My 2019 October ARTIST Bullet Journal Set up

My 2019 October ARTIST Bullet Journal Set up

hello everyone I’m Liz and today I have
a bullet journal video for you guys it’s been so long since I’ve done one of
these and it’s also been a really long time since I used my bullet journal so I
hope you’re just as excited about this as I am
for October I decided to make my bullet journal all about art I normally do a
cover page with a simple wreath but this time I decided not to do that. I haven’t
done this in so long that I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to come up
with something that looks good so because of that I also reused a color
scheme that I’ve used before I love this combination so much so it was very easy
for me to use this one again anyway on to the content of the bullet journal. The
first page is simply a small calendar and my monthly artist tasks. I didn’t put
in a big calendar because I’ve been using Frannerd’s empty calendar and that
one’s really been working for me lately so instead this small one is just to
kind of help me keep track of the days and nothing more. After that I added a
project page. As you all know I have a personal painting project that I am
working on but recently I’ve been thinking of doing some other things as
well. I had everything written down in Google Docs but I don’t really look at
all the digital files that I have so I thought it would be much better to
create a project page in my bullet journal to keep track of all the steps
and details for each separate project currently I have three projects and it
actually fits really well on a page like this. I also have a fair bit of extra
space if I need to add anything else and it just looks nice. I’m
actually really pleased with this page and I’ll definitely keep using this. So
as you can tell my current projects are my witchy paintings, stickers and tote
bags. You already know about the witchy paintings, the sticker stuff I’ll
definitely make a video about in the future as well as the tote bags but for
now I don’t really want to go into detail about those, they’re just little
projects that I have that I want to work on. Next
I created a page where I write down all the videos that I want to film in
October. Now if you don’t make videos this could be a page all about the
artworks or crafts or whatever it is that you do in your artistic practice. I
I make youtube videos so for me I use them for listing all the videos all
the videos that I want to film. Now these don’t necessarily have to be out and
uploaded in October, they’re just the ones that I want to work on in Inktober.
Inktober? October. anyway yeah video list underneath I have a skill share tracker
I want to make sure that I finish the skill share classes that I’m taking so I
felt like having this tracker in my bullet journal would really help me out
a lot I have some space at the bottom to add a third one if I happen to find a
class that I really really want to take currently I am taking the Brent Eviston
gesture/figure drawing class as well as the drawing better trees class
that I shared before. I have actually completed the tree one, but it was so
useful that I want to go through it a couple a couple of times and really do
all the little exercises. so this tracker will
allow me to tick off the lessons and exercises that I have done this month. As
you can see with the Brent Eviston one I listed four lessons but the total class
is so in depth it actually has something like twelve lessons and I know that
personally it’s going to be impossible for me to do all these lessons and
finish them in a satisfactory level so I set myself a goal of doing only four
lessons of that class. After that I have my habit tracker. This isn’t really
focused on just art but I really like having a habit tracker so I put this one
in anyway I mean it’s still my bullet journal and just because I decided to
have an art focused one I didn’t feel like I should limit myself by not
having something that really helps me out so habit tracker as usual nothing’s
changed in this setup at all except for I’m kind of not really keeping
everything super straight as in I’m not using a ruler at all in my bullet
journal this month I thought it would feel a bit more I don’t know a bit more
personal I don’t know if that makes sense but when all my lines are straight
it does look a bit too clean I don’t know if that makes sense anyway nothing
has changed in my habit tracker except maybe the habits that I’m tracking or
not tracking but yeah those are all the spreads I made for this month, except I
forgot one important one: my challenge page! Most of you are probably
participating in Inktober so that page would be perfect to write down the
prompts and keep track of which days you have done. I’m not participating in
Inktober this year so I totally forgot to include a challenge tracker I do have a
monthly challenge that I need to do this month so I could have used the page but
I forgot so… After all these pages I have my classic to do pages. They’re literally just a page with a title that says to do so I didn’t film
it but that’s what comes after my habit tracker. anyway that’s all I have for you
today guys here’s a last flip through I hope you find some of these spreads
useful for your own artists bullet journal and if you have any other
spreads that you put in yours feel free to share them with me
I am always open for suggestions as you guys know. Thank you so so much for
watching and I’ll talk to you tomorrow bye

4 thoughts on “My 2019 October ARTIST Bullet Journal Set up

  1. I have no patience for bullet journals, even though they seem like something I’d like. Art and list making combined! I just can’t get into them!

  2. wow your writing is so neat! love the pink and blue 🙂
    I just uploaded my October setup and did my pumpkins and leaves theme!!

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