Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Houses Of Hope

Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Houses Of Hope

Today’s project is an art journal page, and I’m working in my Strathmore Visual Journal To begin with, I’ve cut up some old book page And I’m going to adhere this all over the journal page using Golden Matte Medium The intention here, is not, that the book page will be a dominant feature of the background But rather, that it will peek through here and there in places where no other elements have been added to the page To add colour to my page, I’ve chosen to use Silks Acrylic Glazes And I’ve selected these for two reasons Primarily, because they are a glaze, so they are translucent and the text background will appear through them And also, because they have mica in them And so the page is going to have a subtle shimmer to the finish To start building the design on this page, I’m using a stencil by Clarity And I’m also using Liquitex Light Modelling Paste so that this will add some dimension to the page One thing I have found, about using the Silks acrylic glazes is that, althought they are acrylic, they are actually not completely permanent so you’ll see when the modelling paste dries that it does absorb some of that colour from the background. That’s just something to be aware of when working with Silks For the focal point of my page I’ve chosen some house stamps by Lavinia And I’m stamping these out using Versafine Onyx Black onto 160gsm card stock And I’ve chosen a light weight card stock for this because I want to cut the houses out and collage them onto my page, once I’ve added colour to them To add colour to the houses, I’ve chosen some of the brighter colours of Silks Acrylic Glaze And I paint two coats of each to build up some depth Once the paint has dried on the houses I’m using Pergamano, curved edge scissors to cut them out These are the best detail scissors that I’ve ever found so if you’re looking for a really good brand of scissors to cut out intricate images I would definitely recommend those As you can see, I’ve stamped 3 houses on the journal page in black ink And this is just so that I can use it as a guide whilst I’m creating the rest of the design And then later, I will add the painted images that have been cut out, on top of those Now I’m using a Sheena Douglas stencil This is a landscape stencil And I’ve selected the design at the bottom of this which shows a path I’m using Ranger Cut N’ Dry Foam to spoonge around the stencil And the silks colour that I’ve chosen here is Olive Vine The Olive Vine paint came out a little darker than I wanted so I’m brightening up the page now with some Key Lime And then I use some additional layers of silks to build the depth on the page and add some more design features Now, I want to create some clouds in the sky so I’m using a piece of sequin mesh with some Golden Fluid Acrylic in Titanium White And this matte paint is gong to form a contrast against the Silks which have more of a gloss finish And make the clouds stand out against the sky Next, I’m going to attach the houses that I painted previously, to the project And for this, I’m using Golden Matte Medium I’m being quite careful here, not to get it onto the surface of the houses Because, as mentioned previously, the Silks Acrylic Glazes are not completely permanent And I don’t want the colours to move onto the background This is a leaf stamp by Art Impressions and I’m using this with Archival ink Manganese Blue to add some foliage to the page Now, I’m going to use the same stencil by Clarity that I used earlier, and bring some of those leafy branches down towards the base of the page Once the texture paste has dried you can see how much of the Silks has ben absorbed into it So I’m adding a coat of Heavy Gesso by Prima to prime it before I add the colours that I’d like to paint it with And now, I’m finally painting those leafy branches I’m using the Key Lime here And I also use the pink Silks which is called Ginger Flower As well as the purple silk which is called Evening Primrose I also paint the path, which you will see shortly Now, I want to add some tiny flowers to the page I’m using an embossing tool which is being dipped into Titanium White Fluid Acrylic paint And then following this, I also use the same tool and dip it into some Silks Paints in colours that coordinate with the page For the text on my journal page, I’ve chosen a stamp set by Art Impressions And I’m stamping these using Versafine Onyx Black On to 160gsm smooth, white card stock Once the ink has dried on my text I’ve cut it into three pieces I’ve placed it on my page where I’d like it and I’m now attaching it using some Golden Matte Medium To colour the text, I’m using the Silks Acrylic Glaze And this time I’ve selected yellow because I wanted something brighter, higher up on the page This is a Micron Pen by Sakura and this is the 005 nib size which is very fine I’m using this to outline the houses and the text also Just to give the defintion, and the darkness of that jet black ink back And so these images are really going to pop from the page once I’ve done this It does take a llittle bit of time and it’s not something that everybody has the patience to do but, it’s actually part of the projects that I really enjoy Now, I’m using a card dipped in paint to outline the text This makes it look more integrated into the page rather than just stuck on so that is one reason I do it and I also like the effect of this look so that is another reason that you see me use it often Now I’m adding a border to the page I’m using one of the Silks Acrylic Glazes I beleive this one is the Majestic Blue which is the darker blue that I used on the background as part of the sky at the beginning I do like adding a border to my pages for me, it just makes them feel more finished And that is the end of today’s project I hope you enjoyed watching If you need details on any of the products that I used today There is a link in the video description, to the full product list as well as my social media sites

