Mind-Blowing Fallout Shelters

Mind-Blowing Fallout Shelters

– These fallout shelters are the bomb.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– I don’t want to alarm you… …but at any moment, the world could
come to an abrupt end. You could just be sitting there, enjoying
your favorite cereal, enjoying your favorite morning talkshow — Good
Mythical Morning — and then, all of a sudden, a 50-kiloton nuclear bomb —
or nuke-a-ler bomb, if that’s how you say it — could explode, decimating
everything within a two-mile radius. And then if you don’t happen to be within
that two-mile radius, and your breakfast cereal is still intact, you’re probably
going to be killed by the fallout: the radiation within the 100-mile
radius. But don’t be worried. – Everything’s gonna be okay, right Link?
– Well, I’m actually a little bit worried. But when everything falls out, all you’ve
got to do is fall into a fallout shelter. – Yes!
– And we’ve got some mind-blowing… …options to present to you of where you
can fall out with us! Together! Starting with, very specifically, 3970
Spencer Street in Las Vegas. – Okay.
– Come join us there! – (Link) Look, it’s just a house!
– (Rhett) Yeah, it’s just an ordinary… …suburban home. No, it’s not. Once you
go inside, there is an entire other home underneath it. And not just a home:
this is a 15,000-square-foot basement that has a two-bedroom home surrounded
by an underground yard with grass and trees. A four-hole putting green.
A swimming pool. Two jacuzzis. – (Link) Whoa whoa whoa whoa!
– Two jacuzzis! Not one. Count ’em. Two jacuzzis. A sauna. A dance floor
with a small stage. Can anybody spell… – …karaoke?
– So hold on. This is like a sound stage. – I hope it is.
– You walk out of the house and you can… – …see painted murals of a skyline?
– Yeah. They have little painted… …animals and trees and stuff, too.
Owls and stuff. – And there’s a grill in a rock.
– No, there is a barbecue grill… …disguised as a rock. So while everyone
is up on the surface burning to death, you can be, like, burning a chicken.
For yourself! – That is so great!
– That’s grilling a chicken. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– That’s… that’s pretty cool. Okay, now, one of the things you’re gonna
have to live with though is the 70s decor, because this thing was built back in the
day by a guy named Jerry Henderson of Underground World Home Corporation.
Because his big idea was that he wanted to do a bunch of these, and this was a
prototype home to kinda sell people on… – …the idea. It didn’t really catch…
– Okay. …on, because the Cold War… uh,
you know, the nuclear threat… – Fizzled out.
– …seemed to kinda back off a… – …little bit. But somebody did…
– Mhm. …have this thing. It went under
foreclosure in 2013. It was up for sale. 1.7 million bucks, which is a great deal:
two houses for the process of one. But unfortunately you can’t buy it,
because somebody called “The Society for the Preservation of
Near-Extinct Species” — not making that up — bought the house in 2014.
So apparently there’s, like, black… – …rhinos walking around that grill.
– (laughing) Near-extinct species. – Well, that’s us when the fallout hits.
– Exactly. They love fake grass. Huh. Okay, so we can’t get in on that one.
But what if you want to take 499 of… – …your friends into a fallout shelter?
– Oh, yeah. Party. Well, then you’re coming with me to a
place near Toronto called the Ark Two Shelter, as in the the sequel to
Noah’s Ark. – Oh!
– Built by Bruce Beach. It began in… …the 1980s. Now, the wiki claims,
uncited, that it is the largest private fallout shelter in the world. I’m talking
10,000-square-foot. – Foot? Oh, got it.
– Feet. There’s multiple. Check out this areal photo. Now, this
looks like a school bus parking lot, right? Wrong! What he did was he dug a huge
hole and he parked 42 school buses… – …in the hole, that close.
– What? Then he poured concrete all over all
of it and then buried the concrete-encased school buses in 14
feet of dirt. – So it kinda is a school bus parking lot.
– Underground. I mean, it is that. But it is also
something else. Yeah, every room is a school bus.
It’s powered by diesel generators. It’s got two commercial kitchens,
a private well, a motel-sized – septic tank to house…
– Mm! …well, you know what. It’s got a
radio communication center… – …a chapel, and this dental room.
– (Rhett) Wow, that looks like a great… – …place to get worked on.
– (Link) The stains on the floor… – …are a nice touch.
– Yeah, it looks like there’s been some… – …work done there already.
– But the most exciting part of this… …fallout shelter is not the size of the
school buses, but it’s the guy who made it all: Bruce Beach, who I mentioned.
He is a long-time doomsday prep-er. But he’s also a former professor of
computer science. And he sells radiation detectors on his website,
radmeters4u.com – Oh, yeah. I’ve got it bookmarked.
