Moodle 2.8 Release Highlight: Forums

Moodle 2.8 Release Highlight: Forums

Forums in Moodle 2.8: It’s now possible to subscribe to
individual forum discussions and if the administrator has enabled it, you
can reply to the forum discussions using your email. Navigating between forum threads is
easy to do now and you can ‘like’ a forum
post by setting up a rating with the new single item scale. (This applies not only
to forums but to other activities using scales as well. In this forum the envelope icon shows
you’re subscribed to that particular discussion. and clicking on the dot will subscribe you to
a new discussion. You can reply to these discussions by
email if the administration has enabled the feature. The new settings are in Site
administration>Server>Incoming mail configuration Back in the forum, if we go into a
discussion, it’s possible to subscribe or unsubscribe from the link at the top as
well. Links on the right and left at the top
and bottom of the thread allow us easily to move between discussions. And finally we can now create a scale
with only one rating such as ‘Useful’ or ‘Like’, as here. This is used here in a
forum but can also be applied to glossaries or databases for example.

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  1. I don't really understand how to implement the single item rating feature, is it in Moodle 2.8 by default or do I need to add a scale manually?

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