Moving into a New Bullet Journal

Moving into a New Bullet Journal

Hi everyone, it’s Kara here from Boho Berry, and I am back today with a brand new video, of course, and this is all about my transition to a new bullet journal. I am almost to the end of my current bullet journal, you can see by my page markers here I’ve got about 20 pages left, and when that happens I know I need to start thinking about what I need my next bullet journal to do for me and to start getting her set up. So first I want to just show you the journal itself, this is a regular Leuchtturm A5 dot grid notebook. I’d been using the official Bullet Journal Notebook for my last 2 journals, I had my Black one and now I have my Emerald, and now the folks over at Leuctturm sent this one my way kind of as a gift since I’m kind of an ambassador of theirs because I love their notebooks so much, so they sent this to me as a gift with my “Boho Berry” embossed in the bottom right-hand corner and I love it SO, so much. Also, I’ve been on a purple kick so I’ve decided I’m going to go back to the regular Leuchtturm for this edition of my bullet journal, and I’m really excited about it. I’m definitely going to miss the third bookmark that the official Bullet Journal has, so that’s a definite drawback for me, but I think I’m gonna come up with somr sort of work-around, I’m gonna put in my own bookmark or page flags or something along those lines, I’m not entirely sure yet. The other thing with this journal, you’ll notice this beautiful, white mandala sticker and that’s something that’s available in my shop, Boho Berry Paperie on Etsy, and these are very limited edition. I only make 20-30 of these each month, they go into my shop at the first of each month, and they sell out really, really quickly. For this one I wanted to take a really pretty picture of the sticker itself for the shop so I thought, what better way than to put it on my own journal? So I apologize to those of you out there really wanting this sticker right now, but it’s not available. I put I put a new design, a different mandala design, in the shop every month, I’l show you my old one, this was the first ever vinyl sticker that I made on my first official bullet journal notebook and you can see it held up really, really well, sometimes with opening the notebook over and over again some little pieces broke off which you can kind of tell there, but I don’t mind it, it’s just normal wear and tear of a journal. And speaking of wear and tear, you can definitely tell on my current bullet journal- it’s kind of been through a lot. [laughs] Moving out of my home office and going into the office everyday, I rented out an office space, I’ve been toting my bullet journal a lot more than I used to. My bullet journals used to stay at home unless I was going on a trip or something, but this one not only went home with me to St. Louis for Christmas, it went with me to Bali for 2 weeks, and now it’s been going to the office with me every single day so it’s getting thrown around in bags [laughs] and that’s ok, I’m totally fine with it. Okay! All of that being said, we’re gonna get to the meat and potatoes of this video, making the switch. How am I transitioning over? I get this question all the time. I usually wrap this in with my “Plan With Me” video for the new month for the new journal, but I wanted to have a video to point people to that was just about the transition itself. Alright, so let’s get started. The first thing that I did when I decided to transition over and I’m gonna set this aside for a minute so I can show you what I’ve been working on, the first thing I did when I decided I needed to switch is that I went to my index, which is right here, and I put these, or I kind of highlighted, I used a Tombow Dual Brush Pen, for those curious about the color it’s 373 but I just kind of put a little mark next to the spreads that I want to transfer over to my new journal, or that I want to continue using. I got this idea from Kim over at Tiny Ray of Sunshine and I’ve done it with my last 3 journals where I’ll just go through and as I transfer things over I can check things off of my index. Alright so you can see I have a few things checked off, which we’re gonna get into when we look into my new journal, and I made sure that I had my index completely up-to-date with everything- I was able to go quickly down the list and see everything I was gonna transfer over. After that, let’s get here, you can see I’m almost at the end, I created this spread which a lot of you probably saw if you follow me over on Instagram. Pre-planning for my next journal. Actually, in my very first journal, Let me see if I can grab it real quick, this is my very first bullet journal, my Emerald, I love this journal so much. I love flipping back and seeing how much progress I’ve made, it’s crazy. So let’s flip again to the index and I want to find where I was planning for my next journal. “Planning for 2016,” page 207, Ok, that’s not quite it. I WAS planning for what I wanted to keep, let go and try, in my new journal, this was part of the bullet journal challenge so I did that for that, and…page 222, let’s see. This is probably more what I’m looking for. …Kind of. [laughs] It’s in here somewhere, I know it, I know it! Anyway I got the original idea from Kim over at Tiny Ray of Sunshine. She did this blog post about how she transitions into a new notebook, which is write down what’s working, what’s not working, what do you want to try, is there anything you want to add or take out of your journal, I’m determined to find this now, I know it’s in