Metal Detecting Newspaper Machines

Metal Detecting Newspaper Machines

So I’m at a set of newspaper.. old newspaper stand thing. This has been here, these newspaper machines like I could definitely tell you for decades. So I just walked up and figured we’d give this a shot and we’ve got some other videos of few other sites like this So, I think we’ll probably do this in a series and probably do a few different parts so this will probably be Part One Thanks for watching. Alright, there’s definitely trash all over but there’s another one. There’s coins everywhere here and there’s a bunch of trash too but there’s just coins all over this thing I don’t think anybody’s ever even hunted it There’s some can slaw coming up I’ve got the AT Pro and it’s just on Pro Zero.. [mumbling] We’re just on Pro Zero right now Obviously that’s going to be super loud… Another dime, more than likely.. ’82 penny… penny, but I can’t read it… another penny… ..and a lot more ants. There it is.. That’s a quarter… ’88… cool.. {counting coins..} $1.03 Not bad Just stopped by an old newspaper stand. Long gone, but the money’s not. {laughs}

11 thoughts on “Metal Detecting Newspaper Machines

  1. Good idea! I don't think I have ever seen that many paper boxes in one place. lol!

    GL & HH my friends,

  2. Thanks for another video. Just liked and subbed you. I love my AT PRO in PRO ZERO mode. Had some awesome finds in 2016. Class ring w/ return, 1700 King William III coin, 11 silvers and 3 golds. Videos posted.

  3. Awesome! Good hunt and video! I love that old broken padlock, what a tale it could tell! Thanks for sharing.
    GL&HH, Arty 🙂

  4. The 5×8 coil on the AT Pro would be the boss at a location like that. Even one of the super small sniper coils would let you get really close to the machines and sidewalks and pull out just about everything dropped there. GL and HH!

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