MissingLettr Review – Turn Blog Posts Into Social Media Campaigns Semi-Automagically

MissingLettr Review – Turn Blog Posts Into Social Media Campaigns Semi-Automagically

In this video were to take a quick look at
two different AppSumo deals one of them is called MissingLettr in the other one is named
flammable hi my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com where I make tutorials for non-techies if
you’re new here consider clicking on the subscribe button and if you want to miss a thing click
on the bill icon now here are these two deals that are on AppSumo right now one of them’s
MissingLettr and I gotta tell you this section of the second time this is hit AppSumo it
came out last year I bought it last year and when I bought it I would like that I started
using it and then I hated it and I hated it and I hated it but I think it was in December
or late November they had a new update that they pushed out to the platform that made
me love it again and I’m in explain this deal and also I’ll talk briefly about plan a bowl
which is kind of similar it’s a social media posting tool there are some clear differences
so they’re both MissingLettr’s 50 bucks and implantable’s only 40 bucks now what MissingLettr
does is really neat I’m in a show you it in just a moment what it does is if it’s actually
ideal if you have blog posts on your website or if you have a client in use on your client’s
website in your publishing blog posts so what this will do is it will notice when you publish
a blog post it will look at your blog post and I’ll take the images it will take the
text and it will pull out snippets of that and create a drip fed schedule of social media
posts that will be spread out I think it’s over 12 months and so then you would log and
then I will send you an email notifying you that hey we sell this new blog post we put
this together for you all you need to do is come and check it out and approve some of
these social media posts now its main feature that’s one of its main features obviously
but one of its main feature is when it’s a scanning the text let me see if I get an example
here when it’s scanning the text it will take maybe us a profound sentence that are a sentence
it thinks is profound it’ll take that in it will automatically create these images that
will go say on Twitter or Facebook or wherever your it’s automatically publishing it and
it makes these are really nice looking quote images and here’s an example right here now
when this came out last year it was very limited in the quote images and that’s why ended up
really hating and not using MissingLettr at all I really hated it it was these off colored
blues and there was zero customizability on what these images would look like and on top
of that there there was only one standard image there was in a couple to choose from
so I was that’s why didn’t like it and I thought they should have multiple templates but they
actually one up everyone’s what everyone was thinking and they came out with the way and
I’m in a show you where you can make this totally look however you want at the look
and so that I think is where the real power and value is in MissingLettr is essentially
it saves you time if you want to effectively market your content so for example you put
all this effort and energy putting together a great blog post but that’s only part of
what you need to do now you need to actually market that blog post and get it out there
and get it out to any of your social media followers and that’s what this does is it
saves you all the time and effort of manually creating a social media campaign campaign
and let’s face the face it it’s tedious to create a social media campaign for any bit
of content and the honest answer is most of us don’t even do it most of us don’t take
those extra steps which are the most important steps with your content to take it and to
posted on social media with some different variations of it to get new attention to it
and have a drip feed out over a period of time and that’s what this does it’s a really
great deal to lifetime account you don’t have to pay any monthly fees there’s a connection
to multiple social profiles you can have a staff member logging in and manage it and
there’s a little bit of managing that needs to go on because when it sees you have a new
blog post it just grabs content and decides what it thinks is important to wish out there
and market so let me actually show you the that branding image thing that this is the
main feature that this does and next let’s just talk quickly on implantable playable
is just a simple basic social media scheduler that’s all that it really is about what is
unique about it is if you’re in a situation where you have clients and you need to collaborate
on every little piece of content that goes out on social media then this is a great platform
for that it’s a basic but what it’s not basic and as it has this collaboration so I personally
don’t have a need for that collaboration feature I’m a solo from Newark I don’t need to put
something implantable and and have someone else spotcheck it if I have a typo oh well
I’ll just live with it I don’t need that extra eyeballs on the social media that I put out
so that’s what it does in what does really good if you have a client you’re doing social
media campaigns for them and they are the type of client that wants that spot check
everything you definitely would need something like plentiful a platform like it okay here’s
MissingLettr’s website I love the branding is just beautiful website and I is to carry
through to the back and here’s the back end of the platform now I got to be transparent
with you that right now I’m not able to fully leverage MissingLettr and that’s why this
might not be great for everyone I said right up front it’s for blog posts but not just
a blog post that needs to be blog posts that are heavy on content or at least have a decent
amount of content so you look at my website a lot of the post can be kind of on the lien
side it’s really just another place to put my videos so someone’s on my website and they
do a search they can easily find my videos but I I dropped the ball completely when you
look right underneath the video and that’s for the actual content there so I’m working
on correcting that so I can’t really fully leverage this right now unfortunately because
I don’t have me the blog post however I recently hired a content writer and hopefully will
fix that soon so this is where I think this is the real main money feature the main differentiator
what really makes this really cool Aziza branding images or these images were takes this snippet
of text and what they did to delight me was they added the way for you to totally customize