here! [laughs] “Planning for 2016?” Maybe this is it. YES! This is it, this is the original spread that I saw Kim’s post on it and I thought, “Oh, that’s genius.” So I have what to keep, what to add, what I want to try, and some different ideas that I had at the time and then I had some little sketches of how I wanted to lay things out So I’ve been doing this in every single bullet journal when I get towards the end, and this one right here is my current plan for my next journal. So there’s a list here of things that I want to keep, things that I want to add in, and then things that I want to change, switch up a little bit, and then I did kind of a teeny, tiny, mini review of what’s working for me and what isn’t working. I had a ton of questions when I posted this on Instagram I’m gonna try very hard to answer all of them, a lot of you are asking about things that I want to add what they entail, and those I’ll go over kind of in the future, I’ll do videos on each one of those. But the big thing is that I didn’t want to go into my new journal without a solid plan. So this was me brainstorming kind of how I want everything to go, and then again with my index I marked what spreads I want to transfer over. Alright, so now we’re going to dig into my new journal, so you can see how I have it all set up. Alright, here we go! It’s so exciting. Don’t you just LOVE a new notebook? I love it so much. Alright, we’re gonna open ‘er up. This is kind of my “If Found” page and I absolutely love it. I’ve normally just done my name and e-mail address, I actually used this purple Papermate Flair Candy Pop is the name of these pastel colors they have now, but I used this for this entire spread and I love that this purple matches this bullet journal so perfectly I just adore it. After that we’re gonna flip through, you can see I already have my index updated for the things I’ve added so far, then at the very beginning I added my calendar, year at a glance, and in my previous journal I just slapped in one of my stickers from my shop but when I was setting this up all of my stickers were at the office, so I couldn’t snag one for myself and I really wanted to get it done so I just decided to write it in. So I have that good to go right in front for easy reference, and then immediately after is where I have my future planning. So this is my Calendex, which if you’re curious how a calendex works, definitely check out my Calendex video that I did last year. And then on the right-hand side, I added in this “Horizon” page. This is something I didn’t do in my last journal and I really, really regretted it. I started this kind of as a solution in my last journal, this black one, and I’ll show you… yeah, you can see it here. This method is called the Alastair method, and if you’re curious about that I’ll link you to the Bullet Journal Blog post where he talks about this method, but the idea is that you just list out your months, and then anything that comes up beyond your Calendex or if you want to use this as a stand-alone future log, anything that comes up just put a dot under the month that it falls in, and then write your dates, what the event is, and all of your details. I have it set up in this one, so that I have April, which is the first month of this journal, through July, so I have 4 months. I rarely plan anything more than 4 months out, appointment-wise, so I didn’t see the need to continue it on to the other page. So I did this horizon, it’s kind of a catch-all so that if anything comes up, beyond July I’ll be able to write it here and I’ll have it at a glance. Okay, and the other thing to note here is that I have this little section down here. This is for appointments that I already made that were in my past journal. So I took a look at what was coming up in this time frame, April through July, and I transferred those appointments and events down here to the bottom right-hand corner. And then you’ll notice this one here, this one’s kind of a coral color, it’s my “Work” color, and it says “3.” So I look at page number 3 and I know that it’s this workshop. And then same with this purple, I put “Page 3,” and that’s a wedding that I’m going to be going to. And these were things that were already scheduled in my last journal, and I didn’t want to have to flip back to my old journal to find those once I’m in my new journal. So I put those right here in the bottom right-hand corner. After my future planning, I decided to put all of my goals right up in the front of my journal. One of my big things in my past journal is that I wasn’t reviewing my goals often enough, or my big goals anyway. I’m really good at the day-to-day but I’m not always good at looking back at the big picture so I wanted to have these goals all up front. I have this little bullet list here, kind of just a quick rapid log, of things off the top of my head that I know is unfinished business, things that I want to get to, I don’t want to forget, I wrote them all down here. And then I have my spring goals, and this spread was actually inspired by Lisa Jacobs over at Market Your Creativity, she has this great system and it’s basically for 3 months at a time so these are my spring goals, I have my winter goals in my old journal, which I’ll flip to here and you can see it’s basically the same spread. I have my unfinished business there, and then I have my winter goals. And you’ll see here too that part of the reason that I wasn’t flipping back to these often enough was they were smack-dab in the middle of my journal. That just happens to be when I set those goals and when I created this