– I highly recommend going to this… – …text… uh… covered site.
– (laughing) It’s amazing. His bio on the site says,
“I have no musical or sports talents but was once upon a time an exceptional
speed-reader, reading as many as… – …five books a day.”
– (high voice) Oh, that’s real fast! You get to hang out with Bruce Beach,
former speed-reader… – He’s like a walking encyclopedia.
– …in school buses. He also… He’s like a bus driver with a lot
of knowledge. (laughing) Yeah, man. But the buses ]
don’t drive anywhere. – Right. But you’re always in a school bus.
– Right. – You can’t get out of a school bus.
– Listen. The Beach boy gives… …fallout survival advice on his
(high voice) YouTube channel! – Oh, this guy is great.
– BruceBeachArkTwo. I wanna… …show you a clip. This is him talking
about what they’re going to do after the fallout when they encounter
radiation victims, okay? – Okay.
– I am a radiological scientific… …officer, and this is our nuclear
survival complex. – “This is my dog.”
– (Bruce) If the radiation is… – …not too intense — say, like…
– Okay. – …10R per hour.
– (Rhett) Yeah, that’s not too bad. – (Link) That’s cool.
– (Bruce) …we would send out men… – …to man the barricades…
– (Rhett impersonating Bruce) “Men.” …on the road leading to Ark Two.
You can follow along the dialogue. – “You can follow along the dialogue.”
– (Bruce) Hi, folks. Where are you from? – (female voice) About 20 miles south.
– (Rhett) Is that the dog talking? – (Bruce) You’ve been walking along?
– (Link) It’s a refugee. (female) For the last two days. Can we
get into the shelter? – (Rhett impersonating) “Shelter?”
– (Bruce) Sorry, it is full, so you will… …have to continue on. They are the
walking dead. – Whoa!
– Ooh! Bruce Beach is cold! – Life’s a beach, man.
– Apparently, he thinks that people are… …going to start talking like it’s 1828.
(impersonating) “No, well, we’ve been… – …walking for two days.”
– But you can’t get in after you’re… …irradiated. But you wanna get in before
you’re irradiated so you can hang out… – …with the Beachster.
– Well, can I say that that guy and his… – …dog looked like good company.
– Oh, yeah. So I’m sold already. I want to be a part
of this, and I love buses. He also has a patent for a chess-teaching
machine. You can learn chess down there. – I need that.
– Here’s the only problem: he’s not… …gonna let you in unless you’re a kid.
He only wants kids to come into this thing. He says, “We have room for your
children, but we don’t have room for you. That’s the nature of life.
This is the lifeboat.” – Line up, kids.
– Okay, I’m signing my children… – …up right now, Bruce. What?
– (crew offscreen laughing) – That seems a little weird.
– It’s an option. Okay, if you don’t like school buses and
you want a little bit more luxury in… – …your fallout experience, you can…
– Maybe. …sign up to be a part of a Vivos
underground survival shelter! Now, these guys specialize in luxury
shelters. This is not a school bus, my friend. This is amazing. These are
3D renderings of one of the ones… – …that’s being built right now.
– (Link) Mm! Fallout resort! They actually have one that’s already been
built in Indiana that has about 80 spots, but most of them are filled. But you can
still get in on Vivos Europa One. This is a 1.1-billion-dollar shelter.
This is basically like a cruise ship in – a mountain in Germany.
– Wow! 227,000 square feet of secure,
blast-proof living areas big enough for 34 high-net-worth families to inhabit
for a full year. – 227,000 square feet for 34 families.
– Those high-net-worth families… – …take up — they expect tennis courts.
– Oh. And other things. They’re very…
they need a lot of space. – (laughing) High-maintanace, man.
– Now, you look at these pictures… …and you begin to want the world
to end. You begin to want everyone else to die so you can live in this
mountain and enjoy this amazing swimming pool and you’ve got an
aquarium outside of your bedroom. This is absolutely amazing! Now, there’s
also a person behind this, Link. – It’s not Bruce. It’s Robert.
– Nh-nh? Robert Vicinio. He’s a 6′ 8″, 300-pound
man. I’m gonna explain why I told you… – …how big he was in a second.
– He’s like a wrestler. He’s from San Diego. He’s a businessman.
And he wants to save humanity. – He is behind these Vivos shelters.
– At least the rich portion. Once upon a time, a psychic told him
that, quote, “He was sent to Earth from… …a planet of giant, superior beings
dedicated to saving the human race, and that’s why he needed
such a large frame.” – Oh!
– If you didn’t notice, I’m a pretty… …big man myself. Haven’t been to a
psychic, but I like to think that I’m also here to help save you, Link.
And the crew. You gotta have a big frame to
save the human race? I can pack 300 pounds on here real easy.
REAL easy. You wouldn’t believe it. Now, he also believes that there’s a
possibility that alien reptilians are impersonating the British royal family,