every aspect of how this looks and this is actually what I came up with I have my green
that you see me use all the time and there’s all these different options that you have
here to edit this you can even have your own custom background image I think I’m going
to switch to that have my designer do something with this block concept that you see all over
my website so when you click on the edit here you can start customizing how this will look
you can change the background you can change the speech bubble so I knelt an outline bubble
but then there’s all these different options right here that you can choose I really like
the one that I had though all right there you go and the quote you can change your fonts
you can totally have this match your brand and create these social media images for you
automatically with profound things that you say I know you’ve got some great profound
things that you think of and you say and this is good automatically create those for you
and you have all of these branding options I liked the way that I made this one looked
myself but I am to do a different background image it’s a really really cool and then you
essentially see if I can click around in see one of the campaigns okay so here, click on
campaigns right here and this can show me some of the blog posts that it found on my
website and so’s here is one of them so what happens is when it saw this blog post on my
website it emailed me and said hey we see this we put together a campaign for you why
don’t you login and review that campaign so then I would login I would click on a review
the campaign what I’m gonna really have to do is click on regenerate them and have to
get wait till my content writer fills out some good content and then click on regenerate
so right here you can see it’s just so lien is not really finding any contents of this
probably isn’t the one Betsy let’s review content let’s see if I even wrote anything
with that I hope I did maybe I’ll take my title let’s see so while it’s doing this real
quick but see providing custom content for your social profile just cannot click off
that here and okay so it is finding stuff right here so thing on day one it’s suggesting
posting this you can change the image you can change the text you can change the tags
is suggesting this and then here’s a social media image let’s see what it says and so
this is actually a thinks that this is like a profound thing I want see and that’s okay
I probably would’ve wanted to say that but looks like I can change my quotes here of
their ego right there let’s see this if I can find something good rights so okay so
it’s having several things that it thinks that I might want to have published out on
social media and you notice this right here on the left right here it’s as they zero so
this is what would go out right away three on the three day seven and when you scroll
down it’s going all the way out to a year in the future and this is actually really
good so essentially in according to this schedule it’s going to push out your content on your
social media profiles now I’ll be honest typically I don’t like automated reposting like if I
am on twitter and I’ve followed someone on twitter and all they do is repost auto post
stuff it does get on my nerves after a while so this is something you want to be careful
with you want to make sure each little post that it puts out actually provides some value
or sparks some curiosity in your sending them to something that is relevant so if you’re
posting something on your blog is a blog post that you know has a 30 day shelflife you don’t
want to be posting this out automatically a year into the future it’s can it make you
look really bad it’s going to make your profiles look automated and when they look automated
people don’t want to fall you because only reason I really follow people’s because I
want to know updates current updates I want Val I want to get value out of it and you
definitely want to be someone that provides value so that’s what you really when you’re
in your you want to be looking at this schedule and see it if you need to post something a
year out in the future and not every post you’re gonna want to publish through MissingLettr
however I will say that this is a great tool and I would I would say if you’re someone
writing blog posts this could pertain any hemp you want to get a little more social
media traction or have a little bit more activity on your social media this could be a must
buy for you it certainly a top-quality platform it is growing it is very polished at this
stage and I think it provides a ton of value and automation for you that you could go in
and tweak it manually to have it be something that really saves you time and can bring eyeballs
fresh eyeballs back onto your website so this is MissingLettr I’ll have a link in the video
description box down below or you go to WPCrafter.com/MissingLettr one word and it’s spelled funny like that
MIS is eyeing GLP TT are now AppSumo comes out a lot of stuff and actually wanted to
show you something funny a Shoshone and that the beginning. As I was on Facebook today
and I saw a post from Lee Jackson he’s one of my Facebook friends he runs the agency
12 trailblazer podcasts and there’s also private community and on his private Twitter profile
I’m in a Facebook profile you wrote AppSumo has a lot to answer for stopped taking my
money and funny enough for five hours later AppSumo replied Haley is there something that
we can help you with email is that we want to make you happy and I thought mad AppSumo
is using its own using these tools it talks about because number one they must’ve had
a tool that was finding people that type anything new that includes the word AppSumo and lets
them know so they can be on top of it and respond I thought that was pretty awesome
maybe it’s all Mario where area which is as a tool that’s probably going to be coming
out soon maybe that’s what triggered this but I thought this was actually very very
impressive so anyways I write also AppSumo reviews there on my website if you click on
the forum on my website there’s a link right here might not do video you review but I will
the written review there in the forum on products that I don’t get around to so anyways MissingLettr
I think it’s a really good buy I think is a really good by plentiful I thinks good to
only if you need that collaboration aspect if you don’t need that collaboration aspect
I wouldn’t go the go with plan a bowl that’s a real big benefit of it so anyways thank
you for watching this video if you have any questions about MissingLettr ask me down below
I’ll be glad to answer it in any way and another then thanks for watching this video I’ll see
you in the next one

