Moderate Google+ Comments on your Blogger Blog

Moderate Google+ Comments on your Blogger Blog

Hi I’m Peggy K. Today I’m going to
show you your moderation options for Google+ comments on your Blogger blog. Enable Google+ comments in your Blogger blog’s “Settings”> “Posts”>”Comments and sharing”. When you have Google+ comments enabled on your Blogger blogm visitors to your blog
must have a Google+ profile to post a comment. When they do they have the
option of posting the post publicly or they can post to their circles or individuals. Note that if they post they can also
choose to share the comment to Google+. Assuming that the person who commented
has shared it with a circle that you are a member of or has made a public comment,
you will see their comment on your post. You can filter comments two ways. You can
view all comments or you can filter comments made by people in your circles. You can also sort the comment order by
top comments or by newest first. You should receive an email notification of
new comments on your blog. The comment notification will come from Google+ to
the email where you usually receive your Google+ notification emails and the
subject line will be “New activity on your blog post”. You can click the view
activity button to open the post and moderate the comment. You should also get
a notification on Google+ of the new comment posted on your blog post. You have several moderation options. Click the little down arrow and choose to
move the comment, report the comment for
spam or abuse, or mute the comment post,
so you no longer get notifications about replies. Using the Google+ comment system
you will not be able to moderate your comments inside your Blogger account. you can only moderate comments on the posts. Also you will not be able to see any
comments that were not shared with a circle that you’re a member of and you
will not be able to see comments posted by people that you have blocked. If you’re concerned about comments being posted that you cannot see, it’s probably
better to turn off the Google+ comments and switch back to the Blogger
commenting system which has more moderation options. If you found this
video helpful be sure to click my channel icon to subscribe for more tips
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  1. Hello PeggyK,
    Today it's been 3 months since you asked me to delete all the copyright claimed vedios.
    Now is there a hope that my monetization would be renabled.

  2. Peggy K I know this is nothing to do about this video but I know you know a lot about it, could you look at my google+ account it is linked to my channel and see if it looks good enough to get accepted by Google for google plus create?

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