and that a secret wrecking ball called Planet X is hurtling towards us from
space. If you believe that, then being… …in one of these shelters is probably
a great place for you. So the shelter can withstand the impact
of… – (both) Planet X.
– (stammering) I hope it will. I mean, why would he be selling it if it’s
not gonna withstand Planet X? Now, you might be saying — of course
you’re saying — “How do I get in this… – …thing?” First of all, you don’t…
– Yeah. …have to just be a child. He’s not just
into the kids. – Okay. (laughing)
– He’s, he’s, he’s into everyone. – Okay, cool.
– Everyone can come be a part of this. It’s gonna cost you tens of thousands of
dollars to secure a spot. Again, you’ve… – …gotta be a high-net-worth individual.
– Sure. Or you can have a very special skill.
Like he let surgeons in and people with… – …military training. You get discounts.
– Internetainers? – Surely they need some Internetainment.
– Yes, yes, yes. And I do have a big frame, so I’m also
from the same planet. But you don’t have to have big frame.
You don’t have to be a child. You don’t have to have a lot of money.
All you gotta have is 30 bucks to get in on this. Now, lemme expand
on that. There’s like a cheap hotel right outside
of it? – (crew offscreen laughing)
– He sends you a kit. You spit in the… …kit. You send your DNA to live with
Robert and the other people… …the high-net-worth individuals, and one
of these days, of course, they’re gonna figure out how to make people from DNA.
And you will be resurrected and can live on a beautiful planet with
these people. I don’t know, man. I think that lizard
lover’s lickin’ up our saliva. – (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
– He’s drinking that stuff, man. – Like putting it in his protein shakes?
– Yeah, he’s like… bringing his friends… …down and he’s like,
“Hey. Come over here.” – “I got some new spit.”
– “Look at this vial. Somebody just… – …sent me this vial.” (slurping)
– Well, you know what? – I’m going with the Beachman!
– Okay. – I’m going to the Beach.
– You go to the Beach. I’m gonna go… …with Planet-X-man, and then we’ll
meet in the future. Let us know where you’re going in the
comments. Thanks for liking, subscribing, and sharing this video with
your loved ones. – You know what time it is.
– I’m Hannah. – I’m Kelsey.
– I’m Kyle. – And I’m Isabelle.
– And we’re at the High Roller at… – …the LINQ in Las Vegas, Nevada.
– (everyone) And it’s time to spin… – …The Wheel of Mythicality!
– The Good Mythical Morning hoodie… …doesn’t have a lead lining in the hood
to protect you from radiation, but I’m sure that it accepts one if you go get
one somewhere. – It accepts one.
– And you can get one of THESE at… – …rhettandlink.com/store.
– Store! Click through to Good… …Mythical More. Our friend Andrew Huang
is gonna come in. We’re gonna make some… – …music together!
– (Rhett) “Diapers are in style.” – (singsong voice) Sooooo!
– Did you hear? (exhales) – About diapers?
– Diapers? Yes, I did! – They’re in style!
– Everybody’s wearing ’em! – I don’t have any right here.
– Oh, you’re not wearing one? – But I’m gonna get some.
– Well, look at — hey. Come on. Look at that. – Whoa, this one’s dirty, but…
– Oh, wow. …but, I mean, it wasn’t at one time.
But now I don’t even go to the bathroom. – That’s why they’re so in style.
– Yeah, you haven’t asked me… …why it smelled. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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  1. I live by the one in Las Vegas, driven past it a few times on my way home. I can't believe its a fallout shelter. MIND. BLOWN.

  2. I'm going to live in the Rustington Retail Park in the apocalypse.
    It's got a Halfords, Pet's at Home, Dunelm, and a Sainsbury's (that's suspended above the ground on metal beams; making a great fortress).

    Everything you'd need in the apocalype.

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    I’m way too scared of a nuke going off and then me losing everything. I’m just scared that I wouldn’t die but my cat and gecko would and I’d have no one. I feel like if a nuke ever went off I would either die or survive and wish I died. I think I would lose my family and friends. I know none of you probably care about this. I’m just always scared that there would be a fire or a storm or something else and I would lose everything. I don’t want to lose everything.

  10. This ones for Link . I watched one of your videos with my daughter where you and Rhett conducted a home DNA finger prick test and the conclusion was that you, Link, are Rh negative -A, as I am, which if you believe everything you read, we are an unique specimen in which Scientist have no exclamation as to where we arrive from. Some say alien manipulation, having said that. I'd say that in itself would qualify us for a Golden Ticket to the spit controlled fall-out factory down below, don't you think? LMAO😂

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