my 2020 bullet journal setup | simple + minimalist :)

my 2020 bullet journal setup | simple + minimalist :)

these pants don’t really match my sweater, but that’s okay i have a cup of tea we are ready to roll i’m actually going to take off my cushion there we go hello my friends it’s nina and welcome to 2020 today is january 1st and guess who’s planning their bullet journal the day of the new year instead of prior to the new year so you have time to actually prepare for the new year me but it’s better late than never in this video i’m going to be setting up my bullet journal, as you can see right here this is actually my first year setting up a bullet journal i started bullet journaling in a random month during a random year i didn’t start in january, i just started whenever and i didn’t even really organize myself but for 2020 i wanted to do things a bit differently so i’m going to be starting a brand new journal in the beginning of the year and i’m actually going to make this more useful for me so sit back, relax get a cup of tea unless you’re actually- oh that’s really hot unless you’re actually really bullet journaling with me then get your supplies and let’s just get started i’m going to be starting a new bullet journal it’s the same brand that i’ll just put here for you guys this time i decided to get this nice grey color just to be different from my black bullet journals in the past you have served me well but i will use you for other things so for this video i’m going to be doing my 2020 setup and i’m also going to show you my 2020 setup i already have a bullet journal setup video and that was for my monthly setup how long was that in the shot this year is going to be the same thing except this time i am going to add some special elements for my bullet journal setup i am going with a greyscale theme as you can also see by my markers i’m literally just going to be using yes i’m literally just using one marker, it is this grey mildliner it’s a zebra mildliner it’s a light grey color these i’ll be using for january i’m just going for this light blue theme but for my 2020 setup i’m going with one color because i don’t want to confuse my eyes throughout the year i’m going to use different colors different washi tapes and stickers and so for my 2020 setup i want to keep it as simple as possible i’m not really sure if i’m going to use these tapes but maybe i will so now that i’ve explained myself let’s just actually do it together so hello here’s my bullet journal these bullet journals have indexes so i’m just gonna write the content pages first page is going to be a key so one, key and then i’ll just add to that later on but here is the first page as you can see these pages are dotted i’m going to start with my key here is my other bullet journal i’m just going to use it as a reference but basically i’m going to write key in the center and then with a black pen this is a muji 0.38 tip pen i’m just going to write out key very tiny like that and this is my key page and then under that i’m going to write my bullets personally for me i like to use square check boxes for tasks this is going to represent my task finished basically i like to put a red checkmark inside the box and that means the task is finished task finished and then for me if i wanna cross something out or cancel something i will literally do a cross out through the task and i also like to do heart bullets and this is for something good this can be a discovery i made or something good that happened that day something just positive i guess and then i like to have an exclamation bullet point and this is for something urgent or important and then finally i just have a regular bullet point and this is for a simple note but here is my key it’s very simple~ and then finally i’m just going to do a basic grid thing going on here so this specific journal has 26 dots by 38 dots so here we go make it sort of straight don’t be hard on yourself if the line’s not straight so here’s our little vertical line and then we’re going to make a horizontal line just kinda continuing off of that and that’s our horizontal line and here i’m going to write that horizontally there are 26 dots and then vertically there are 38 dots when i’m making my bullet journal setups i will divide things into fourths or thirds or halves and that is your key page it’s literally just there for your reference now i’m going to be doing a 2020 in a year spread taking our simple grey color and we’re going to write out 2020 so most of my headers are 2 dots tall just to make it a little bit bigger and then we’re going to get on with this there are 12 months in a year so we’re going to go for a 3 by 4 sort of grid first i’m going to make the headers of each month we’re just going to skip a line and we’re going to start right at the edge right here we’re going to cross out seven this is going to be the length of a week then i’m going to skip 2 dots for space and do it again there is going to be a column left over, but i think it helps because i don’t want it to be all the way here and cramped here i’m going to write january just one letter per box just kinda makes it look centered i’m writing the first three letters of each month just to make everything even and then i’m going to write down the numbers for the months i go by saturday to sunday that’s basically what we do in america or maybe just in my life i know a lot of people do mondays but for my months i do prefer sundays just because that’s what i’m used to, but for my weekly spreads i will say that i have begun to start my weeks on monday it’s definitely much more efficient but i do still stick with a saturday to sunday month it’s a lil confusing but honestly it works for me so here is sunday monday blah blah saturday just gonna write down the numbers so we have completed three months now we have nine more to go i’m going to show you the next row so for spacing i’m going to skip two lines and we’re going to do the same thing now i’m going to explain what i do if there are 6 weeks in a month it’s really no big deal all i do is just move down two spaces and then go to the next month so i’m going to set it up so now there is a 3 line difference but honestly, no one notices no big deal i’m going to do the rest of the months then i’ll get back to you guys and 12 months