23 thoughts on “MissingLettr Review – Turn Blog Posts Into Social Media Campaigns Semi-Automagically

  1. Thanks for this. As someone who has mostly avoided the whole social media scene, it was impossible for me to tell if this was a good fit for my situation. Based on your review I can buy and feel confident that when I am ready to use it, it will still be there.

  2. thanks for your review of Missinglettr. If you manage a few FB pages and sites how do you make it such that the relevant FB pages correspond with the appropriate website? Can it handle more than 1 website?

  3. Thanks for this Adam! Is the cost a one time? I would love to have a automated blog schedule and does it include the hashtags? Last does it post to FB like pages and Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram as well? Sorry for all the questions.???

  4. wow! you made a video after requesting it on your facebook group :'D thanks a lot adam!!! buying right now from your link!

  5. Shall i get plannable to automate the scheduled posts? using buffer free version but seems like plannable can do for unlimited profiles!

  6. Hi Adam. I am trying to get into WP-specific site development and love your tutorials but I wondered whether you had any tutorials on SEO, whether WP-related or not? I am considering Elementor but also looking at Divi template.
    I put together a WP site from a template for a friend a year ago but he says he has had no business from the site directly as far as he can assess. Are there any AppSumo offers you can recommed? I just started following Brian Dean for SEO yesterday.

  7. Hi my website does not any 18+ Adult Content on it and but still there is 18+ Restriction is active on my website. Can you please ow to remove 18+ Restriction from my website.

  8. Thank you so much for doing this video! I just got the email about Planable and had the one for MissingLettr and was going through both of them wondering which I wanted to use. You made my decision easy. Thank you! Subscribed and I see you have content on your blog that I need to watch as well. 😉

  9. I have bought both. I don' think Plannable really is of value to me, you hit the nail on the head, its for collaboration. Missinglettr SHOULD be good, but it is just a HOT MESS. The site does not work well, you can't link social profiles easily, it logs you out all the time, the site goes down, their support is AWFUL and I'm just so frustrated by it. If they get their act together, it'd probably be great, but at this stage I've jsut donated money to them

  10. I’ve just bought social Bee how could I hook this up so missinglettr chopped up the blog posts in quotes etc and fed it into social bee to distribute it to social media networks? What’s your opinion Adam am I getting carried away with myself or is it doable? Your the expert what do you think???

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