spread, but I didn’t really think ahead, I didn’t bookmark this page, and I wasn’t flipping back to check on it often enough. So having this right at the front of my journal is hopefully going to help me stay on top of my goals a little bit better. Okay after that I have my 2017 moon phases spread, and you might recognize this a little bit from Instagram. Last week I posted this spread that I did in my current journal. It was really elaborate and beautiful, I love it, but I got this lunar phase calendar from Dr. Ezzie Spencer of I’ve really been noticing a shift in not only my moods but my energy levels and all those sorts of things when it comes to the phases of the moon, so I decided to make this spread to track it a little bit better, so I copied her lunar phase calendar into my journal. In this new journal I wanted to simplify it a little bit so I did those lunar phases for the whole year on the right-hand side, and then I have a short description of intention-setting, and goal-setting, and what actions you should take based on the phases of the moon. So this may not be for everyone, but it’s something that I’ve definitely noticed a correlation with in my own life, so I want to have this kind of up front and center in my journal. Okay after that, this is another spread that I definitely wanted to transfer over and I actually updated it. I’ve had my ideal day in my planner for quite some time and it always changes a little bit. And especially now that I have an office to go to, my time schedule throughout the day has definitely shifted quite a bit and I needed to rehash my ideal day. So I decided to do that on the left-hand side and then on the right, I have my updated Level 10 Life. The Level 10 Life is something that I got from Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning great book, I highly recommend it but it’s basically a goal-setting exercise and I’ve done a few videos on the topic so I’m not going to go into it too far, but if you look up in the right-hand corner I’ll have a link to some of my other videos on the subject. But yeah, so I estimated the different areas of my life, I ranked myself on a scale of 1-10, and at the bottom of the page I wrote one note or reminder on one tiny area that I want to improve within each area of my life. Alright, moving on! This is the final thing that I have set up in my journal right now, and this is my 2017 goals and intentions. And this is a new spread for me, it again comes from Lisa Jacobs over at Marketing Creativity, and she did a series earlier this year called, “New Year for a New You,” and I absolutely love this series. I blogged along with her, sharing my responses at the beginning of the year, and it’s actually adapted from her workbook, “Your Best Year 2017.” And I wanted to have these intentions and goals, again, front and center in my journal, I want to be able to flip through these first few pages of my book and really be able to review all of my goals and see how I’m doing in each area. So, the way Lisa splits this up is she sets goals and intentions in 5 areas, Financial, Spirital, Mental, Relational and Physical, and you can see here, these were all of my responses to her prompts, On that day it was Day 3 of New Year for a New You, on choosing your intentions. So she asks really good questions for each area, you want to ask yourself “What do I really want?” “What is important about it?” “How will I get it?” and “What is preventing me from having it?” and “How will I know I”m successful?” So I really want to condense all of this down into goals and intentions, and I want to put it here on this spread. I haven’t quite gotten there yet because it’s kind of…it’s kind of big, it’s important to me, I want to have these things really solid and ironed-out. when I go into my new journal. So I’m gonna be filling this in a little bit later. And that is all that I have set up so far! And my plan is, again, I have these items in my index that I definitely want to include in my new journal, I want to transfer my collection over for new stickers ideas for the shop, I have a list of tasks to delegate now that I have an employee, I’m able to delegate a little more work and get some stuff off my plate, which is great, it’s a lifesaver, let me tell you. I wanna transfer that list over, I also have my social media images sizes, it’s always really helpful to have as a reference, and then I definitely want to continue tracking my workouts and my fitness progress, those I think I’m going to put in on a monthly basis, not necessarily at the front of my journal. So that is it, really! I’m gonna transfer over those couple of collections, after that I’m going to jump straight into the month of April. And I do have some plans, I’m gonna get this out of the way, I do have some plans when moving into my new journal, as outlined here, for things that I want to add in. I want to add in a monthly abundance tracker, I want to add in a little more project-planning within my bullet journal, so I’ll definitely have some video series on that. Also meal-planning, I want to be more consistent, I sometimes plan out my meals and sometimes I don’t and I really want to develop a system for meal-planning that’s simple, where I’m not having to write out a big huge spread every week for meal-planning. So I’m working on that, I also want to start being a little bit more accurate about how I’m tracking my sleep, So for at least a month I’m going to try a full-spread sleep log, I also want to incorporate a weekly review. This is something, again, that I’ve seen Lisa at Marketing Creativity doing on a