Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my channika. So I am finally filming another bullet journal video. This was so f-ing requested. But there is a downside. I’m a piece of s–, and when I was in Quebec, I got really bored, so I did my whole spread when I was in Quebec. My whole monthly spread. Which kinda sucks, because I didn’t get to film it. But I’m going to show you guys what I did. And I’m also gonna set up my first weekly spread with you guys. So I thought that that might be something fun. I don’t know. I’m gonna try, in the future, to make sure that I film myself planning out my monthly spread and not doing it before. [burps] So I’m really sorry about that. But . . . Third time’s a charm. But yeah. I just wanted to go through my bullet journal. I have the Leuchtturm A5 Dotted Bullet Journal. And it’s red. And I decorated it with stickers. All my stickers are from Red Bubble. And . . . yeah. And then, the stickers on the inside are from Planning with Kay. So . . . In the first part of my bullet journal, we have the index. And I personally think the index is a really helpful part of the bullet journal. Some people don’t use it. But I think that it’s very useful in case you’re looking for something. So I’m trying to make sure that I keep that updated. I have the “Key,” which is kind of janky. It looks like trash. But I basically just have what a task is, what a completed task is, a cancelled task, and a migrated task. And then I have my “Year at a Glance.” And this is my 2018 set up, I guess. So I have all twelve months, and then I have a little thing on the next page and it says “Year at a Glance.” And I’m writing down birthdays and holidays, and important dates and stuff. I haven’t completely gone through and done all of them yet. But I’m gonna get there. Then I have my 2018 goals. I have my school goals, my business goals, – like, YouTube goals – my personal goals, and my social goals. Okay. And then I have my “Series Tracker,” which sounds kind of dumb, but I’m really into Netflix, and I have a big, big goal of watching every single show on there. So I have “Shameless,” “Friends,” “Narcos,” “Heart of Dixie,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Making a Murder,” “Gritish Bake . . . Great Bittish . . . Great British Baking Show,” and “Girl Boss.” I’m gonna fill them in box by box, and then once I’m done with them, I’m gonna rate them out of 10. So that I can just remember if I liked them or not. And then I have my “Pen Test.” I haven’t tested all my pens, but so far, I have my Tombow Fudenosuke pens, my Pigma Microns, my Faber-Castell Artist PITTs, my Tombow Dual Brush Pens, and my Paper Mate Medium Flair Pens. I still need to do my Crayola SuperTips, but . . . She’ll be next. Then, I have my January calendar spread. And this is one of my favorite spreads. I decided that this month I wanted to do purple as the accent color. And I think it’s kind of like a star / space theme. I’m pretty sure that that’s kind of what I went with. I don’t know. I did a calendar that spread across two pages. I did most of it on this page, and then two more columns on this page. It’s a different day, because my camera ran out of battery. So I had to charge it. But I wanted to go back and show you what was up, what was going down, what was fresh, what was funky. It’s a 5 x 7 calendar, and I just have all the days of the month, obviously. And then, underneath that, I did my “Mood Tracker.” I was really happy with my hand lettering when I wrote “Mood Tracker.” I think that that looks really good. “Key”? I really need to redo my “Key,” because it’s really messy. But I have “Sad,” “Happy,” “Depressed,” “Mad.” And then I just added, today, “Lonely” and “Neutral,” just because I felt like those were things that I feel like would be good. And then on the side of the calendar, I have “Events,” “To-Do,” and “Goals.” To be honest, I don’t really know what to write in them. I just kind of did it to fill the space. Because I have my 2018 goals, and I don’t really have monthly goals. On the next page, I have my “Spending Log.” And this is just where I’m going to track my expenses, obviously. So I just have the date, the store, the amount, and if I used a debit card or not. And I’m just gonna check it off if I did. Next to that, I have my “YouTube Tracker,” which is really, really, really helpful if you do YouTube videos. I think that it’s really helpful. Even if you have an Instagram account that you post on regularly. First, I have a “Sub Count.” So I’m gonna write what I had on January 1st, and then what I had on January 31. And then I can see how much I grew. And next to that, I have my “Video Ideas” page. And I’m just gonna make the little dot bigger if I actually completed it. So, yeah. Then I have my “Sleep Tracker.” I just do this because I think it’s nice to know how much sleep I’m getting. Uhh. RIP. This is like, the eighth different day. I’ve filmed on so many different days. I know that it’s rude, I’ve been told that it’s rude to chew gum, but . . . I’m doin it. So . . . I’m going to finish this . . . Today. Going up . . . Tomorrow. It needs to happen. So my “Sleep Tracker” is basically the 31 columns. The rows are hours of sleep. So I have 9 p.m. through 8 a.m. Basically, what I do is, every night after I’ve woken up, I will fill in how much sleep I got from what hour to what hour. And then at the end of the month, I can reflect on my sleep patterns. Then I have my “Nineteen Before 2019” page. I haven’t finished. I’m planning on doing it soon. I just didn’t really know what to put. But currently, I have a few. I really like this idea. It’s just basically nineteen things that I want to do before 2019, as the title suggests. On the next page, I kind of f–d up. I wanted to rip it out, but I had already done my “Nineteen Before 2019,” and I had already pasted in the photos. I had designed this little box with stickers and everything before I put the photos down. So then I ended up putting the photos down. Now they cover the stickers. It’s not as cute. I even tried to cut one a little bit. And the tape I used is super sticky, and I don’t want to waste the photo paper. But I kind of like the way that it turned out. I don’t know. I learned from my mistakes. This is a page that I’m gonna start doing every month. I look like a crackhead. Oh my god. My mascara’s running like a motherf-er. We’re just gonna excuse the fact that I look like a raccoon. I’ve been crying about f-ing math homework. I’ve gotten a lot of questions on why this was blurred out. It’s just because it’s not something I want on the