Minimal bullet journal setup » for productivity + mindfulness

Minimal bullet journal setup » for productivity + mindfulness

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  1. Bullet journal spread starts at 02:15. Wishing you all an incredible 2020 🎉! Thanks so much for being here with us this past year, your support and presence means the world ❤

  2. I got to your video by chance… Perfect video, and your journal… is perfect! I started bullet journalling last year, so my ideas still keep changing. I bought Ryder's book and nearly finished reading it. I've seen many films on bullet journalling and I have an impression that many "journalists" are not aware what the bullet journalling is about (at least in Poland). Most of them make their journals a piece of art which I have no time for and no talent 😛 I have three litte kids, work, house to take care of and bullet journal helps me to organize all this mess. Your bullet journal is so clear, I love it. All the best in 2020! 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this video. One of my goals in 2020 is to take the time to check-in with myself. I have a Book Planner to record my books for this year and I would like to use some of your ideas to create a Bujo. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I feel like its best intro to bullet journaling which I encountered yet. You perfectly catch the thought behind bullet journaling, cause rest I saw is just bunch of control freaks, who doesn't know what to do with their life but making journals. They make journals for sake of making it, it's not a tool anymore, it's a goal itself.

  5. PUL – Sardia, so glad / grateful I "found" your blog, you are such a beautiful person inside and out. much love from Cape Town, South Africa

  6. I knew it! I'm not the only one doing the boxes thing in the beginning of a notebook! Also, I tend to "destroy" the first page, to get rid of perfection anxiety. Btw, your notebook is gorgeous. And the paper looks wonderful. Great choice!

  7. Love ❤️ your videos.
    The bullet journal is very helpful and plan on using the methods I learned.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. One tip: the monthly habit tracker would be much less effort to setup (but equally useful / effective) as a grid. That way you just need to list the dates once on the left, and the habits to track at the top, instead of a separate calendar for each habit. I actually incorporate mine into the right column of each month-at-a-glance page. Thanks for the really useful overview of your setup!

  9. Girl, I think I mentioned it before but I just need to repeat that – I LOVE YOU for NOT DOING those horrible, long, useless intros for your vids!!! Women on YT mostly suffer from that so much, that watching those videos is sometimes more painful then carpel tunnel…so thanks so much!!!

  10. I specially like the time boxing method in the weekly spreed. Since I work and study and my timetable changes a lot. I think I`ll give it a try.

  11. Really enjoyed this video; loved the content. Thanks a lot!

    Also, shout-out to your cameraman – much appreciation for all the stellar work that goes on to make these videos such high quality.

  12. This really made me start bullet journaling. Although I have taken some other ideas for other BJ videos, this video is the super top one in terms of what seems to be a simple and effective BJ. It has everything we need to write on: our schedule/tasks and a good overview of our mindset, work and of how we are feeling in all important aspects of our lives.
    So thank you 🙂

  13. It looks clean and neat, but I still think it's too much work. I'm more of a planner person because I make lists. And with the few extra pages on the back, then I create a tracker or something. I'm not good at keeping up with a tracker though.

  14. I do like that you do a month at a time. When creating the new month and weeks it could be a nice relaxing hobby break.

  15. Wow! Your setup , headers, etc look a lot like mine are starting to. But I definitely over did it with the things to journal.

    Do you do anything in particular for collections or year planning?

  16. I enjoyed the simplicity for a beginner it makes it look less intimidating to start a bullet journal. Thankyou

  17. HABIT TRACKER: Use it as a tool to build awareness, not to judge yourself or hate yourself for not doing more. OMG, THANK YOU. Just that simple sentence helps a lot!

  18. Just a question, do you still use your iCal when you bullet journal? If so, how do you sync the two together or how would you use both or just stick to one, etc?

  19. Great idea. I use to journal but stopped. Your coverage of this is encouraging me to consider picking up the habit again. Thanks

  20. I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but what's the adorable plant that is framing your journal? Thanks for the simplicity of your tutorial!

  21. I know it’s only been 2 weeks but I’m being consistent so far, so thanks Sadia, for a really accessible system ❤️

  22. This is my like number 5000 on a video and I don't even know why I liked it, that perfect calligraphy and those perfectly straight lines made me feel disappointed with my own non perfect bullet journal 😣

  23. Omg! I'm so glad you are bullet Journaling now! I've always loved your previous content but I'm excited for more of these!