weekly basis in her journal, and I love her layout. If you haven’t yet, check her out on Instagram- I’ll link her in the description box below for sure. She has great goal-setting, review process, and a gorgeous, gorgeous bullet journal. After that I have “blank space journaling,” I do keep a separate, long-form journal for all of my thoughts and, you know, whatever you want to journal about at the end of the day, but I’ve been thinking about all the blank space in my journal, like on my daily pages where I have these little areas on each of my dailies, and I’ve been thinking of filling up that space with some quick, short journaling each day. Lately, I’ve been doing this “One Line a Day,” on my monthly spread which I really, really like, but I’m thinking of getting rid of that and journaling just a line or 2 in that blank space of my dailies. So we’re gonna say how that goes. So that’s all I want to add, and then things that I want to change- my color scheme. I love my pastel color scheme that I’ve had in this journal, and I absolutely love that the whole journal is the same color scheme, but it’s definitely gotten a little boring and monotonous. So my plan is maybe to change up my color scheme each month, so we’re gonna see how that goes, My monthly log, I’m thinking about doing a new format. I feel like the traditional list format has gotten a little stale for me and I want to try something new. I’m actually thinking about going back to- let’s see, I think October is the first time that I switched from that traditional monthly spread, let’s see October, page 92… Where is it! Yeah, I think I want to go back to something along these lines for my monthly spread where I have it set up for “Morning,” “Afternoon” and “Evening,” events and appointments, or even all-day “Morning” and “Evening”…AM, PM, something like that, I’m not really sure, and again, to have my monthly goals listed like I normally would. So this would take up my whole monthly spread and instead of having that “One Line a Day,” I would add that into my blank space bullet journaling. After that, making my self-care tracker a full page, I’ve been LOVING tracking my self-care each month, and you can see it here, I love this little graph, one thing I’ve noticed is that I rarely go below a “4” or “5” so I’m thinking of starting it at a “4” instead of having all this blank space down here. And then I’m thinking about making it a full spread, so so spreading it out a little bit, and also having the moon phases somewhere on that spread each month so I can more directly track how those things affect me. And the last thing was my Calendex/Alastair hybrid for my future log, which I already showed you, and then last but not least are my little review questions here. “What’s working?” I said what’s working for me is a combination of weekly and daily planning, my trackers, they keep me focused and motivated, like I really- I get really motivated to get stuff done when I know I’m gonna be able to mark it off on my tracker that day [laughs] which I guess is the whole purpose, they’re just really motivating to me. And then planning the night before- whenever I miss planning the night before I am a jumbled mess in the morning, so I want to make sure I continue my nightly planning routine. And then what’s not working? Like I said, my monthly log has gotten a bit stale, the self care tracker is cramped and not enough info, which we’ve discussed, and then not reviewing my big goals often enough, which we’ve discussed as well. As far as reviewing those big goals more often, I think that having the weekly review is going to really help, and then having all of those goals, and intentions, and plans straight up front in the front of my bullet journal is really going to help. So I’ll have one, easy-to-flip-to place that I can go to review my goals on a regular basis. Alright y’all, that is it! I’m sorry for the long-winded video, I feel like I talked a lot more than normal, but I hope that you enjoyed kind of getting a peek inside my brain and my thought process going forward, and I’m really looking forward to next week because we’re going to have my first “Plan With Me” video in my new journal, I’m really, really excited because we’ll be setting up the month of April. So yeah- that is it! I’ll be seeing you all very, very soon. Bye!

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  44. Thank you Boho Berry , this really helped me to get things sorted out in my mind. I am about to start my first Bullet Journal and for the last three months , at least, I have had things swirling around in my head wondering how to start how do I go about the monthlies , weeklies. etc etc. All these words meant nothing to me when it came to journaling .  I have been watching other videos by you and many other people . I have also watched  the original Bullet Journal vids as well.  I do not know if it is because I am finally running out of time as I want to start on the First of January 2018 that I concentrated and took more in while watching your video here or what but I feel more confident about starting.  I have taken lots of notes and went through my Leuchtturm1917  journal as you were talking  and I really understood it better.  I know it is not rocket science but I want to do it correctly , I do not want mistakes all through it.  I have (hopefully) joined your Facebook page tonight which I know will be of great help to me also. Hope you have a very happy Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2108. Thank you so much.  Isabel Patchett

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