Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Stand Out

Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Stand Out

Today’s project is an art journal page
and I’m working in my moleskeine sketch journal To begin with I’m applying two different shades of
green paint onto pre-gessoed pages, and the colours I’m using are a Ranger Dabber in Citrus and and an Americana craft paint in Sour Apple and the next thing I’m going to do here is use one of the Crafters Workshop stencils to start forming the background,
so this Fresco Finish paint by PaperArtsy and the colour is Inky Pool and I’ll be applying that with a piece of Ranger Cut N Dry foam Now I’m taking some Archival ink in Leaf Green and applying that to a background stamp to add interest and fill in some of the
blank spaces this particular stamp is now
discontinued unfortunately It’s by Stampin’ Up and I think it was called “Love Definition” but any script of text stamp would do the same thing these images on downloaded from graphic
stock dot com and I will leave a link in the video description for that site and have these little owls in lots of
different colour ways and you can download them as different types of images also. I just downloaded them as JPEGS and just printed them off on a regular printer I did add a layer of Matte Gel Medium to these, just to help so that the Ink does not spread and smudge when I apply them to the page And I might add also, that all the images on
Graphic Stock are royalty-free so you don’t need to worry about copyright It is a subscription service but you
can have a look at all the images without actually being a
subscriber, you just can’t download them and there is a seven day free trial as well that you can sign up for and get up to 20 images a day that you can download Obviously if you sign up to the monthly service
then you can have unlimied downloads, and they’re really useful for all kinds of art projects. If you’re
looking for the little owls they are under the nature category so that’s where I found them.
So what I’ve been doing now is sketching out a tree branch I’m now going to block it
using some Titanium White and then the little owls will
have some place to sit So now I’ve arranged the Graphic Stock images onto the branch so that I can just add some additional twigs and and places of interest on there without them being in the way of where the little owls
will be eventually and now that I’m happy with where the smaller branches are, I can remove the Owls and start to add some more realistic
colour to that branch so I’ve selected 3 Fresco Finish paints from PaperArtsy for this in different shades of brown so that I can add in the lighter parts of the branches and then use the deeper colours for the shadows This first colour is the lightest of the three and this is “Mocha Mousse”, then I go on to add some “Cinnamon” and some “Chocolate Pudding” This is the shadow’s being applied now This is the “Cinnamon” to begin with and later I use the “Chocolate Pudding”, the darker one just to add more depth and darken it up in various places and now that I’m happy with how the tree
branch looks I can apply the Graphic Stock little owls to my art journal page I’m going to use some Golden Mate Medium for this, and as I said earlier I did apply one coat of the matte medium already so I don’t need to be too concerned that the ink from my jet printer will run when I’m putting them into place Obviously, a laser printer will avoid this problem
altogether because laser prints don’t smudge at all. I decided here that I’d like to use some of the little bird houses that were also one of the downloads from Graphic Stock, so I took one of the owls out the one I liked the least, and I added two, well 3 in total, but two areas where there is bird houses just because I thought this looked a bit better
composition wise and just for information the little bird
houses are by the same artist that did the owls So if you go onto graphic stock dot com to look for the Owls you can actually
search by artist once you’ve found the owl images, so just do a search for owls, then on click on one of the owl images as I say, they are avilable in different colour schemes and then you will be able to click by artist and find the bird houses, and there’s flowers and all
kinds of other things as well That would look really good on a project like this And now I’m using a Faber Castell Pitt pen This is a black one with the brush nib I’m just adding a couple of lines to the birdhouses, just so they look like they’re attached to something
and not floating in the middle of the page This is a stencil by Imagination Crafts
and I’m going to use this Tropical Leaf to add some foliage around the owls so that it adds to that illusion that they are sat in a tree And for this I am using the Prima Marketing Light Paste and a palette knife Next, I’d like to add some words to my page, so I’m using two different stamp sets This first, grungy type stamp set unfortunately does not have a manufacturer It’s one that I bought off ebay some years ago and it didn’t say who made it The second stamp set however Studio G-stamp set and you will see that one shortly I’m using Versafine ink for this because it tends to be a little more black than the Archival which I use quite a lot Unfortunatel though Versafine does not dry over surfaces such as acrylic paint or anything that’s non-porous, but I’m fine here today because
I’m just working on regular paper, but those times
where you see me stamping directly into my journal, if it’s over acrylic paint or anything of a non-porous nature, then that’s the reason I use the Archival instead in those circumstances And now the have my text stamped out I’m
going to use Golden Matte Medium to adhere those pieces onto my journal page and this medium is very useful for light weight papers Obviously, it’s acting as a glue in this circumstance and it dries to a matte finish but it also dries with a tooth to the surface so in some ways it acts like a clear gesso in that it will take paint and other mediums very easily over the top of it and since I intend on
painting these pieces that was my medium of choice And so here is the paint that I’m going to use, it’s the Citrus Colour dabber by Ranger that I used at the very
beginning at the project for the background so it will blend in
nicely now I’m going to be using Lumiere paint
and this is the Halo Blue-Gold and I’m going to use this to go over the texture paste for all the leaves that I stencilled earlier so now the leaves at the top of the page
or finished and I hope you can see the reflective metallic finish that the Lumiere paints have I decided at this point that I’d like to add a few extra leaves to the tree branch and just because it
looked a little bit bare and out of place in comparison to all those
leaves at the top of the page so I’m just using the Light Paste again from Prima and the palette knife just to add a couple of leaves here there, then once they are dry I’ve painted those too Now I’m taking a Micron pen by Sakura and I’m going to outline the bird houses and the little owls as well just so that
it gives them some definition and they’re going to stand out from that
background Now as you can see, the outlining of all the little birds and the bird houses is complete, I’m going to add some shadows using Golden Fluid Acrylic in the shade Pthalo Blue-Green. I’m just applying it with a detail brush on one side of the birds and when I’ve finished this, I’m going to apply some be same shade the leaves that were
done with the texture paste to give them a little bit of shadow too So the shadows are all complete and the project is almost finished. I did feel at this point that the lettering needed to be a little bit
brighter so I’m just going over that now with a yellow fluid acrylic from golden and that is making
it stand out a little bit more And now I’m just adding some final touches. I’m using a Posca black paint pen and this is to bring back the blackness of that text which obviously has had two coats of different acrylic paints over the top of it now and it’s looking quite faded this is the last step of the project now. I’m using
the the Lumiere paint that I used previously for the leaves I’m just outlining the lettering I’m painting both on the paper and on the
background so that it joins those two elements together and the text is going to look more integrated with the rest of the page rather than looking like a separate
element that’s just been placed on top and finally I’m adding a dark-colored border around the page to frame everything so I’m using Archival ink in
Manganese Blue with a piece of Ranger Cut N’ Dry Foam So here is the the finsihed page and I hope
you enjoyed watching as always there will be a link to the
full product list in the video description as well as the linked the Graphic Stock
website where you can download the little owls and the bird house
images that I used or if you want to just take
advantage of be free 7-day trial where you can browse through literally
thousands of royalty-free images that you might
be interested in using in your artwork Thanks again for watching and I
will see you next time. the why in in in in in in of

100 thoughts on “Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Stand Out

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