later here is our final 2020 full year setup and so i’ll use this as a reference so i’m not on my phone all the time trying to look at what day it is we are going to move on to our 2020 goals page so i do plan to use this setup throughout the year i’m not just going to come up with a full list of goals right now but i’m going to add to it as the year goes for this spread i’m going to divide the page in half and have a section for realistic goals and a section for dreams so my realistic goals are obviously for things i can achieve eventually so first i’m going to divide this page in half as we remember, there are 26 dots this way i’m going to the 13th dot i’m pretty sure that’s the 13th dot i’m going to actually confirm it 1 2 3 13 i’ve been bullet journaling enough that i just know where the 13th dot is that’s kinda straight and next i’m going to write my header for realistic and header for dreams now i’m going to write out realistic i should’ve spaced it better you live and you learn realistic dreams and that is pretty much it for this spread it’s very clean i might just add a few washi tapes here and there to kinda complete it i’m going to write out a realistic goal right here i personally want to stretch more so i think i’m gonna write stretch more often i used to be very flexible but obviously i stopped stretching and so i want to incorporate that into my life more and then dream what’s a dream i have do i have dreams what’s a dream what’s a dream i’m just going to leave some boxes here so i can fill it out later and here we have our 2020 goals page i might just add a few washi tapes here and there ahhh i added some washi tape to make it more exciting we have completed two of my spreads now i’m going to do my things i did spread i just wanted a log dedicated to things i did in 2020 i tend to forget things that happened so i want to have it visually and physically out for me again simple title and for this i will show you how i make my logs we’re going to make a long horizontal line let’s hope that i do this smoothly i’m going to separate my spread into 3 categories we’re going to have a date thing i did and a category so i’m going to start here and make a long vertical line this year i’m just doing freehand because we’re going to trust ourselves a little bit we’re going to go down i literally didn’t breathe okay phew we’re going to do the same thing here four dots and here we have our divided columns now simply i’m going to write the headers we’ve got date, thing i did, and these things can be accomplishments events, trips you took anything like that and here’s category and then for category i would write travel, event, any other thing, achievement, something like that to organize it and that is pretty much it again you can decorate it with whatever you want but i honestly like it just plain here i would write the date the name of the thing that happened and the category of it and at the end of the year i can see how much happened in my life if i don’t end up filling all two pages that’s okay too the very fact that you’re existing and breathing is enough and all that matters next page is the finances page i’m not really sure if everyone needs this or if this will be useful to anyone but this is what’s useful to me i just wanna keep a record of my earnings and all that gonna do the same thing again and start with a header and then i’m going to make 12 little boxes for each month this is kinda similar to the year layout we just did to make everything even the boxes are seven by eight so we’re going to go down 8 dots and then i’m going to make the box with the same marker i’m using the fine tip part of the pen these boxes are just so cute we’re going to skip one line and then move on so now i’m going to write the months out basically these boxes are going to help me total my earnings as you can see, here’s the total and here’s a dollar sign so things are just going to add up and that’ll be my earnings for the month everyone’s needs are different so you might not need this spread or you might change it up a little bit i think it’s just useful to have some sort of finances page and here is my spread for my finances it’s just kinda cute we are now moving on to my wishlist spread we’re making the same sort of grid except for just one page and then we’re going to break it down into 3 categories i’m going to have the item here the price and the category of the item here i’ll just write an example of a wishlist item that i have i wanna get an ergonomic office chair for my back i’m gonna write ergonomic office chair i don’t have an idea of what kind of chair i want so i can’t write down the price yet but i do know i just want a nice office chair here i’ll just write work / office and here is my wishlist we’re going to make our expenses page you guys probably get this by now, but i’m just going to make another log again here i’m going to write the expense here is the cost or the price and here is the category these are my expenses pages i left myself two pages, i think that would be enough and then personally i want a video ideas section as well just having these brain dump pages where you can throw in whatever you want is kinda useful and then just to make this a little fancy kinda like a washi tape i’m going to write all these little play buttons i should’ve probably made a space or something because now i have to keep going but i’ll see you guys in a minute there we go so it kinda looks like a washi tape i just put all these play buttons because of youtube now we have freedom to write whatever video ideas we have finally i’m going to leave space for my reflections i want my 2019 reflections and my 2020 reflections 2019 reflections and then 2020 reflections this just allows me to kinda reflect what i think physically writing out my thoughts is just more effective and meaningful to me so i like to keep reflections pages in everything i do then i just do simple hearts and here are the reflections pages i’ll write out all my thoughts here and leave this for the end of the year now i will briefly go over my monthly layout just because it did change a little bit but overall it is pretty much the same as my last bullet journal video so that’s why i’m going to quickly go through it and for january i wanted to go with this color i’m going to write