 sites to go…

  26. Greedy companies taking shows off Netflix is going to bring back piracy. Netflix was the solution – companies get to effectively monetise their old catalogues and people get to watch all the old shows that they love. Now Disney, CBS, and the rest of the content companies are getting greedy and each are creating their own exclusive little fenced up areas which you need to subscribe to. This is bad for us as the consumer and it's bringing us back to the dark days.

  27. Hmmm. “5 guys burgers” gives you a grease covered paper bag full of fries 😋.. ohh you have to specify when ordering that you only want a single patty burger.. standard is a double..
    I’m hungry!

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