Mixed Media Whimsical Face in an Art Journal [Classic Karen Campbell Style 💜]

Mixed Media Whimsical Face in an Art Journal [Classic Karen Campbell Style 💜]

Super excited to share with you my process for making this mixed media girl today. This is classic Karen Campbell
mixed media whimsical face. And if this is your first
visit to my channel, I just wanna welcome you here. My name is Karen Campbell
and I teach drawing and mixed media tutorials here on YouTube. I’m working in my large
Strathmore Watercolor Journal. It’s a hardcover book and it’s 11 by 14. Using Magenta, Mauve, Cerulean Blue, and Fern colors today, all from Lukas Cryl Studio,
which is a really nice, really good bang for
your buck high quality acrylic paint that I get
from Jerry’s Artarama. And I also will be using some flesh color when I get to the face as well. You’ll see in a little bit. So the first thing I do is just
take my two pieces of paper and I glue them down to my journal paper with matte medium. I highly suggest, if you are
not doing this on a canvas to make sure you are doing
it on watercolor paper ’cause watercolor paper
is really really hardy and you can pretty much do
whatever you want to it, assuming it’s like a 140 pound paper. And then I’m using some
Tim Holtz tissue paper which is kind of a dream
when it comes to collaging. I kinda wish I had done the whole thing. But I always like to start
with scrapbooking paper because I like for it to
inform my color choices. It’s like the easiest way to
come up with a color scheme, is just grab colors that match whatever your scrapbooking paper is, And then you know you’ll have
a succesful color palette. It’s a really as simple as that. And then I have this like
ridiculous child’s tool that was leftover from my long ago from my days of teaching kids. And I’m just like swirling it around. How fun is that? So fun. Also got that at Jerry’s Artarama, many many many years ago. I’m taking this this like really super cheap paint brush and I’m just swiping gesso
all over the middle of it ’cause that’s where I
know my face is gonna go. So I wanna make sure I have
like big space to work. I like to work big big big. so that’s why my journals are super big. This is another one of my
favorite drawing supply which is my Blackwing pencil. I’m kinda known for doing
Stabilo at this point but I wanted her to be
like have a little bit of a softer look so I’m actually just using a graphite pencil. And you can use any graphite
pencil you have going on. And before I forget, the
real time version of this is gonna be up at awesomeartschool.com In my mixed media society, which will be, this lesson will be posted
for the month of October 2019, if you’re looking for it. If you’re a society member
and you’re looking for that, that’s where you can find the
real-time version of this. Anyways back to the project. That’s the flesh color, again that’s Lukas Cryl Studio paint, it’s kinda the perfect
light skin, flesh color. And then, I’m going straight to the hair. (laughs) I’m like a bit of an impatient person, so this whole project
only took me an hour. And I like to kinda get things down, quickly just because I’m impatient, I have three kids, I gotta go to carpool, there’s a hurricane as I’m filming this, and I like they have early release so. I like to get into the job quickly, and as fast as possible. So these paints are definitely my go-to. They’re just gorgeous colors, and they match my paper amazingly well. And again as long as I repeat
the same colors over and over, I know that I have a
successful color scheme. So I can kinda just continue working, and feel good about where I’m going, and everything is going to match. So that’s the fern color in the eyes, mixed with a tiny bit of the cerulean blue that was from the hair. And then I wanna talk to you
about these products too. These are these art crayons from Marabu. They’re not as well know as like Gelatos, or Tim Holtz, or the Ranger distress crayons. But I must confess, I have to tell you, I like them better than
both of those products. They’re super creamy, they have like a really, they’re a very similar product. So I use them on top of dry acrylics, and I blend them with my finger, I don’t usually use them wet ever. But they blend like a dream, and they’re lightfast color. Which the distress
crayons are not like that, so that’s bad for your products, that means they’ll fade over time. So these are an exceptional product, and I got them out today, I’ve had these forever, and I’m using them and
playing with them today. Could not be any happier, and they come in a really
fun range of colors. As you can see I’m using
different ones today. So highly recommend. And then that’s always part of my process, so after I do the painting part, I just do a base coat in the paints, and then I’m gonna go over it
and blend in some more colors, using those water-soluble crayons. (laughs) Mixed media projects would not be complete without the use of the stamping stencils. I am like, I am old school like that, and I feel I cannot get
through my mixed media Projects unless I have both of
those things accounted for. So first I have my stencils going on, and now I have my stamps. And I got a little carried away, but I ended up putting
some even over her face, kinda just everywhere yeah. And this is my signature move, I do this in all of my mixed media pieces, which is I slather Mod
Podge over everything. Everything. It seals in all my layers
super duper really well. All the water-soluble
crayons underneath it, get worked into the paint
a little bit better, and mooshed around so they
look really well blending. And then once the Mod Podge layer is dry, and I used a matte, even though it’s still shiny enough that I can make this
effect with my Pitt pens. Then I scribble all over
it with my Pitt pens, I have Pitt pens again
from Jerry’s Artarama, because it’s only 20
minutes from my house, so I spend a lot of time there, and I find it far superior
than going to like, Michael’s of A.C. More, because it’s an actual art supplies store, and not just a craft store, so they have everything my
little heart could desire, and then some. Also that’s where I buy my
Marabu water-soluble crayons there as well. So it kinda has everything that I need. So I have these Pitt pens that
are made by Faber Castell, and they are a dream, they are completely light fast, they are like a high
quality fine art product, and they kick complete ass. And I use them over the Mod Podge layer, every single time, you can paint with them, you can blend as long
as you use your finger, and you blend them quickly
after you put them on, they stay wet for like 30 seconds you can really move them around, and almost paint with them, so they’re a great final layer. And then you can also, if you don’t want to blend them around, you can just leave them
right where they are, and they will dry, and then they’ll become permanent. So they’re kind of a dream. So because I have them in every color, I have them to match all
of my paints pretty much. So the blue I’m using here, I’m using two, is the phthalo blue, and then I use a lighter blue, which is the light cobalt turquoise. They have great, they actually have a
little skin tone pack, and I’ll put a link to
this and all the supplies I’m using today in the
subscription box of this video. But they have this light
flesh color that I’m using, and then a cinnamon which are like, if I’m doing a Caucasian skin person, those are my go to for shading, because the skin tones match
up perfectly to my paints. They add a lot of drama
without going overboard. And what’s cool is that, you know again if you headed
in that window before they set to be permanent you can
just swipe them away with like a baby wipe, or blend them in. So look at her cheeks! That’s all just done using
the magenta color Pitt pen, magenta bright. And then just blending
them in with my finger. It’s like kinda magical painting dream. So all you need is a finger and a pen, and you’re kinda good to go. This is my favorite part which is why I stopped
putting it into time lapse, and put it into real time, so you can see the white paint pen, Pitt pen excuse me, is just as good and
juicy as like a Sharpie or a Posca paint pen. So it works awesome on
top of your project, so I just tap a little
here for highlights, you gotta imagine a little sun, you know, dapples and (laughs) Sorry this is my favorite part! It like never will cease
to like be exciting to go in with the white highlights. So first I do her face, and then I usually have to zing
it all throughout her hair, cause it like ties all the
little white parts together. Whoa it’s just so satisfying! Again if you want the real time
tutorial version with this, come join me over at awesomeartschool.com But yeah the white is like, it just ties it all together. Look at her she looks
like a Disney princess, for goodness sake. Love it love it love it I don’t usually do those
big dramatic cat eye makeups on my mixed media girls, and I’m thinking like, what have I been waiting for? Those look awesome! If I do say so myself. So like just doodling around
with that paint pen at the end, you can do a lot of features that way, because again you can
blend like I’m doing now, or you can not blend. Anyway I hope you enjoy this, I’m gonna put a link to a playlist of my top 10 favorite
whimsical mixed media girls, and I hope you enjoy watching that Questions about my process, feel free to leave them in
the comment section below. And for more ideas on mixed
media check out my book, Mixed Media Magic available
on worldwide Amazon.

