1. Hey Gary, can you elaborate a bit more on "The Internet is not changing us but it is exposing who we really are". Hope u read this comment.

  2. Nice Video GaryVee !
    I am 19 years old and I am sharing my Entrepreneurial journey on YouTube, So I would really appreciate it if you guys can subscribe to my youtube channel and follow my Journey

  3. Tough crowd huh?!? Even your trusty one-liners didn't get the reaction they deserved. Great value in this video. Thank you so much Gary

  4. So good, these speaker venues get some bloody good value out of this guy. Not just motivational shit but real tactics too. Awesome

  5. My plan for last weekend was to unplug from social media. My favorite thing was giving my family my undivided attention. Thanks GV.

  6. im from Poland, we dont celebrate Thanksgiving here, but i feel like im half American, and thats why i decided i will roast whole chicken (not turkey, cuz i was alone that day) for the first time in my life. First time i touched whole chicken [: Thanksgiving was fun ^^

  7. Just watch this while I prepare breakfast actually I did not watch I just listen… Gary is right voice is the fucking future for time is the currency! #mindblown

  8. A fuckin men! Guys I have a GOAL of helping people destroy their anxiety, gain more confidence, and be happy with their lives. I make videos pertaining to all that. Check them out if you are interested!

  9. Thanks Gary for teaching this old Gal to stay current with new technology & embrace the changes technology brings. I never had a cell phone until last month. Didn't want to let go of the past & it's simple ways. Loved the reference of "today's texting is the same as yesterday's pen & paper". Keep up the inspiring work. You're changing the mindset of young & old in a positive way.

  10. I went out and supported small businesses for #ShopMall and did a Facebook live video with a local business owner to help promote their business.

  11. I love how no one knew him in begining and then he starts to talk and murders it and makes sure that they remember him forever. Great hustle showcase!

  12. Favorite thing was getting a text about your contest for the book giveaway. It is always cool to see a text come through about you and your work! Much love!

  13. Amazing KeyNote, the energy on this room was fire !!! Much love from Africa Mozambique 🇲🇿!!! 22years old Real Estate agency owner!!!

  14. This has inspired me to create a new Playlist – "How to be successful"- and this will be the first video in said list.

  15. I spent thanksgiving solo ,even though I love my wife and daughter, to go see my family and friend opening a new clothing from 430AM (FL) on travel day to arrival at 11 i knocked out episode after episode of your GV Audio Exp on Stitcher. Dropped knowledge straight from you onto my other family members at lunch/dinner then spent 6PM to 12AM knocking out more. I followed the pattern of consuming the content all weekend into today and feel like I went to the best school of hardknock MF's ever. Even tat the Grand Opening I brought you up and a small few knew who you were and followed and it was dope to share our experiences of getting knowledge from you. Bought you a Junk Food Jets T-shirt, sending it this week to the office, because it leaped off the rack at me and brother…. you are the man when it comes to REAL. Love ya brother.
    P.S. Serious notes being taken and I appreciate you putting it all out there.

  16. kind of weird feeling when you think about Gary mentioning of the infancy stage of our interaction from the business perspective with "technology " when you learn that He doesn't even have a million subscribers in this channel 😮😮😮😮🤔🤔

  17. Love when Gary sprinkles tactical nuggets like the one about advertising against company employees. Good shit as always
    -Akil from Tokyo

  18. Great info! I gotta say i was looking for at least one black person in the room and boom! there he was…the liquor servant 🙁

  19. To answer your end question…Thanksgiving was fun with family & a bunch of work. Really enjoy your keynote talks. You’re full of salt & sass on the stage, which folks respond to. Finland loved you. Keep up the great work. 💪🏼💯

  20. This was such a great keynote! If you guys want to jot down the key points of it, you don't need to. I've done it for you and you can find Gary's exec summary of this talk here: Enjoy!

  21. If anyone need music for there videos, or just wanna hear something different here you go

  22. hey peeps, i think you'll love this video i made about Self Belief

    let me know what u guys think!

