100 thoughts on “Microsoft Flight Simulator – X019 – Gameplay Trailer

  1. System requirements: I9-10900k
    4 Titan RTX
    1tb ram (min) 10tb ram (optimal)
    2 petabytes of storage space (min)
    1tb storage space for every dlc
    Own fusion reactor
    And an internet connection speed of 10 gbps

  2. ok so…
    300mb/s internet ✅
    i9-9900ks ❌
    2x RTX 2080 Supers ❌
    32 GB DDR4 4000MHZ RAM ❌
    Desktop Computer in general ❌


  3. They better add an online system where 1000s of us can travel the world simultaneously. Ofcourse with the option to turn friendly damage off lol

  4. Please add realistic crash effects like plane crashing down into pieces and buildings breaking down due to crash and explosions

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