Hey everyone today we have something new on the channel I’m going to be showing you my minimalist bullet journal setup for 2019 And if you’ve never heard of bullet journaling before it’s basically a very flexible Analog system that helps you keep track of your goals Your to-do’s, your schedule and also your significant events and milestones as a way to stay organized and motivated We are going to do a flip through of this notebook So if you just want to get inspired, or maybe you want to learn how to start a bullet journal yourself You’ve come to the right place. I’ll teach you and you also get to see how I plan my weeks and my content schedule Alright, let’s dive in So up until recently I’ve never been a big journaling person myself to be honest I’ve always used several digital planners to keep track of my tasks and to stay organized But I’ve never been able to find a single one that fits my life well, and that really works for me and therefore I’ve been mixing and matching several ones at the same time What made me start this bullet journal is that you get to create your own system according to your life. The journal is empty before you use it. So you get to decide what it looks like and what you want to incorporate I’m also a bit of a stationary geek myself. So that’s part of why I love it, too I’m using the Leuchturm 1917 notebook. I hope I’m pronouncing this somewhat right. It is a special bullet edition, after doing some research. This one seemed like a good choice I especially love that the pages are dotted instead of lined and also that the pages are already numbered I will link it in the description if you want to take a look as well as some of the other videos that I used for inspiration but really you can use any notebook that you love Alright opening up the journal onto the first page which is a key This is already filled in because this is a bullet journal edition But you can decide if you want to use a key or not and you can just add it to your notebook. I find it quite useful you can do a simple dot for a task. You can cross an item through if you’ve completed it You can also migrate tasks back and forward through the weeks Which is a standard part of bullet journaling Then you can use a line to add a note a circle to add an event Cross through a specific task if it turns out to be irrelevant or give a task priority by adding a little star This notebook leaves room for entry of your own keys as well and you can just add this to your own notebook Moving on to the next page this notebook comes with a few notes Explaining how bullet journaling works giving you a few pointers, and then there is an index This is already filled in but again, you can just add this to your own notebook if you want I find it quite useful because since this notebook is empty from the start as you’re adding pages to it You want to be able to find them in the future easily and that’s where the index is for So whenever you add a new page to your notebook you add it to the index as well with the page number Moving on to the next page we get to my future log and the future log is an important part of any bullet journal So it has basically an overview for the entire year And since I started my bullet journal in October, I started my future log in October as well And then I added all the months of 2019 as well Now the future log as I said is an overview for the entire year You can choose what you want to add and how you want it to look It’s important to not add everything you’ve got going on in every month into this overview. Only the important things that you don’t want to forge. You can add them in here and I drew those little calendars on myself And I really like how this came out. I added all the months up 2019 to this overview as well and then we get to the next page which is a Quote by Lao Tzu nature does not hurry yet Everything is accomplished and I really love this quote and I wanted to add it to my notebook to remind myself that Yes, it is good to be productive. Yes It’s great to get things done But it’s also really nice to take breaks to not take everything too seriously and to also take time To let things take their natural course instead of forcing them to become quicker or better which is something that I find really very helpful Moving on to the next page we get to my monthly log or monthly schedule and you can decide what you want to incorporate in it and how you want to design it I choose to get a content calendar because that’s obviously very important to me This is not filled in completely yet, because I wanted my content to be a surprise so I only filled in the last three videos that are already up and I chose to incorporate every day of the month, even though I usually upload only on Saturdays this way I can have flexibility if I want to change a day or if you want to add another video I can always pencil this in and then I went ahead and added a little index So that my to-do’s for the videos become a little bit more broken down. I added scripted filmed edited information (so that’s the description and the thumbnail and the tags and all that) Schedule the video Twitter and added it to my website this way I can have all kinds of little to do’s that I can just check off whenever I’ve completed them which feels very nice, and then I made this content calendar for the rest of the year as well And Then is where we come to my lists And the first list that I added is a video ideas list which used to be on my phone, but I really like that it’s in my notebook now. Whenever I get inspiration or an idea for a video I can add it to this list I don’t have to grab my phone I can just grab my notebook and pencil it in there, which is something that I really love I’m guessing these three pages will get full quite fast But then I can always add new ones later on Moving on from this list we get to the next one, which is a YouTube learning’s list so whenever I watch a video on YouTube about how to make videos or how to optimize search engine results, things like that I can add it to my YouTube Learnings list so that I won’t forget or if I have something to check out maybe a new camera app or new YouTube analytics studio, I’ll add it to this list so that I won’t forget. Next up. We have a few more lists on the left we have a books list Whenever I hear or read about a book that I want to read I can add it to this list I have a specific section for fiction books as well as nonfiction books and then on the right I have a “don’t forget to” list. I really love this one I used to be someone who had post-its and small refrigerator notes everywhere Things that I didn’t want to forget and now I can just add them to this list in my notebook And I know that I won’t forget them and I can just let go of thinking about them, which is very helpful for managing stress On the next page I have my wish list I’ve talked about this on a channel before whenever I feel like I want something or need something I can add it to my wish list and I added it to my notebook as well First up is a category for my wardrobe. Then I have a category for my home then I have a separate category for everything regards to my channel and then I have an other category so basically anything that doesn’t fit in those other three ones and I find it very helpful to break down everything on my wish list this way and just ponder whether or not to actually go and get it Or scratch it out if I change my mind. And after all these lists we get to the next page, which is my weekly calendar I filled this in for 2018 every week gets its own page. This is something that a lot of youtubers do differently I decided to do a one page for each week and only write a to-do list for that week . This way I can be flexible of when I’m going to do these tasks. I don’t want to actually fill in my days Beforehand. I’d like to be a little bit flexible with my to-do list and then I added a little note section as well. If anything comes up in a specific week that I need to take into account when planning my tasks, I can write it in that little note section below. Now, this was actually pretty quick to set up. One page took me around a minute and a half for each week, and I really like that because a lot of weekly spreads I’ve found on YouTube look really really really pretty But they take up lots of time to make and I found that I’d rather spend the time doing the actual tasks on my list Then making my weekly spread. So this is how I chose to design it right now And if I want to change something for 2019, I can always do that later. I chose to not add everything to this list So for example cleaning or exercising, these are things that I’m doing basically every day So I decided to not add them to my to-do list Because I wanted to have it simple and short, and not feel overwhelmed by all my tasks. So I’m only adding the things that I really want to do work-wise or personal-wise that don’t really recur on a daily basis. Alright, let’s flip through to the last page of my notebook as of today Which is the start of 2019 and I chose to end this year and start the new year with another quote that I really love Start where you are use what you have Do what you can. I really love this because again it reminds me that it is okay to accept where we are today To accept that there are things that are out of our control and just accept where you’re at and just do what you can. I find it very motivating and it helps me to not want to force things to be different or better or faster, and just do what I can and enjoy my days and enjoy the process. As always, thanks for watching. Give the video a big thumbs up if you want to help out, it really helps. And subscribe if you haven’t already I hope to see you all again next week. Have a great day. Bye bye