21 thoughts on “Mixed Media Whimsical Face in an Art Journal [Classic Karen Campbell Style 💜]

  1. Only took an hour? 3 kids? A hurricane? I’m stressed just imagining all of this! 🤣
    I can’t wait to do something similar. This is very beautiful!✨
    And such a lovely coincidence I just purchased a set of those pitt pens! Can’t wait for them to arrive.

  2. Karen, I just adore you! I can't wait to get home and try this one! I haven't joined your mixed media group yet, I'm still working through all your lovely free tutorials, but I will sign up at some point. Thank you so much! <3

  3. You, my dear, are just too much. There's a hurricane coming? It can damn well wait, Karen has some arting to do and arting she did….classic K.C. art even. Hahaha and I agree with you about the crayons, I think. I only have Gelatos to compare them to, but I think the Marabu is a better deal. And you only live 20 minutes away from Jerry's? Wow! Better you than me cuz I just don't have that much self control. Hahaha I'd be like a 4 year old in a candy store, " I want MORE!" 😁 Well, I hope you had fun with your bit of wind 🤗💜

  4. There's a hurricane coming but you're painting…you rock🤘🎵 I'd be stashing my supplies in a safe spot and throwing myself on top as protection!😃 Love her green eyes, thank you Karen 🤗

  5. Gorgeous Girl! Got those crayons in all colors – yes they are fabulous; gallon of Mod Podge, and Pitt markers and I’m ready to go.😂. Playing with white pen at the end should come with a warning: highly addictive! The eyes of my girls almost always come up with that cat look – it had to be the fashion illustration classes. I really have to put effort not to do it, but then again, drama make-up — awesome 🙌🎨💕😄

  6. Yes awesome is your middle name she's gorgeous and just as beautiful as a Disney princess#kcampbelĺawesomeartist

  7. Whoop Whoop, "Classic, Karen Campbell"!! ~ The Best of The Best!
    Your girl is A-May-Zing! Gorgeous colours & I now own a pack of Pitt pens (still to get the flesh tones).
    She is definitely channeling her inner Disney, fabulousness while also bringing her own 'kick-ass' self!
    I am REALLY going to try to do at least one class this month! Don't ever think I am not appreciative of you. I am, I am, I SO am!! Squidges and thanks. C🙃🐈🐾🐾🐾

  8. I use paint so often that the only paper I ever buy is watercolor paper.  The only exception is when I make Christmas cards – I will make a picture on watercolor paper then glue it onto a mixed media paper base. I didn't do that before, and I found the card was warped. I also like the way you tore the paper before gluing the pieces. Looks more interesting.

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