Mixed Media Art Journal Page – There Are Always Flowers

Mixed Media Art Journal Page – There Are Always Flowers

Today I’m working my Strathmore visual
journal to create an art journal page and to create the background I’m
starting with some NeoColor 2s by Caran D’Ache. The colors I’ve chosen are
Boudeaux and Royal Blue and I’m just applying them to an un-gessoed page in
their dry form and later I’m going to blend them through with some Golden
Fluid acrylic in Titanium White Once I’m happy with the amount of pigment on the page from the NeoColors I’m starting to blend them with the white paint. I’ve chosen to activate the pigment with acrylic rather than water because I want to
create a very muted pastel effect Adding white paint this way also
achieves a creamy more blended outcome which is not obtainable when using water. Next, I want to add some elements of interest to my background so I’m beginning here with a lace stamp by Stampin’ Up and I’m using Archival ink in Cornflower Blue. I’ve chosen Archival ink because it’s suitable for a non porous surface such as over the acrylic paint in this instance. It’s also permanent once dry, therefore additional layers of wet media can be added without distorting the images. As well as the stamping, I want to add some torn pieces of patterned
paper and for this I’ve chosen a paper by Prima from the Princess Collection. I’m tearing
the paper to reveal a white edge – This will help it blend more easily into the
background and also, the exposed white edge will serve to take color more
easily in the next step of the project Once I’m happy with the placement of the
torn paper, I’m using Matte Medium by Golden to adhere them to my page. Now I’m taking the same Bordeaux colour
that was used in the background to outline the pieces of torn paper and then I’m going to blend those
with some Titanium White in the same manner that did the background at the
start. And here I’m using acrylic paint in Titanium White as before and then I’m using my fingers to push the colour out into the
background so that it gradually fades away from that torn paper image Now I’m using a stamp set by “PaperArtsy” and I’ve chosen the bottle image from this “Hot Picks” plate. I’m using the Archival ink again in Cornflower Blue, and I’m stamping a row of the same image along the bottom of this
journal page. Now I’ve chosen another PaperArtsy plate. This is JOFY 14, and again I’m using the Cornflower Blue, but this time I’m stamping it first on some scrap paper so that the
impression is much lighter and the reason for this is that later in the project I
want almost cover those stamped lines with paint. What’s nice about these stamps is
that you can manipulate the heads of the flowers and the stem so that they face different
directions and that way it doesn’t look like you just used one of two stamps for your project. It looks like you’ve got an array of different images. Manipulating the flowers in this way really helps with composition and it makes your piece appear more natural and realistic And here are all the flowers that I’ve stamped. I do add a couple more later, but for now, these are the ones I’m happy with. All those stamps are from that same JOFY plate from PaperArtsy. So now I’ve gone back to the Bordeaux Neo Color and I’m starting to add
some color to the petals of these flowers and I’m mixing it with a little bit
of white paint as I go, so I still get that creamy pastel effect that I was looking to
achieve on the background and overall really for the piece. Now I decide that the very tips of the petals need to be a little bit brighter, so I’ve chosen Quinacridone Magenta by Golden. This is a transparent fluid acrylic It does brighten up those petals just slightly so that the flowers are going to pop more off the background and become more of a feature. And now I go back to the Titanium White to blend those colours together, and I do this several times, picking up some of the Magenta, then white, and then Magenta again just so it’s blended to a point where I’m happy with the color intensity on the edges and how
muted and creamy it is towards the centre of the flower Now I’m going to colour the centre of the flowers using exactly the same method as before so this “Orangish Yellow” NeoColour and then blending it with some white
acrylic paint. And I’m taking care here to try and blend out those stamped lines and you’ll see later in the project when I’ve gone over this several times that the
lines start to disappear. Now I’m going to add some colour to the little
bell type flowers and for this I’m using “Royal Blue” which was the same
color Neo that was used to at the start of the project in the background, and once again it’s being blended with some white acrylic paint. And this really is just a base coat. I’m
not really worrying too much about shading or anything at this point. And now I’m
continuing to add colour to the remaining flowers using the same techniques. Now I want to add some color to the flower
stems so for this I’ve selected an Inktense pencil by Derwent and the
colour is “Spring Green”. I could have used one of the NeoColours for this but