  24. You actually described my situation about having so many notes every where, and when I need them I can’t find anything 😂😂

  25. yey! i think i found a setup that might actually work for me hahahah the other videos i've watched are all pretty however theyre all kind of intimidating to try with all the sections they had. yours is simpler and i liked that. i felt like bujo is now much more doable ahhahha thank you!!!!

  26. this video should be renamed to "bullet journal for the obsessively compulsive." i'm super OCD but i would never do this. it's overkill. lol. you can just buy one now.

  27. After watching your inspiring video I started to construct my own BJ!! So happy with the result! Thank you Sadia! You are amazing! 😘

  28. Also, I don't understand the purpose of the month at a glance when you have a year at a glance. I'm sure it's just something that I'm missing, because it seems like most people have it. And as others have said, yours is one of the best tutorials I've seen… And I've seen a lot. Thanks for your clear and concise and complete instruction!

  29. Hello,
    I am really interested in creating a bullet journal and love the one that you used in the video, however I can't find it anywhere online and the link in the description leads to a different product. Would you be able to let me know which one you used? Thanks so much 🙂

  30. sometimes i have lists of tasks to do, if i do not carry the journal with me how would i remember what to do? any suggestion, my other issue is that am never able to stick to my plans, can you suggest any of your Vlogs for that or an audiobook.

  31. 1stly-Love your voice.
    I used to write journals when i was a kid but as i grew older i just got busy. I was planning to start again and i came across this video and this video helped me a lot. Thanks.
    P. S. I'll let you know how this goes. 😆

  32. I use my phone for all of my calendar items, but I use my bullet journal every day for one line a day journaling, habit tracking, dream notes, and mood tracking. Other pages I refer to but don’t use every day are movies I want to see, Crafts I want to make, my baby’s mile stones and sleep schedule, morning routine, grocery list, and others! I have been using my journal everyday for the last three months and I love how I can change my pages each month depending on what I want to focus on! Thanks for the video!

  33. Waiting for more pick up limes content. Got my journal. Ur tips the three rule is a step to make us more aware of our day to day objectives… Thank you for simplifying journals u r my therapist… U r a philanthropist.. live long healthy and beautifully our pretty-inside-out YouTuber… I wonder if I will ever get the chance to meet you .. a person oceans away from me who helped me pick up with life and down depressive moments, really thankful to you… May you be blessed in life and enriched with its wonders. Your warm content was there for me when my heart was cold and no one was around to counsel me… Even the food you make took me back to kitchen, made me realize that it's not that external but rather internal issues that kept me from opting healthy lifestyle. U showed so much… I wish I had found you sooner… From the depths of my heart, I love you. And wish you all the best… Sadia thank you for spreading kindness and positivity ❤️

  34. you know there are so ready printed books where the months and weekdays can be found. I think they call it a calendar ……

  35. Oh my gosh! Thank you for doing this!! Unintentionally you have given me permission to stop overthinking it and just use what it was meant for!!!! I got all wrapped in having a ton of collections before I even started the actual planning and all that has done was overwhelm my adhd brain. This is possibly the closest I’ll have to perfect for actually getting started 💖💝 Thanks again, sending positive vibes and warm hugs!

  36. The Simple Elephant planner is a lazy girls bullet journal. Seriously life changing! I’m a journal junkie and its the only journal i’ve used for years on end.

  37. Thank you for the video, really helpful ! Could you tell us what is the exact reference of your bullet journal ? I love the color and the leaves on it !

  38. Thank you for the video, really helpful ! Could you tell us what is the exact reference of your bullet journal ? I love the color and the leaves on it !

  39. I had been thinking of starting a bullet journal but didn't start by seeing the other videos on YouTube. They needed so much effort and creativity!
    But your video is the best on bullet journaling I have seen till date and I even set up my 2020 journal today(though Jan's almost over)
    Thanks for the inspiration 💙

  40. Thank you so much! You made it so easy and simple. I failed last year with my bullet journal and don´t want to do it again but you have a good ideas for trackers, weeks, etc. Now definitely going to do it 🙂

  41. Before bullet journaling I had stickies on my computer that would fall off, texts to myself, and piles of lists that accumulated in my purse over time.

  42. Wow that’s a lot of work to do!Glad it works for you. I’d rather copy and paste instead of writing things over and over. Too much writing for me. Penzu app for me is just right to journal and for my eyes only.

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