january nice and big takes up two rows and then right under we’re going to make that line it’s okay if it’s not perfect omg that’s really wavy i’m going to fix it just a little bit i don’t know if that made that better it’s fine it’s chill in fact to make it even i’m just going to go over this again there we go no one can tell the difference i’ll just do snowflakes, we’re still in winter now here comes the tedious part which is making the month this time i’m not gonna use a ruler just because i don’t really have the patience for it anymore we’re going to skip two dots and start right here the title of the days is going to be one row long so the days themselves are 6×6 so here we have four weekdays and then three more here, it’s going to make seven and there we have it folks we have a 4×5 grid we’re going to do a 3×5 grid here there it is i don’t really know what happened here it is kinda naked right now so we’re going to add some more color so january starts on wednesday i’m going to start on wednesday as well because these dates are from december it’s going to be a grey color and then on wednesday we’re going to start with blue january also ends on friday so i’m going to color this grey for february then over here we have our little goals section and then our future section and that is pretty much it! i’m going to fill these out and there we have our completed month moving on i’m going to make our habit tracker this is pretty much the same thing as last time too but i just freehand this time because if you remember my last video i used a ruler and that took way too long i’ll also just start on my brain dump as well this is where i just have the freedom to throw out ideas and discoveries anything i want, just little notes here and there then for the habit trackers i have 9 habits that i track these are similar to the month layout we’ve done before so i’m going to make a line of seven right there skip two, move on to the next move on to the next so we’re going to make a 5×7 box and we’re freehanding this time because this is honestly so simple and here is the habit tracker all finished and i actually did finish the brain dump because this is supposed to be blank i’m going to cross out the days that are not in january and just like my last spread i’m going to put a slash through it so the habits i track are youtube, instagram, exercise, vitamins, iron, walking my dogs watering my plant, skincare, and korean i’m going to try and learn more korean this year actually, in fact, i’m going to write that in my goals i’m going to study korean more often i don’t want to pressure myself by writing study korean everyday i’m just going to write more often in 2020 we’re also going to be easier on ourselves for the sake of our health now i will show you my weekly spread so my weekly layout is basically the only thing that changed instead of going with my horizontal layout that i did before i’m going to go for more of a quadrants kind of style so basically for this quadrants style i’m just going to divide the page i drew a line here and a line halfway same thing for here and then right down the middle with a fine tip i’m going to make a line this is going to divide my page into 4 another 4 days here it’s just more vertical space this way it’s not so cramped because there are seven days in a week i had this leftover box i’m going to separate it into two and this is going to be our notes and then this is going to be our future and like i said before now i’m going to start with monday instead of sunday because my week basically ends on sundays because i upload on sundays having sunday here just didn’t really make sense for me so we’re going to start with monday finally, going to write notes and then future so future is for stuff that happens next week or weeks after that or months after that doesn’t really matter then i’m going to skip a few pages these are going to be my future weekly layouts here is the final part of the month and it’s going to be our january reflections i like to have two pages that function as a diary i kinda just write in this throughout the month it doesn’t mean i have to write every single day it’s just whenever i have a mood where i want to be emotional or sentimental and write out my feelings i have two pages for that then just for the heck of it i’ll write the first log then after that, this is basically my thought for today but after that if it’s like the 3rd or the 15th i’ll just write right under it so i can save room and it’s just plenty of space for my thoughts and that is it for my reflections section this is basically my diary and then here are the final results of our 2020 setup this is the first page here is our key page for our reference and then we have our clean 2020 in a year our 2020 goals things i did finances my wishlist my expenses page my video ideas 2019 reflections, 2020 reflections and then moving on to our monthly setup this is basically the same for every month if i wanna decorate, i have the freedom this is our month then we have our habit tracker our brain dump and then here’s our first weekly setup it’s a tiny bit different but it’s much more effective and some more pages for weekly layouts in the future and then finally here is our january reflections and then this will be february and that my friends is pretty much it for this bullet journal video my tea is now room temperature this was my first official bullet journal setup i always just go right in not taking the time to make spreads for things that are important in my life i just wanted this to be something that i could look back at 5 years from now and be like wow that’s what i did in 2020 so that is it for my 2020 setup hopefully this is still useful to you in 2021 or 2022, or 2023 or 2024 2025- i also did show you my updated monthly setup as well i hope that this helps to organize your 2020 a little bit it’s extremely simple extremely simple some of you guys are probably looking at this video like nina that is so simple and that is okay, this is just what’s useful to me but yea let’s just bring it in happy new year let’s have a healthy, safe, and kind year i will see you in my next video thank you for watching and i will see you next time, goodbye my friends 🙂 why are there so many sounds

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