Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 8: Engine Power

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 8: Engine Power

Hello and welcome to Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord
Blog 8, “Engine Power” This time we’ve decided to make a video, in
order to demonstrate some of the features of our powerful new Engine for Bannerlord,
and how they work in our all new Editor. As standard, all of the features shown in this
video that we use to develop the game will be made available to modders. As you may already know, we use our own in-house
engine for developing our games. This gives us greater flexibility and allows us to implement
the engine features exactly as we want. One of the requirements we had for Bannerlord
was to have much better graphics and animations without sacrificing gameplay or performance.
Therefore our engine team set out to create a much more powerful game engine that would
satisfy our unique needs for our next game by supporting larger maps, bigger more
complex battles and have hundreds of agents acting independently in real-time. In the editor, Terrain elevation can be generated
randomly or imported from a height map image. Likewise, materials can be imported directly
into the Editor, as you can see right now. As the various terrain types are imported,
the layers of snow, rock, grass and earth come together to make a realistic environment,
which has been prepared using a standard format. The terrain can also be sculpted and repainted,
from inside the engine. And here’s the result, around 225 kilometres
squared of mountainous terrain, much larger than any area in our previous games. We can also adjust the water level from inside
the editor, and tweak its opacity and colour, with the result immediately visible. This
makes it easy to tweak and adjust on the fly. As mentioned in our previous blogs, we have
a tremendous amount of control over the atmosphere, with standard variables like fog density and
colour, wind, sun colour, strength and position. As well as advanced features like
rayleigh scattering, mie particle size and PostFX options. The editor itself is a fully customisable,
professional tool. All of its elements can be switched on and off, scaled, snapped and
tabbed into any position and even separated into different windows. Something that users
with multiple monitors might make use of, to maximise their view of the scene. Flora painting is something we’ve mentioned before
but it’s illustrated much better in video. Here we’re making use of the layer flora option,
where flora can be added directly into a texture paint layer. This allows for adjustment of
the flora type – and density – to be made after painting it onto the terrain. Flora
includes plants and trees but the system also works well for brushwood, small rocks and
mushrooms. The engine automatically snaps all flora to
the ground and morphs it for a natural effect, so the terrain can be easily resculpted even
after adding flora. This adds freedom to the workflow of creating a scene. Flora can also be added independently of paint
layers, which tends to work better for big objects like trees. They can be placed individually
with a hotkey or painted to create forests in a matter of seconds. We can also paint custom materials directly onto objects placed in the scene. This provides extra freedom to the scene creator, since it’s all handled inside the engine. It’s a way to break up the repetitiveness of the wall texture, by
adding extra detail. This is particularly useful for adding wear and age to objects. Here is a demonstration of our decal system,
being used to apply a simple puddle onto the ground. This projects directly onto the terrain,
allowing for an easy addition of unique details, with no clipping errors. The engine also includes a class system, for
objects that use special scripts, just like these turning sails on the windmill. Parameters
of the script can also be changed inside the editor. Rotation speed, in this example. There
are more advanced uses for this feature, beyond simple motion, but we’ll save talking about
those for another time. Tessellation allows us to achieve super high
levels of detail, by adding extra geometry nearer the camera. With the wire-frame activated,
you can see how the engine only adds detail where it will be visible, while distant terrain
stays at a low polygon count, for optimal performance. Thank you for watching our eighth Bannerlord Developer Blog For the latest info and updates, Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook

100 thoughts on “Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 8: Engine Power

  1. Deathlord wake up! Enemies on the door! No time to sleep ancient! Wow! Your face is looking so awesome in this realistic lightning!

  2. If the maps are that big so it would be stupid for 300vs300 armies to fight in these maps so I guess Taleworlds is going to make a suprise for us like 6k vs 6k battles

  3. Can you tell us, which countries or empires will be in the game.. i would like Ottomans, Austro-Ugars,Rome.. something like that.. with sultans, kings, great leaders…

  4. Remarkable! reminds me of the original sims where it was first designed as a home building game – and the sims were simply there to judge how well you did in design and decoration. Regardless of how the sims came out an its popularity it was originally ment just for construction – which is what i loved about it. most times i would just build a castle on there just for the fun of it.

    I cannot Wait to play a game like this with THIS level of detail. Thank you an keep it up!

  5. Imagine Winterfell, King's Landing, Erye, The Twins , Mereen, Pyke, Starpoint, Castle Black
    Imagine Moria, Mordor, Rohan, Gondor, Fangorn, Isengard, Dale, Hobbiton, Rivendell, Dol-Guldur, Helms Deep
    Imagine Rome, Trace, Persia, Egypt, Alexandria, Pompey
    Imagine the Possibilites.
    Cant wait!

  6. i'm trying to comprehend the beggining though, did he just create a 5km x 5km scene? so basically you can make your own skyrim of you want? lol, obviously performance wouldn't allow it but it is still amazing, the distant mountains can be turned into walkable terrain if you want, instead of being inaccessible like in warband.

  7. Holy shit. That's a big ass map. How cool would that be for multiplayer battles. Imagine building a giant city where npcs walk around and the first team has to defend the castle and the second team can pretend to be an npc and blow up the walls from inside with gunpowder, assassinate the other team and infiltrate from the inside whilst the other people of the team fights skirmish style trying to siege the castle. So many opportunities for modders and mapmakers.

  8. abicim unutmayınki siz TÜRK sünüz bunlar ingilizce değil TÜRKÇE olmalıdırlar unutmayın MUHTAÇ OLDUĞUNUZ KUVVET DAMARLRINIZDAKİ ASİL KANDA MEVCUTTUR bitirin şu oyunu

  9. nahh .. So we saw a level editor .. nice .. not ..
    Sadly no details on the engine power at all, fully contrary to the video title.
    I am really eager for this game, but this video fully failed.
    But thats my view.

  10. 2014 and I'm still waiting to spend all my time making maps on this. I already do it on Warband but there's only so much I can do there 🙁

  11. This game makes me so happy, just watching this is the most interesting thing in the world. Imagine how much we will enjoy this, it's mad. THANK YOU Taleworlds, truly a honest and brilliant company. Don't release this until it's 100% completed, it will be worth it!
    Thank you again, i'm so excited for this game, never wanted to play a game so badly. Imagine the new mods aswell with this engine <3

  12. Lol i just realized the BGM is the same as in an old flash game called Castle Wars 2! How unoriginal!

  13. BGM in the video is stolen from an old flash game called Castle Wars 2. (Don't delete my comment again)

  14. I must say that I'm really impressed. For a small team, you've created an amazingly beautiful and detailed world. It's so natural looking. It's way more detailed than many of the worlds in AAA games.

  15. Aman Allahım what is that? I should say that you are doing a success stuff in gaming market. All the gaming producers know that Bannerlord will be best of 2018.

  16. Still waiting.
    Hala bekliyorum !! Üniversite başlangıcında anons edildi , üniversite bitti evlendim hala bekliyorum çocuğum olacak neredeyse oyun çıkmadıya la :S

  17. How big a map can i create with this. Say, i wanna a make a desert map of the Arabian peninsula. I’m not a game developer so i have zero experience with such matters but i am interested to know if could create a game out of your game engine.

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