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  12. Hi everyone, I've been getting some questions about the 2019 setup, so I'd like to answer them here. 🙂
    I started this notebook in October 2018 and filled it in for these last three months of 2018, as well as for the entire year of 2019. The future log and monthly log (in my case content calendar) are already filled in entirely for 2019, as I showed in the video. The weekly spreads are filled in for 3 months and I will continue to use exactly that same format for 2019 as well. The lists are also the same setup, I'm going to use them in 2019 and once they are full I'm just going to copy them exactly as they are. So the notebook is already in the 2019 setup. 🙂

    Thanks for watching, happy bullet journaling!

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  46. hello Vera. My days are really super full of activity because I am an entrepreneur and I have an artisan company. My work commitments include: purchase of materials, payment of suppliers, accounting, organization of work, paying attention to deadlines for deliveries, shipments, invoices, meetings with potential customers, contracts, contacts with customers all over the world, replying to emails, to phone calls, production of products that are all made by hand (so I have to sand, paint, assemble, place decals and stickers ..) … And besides all this I take care of my animals (6 cats, 1 dog, 1 parrot) , of the house (shopping, cleaning, bills, repairs, etc.) and I attend an Academy of Theater so I also have to practice acting. In the evening I always walk an hour. Needless to say, around 9.00pm I'm exhausted. Do you think the BJ could help me sort out this chaos or would it take me too long to organize it? So far I have always used a pre-printed weekly diary (for example Moleskine), but I notice that often the space to mark everything is too skimpy. In the meantime I approached minimalism just to get more order around me and less stress. Thanks for your valuable advice!

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