  23. Real information. The most important I think is the underpriced add. It is an advantage for everybody. Thank you for all information and for all value you give us.

  24. Thanksgiving as great but I'm thankful for what you just gave.

    How stupid am I to have a face people recognize in my company but not target them through ads on social for my business 

    lol wow. Thanks for the common sense punch Gary.

  25. This was really awesome, so many learnings from this video. Just loved it and good takeaways for sure. Keep crushing it Gary V

  26. I love watching these keynotes!! And yes, he says a lot of the same stuff..but there's always a new piece og goldnto take away! In this keynote I really love how he emphasised on the fact that social media is not just hiring a 23 year old who's on IG -there's so much more to it, and a lot of the business owners don't get that! Also the hiring vs firing is magic 👌🏼

  27. My favorite thing that happened on Thanksgiving was over eating every single day the whole week and it made me realize wow I want to be healthy so now I’m doing a roll vegan diet and it’s amazing

  28. SELF AWARENESS AND BE WHO YOU ARE WITH RESPECT TO THE RIGHT THING TO DO IN BUSINESS. And Marketing a lot, in contrast of sales. <3 Emotional Intelligence! Work Smart & Hard.

  29. The genesis of this world lays upon transactions.
    Transactions in business, relationships, nature.
    Money is the oil that helps facilitate the transactions.
    But the attention is what you trade in order to generate new transactions and become part of the larger mechanism; the size of the Planet Earth.

  30. Anyone know what is beta b and beta c business Gary is talking about? I'm no entrepreneur and don't know shit about business.

  31. Way off topic… What do you think about digital business cards? Dont really know much about it, just wanna get your input on it as I reasrch for aboot it.

  32. I Love the guy in the Orange pants not letting you answer a question or of order

    It's going to be ok man…let it flow

  33. You don't know until you try as Gary sad use new apps and try if you like then most probable other people going to like it that's how you know what's going to pick up . Don't be afraid of hard like when I first used used reddit I feel like its hard in interface is not good but now I use read it everyday Court cause I feel like it's a very important use reddit now I learnt reddit now I am starting active on social media so I am commenting on every video I like I am figuring out how to use insta and trying to be active on insta is Gary said 1.8 dollar rule and I am learning how to grow on Snapchat and Instagram how to make stories on Snapchat etc

  34. Before Thansgiving I foud your channel and Claude Silver channel. I watched videos made by people who work with you. Thanks for sharing youe time talent and knowledge. And a bigger thanks for your family giving us your time. I approach this Thanksgiving with more knowledge than ever in my life. Thanks

  35. I don't know how to thank you garee you have changed my life my perspective and my future I start my day by listening to you and I execute too today I had some income from my Instagram account .

    I live in iran and this is so huge for me I only have 1900 followers I am building my personal brand I am video editor and content creator and 26 years old as I started to work on my self-awareness as you talk so much about I am more confident and know that no one is 100% perfect telling us to be honest and tell true story about ourselves not fake one is so important I don't afraid of other people judgment now and it gives me power when we are real with ourselves and don't be afraid of giving and don't think about life like it is win lose game the world going to change and you are changing the world I am collecting some of your videos to make a mashup( it is a gift for you and your team for all the effort and hard work it is noting I know but I didn't know how I can bring value for you and I taught maybe my feelings and the way you influence on me can be a good subject for a mashup video ) to tell other young folks out there be real be positive help each other and make world a better place like garee .I told one of my friends to buy your book for me and bring it to me in iran because we can't buy international stuff in iran I am reading crushing it and the stories you tell in this book is so valuable love you and I hope you see my comment . and if you can give me an email address for sending my mashup video will be great !

  36. Hey Gary! THANK YOU for what you do for people! I'm commenting to ask you if I may build you a mobile app that brings value to you or any of your colleagues? ON ME! FREE OF CHARGE! YES I SAID FREE! I UNDERSTAND NO TAKE BACKS LOL If you like it and see value in the app your more than welcome use it. If it doesn't bring value to you I'd just appreciate the opportunity of trying.

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