Internet. It’s not a picture of my p—. Don’t worry. It’s just not something I want on the Internet. After that, I have my “Wishlist.” I actually really like this. It’s just so I can keep track of what I want, and also know what to spend my money on. And also, when I do have money, this is what I’ll go straight to. So basically, you just have a little thing for the item, price, and date bought. I really like the hand-lettering I did for “Wishlist.” I don’t know why it turned out so good, but it f-ing did. And I’m . . . hyped. And then, this is the weekly spread. For the first page, I have my “Weekly Events” page. I like to do this before every week starts, basically. I don’t really like this set-up, because I didn’t have enough room to fit the Saturday and Sunday both on there. So I don’t really like the way that turned out. That kind of bugs me, tbh. But it’s okay, because when I’m filming this, that week is over, so I’m onto a new spread, which I love. I’m just . . . I’m sorry. I can’t not show you. Isn’t that beautiful? I love that. Okay. Anyway. I have a column for “Tasks,” and a column for “Events,” and basically, I just put the dates here. And then I just wrote tasks and events. But I just found that I didn’t have enough room. And then, on the next page, I have tasks that aren’t specific to a day. So, things that I just need to get around to. So I have “Personal” and “Business.” So I can separate my personal things from my YouTube things. I did this page off camera, because it was kind of a random page. But I was just brainstorming a video, because I want to do my January playlist soon. This next page is really messy, but I didn’t execute the design really well. I don’t like the design. But I was really happy with the idea of this page. It’s a “Random Ideas” page. I feel like there’s a YouTuber that does this. I’m gonna find out. I’m gonna put her name on the screen right now. Whenever I need to rant, or whenever I want to practice, in this case, my beautiful calligraphy, I don’t know if it does in the video, but right now, it says, “f–, f–, sh–, bl– me.” And then “f–” on this page, too. But, along with that, I just have “Things To Do.” If I want to schedule out my day, I’ll do it on this page. Um, like random rants, video ideas. And then, this is just a random “December 30th Schedule” page, because I wanted to schedule out my day in depth. And then my journal starts. These stickers are from Planning with Kay on etsy. This is her Interstellar Monthly kit. I pre-did all the stickers and outlined in pencil before I came on camera, just because that’s usually what I do. I just kind of wanted to show you the decorating part. So I just did that, and then I wrote from what date to what date the week is. And then on each little planet here, I did the day of the week and the date. And I did that in black pen, but then I did some little white shadowing with my Gelly Roll Pen. I really like the way that it looked on Sunday, but I don’t think that I got the placement right on the other ones, so it just looks kinda janky. But ya know what? You live and you learn. Okay. And then, at the bottom, I have my “Gratitude.” So I used another sticker from Planning with Kay. Also, I forgot to mention that the stickers on my “Weekly Events” page are also by Planning with Kay. And they’re from the Interstellar Monthly kit. Here. I’m just gonna include some random tidbits starting now, because I have a little DIY to show you. Basically, I wanted to include a little card to put right here. You know, I find myself thinking that I’ve filled out all my trackers and everything, but I actually haven’t, and it’s really annoying. So I just wanted to have a little card. So it’s basically just a piece of paper, but I taped it in here, so it would flip out. On one side, I wrote “Daily.” These are the trackers that I need to fill out daily. So I have my “Habit Tracker,” my “Mood Tracker,” “Sleep Tracker,” “Journal,” “Gratitude,” and my “Spending.” And then, trackers that I should fill out at the beginning of every week, which are my “Tasks” and “Events.” And then when you flip it over, I’m doing this because I don’t really use it as much, I have my monthly things that I need to fill out and I have my “Goals” and my “Calendar.” But the daily one is really just the one that’s helping me the most. That’s really what I’m here for. And I really like that it flips out. So, when you’re doing your spreads and sh–, you can . . . Look at it! Isn’t that f-ing genius? Yeah, I know. I’m a f-ing genius. Thank you guys so much for watching. I really hope that this inspired some of you to start bullet journaling. It’s really fun for me. But I just wanted to get this out there: In my last video, in my last bullet journal video, I was completely incorrect. Bullet journaling is not “aesthetic journaling.” Bullet journaling is not just dotted pages. Bullet journaling is a system of journaling. And it is based on the bullet system, which looks like the “Key” that I showed you in the beginning. I didn’t go as extensively with my “Key,” because I knew that I wouldn’t read them. But this system right here, this is the bullet system. It has nothing to do with the aesthetics. It has nothing to do with your calligraphy. It’s simply that. It’s simply a way for you to journal every day, and then also keep track of your tasks. So a bullet journal is a journal that incorporates the bullet system. It doesn’t need to be on dotted paper. That’s not why it’s called a bullet journal, because it has bullets. It’s called a bullet journal because it’s using the bullet system. So I just wanted to get that out there. If you’re not artistic, which, I am actually really not artistic. But like, I’m more theatrical. That’s more my art of choice. But you know what? It doesn’t look that bad. And I’m using these Planning with Kay stickers, and they’re working real well. So, I don’t know. I just wanted to let you guys know that you can start a bullet journal even if you suck at everything, like me. So. I hope that this inspired some of you guys. Please, if you want to post your bullet journal pictures on Twitter or Instagram, tag me. In Instagram, make sure that you tag me in the photo, not just in the description. Because usually that gets lost in notifications. So yeah. I really want to see what you guys come up with, and if you recreated any of my spreads, which I doubt you would. Because they’re trash. Hit me up, girl. Hit your girl up. Okay, yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and keep on bullet journaling!

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