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  1. wow…. this is really cool…. Loved it…. Especially each minute details u take care of is seen in the final result… 😍😍😍😍😍

  2. I LOVE your Eire. It's really amazing. However Silks Acrylic Glaze paint is very expensive. I can see it give an exceptional look but I can't afford them. The only paint I have is acrylic ink and tube paint. I will subscribe though because you work is really stunning. xx

  3. You should be able to seal the houses with the matte medium so that it becomes permanent. I use it to seal and work over distress inks and other products that are affected by water. Just make sure you use a spatula or a dry brush. Absolutely NO WATER on your brush while sealing the ink. As soon as the matte medium is completely dry, the color isn't warped or bled by any other products. I love these colors, your work is beautiful!

  4. Your attention to detail is so admired and appreciated. You never shy away from art pieces that are so time consuming, which is one of many reasons why you're such an inspirational artist. TFS!

  5. I recently discovered your channel…beautiful work…I love those houses and you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I am so inspired!!!

  6. i always wonder what type of art love doing since majoring in fine arts. its look like its Art Journaling and collages.

  7. i just loooooooove all your work, i follow you for years already 😃😃😃😄😄😄😍😍😍😘

  8. Oh, my goodness! Incredibly beautiful! I am inspired!!!! Thank you for sharing your time and talent.

  9. you are my favorite on you tube. much respects and thanks for sharing this creativity with those needing inpriation!

  10. That page and those colors…..what's not to like……sooo adorable and I love the colors.

  11. I just watched you make this masterpiece and I am very glad I took the time to watch it…though it was sped up I found with my eyes the speed made it difficult at times to deal with…maybe a real time video could be done and people have the option to forward at their own speed when they feel necessary…but really I think you are very talented and patient artist…now to rest as my eyes are too tired…

  12. Hi, just found your channel! It's lovely. I wanted to ask why you weren't using archival ink with you stamps, since it's waterproof ?

  13. I have watched this page video a few times and I love it! I will try the store card with acrylic to embellish edges and text elements. Thanks very much. Very fun page, gorgeous layout!

  14. I loved watching this inspirational tutorial. Very very new to journal pages – the house stamps are amazing – I just have to get them. Thank you for your instructional provision. Timed beautifully.

  15. Love all of your projects. Been a fan for a long time but first time to comment. You are so so talented and thanks for sharing!

  16. I'm so glad I found your channel… Your work is truly amazing and such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing I can't wait to see more! 💗🤗

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  18. I'm just starting to watch art journal videos and this page is one of my favorites so far. I love everything about it. The colors are beautiful and those whimsical house stamps are so cute. I would like to start giving this art a try but will have to watch a lot more videos. I am a subscriber to your channel and will be watching many more of your videos.

  19. The colors and all your added details are great.. Thanks for sharing the tip of using the embossing tool to make the flower buds.. Thank you for your posts..

  20. Love, love love this journaling page!  Love the colors and detail of the little houses!  Love all the layers you used to make this page work!  Love how you seamlessly put together many brands of stencils and stamps.  Bravo Rachel!  This video is so much fun to watch and I am endlessly inspired by your diverse talents!!!  BTW, I think Art Impressions is just down the road from me, about 70 miles (in Oregon).  Hugs!

  21. I so enjoyed watching you work. I love this journal page, and I especially love the stamps for your houses.

  22. I just love this landscape. Great use of silks. Will be trying something like this. Thank you for posting.

  23. Absolutely adorable. You ard certai ly talented. I loved the way the background looked, but really looked gorgeous when you added the houses. Love it!

  24. I really love this, I think it is the nicest journal page I have ever seen, and I watch a lot of youtube

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