Hello! Little lord creatures How are you?
I’m fine I am very happy 😀 because we have already reached the 16 million of little lord creatures And gguo * * what to say and besides-of-of-of-of-of-of Thanksgiving and really thank everyone … to continue here continue biting back and you enjoy my, my content ” HA! Gaaaaaay !!!!!! and that would probably make a direct soon Okay, to celebrate, but that really thank you very much to heart, my heart I really am very happy, I’m very happy but also that of YouTube It has things very disturbing things things that most do not, use to not see and they are things I see day after day 7u7 They are very fucking shit uncle They are very fucking shits as many of you know, I like to use twitter … eh, I love to connect with you 7v7 directly. It is a esceptional tool to connect with you and receive incredible answers to know us better screaming at ear-shaped case Nah, but it does not bother me I mean, these girls seem very cute and … I really love you, do i love you when you do get so euphoric when I answer It does not bother me when they trendic topics of Ruben eats at Mangel Ruben Pajero and other types of trendic topics that … degrade my image and hehehe They call into question my sexuality 7u7 But that nothing happens that me-me makes me laugh, I-I love: $ I love these things So many you do not know is that underneath all this There is a layer, worse HORRIBLE I hope you are prepared to this because It is very hardcore They are things that I receive every day and … for I do fear for my life Bamoh a eshale un viztazo : v The seven women in history tenebrous droooooss This image is an old little value, But …: o It is somewhat disturbing Let us see I’m pregnant rubén Thank God for one month pregnant: ‘D I love Rubius: v ¿Khe? I remember when you took me to Paris for dinner chicken and milk 7u7 JEJE JEJE I love you, thank you for such a month and two days together I love you’re my engine life and my Rubena
Wtf … It is called Rubena? the daughter? : | It hurts the vag * na and I burn pregnancy I do ?, I do with this, which I? But okay, that’s not the worst It is that lately, have left a lot of women They are trying to rape I’m not kidding
This is a tweet worth? Retwitt I made the other day, let’s see Here you expect miku cute baby I love your video, and your p * n * Drying so handsome, make love if: u Okay, I’m not sure Whether … this is a troll account worth? oooo .. (* fear D: *) or it is she really do not know Now we’re going to get on his twitter, see what happens You understand what I mean, no?
I receive these things every day I mean is not only this person is .. differents peoples of this caliber … sending me messages Threatening me, threatening my sexuality is worth … Here you Miku, I mean …? (* D: *) as you can see, it looks pretty ah … Miku Hatsune It would be … my wife, di birda: v
From the future Hopefully, ‘v I do not understand is that’s going on there at the bottom bone Someone is giving birth to the baby Jesus
Or hell is going on there? Anyway … let’s merternos on his twitter it Monse Doblas, here is Okay, my name has become the name And the location is … doblas cock ruben eztoz bestidoz apetazidozh7v7 resaktan zhezhes miz i myz piernaz What?! that I look beautiful in this dress and my smile falls jajajjaja have done a fotoshop Hatsune Miku I do not think so as you like redheads Rubius Okay, I ilusina much what you see intentavdo sending me pictures of him calling my attention I present my sposo this woman already thinks we’re together pa usare the dress when you fuck * spichs It is done I have fear, right? I’m afraid, I mean not want to be raped leeendo wave Rubius Come to my house to do stuff on the bed suciass spichs It is seen in his eyes that-that he wants to use me sexually pet He is seen in his eyes that wants to rip a bite Porong * bone has to be a troll bone is impossible-that this is enserio this woman really exists and that is not no Desile to your friend rubenaso eat me cuc * I hope here jasjajajsjsjsj CUC *? CUC *? Desile tough love to do, please !!! I mean, not even if this woman is real or a troll you are using the picture of this poor girl not to blame for anything for trollearme, I mean not, not I’m in doubt todabia because it has a lot of pictures ee account in his uncle but this is not all bone that’s not the only girl that- I try to violate it no more, no more I have passed this twiter that it’s called rosaleonag the men are all IGU ales IGU ales ee has good pechaven, no? It has good pechonalidades Let’s see your twuits, it is the first twuit your chot * q cries semen in love with my conch * agarrame essstaass I’m beginning to doubt whether it is a woman or a transvestite … osea has a human face guy … he has a human face Okay, I have nothing against women de- large, or transvestites but when I try to violate It is when I fear for my life last night at the party, a wolf encubientaa aghhh because to me?, because to me? I’ve done wrong with my life? that time and I come to this? I was happy up vidios because I have to do this to me? I will get me to twuiter have if I have said something nice or boys, that was it I hope you liked it this vidio and nothing, dale like if you want a quality lemon Lemon the best in the world I sent him home, not a lemon any Limon is a last generation one 4k limon, full HD, 4k her and give her suscribeteeee like if you want


  1. Rubius todo emocionado al principio por tener 16 millones, si le hubieramos dicho que iria a subir 20 MILLONES MAS no nos hubiera creido

  2. Like si vienes a comentar estos vídeos para tener demasiado likes a lo que comentas jaja.

    PD: Like si lo vez en Diciembre 2019 :)).

  3. En este vídeo celebra que tiene 16 millones, y en la actualidad va a llegar a los 40 bruh

    Es normal que este vídeo me salga en recomendados en 2019 no?

  4. Nadie:

    Absolutamente nadie:

    De verdad nadie:

    No miento,nadie:

    Youtube 2019: lo voy a recomendar ahora porque se me da la gana 🙂

  5. C que esto paso hace musho tiempo, pero, la siguiente morra leprosa que ia c declare pareja del rubiuh, sera llevada a la carcel por acoso sexual ya que rubiuh es un hombe casado ÙwÚ. (Alv, no c que hago con mi vida TTvTT)

  6. alguien que lo esté viendo en diciembre de 2019 o enero de 2021 y esta muy feliz por rubius que desde ese video subió 20 millones de suscriptores mas

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