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good morning guys what we truck today we’re going in town for the
last I’m gonna go to Whole Foods and grab some snacks for the plane ride whatever other little last minute is
something we need which I don’t think as much that means good morning good afternoon
and good night I am rocking another head scarf today
and I am loving these you guys I got this from Amazon of course I have one in
pink and then this one is in like a beautiful cocoa color or something like
that of hot chocolate these are really big and I’m getting like really
creative with them and I’m so yesterday we didn’t vlog the full day we only
loved a very important part when I said see you later
to my car yesterday they came and took my car and I didn’t feel like plugging
the whole day because we were running around look for a house even though we
found our house ok you’re just doing a lot of running around and I really
couldn’t run around and vlog yesterday so we’ve vlogged I think the most
important part of yesterday when they took my car since we’re driving to town
I’m gonna just pop in yesterday so that you guys can catch up good morning guys
we are packing up my truck yes reality is kicking in because they’re coming to
pick up well we actually have to meet them outside of the gate they’re gonna
come get my truck and ship it to DC California to DC I say excited so me and
Ari are gonna drive my truck Papa Bear is gonna take his truck I’m gonna drop
it off then everybody’s gonna ride together back home sunglasses on I’m
looking so rough I have two random breakouts I don’t know I don’t care we
still don’t have a house but we’re really close on another property my
heart has been broken so many times within the past week no not even a week
like the past four days you know that God has already picked his property out
for us and we’re just waiting to see it so Lord
reveal the home that you pick for us today right right just zipping it up my
purse okay we have to go get gas he was waiting no nothing all right
nothing we’ll be right back saris gonna ride with Papa Bear truck is it’s not
really packed because that wasn’t the goal we just wanted to put a few things
in here Whole Foods bags mermaid blanket have a
few things in here just a few where today he’s gonna meet us at the gate at
11:30 its 1104 so I need to go get some gas really quick all right so my car is
supposed to arrive at my parents place on Tuesday and that is the day that I
land so that is super exciting to know that I’ll had my car that day or the day
after I lay it that’s really good I’m so thankful
everything’s been flowing and going with transportation for the house and my car
I’m just so thankful and these crows are carrying a goy
little bunny rabbit and I have not had my real breakfast so
I’m like 1 in coffee right now alright I’ll catch y’all later I have to cut my
AC back on his hot hey you won’t be able to hear me it’s
going up next cup of I guess we’re waiting on the guys in
lemon 2030 so I’m just gonna say here this is just a music I got myself to a
like my real real self before I came to Porter with the guys running late but we’re already
off post he said he’s gonna be here within the next 20 to 40 minutes don’t
want to sit here for 20 or 40 minutes I do I want to drive back home looking
sorry hey what are you doing that was me I was beeping at you you need me to get out with you what nope I’m right here
yeah if they gotta make a u-turn there was
one spot on the air for me yeah that was him I saw one spot from
you yeah I told her in the parking lot Hey father also ways to go where’s he at the
new potential partner okay that’s his sweetheart this man is
finally that was long as you turn at my mom yep
that’s the truck that’s gonna come get my truck he’s hey daddy’s talking
to the guy down daddy’s going to drive the truck over there to the big truck
and load her up funny mommy the guys doing an inspection of my truck right
now all right the guys get my truck please take care of my truck she looks
up she hopes okay yourself you’ll take care of it be nice to her looks like the nerving so
trouble back in my car up I hope it did not scratch alright looks like he got it in there
but it needs to go down so he has to go really slowly
oh my battery’s about to a maybe be quiet if I alert okay
all right now he’s getting the last car and my cars on the inside before the fog
daddy spot daddy’s truck isn’t going sorry we have to get back home right
truck see you later say bye to the truck bye see you soon
it’s gonna grab my on pop-ups see you soon yeah Joe’s maybe nervous now he was
movin looking back at me like hey I’m not too close my car because you went
over there but I guess you went over because you were nervous that like so
some hydraulic cylinders – ions or whatever you do you feel
comfortable with it he’s cool I’m cool and I’m bout to save
his battery and we’re about to go to start hey guys we just got to hold foods and
during the drive up I was talking to my mom and on they facetimed us and it
checked out the house that we’re gonna get so it is so very excited right now
we’re just waiting on the owners and we’ll find out everything you know the
official news and all of that on a Monday
I’m really excited you guys it is in the area of my dreams it’s not the house in
my dreams and that’s okay because we’re just renting possibly rent to own but
the location is everything to me there’s so many vegan restaurants so many like
ethnic spots like Mexican Asian areas diverse there’s two yoga studios one of
them have pictures of like kids don’t yo get in there with their mothers there’s
a dog park there’s a community pool there is a community playground and you
guys I’m just so excited I’m like about to go inside of Whole Foods I had my
list we’re not gonna be in here long today because I don’t need a lot of
stuff I’m pretty sure that my car is doing well but sorry it’s been like I’m
like okay we’ll see it when we get to Grandma and pop-pop sounds if you’re new
check out the playlist or if you’ve missed a few gloves check it out I’ll
link it up here and it’s always in the description box along with my blog blog okay mommy has a bunch of stuff and the
camera so alright I really like my head wrap today love it big girl so I love this ho good job I
see all right let’s cool it with Eddie let’s
go find Danny hey guys we’re going to find daddy thank you no no no at the camera you hey make sure you make sure you wrap
your legs around like you do daddy stay right there sorry by I’ll be here next week I have a little
snacky snack that just gave us already have for like a third some rice and
chili no this is not chili lentils that I made last night it tastes so good you
guys it looks like refried beans but it’s super delicious here you guys you want to get plant
power sure there’s no um no I don’t want a shirt there’s no plant powers on the
East Coast it’s like bittersweet movie in here I think it’s oh yeah there’s a
spot in DC called new vegan it’s like kicking in that we’re really leaving
California it’s like wow I keep saying that in every clip but it’s so true
we made it back to the house let’s just put this on until we farm that ladder
okay my money it’s a car like that Oh Saturday underwear yeah you do it
yourself you’re never gonna do it silly Willy I’m just gonna twist up your
hair see to take yeah I know right now ah boo boo you did your relaxing that’s
where I want to do hey chase you’re looking right over gentle hugs take a
nap they keep talking and clicking want to
see more click to the left and the right and if you’re still thinking about
subscribing just go ahead and click it and don’t forget to visit the
description see you in the next one bye hey make sure you make sure your wrap
your legs around like to do daddy


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