Muse CC – Tutorial for Beginners [from 0 to publishing a website]

Muse CC – Tutorial for Beginners [from 0 to publishing a website]

23 thoughts on “Muse CC – Tutorial for Beginners [from 0 to publishing a website]

  1. Sorry we couldn't correct the black screens appearing twice in this video. However they are not important to get through what you need to learn.

    – Smart Guides: lines and colored areas appear making you allign objects each other;
    – Cut/Copy/Paste and object: the common cut/copy and paste commands, the same ones you use for files in your computer.

  2. hi i'm using adobe muse and i have a problem with embeding video. i have to say that i don't want to embed the video from the web(youtube, vimeo ect). i tried to embed the video by inserting html code-it dose'nt work/ so i read that muse support only swf file-it's work. the problem is that it dose'nt have a play/pouse bar. it true that muse support only swf file? there any solution to play the swf video with play/pouse bar? thanks

  3. Hi I've a question I'm new to adobe muse and while I was creating my website I found out that the size of the pages don't match with the master page why does this happen?

  4. Enjoyed the Muse refresher, are you planning anything for After Effects? By the way your English is just fine.

  5. Hi @Bai, I commend you for the great work you are doing. I am planning to bootstrap a meta search engine website using adobe muse and swiftype search widget (or any other search widget). Is there any way I can go about this? I will really appreciate your help. THANKS

  6. hi , your videos are really very helpful can you do me one more help , can you tell me how to get Off-Canvas Sidebar Menus widget for Adobe Muse CC for free because i am a big found of website development but i cant afford to buy it so please help

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