100 thoughts on “Missing Halloween

  1. Omagaad! That is the saddest video I have come across this year! I'm hardcore but I legit shed a tear or two at the end. This video is worth your time!

  2. When i think about the fact that the guy who created this also creates gumball hentai is preety weird

    Yet the animation is amazing and sad at the same time

  3. Can you plz plz PLZ MAKE an animation where the boy and the girl are still friends, I wanna see them together again. PLLEEAASSEE!!

  4. My friend and me tbh can't tell if the boy died too or if he just fell asleep. He moved so I don't think so but like…it looked like he stepped on a trap. Maybe it was just to fool the audience.

  5. Oie esta es la animacion mas triste que eh visto.This is the animation plus sad of all the world i cry everytime that i see it. Sorry pero no se mucho de ingles pero no hay parte dos? No la entendi mucho jaja pero encerio no hay parte 2?

  6. Too bad this absolute degenerate makes porn of animals, god he isn’t even ashamed either I mean did you even try getting a job

  7. This really sad that girl lost her life maybe being cut from one those traps bleeding to death…..so she found a kid that saw her but he not realize she ghost and after being unhappy all this time she was finally happy and showing him where she is as she dead to found from other yo know she there

  8. Cuando la vi en el Canal de German me quede algo raro con su reacción, pero ver el original, tu trabajo es estupendo. Emocionante. Nose la verdad como haces estos videos…eres grande

  9. This is a guess but I saw a bear trap clinging onto her at the end so she died from blood loss or an infection

  10. For any of you who dunno how she got there and die. Her last seen was actualy at home "with Family". She ran of being chase or trying to follow something mythical. It's likely to be called "murdered" by someone or just "depression" makes her ran away from home without being notice. She maybe got lost in the forest, panic and run till she finds a way out but unfortunately she ran into the trap and fall down to the "sacred" looking tree and ofcorse she died from bleeding to bones breaking not only her legs… Along with her spine. Before she dies she leave a messege hoping to be found. And then she lead a boy to the forest and got herself found!… NOTE: The boy was supposed to be injured but instead saved by the girl because she didn't want him ended of liker she did. It's prove that you can see him walking to the tree normally. I'm 90% sure :3

  11. I couldn't rewatch this animation because it reminds me of both my online friends that knows each other irl. Both of them are like the kids in this video. The way they interact with each other, the fact he gets bullied and she stands up for him. My friend said how she met her friend was kinda like how the kids did in the video. He just randomly appeared and didn't leave her side. I found out she passed away and watching this video made me remind me of her and how they interact with each. I'm forcing myself to rewatch it because Halloween is getting close.

  12. It always make me cry to watch this but i can't stop watching it (its also sad this could happen in real life)

  13. i think the girl died from wounds from her parents and or the bear traps. since it says the last time she was seen was with family, it's obvious by the way her corpse is found she's relaxed. if you were being assulted, or chased, you wouldnt be eating a piece of candy near a tree.. that might also be why she's sad. maybe after the year that photo on the missing sign was taken, her family got worse, maybe an abusive home. and she'd be at the tree, relaxed, because she's trying to get away from home. i feel like that last bear trap the boy ran over snapped for a reason. i think she might've done that bear trap too, and that's how she got injured and died there. (Or her parents injured her AND the beartrap.) i dont know, the last flash feels like a jumpcut to a flashback. that's what i think. 🙂

    ps. at 8:26 , in the near bottom left corner, you can see a closed bear trap near her leg. closer, you can see where her pants are, they have this triangle pattern along it. the bear trap amputated her leg. that's why its triangular shaped. if it was a normal tear, it wouldn't be a triangular pattern. this makes me think of it even more. it would also explain her Frankenstein outfit. since he comes alive with electricity, even tho hes dead. which could be a clue to it.

  14. So this is what I picked up the boy dosent really have friends but he can see corpse and make belive it's his friend yet it seems like the girl is real but not really so if the boy can see corpses and does he really a illness of imaginary friends or is way more serious that he sees corpse and in the end it seems the parents and rangers? Maybe think he killed them but was the girl trying to make the boy find her to bring her back but it was yo late.the boys name is na?

  15. Как я поняла, все думали что у него воображаемые друзья, а на самом деле это призрак девочки которая погибла? Или что?

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