the fact that the stems are so slender made me decide to use a pencil instead
because the tip is so much finer. I’m activating the colour in the Inktense pencil in exactly the same way that I did with the Neos by using some white acrylic as well as some water Next, I want to work on the bottles, and I’m going over the Archival Ink that I stamped them with using some white acrylic paint. The same as I’ve been using throughout. This is giving them a more muted appearance. I did notice whilst I was doing this that the Archival Ink actually smudged a little bit which is unusual because Archival
is a permanent ink. I’m not sure whether that’s unique to this particular color
but it’s definitely something I’ve not experienced before. However it
complimented the appearance of the bottles so it was actually a happy accident A little bit later whilst I’m painting the bottles, you’ll see that the Inktense pencil also runs a little bit whilst
I’m painting over areas that were not previously activated with water, and I
was expecting this and I wasn’t too bothered about it since if the bottles
were actually glass, you’d probably have some green reflection in the stems
anyway, so it just added to the realism Next I’m using some Prisma Color pencils to start adding some definition to the flowers So I’m starting here with a white pencil to add highlights, and later you’ll see, that I take some other colours to start refining the detail Here, I”m taking several colours to brighten up the centres of the daisy type flowers and to add a little bit more contrast on them So I start by outlining the flowers with an Orangish Yellow colour And as I’m doing so, I’m dragging some of that colour down into the petals to make it look more realistic And once I’ve dragged it down, I’ll spread that out, along the length of the petals using the white pencil Now I’m going to repeat the process of defining the blue flowers using Prisma Pencils. I’m using Violet Blue to begin with and then I’m going to use Violet as
well and a little bit of white Now I’m using a Neo Color 2 by Caran D’Ache in the colour “Payne’s Grey” and this is to add a border around the page So to begin with, I scribble a border around the page and I’m going to use a baby wipe to
soften and activate that color Now I’m adding some “Prussian Blue” Neo Color over the “Payne’s Grey” And this is because I felt the Payne’s Grey was a litte too grey and it needed to compliment the rest of the blue colours on the page more. I also used the Prussian Blue to ground the bottles So they look like they’re sat on a shelf and not floating in the middle of the page Now going to work on the bottles and
start to add some depth and shading to those To start with I’m using a “Verithin” pencil by Prisma. This is the “Violet Blue”. And this is to give definition to the bottles on the shadow side Now, I’ve switched to Pan Pastels and this is “Phthalo Blue” which I’m using to soften the border a little bit, and extend it further into the page. and I also use this to start adding more shading to the bottles Now that I’m happy with the border I’m switching my attention to the bottles using the same Phthalo Blue Pan Pastel to start adding some shadows and I also use this in combination with the Violet Pan Pastel I’m using the same combination of Pan Pastel colours to add some shadow to the ground And then I’m switching to a Hansa Yellow to pull in some warmer colours into the bottles so it looks a little bit
more realistic and it’s reflecting colour from the stems and from other
areas of the page. Now, I’m going back to the JOFY stamp set and I’m stamping the quote onto plain white cardstock. This is 160gsm, and I’m cutting that out and adhering that using Golden Matte Medium I might also add here that it’s not generally a good idea a good idea to add a wet medium when you’ve used Pan Pastels unless you fix them first In this case I was very aware of
that, so I was being extra careful around areas where I knew the Pan Pastel was.
So, I’m trying to keep away from the top the border and then not brushing over it too much on the bottles either Now I’m adding some colour to the quote, so I’m using Orangish Yellow Neo Color which is one of the colours used on the flowers So I know it’s going to compliment the rest of the page I’m just going around the outside of the quote although I am actually going to colour it completely – that is actually enough pigment just on the outside I’m using a
paintbrush that is loaded with very dilute white acrylic, and it’s so dilute
because I don’t want to obliterate those words. I still want to be able to read
them. Now I’m taking a Magenta Pan Pastel and I’m outlining the quote with that and then I’m also going to drag some of that Magenta colour into the bottles so it’s reflected
in several areas of the page – so there’s Magenta on the quote, Magenta on the flower petals and also reflected in the
bottles And that was the last step of the project so here is the final page. I hope you enjoyed watching. As always, there will be a link to the full product list in the video description, and there, you will also find my social media links

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